ATWT Update Wednesday 12/6/06

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 12/6/06


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

At the Lakeview, Simon and Carly are giving into their passion in the hallway; Carly pulls back worried that Vienna will see them. Who cares, Simon blows it off? When was the last time she tossed a couple hundred thousand dollar necklace in the river? Carly smirks, as she answers never. He adds because what they have is more important, as he kisses her deeply again, fumbling to open his suite door. They stumble into the room in each other’s arms; Simon looks up and is shocked to see a naked Vienna standing there waiting for him. She glares; she thought they had an understanding – apparently, she was wrong.

At the dorms, Adam demands to know from Casey if this is what he has been doing, why he has been acting so weird – because of poker? Casey scowls; everyone does it. Is everyone in debt like him? Casey tries to lessen the importance of the guy showing up wanting his money. He is just a jerk. Is he the only one he owes? Casey stutters that he can quit. Adam sarcastically answers that he can just quit school and play poker full time. How much does he owe? Casey doesn’t have a clear answer so Adam heads for the door, promising to hunt down the guy who just made a courtesy call for his money. Casey stops him; he would break even with $1,000.

At the hospital, Lucy is checking on her father. He wakes up and reaches for her. Lucy wants him not to talk and get some rest. Craig softly tells her how much her saving his life means to him. Lucy explains it is her job as a doctor. Craig answers that it was because she is his daughter.

In the livingroom at Lily and Holden’s, Meg is standing before everyone glowering at Paul. Emma pops out of her seat; is she ok? She walks by her towards Paul. Paul asks her nervously what is wrong? She wants him to tell her since it feels as if her life just ended. Emily watches through the foyer window.

A shocked Adam repeats Casey’s words; he has lost $1,000? Casey is casual; he can make that back in an hour; he has lost twice that and made it back. Adam wonders if he should be impressed? This is not how gambling works. He is lying to his girlfriend all the while she thinks he is losing interest. He is also lying to their mom and dad. He wonders how he is even managing to keep up his grades? Casey growls that this is not his business. He needs a loan not a lecture. Fine, Adam tells him – he can have one – with a catch.

Vienna pulls on her fur coat; she spits that she should have known because once a liar always a liar. He thought she loved that about him? She did when it was done to other people. Simon whips around to face Carly; he has to admit to her that he is lying; he needs Vienna and can’t seem to get over her. Vienna simply puts it that she is in and blondie is out. Vienna wants this done quickly so they can leave but Simon stalls; Carly helps when she tells him that he can beg all night she doesn’t want him anyway. Simon takes her cue; he needs to explain this properly – he needs time. He pulls Vienna out the door into the hall. He tells her he will take care of this and she should go wait for him; she can order breakfast in bed. She begrudgingly leaves to await him at her suite. Once back in the room, Simon orders a bottle of champagne. Carly shakes her head; they can’t do this because they have to be ready; she could go to Jack. He reminds her that he promised her breakfast in bed. Carly is not thrilled he was drooling over that Euro trash; it didn’t turn her on, but maybe this is exciting for him? He promises that he is doing all of this to protect her. They kiss again; Carly reminds him Vienna is waiting just down the hall. She will figure this out. They have it covered. He is more interested in being with her somewhere warm, cozy and horizontal, as they fall down on the bed. Carly smiles coyly as she remarks that they are too much alike.

Craig holds Lucy’s hand; she saved his life. The EMT’s did that; Craig explains that she saved him in the garage. She tried to stop Dusty from shooting him. How does he know she wasn’t trying to save Dusty from living a life saddled with the realization he took another man’s life. He realizes she cares for him. He realizes he isn’t perfect; he has lied, cheated, manipulated and stolen, but he has never shot anyone. It takes a cold calculated person; she has dedicated her life to saving lives while her boyfriend… Lucy cuts him off; she gets the point. She gets he hates Dusty. Has she seen him since the shooting? Lucy tells him that he is in jail. She didn’t answer his question. She answers that she did once. Has she seen Johnny? Not yet. Craig then apologizes; he never meant to put her in the middle. With Dusty in jail, when he gets custody he asks her to come move back in with him and Johnny at Fairwinds.

