ATWT Update Tuesday 12/5/06

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 12/5/06


Written By Eva
Pictures by Boo

At the Lakeview, Carly catches Simon and Vienna after they kiss and Vienna tells Carly that she hates to tell her but she and Simon are back together. Simon asks Vienna to leave so that he can talk to Carly alone. Simon explains to Carly that Vienna knows they stole the crown jewels. Carly asks Simon to catch her because she is about to faint but before she faints she asks Simon to tell her that she isn’t going to jail. Simon tells Carly to relax because Vienna won’t tell the police their secret but he must break up with her.

At the dorm, Adam arrives and asks Casey to help him persuade Gwen to work with him again on the demo CD. Casey wonders why Gwen quit and Adam tells him that Gwen caught he and jade making love on the floor of the studio. Casey can’t believe his brother could be such an idiot after giving Gwen a lecture on being professional. Casey is upset because he was counting on that money for something important. Adam wonders why Casey needs money and Casey tells him it’s for books and general college expenses so Adam tells Casey to ask Tom and Margo for the money.

Outside Holden and Lily’s house, Paul tells Emily he will talk to her for two minutes but he is busy with a formal dinner Barbara organized before the wedding. Emily asks Paul not to insult her intelligence because she already knows he is marrying Meg tonight. Emily is hurt that Paul lied to her again and Paul explains he did it because he doesn’t want to hurt her again. Inside the house, Barbara tells Will and Gwen that she is glad they could make time to come to the wedding. Barbara wonders how Gwen likes working with Adam but Gwen doesn’t want to talk about Adam instead she wants to concentrate on the wedding. Barbara decides to go upstairs and talk to Meg and when she sees Jade arrive she asks Gwen to come upstairs with her. Gwen decides to stay and find out what Jade wants to say to Will Jade apologizes to Gwen for what happened at the studio with Adam and she encourages Gwen to not let the incident ruin her chance to live her dream Will is puzzled by the conversation so Jade explains that Gwen walked in on her and Adam making love at the studio. Will takes Gwen aside and is hurt that she didn’t tell him about Jade and Adam been the reason she quit the demo CD. Gwen explains that she was stunned when she saw Jade and Adam and it hit too close to home so she just wanted to forget about them. Will tells Gwen not to give up on her dream because of Jade and ignore the fact that she is dating Adam. Emma gives Meg a hug and tells her she hopes that Paul will make her happy and Meg smiles and tells her mother she hopes that she and Paul can be as happy as she (Emma) and her father. Lily arrives to apologize to Meg for being so hard on Paul and wish her every happiness in her marriage. Barbara arrives to welcome Meg into the family and Meg asks her how Dusty is doing Barbara tells her she hasn’t checked because she isn’t allowed to see him. Barbara gives Meg the same beautiful necklace Jennifer wore when she married Dusty and Meg is very honored to wear it. Barbara gives Meg a hug and stand back a few minutes watching the Snyder women help Meg get ready. But she is about to cry so she goes downstairs to talk to Paul. Outside Lily’s house, Emily tells Paul marrying Meg is the biggest mistake of his life and doesn’t think he should marry her because Meg doesn’t understand him. Emily tells Paul she (Emily) is the only woman who accepts him and loves the dark part of his soul. Paul tells Emily that he will always care about her but if they got back together they would only keep hurting each other. Paul tells Emily that Meg is his future and one of the reasons he loves her is because she makes him want to be a better man. Paul advises Emily to find a man who will love her and make her want to be a better woman. Emily tells Paul to go back inside so he won’t keep his guests waiting Emily cries as she watches Paul go inside the house. Lily gives Meg her wedding bouquet and tells her the flowers are tied together with the same blue ribbon she used in her bouquet when she married Holden.

At the Lakeview, Carly tells Simon he must go back to Vienna because she can’t risk her freedom for him. Simon assures Carly he won’t put her or her children at risk but he also won’t give her up because their relationship is more important to him then any jewels. Simon gives Carly a kiss and asks her to trust him and also trust in their relationship.

At the dorm, Casey tells Adam that he can’t ask his parents for money because his dad doesn’t have a job. Adam agrees to loan Casey the money so as a sign of gratitude Casey agrees to talk to Gwen but he doesn’t promise she will go back to work. A guy named Burns arrives and asks Casey if he asked his brother Adam for the money he owes him. Casey lies to Adam and tells him that he owes Burns ten dollars but Adam doesn’t think Burns would be in such a rush to get the money if it was only ten dollars.

At Holden and Lily’s house, Holden tells Meg that jack won’t be able to come because he is stuck at the station on a case. Meg asks Lily to be her matron of honor and gives her one last hug before she leaves her alone to get ready. Holden asks lily if she has memories of their wedding and she tells him she does and gives him a kiss. Meg senses someone behind her and turns around to see an angry Emily.

At the jewelry store, Simon asks the jeweler to make a copy of the necklace for him but she refuses saying that she is very busy. Simon offers to pay her double the money and asks her to have it ready as soon as possible. Carly comes up with a plan that Simon hates but agree to anyway.

At Holden and Lily’s house, Faith tells Luke that Meg and Paul’s marriage will probably not last and they will get divorced very soon. Meg asks Emily to leave but Emily starts telling Meg about her own wedding to Paul. Emily tells Meg she is tired of keeping Paul’s lies a secret from her. Emily explains to Meg that she helped Craig load Dusty’s gun with blanks but Paul followed her and after she left he switched the blanks in the gun with real bullets. Emily also tells Meg that Paul tried to smother Craig with a pillow at the hospital but she walked in and stopped him Emily advises Meg not to marry Paul before he hurts her again. Meg is stunned and wonders what she should do.

At the dorm, Adam arrives with coffee for Casey and while Casey is trying to call Gwen he sneaks a look at his computer and when Casey returns Adam asks him if he is crazy.

At the farm, Carly kisses her necklace good-bye holds it for a few minutes before she throws it in the pond for the fish to eat.

At Lily’s house, Paul is nervous and sweating because Meg is taking too long to come to the double doors. Meg finally appears and starts walking slowly down the aisle with a very determined look on her face.

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