ATWT Update Monday 12/4/06

As the World Turns Update Monday 12/4/06


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

In downtown Oakdale, Simon is standing talking with Katie when he sees Vienna wave to him. He is noticeably thrown by her appearance, but he does well to cover it. He understands that when they were together he couldn’t exactly afford the same jewels. Katie snaps that it isn’t about jewelry envy. With one last parting shot, he tries to wrap up their conversation quickly so she doesn’t see Vienna. He just wants this over between them. Vienna walks up and greet them both. A smiling Katie wonders what she is doing back in town?

At Java, Carly is talking with Jess; she pretends that she doesn’t know where Katie got the idea about her and Simon being jewel thieves. Jess admits she can’t see her, but it isn’t a stretch for Simon to be labeled a thief. Why is she concerned about when her probation ends though? Carly answers that she is just curious and adds jokingly, so she can finally jaywalk and not worry. Jess wants her to know if there is any truth to what Katie wrote then, she could trust her because they are bound by attorney client privilege; she can help her. Carly seems to be entertaining this offer, but then she notices Jack walking in.

At home, Lily and Holden are talking in the livingroom. She jokes about her impossible question as to whether she looks fat? Holden tells her softly that she looks as beautiful as the day they met. Lily realizes she needs to stop obsessing over this. Holden thanks her for helping so much with Meg and Paul’s last minute wedding. She jokes again that the panic attacks this has caused her burns calories. Holden pulls her in; he wants her to believe him when he tells her that she is beautiful; they kiss deeply. Lily leaves to go check on last minute food preparations. Holden’s cell phone rings; he answers it and it is Tea. Can they change the time they are to meet from 12PM to 11AM? He can make it, he softly answers. Is the fact that he is whispering mean his wife suspects something? Holden tells her that everything is fine and that they will meet at the same place. He turns around and sees Lily standing there with a strange look on her face.

At the hospital, Meg wants to know why they need to marry tonight? Simply put, it is sooner then tomorrow; he can’t wait to be married to her. Meg reminds him everyone is preparing for their ceremony tomorrow. He teases her saying by then they could be lounging on a tropical beach tomorrow. He certainly knows how to charm her. She will consider it if he tells her honestly why he is suddenly so interested in lighting a fire under their set plans?

Meanwhile, inside Craig’s hospital room, he sarcastically tells Emily the searing pain must have caused him to not hear properly; he thought she said things are going to work out with her and Paul? Emily thinks back to her conversation with Paul when he told her that he was glad they reconnected, how she knows him better then any woman and how they share this secret now. Craig is interested in why she is suddenly so confident about Paul? Emily tries to blow it off, but as she is turning to leave, Craig grabs her arm. What the hell is going on?

Does the desire for Paul’s sudden rush to the altar have to do with Craig, Meg wonders? Paul admits it has to do with Emily. She has been acting unstable again; she was rattling on and on about their mystical connection and how through everything their bond has never broken. Did he mention they were marrying ASAP? Of course not because he did not want her crashing their nuptials and demanding their first born. Paul recalls to himself the conversation he shared with Emily about their sharing this secret over what he tried to do with Craig. He can’t lose her, he admits. Meg promises that he never will. He just gets paranoid. Meg wonders if they should not be moving up this wedding until they deal with Emily’s issues? Paul is definite it wouldn’t make a difference. He really just wants to marry her now simply because he loves her. Meg gives in they will moves things up. Paul smiles broadly; she has phone calls to make then. Meg smirks. She needs to also find someone to fill in for her shift. Paul just wants her and anyone filling in for her to keep this from Emily and Craig.

Emily pretends to be hurt; he knows everything in her life minus her ATM PIN. Craig sarcastically mentions that he trusted her with the blanks, yet somehow he is lying in a hospital bed. Emily offers that Dusty probably checked his gun and realized there had been a switch. How did what happen with him help her with Paul? She explains that she saw him in the hallway and their connection was still there. Were there words or did she imagine this? There were words, but there was this unmistaken look. Craig still doesn’t get it; Emily adds that Paul seeing Meg dote over him while he is laid up helped. Craig starts to see; it is inconceivable to him that she would waste her time on Paul after everything. With stars still in her eyes, Emily tells him the past is in the past. Craig suffers a bit of a coughing fit and she offers to go get water. Craig tells her Meg will be back to do that. Emily is sure that she won’t be considering things looked pretty tense between her and Paul. She is positive a break up is imminent, she adds as she walks out the door.