Paul asks again – more determined; what is wrong Meg? Does he really want to do this here? They excuse themselves asking for about 10 minutes. Everyone is flustered not understanding what is going on suddenly. After they leave, Emma worries how long the priest can stay. Will sees Emily’s face in the window and when she sees him get up, as she rushes off. He goes outside but she is already gone. Gwen follows him. Upstairs, Meg stands facing the mirror as she starts. She had been standing right here looking at herself; she wanted to see what he was going to see; she wanted him to be proud of his soon to be wife. Paul tells her that he is and always will be, as he kisses her neck. She pulls back. It must be nice to feel love and trust from the person you love. Paul doesn’t understand, but he nervously reminds her that people are waiting for them downstairs. Emily was here, Meg says suddenly. Paul’s face shows a glimmer of fear. Why didn’t she call him? She knew Emily would try to stop their wedding. No, he knew why, and that is why he wanted to move up the wedding and for it to be a secret. He claims that he just knew Emily would try to ruin it for them. She can’t possibly believe anything out of her mouth. She would say anything…perhaps the truth even, Meg adds. She just wants to break them up. Meg stares at Paul as she determinedly tells him that he will tell her the truth because she will know and he better not lie to her on their wedding day.

They are on the bed when Carly nervously talks about Vienna again; Simon is confident she has made her way through the mini bar and passed out. There is a knock and Simon, with his shirt hanging off, goes to answer it thinking it is the champagne. Busted… it is Vienna and she is not happy. Glancing at his ruffled open shirt, she wonders if this is how he breaks up with women? Carly tries to diffuse the situation, pretending to beg that she will do anything to keep him from leaving her. She loves him, she pleads. Simon smiles upon hearing this. Vienna is trying to drag Simon out of his room; she wants to leave and jump on a plane right now. Simon explains it isn’t that easy. She has 14 lawyers on retainer – yes, it is. When Simon doesn’t budge, Vienna knowingly realizes that he really likes her. They had a deal. She demands he either leave with her right now… Simon cuts her off; he is sorry but he can’t. The truth is he isn’t leaving Carly and he never could.

Adam tells Casey he can have the check if he promises to quit. Casey thinks it is lame to ask that of him. He finally agrees; it was getting boring anyway. Adam reminds him that there are plenty of games to play where you won’t lose your life savings. He wants to get back to working on the demo with him and Gwen anyway. Adam isn’t sure that is ever going to happen anymore. Casey asks sarcastically if it has anything to do with his hooking up with Gwen’s worst enemy? Adam doesn’t want to get into the details; he just wants Casey to get her over here. Can he call her?

Barbara is getting upset; everything was fine a few minutes ago. She was standing down here with her son who was happily waiting to marry Meg. What did she do? Emma snaps that her son is most likely to blame. Barbara counters by saying Meg simply froze due to the fact that her first marriage failed. Holden gets in on this adding that Paul is the lucky one to get Meg. Barbara scoffs; is he seriously able to defend that from someone who just ran upstairs in the middle of her wedding like a child? Paul could have had anyone. Emma begs to differ, as Barbara replies that Meg is such a saint herself. Will intercedes and takes Barbara aside. Why did he do that she was defending his brother. She may want to rethink that because he just saw Emily hanging around outside look through the window. Barbara growls upon hearing this.

Gwen’s cell phone rings; she answers it softly. Casey is hoping she could come over because his brother is there. She starts to explain that she is busy but Adam gets on the phone. They need to talk; it is not a good time for her. Will whispers for her to go because he is going to be busy playing mediator for his mother. Gwen relents and agrees to meet them in 20 minutes. She thanks Will for his support with a kiss. As she is leaving, she suggests Will keep Barbara from getting too upset.

Craig pushes Lucy; her brother will need her to help get him through this upheaval. She can have her old room overlooking the garden. Emily walks into the room and Lucy takes this chance to make a quick exit. Will she at least think about it? She will see him later. Emily smirks; he really doesn’t give up. He wants his family under one roof. He changes the subject. Was it mission accomplished? Did she stop the wedding? Emily smiles slyly; she doesn’t think they have to worry about Paul and Meg marrying anytime soon.

Paul stalls; the truth is he is a flawed person, but he is so much in love with her and he knows she loves him too, and they have managed to be happy in the middle of everything and he will do anything to protect that. Meg’s eyes well up. Did he follow Emily into the parking garage and switch the blanks back to real bullets? Paul’s face drops further when he realizes she knows everything. He says nothing so she continues; when that wasn’t successful, did he try to smother Craig with a pillow? All Paul can manage is that Dusty shot Craig. She did not ask that. She is going to take Emily’s word over his, he stutters? She is vindictive, jealous and spiteful and she can’t prove anything. She can though because she was there and she saw everything, Meg interrupts.

Vienna is incredulous that someone is turning her down; he is not coming with her? He can’t; she was a blast, but what he has with Carly is different. Carly’s expression is somewhere between looking thrilled and nervousness. It isn’t personal. Vienna glowers; he shouldn’t take it personally then when she calls the prince then. Simon counters that he will then have to explain to him how she snuck away from him and begged to be with him after she got fully undressed. He thinks the prince’s image will be more important to him then a diamond in the end. It isn’t just a necklace; it is a royal treasure, Vienna answers. She has no proof that he took it. She hasn’t worn the necklace in weeks, and in that time, many people have probably been able to access it. Even if she is able to get people to believe he was somehow involved, who’s to say he can’t convince them that she was involved as well since here she is ready to collect. She hates him! She will not be thrown away while he keeps the diamonds… it is not over! She stomps out. Carly looks concerned because he hurt her and that won’t be acceptable to someone like her. Simon is sure she will hop on a plane and find someone new before she deplanes. Carly is convinced he made her angry enough to tell the truth. She can if she wants because it won’t matter without any proof. Carly doesn’t seem to share his confidence.

Gwen arrives at Casey’s room; Casey wants to leave and give them some time to talk, but Gwen suggests they just go next door to her room. Adam hangs back for a moment to remind Casey he needs to get studying – and no more gambling. Casey agrees, but after he leaves, he looks longingly towards his laptop. Across the hall, Adam meets up with Gwen. He wants to apologize; it was a mistake. Gwen wonders if that means Jade is out? No, he just shouldn’t have used the studio as his own personal romp fest. She can’t help how she feels about her. Adam can appreciate that, but she is going to have to learn to deal with people she dislikes – it is part of her career. How bad does she want this?

Elwood comes into the room and sees a happy relaxed looking Casey. His big brother came through? Casey smiles broadly. He is going to pay everyone off and then let it be over? Casey grins, or he could use this money and double his winnings and payback who he owes plus his brother now.

Barbara wants to make sure she heard things right. He saw Emily lurking around outside? Will nods, and when he went to talk to her she took off. Barbara heads for the door but Emma stops her. She will go see what is taking so long. Holden stops them both and offers to do it instead.

Paul wonders where she saw him? She saw him outside Craig’s room, Meg answers. He explained about that. She knows he was there trying to finish off the job not to simply talk. Craig stays silent, so Meg takes that as a yes. She also assumes he switched the blanks out? Paul gives in…yes he did that. Emily took the bullets out, he put them back in and then he went to finish him off later at the hospital. An emotional Paul explains he did it because he burned his mother’s face, drove Rosanna off the road causing her to lapse into a coma and buried his own daughter alive. He hurts people and he wanted to protect her at all costs. He also swore to Jen that he would never let Craig get to Johnny. Meg coldly tells him that Jen would be rolling over in her grave because of all this. He made a promise on his sister’s deathbed. Meg smiles sarcastically, so he and Dusty thought they would be big men and resort to violence to accomplish this. Craig ends up getting what he wants. If he survives, Paul says flatly. Does he hear himself? He would do anything for his sister. Does that include murder? He doesn’t answer so Meg heads for the door, but runs into Holden. Is everything ok? She is glad he is here; Paul looks worried.

Elwood thought he was tapped out; he is but if he signs the check over to him and then he transfers the money to him, they can stay up and win the money back and then some. He reminds Elwood that he was on a roll. Elwood considers this and then happily agrees.