Lily asks Holden who was on the phone? Holden pauses and then answers; it is a horse dealer. He is planning on buying a horse for Faith. Is that what he was tied up with earlier when she tried to reach him and he didn’t answer? He answers carefully that must be right. Lily seems bothered a bit by this; she wishes he had taken her. Faith overhears their conversation and is thrilled to hear about her dad buying her a horse. Lily just wishes she had been involved in this quick decision; she thought it would be further down the road? Faith wonders if they can see the horse tomorrow? Holden explains he has a business meeting, but they can see him before Christmas. Lily eyes him strangely.

Simon tries to usher Vienna off quickly, but Vienna is slow to leave toying with him. She congratulates Katie on her book. Will she have a copy sent to her hotel suite; Katie agrees and offers to sign it even. Simon intercedes; they need to get going because she came to see him afterall. Katie wonders if she brought her prince? No, he is at home. Katie pushes further; the last time they saw one another she was displaying those fabulous jewels. Vienna acknowledges this, but Simon rushes her off soon after saying he and Katie are done. After they leave, Katie mumbles to herself about them not being done just when things are starting to get interesting. She takes out her cell phone to make a call.

Jess reminds Carly that she is not just her lawyer but her friend too. Carly thanks her, as she glances towards Jack standing nearby. She is fine, so Jess tells her that she has to get going then. As Carly is heading out, Jack stops her; is everything ok? Why wouldn’t it be? She is meeting with her lawyer. She was getting an update on when he probation ends. What does it matter if she is staying out of trouble? She just wants that mess to finally be a part of her past. He wants that too, but he is afraid that may not happen. This comment makes Carly look nervous. He admits that Katie came to see him claiming the part in her book about the jewel heist was not fiction. Carly smirks. Jack relays that their problems with Spiro disappeared quickly. Carly explains the condos selling paid him off. The timing couldn’t have been better and that all happened right after the prince was in town with his jewels. Carly offers that Katie is simply trying to get back at them because she is with Simon now. He did call Vienna to follow up and she told him that the jewels are checked regularly and is confident that they are the real thing. Vienna said that, Carly asks? Jack notices and mentions the surprise in her voice.

Simon and Vienna arrive back at his suite; he looks behind him nervously. Is he looking for the secret service? She ditched them when she plays her games of switching planes. She jumps onto his bed kicking off her shoes; she sees he got her note? He wasn’t sure if it was a joke or not? She read what Katie wrote and could see why he might be nervous. Why did she ask Katie for a copy then; this is met with a coy look from Vienna. That hunky detective called and asked her questions about the jewels. Simon perks up. She couldn’t imagine that her Simon would be so cruel to break her heart and then steal her blind. Simon looks like he is working hard to cover his guilt. Did he? What did she tell Jack more importantly? She told him that the jewels authenticity are checked regularly and that she would know if they were fake. He appreciates her standing up for him… even though he did nothing wrong, he adds after the fact. She thinks she may call the prince then and make sure to have them checked. She reaches for the phone; Simon pauses for a moment, but then he jumps up and takes the phone out of her hand. Vienna looks at him slyly; he has been a bad boy, as she kisses him.

Henry rushes up to Katie holing his fingers to his neck checking his pulse; is 180 good? Katie smiles; it is good if he is aiming for a heart attack. She told him to get there fast, so he is there reporting for duty. Katie grins; guess who is in town? Henry doesn’t know. Vienna, Katie answers. Is she slumming, Henry jokes? Jack called her about the jewel heist. Henry is confused; he thought that was made up? It was, but with Simon acting so strangely because of it and now Vienna coming to town, something has to be up. Simon is really freaking out about what she wrote and he couldn’t get Vienna away from her fast enough. She is sure that they stole the jewels and all they need to do is prove it.

Lily and Holden are in the livingroom when Emma arrives. Lily wants to put her to work, but the serious look on her face stops them in their tracks. She explains that Meg left her a cryptic message about the wedding not happening tomorrow. They all look concerned. Emma offers if this has to do with Paul, then it is for the best it happened now rather then later. Meg and Paul arriving to catch the end of this last comment interrupt them. Paul didn’t do anything; they would like to marry tonight instead… if that is ok? After the shock wears off, they are asked if they don’t want all their family and friends there? They don’t mind the ceremony being pared down and the fewer people who know the better. This last response is met with a nervous exchange of looks from Holden, Lily and Emma.

A night nurse comes in and introduces herself to Craig. Meg is his night nurse – where is she? She took some personal time. Craig presses; the nurse admits that she was sworn to secrecy, but finally relents. She is getting married tonight. Craig looks shocked. She leaves and Emily comes back in with a pitcher of water for him. Did she happen to see Paul and Meg out there? No, she is sure he got sick of fighting with her and left. Craig doesn’t want to burst her bubble, but he just heard disturbing news. What is it, Emily snaps? Meg and Paul are due to married tonight. Emily is furious; she doesn’t believe this. Then she turns her anger on Craig; he is a traitor because he promised she would get Paul. He thought he could deliver; he didn’t see this coming. Was she sure her and Paul’s bonding session wasn’t in her imagination?