Adam explains he can work for her finding the right song for her, book the back up musicians, studio time and get her heard, but it all comes down to her. If she doesn’t like things, she still needs to sing because all she really cares about is being heard. Gwen smiles; she is back in.

Will wants Barbara to relax. Has he been listening to how they are talking to her? When Paul marries Meg, Emma will be family. Barbara emphasizes the word ‘if’. Faith wants to know why Meg is having doubts about getting married when she seemed so happy? Lily can only say that sometimes people realize they are not meant to be. Lily adds that sometime love isn’t enough. Faith frowns, most likely thinking of her parents.

Craig wonders if she stepped forward when the minister asked if anyone feels the two people shouldn’t be joined? She snarls; it wasn’t like she was invited. He is a wounded man and needs cheap thrills; what happened? She did what she did and if they end up going through with it then they deserve each other. She doesn’t want Paul anymore; this is met with a smirk from Craig. She realizes she has said it before but this time things have changed. She saw Meg standing there in her wedding dress such a short time after the words Paul said to her. She is done with people who are manipulating her, which means she is done with him.

Meg apologizes to Holden for the delays; she needs two more minutes. She summons up a smile and adds her thanks for him being such a great brother. He leaves and Paul is happy to see that she didn’t say anything to him. Why didn’t she? She thinks he knows; she still loves him. Paul’s smile widens.

Casey and Elwood are busy gambling online when Adam knocks. They hustle to hide what they are doing. He is leaving, but everything is back on track with Gwen. Casey is happy for them and he wants Adam to let him know when everything starts back up so he can get in there and help.

Gwen arrives back at Lily and Holden’s and Will rushes outside to meet her. She is guessing there has been no wedding yet considering how fast he got to her? There has been nothing yet. How did it go, Will changes the subject? She is back onboard, she admits. Jade is listening by the door, as Gwen sees her, she heads back inside. She hugs Will; she just needs to keep an eye on what she wants and to hold onto that.

Carly is still greatly concerned about Vienna. Simon remains unfazed because he is convinced she is not going to call anyone. Carly reminds him that he left Vienna for her. He would do it again, he says with a snicker. They have been through so much and he feels they can get through anything as long as they stick together. Carly makes a wise crack about Federal prison not allowing opposite sexes to be together. Again, he reminds her that Vienna has no proof and his contacts won’t talk. The only link to them is her diamond, which right now is at the bottom of the river.

Just then, we see a hand reach into the water and pull out the necklace that never made it into the river because it got caught on a branch.

Craig wonders why Emily is lashing out at him when he worked hard to give her her heart’s desire? Paul doesn’t love her, Emily answers. He is not a magician afterall. She agrees because he is an opportunist. He sets his sights on someone he needs and then he finds out what they want. Then he holds out hope or threatens until that person buckles under him. They had a deal - her help for his help. He can’t help that in the end she didn’t want to claim her prize. Lucy walks over to Craig’s open door just as Emily is talking. He got his prize though. Craig smirks; yes, he got what he wanted a bullet in the chest and 7 hours of life saving surgery. He wanted Dusty to pull the trigger and he did. When she switched the bullets for blanks, it gave him the courage to push Dusty to the brink. He set Dusty up and now he is going to rot in jail and he gets his son. Lucy is standing by the door listening to this.

Paul answers happily that he loves her too. Meg thinks that is what makes it so sad when two people that love each other can’t be together. Paul’s smile quickly fades. They can just go downstairs to everyone who is waiting and finish getting married. He tried to commit murder and then smother an injured man, Meg snaps. That is beyond criminal. Paul admits that they have a different approach. Meg laughs outloud - different approach, she says? She can’t marry him; she can’t even look at him. She starts to leave, as Paul grabs her arm; she shakes him off. She doesn’t want to see or look at him ever again!

Meanwhile, Holden is downstairs telling people they will be down in 2 minutes. Everyone looks relieved until Meg goes rushing by and out the door, as Paul is frantically calling to her. Paul heads out the door after her, as everyone is confused calling after them both asking what is going on?

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