Why don’t they want people to know? Meg and Paul answer that they just would prefer it to be small with only family. Emma recovers enough to say that it is a good thing the cake is done and she brought the dresses over. They all smile, as Meg thanks them for this. They all start to pair off with Meg going with Emma and Lily and Paul staying with Holden. After the women leave, Paul awkwardly talks; he is a lucky guy and is so thankful for Meg. Holden just stares at him. Paul decides he needs to call his mother and brother to let them know to come over. Holden tells him that first they have to come to an agreement. Upstairs, Meg is with Lily in the bedroom as she looks at her dress; she tells Lily that she is finally going to get the fairy tale like her and Holden. Lily replies that no marriage is perfect. Meg adds that she knows that since she is marrying Paul. Lily didn’t mean that. Meg understands that she is probably thinking of Rose at this time and how horrible things went. Lily admits that she wasn’t going to mention anything. Meg puts her at ease when she answers that they have been sister-in-laws for long enough to be straight. Lily pauses for a moment before she continues. She takes a breath and then admits that she hopes she isn’t making a mistake she will live to regret.

Simon tells Vienna again that he didn’t steal the necklace. Vienna smiles knowingly because he is anything but innocent, but she didn’t own those jewels and she doesn’t hold grudges because worrying cause wrinkles. Is she going to let him walk no strings attached? She does think she qualifies for something in return for all her generosity. What is the catch then, Simon wonders nervously? She tells him directly that she wants him to come back to her.

Carly pretends that Vienna backing Simon is surprising since she could have had it in for him as well. Jack accepts this, but he just wants her to be careful because Katie has it in for them and is out to prove they did something. Carly snarls; she appreciates his concern but she can take care of herself. Jack admits that he was relieved himself when Vienna let Simon off the hook and it wasn’t just because of what would happen to the kids but also because he knows how hard she is trying to change. He doesn’t want Simon to take that away from her. Carly smiles warmly; she thanks him for believing in her. Jack answers that she isn’t the only one trying to make up for the past mistakes. So, he truly believes her? Jack answers that he does. He needs to get going, but he reminds her to watch her back because Katie won’t stop even if she has to make something up. After he leaves, Carly mutters under her breath that Katie the witch needs to be stopped.

Katie tells Henry excitedly that somehow they need to figure out a way to get the necklace off Carly’s neck. Henry stops her; who cares who stole what? She does because she intends on throwing Simon in jail so Mike will realize that she is truly over him. Henry reminds her that her marriage did not fall apart because Simon is a jewel thief but rather because she slept with Simon, and he isn’t sure that she can do anything to make up for that in Mike’s eyes.

Simon wants to know why Vienna would want him back since he betrayed and mistreated her? She wants him back on her terms. He can’t just pick up and leave. Is it because of that tacky blonde she found hiding in his room? Simon doesn’t answer so Vienna goes to pick up the phone again. As she dials, she mentions that the prince will be interested in her suggestion to have the jewels checked out. Simon finally lunges for the phone again. Does she remember their summer in Capri? Vienna fondly recalls no tan lines. They will go back there, Simon decides. What about the blonde? She is strong and will get over it. Vienna kisses him happily.

Holden admits that he doesn’t much like him. Paul answers jokingly that nobody does, but he didn’t realize he needed his permission? He has it though. Meg loves him and that is all that matters, but if he hurts her then he will kill him, Holden declares flatly. Paul nods understanding.

Lily explains that Paul is not Holden or Dusty; he is not like anyone. Meg appreciates more his uniqueness. Lily adds that Rose didn’t know how dangerous Paul could be. Meg realizes he did some bad things onc,e but he is not the same man now. Emma’s arrival tables this serious discussion. Is she ready to be Mrs. Paul Ryan?

Craig tells Emily that he was using her all the while still planning on marrying Meg that night. Emily is furious; all that talk about bonding; it was all to keep her from telling, as her voice trails off. Craig wonders what she is talking about? Emily covers; she angrily tells him that Paul will never use her again, as she rushes out.

Katie recognizes that she messed up when she slept with Simon, but she paid for it with her marriage. What is this accomplishing then? If Mike hadn’t left her then maybe things would have been different, but he did and Simon ruined her one true honest love. She is going to nail Simon and get back Mike and nobody better get in her way.

Simon tells Vienna that he will let Carly down gently, and then he will hop on a plane and meet up with her. Vienna tells him that she isn’t going anywhere; she will be right down the hall. She has thought of everything Simon says with a frozen smile on his face. He tries to push her out the door, but Vienna plants another passionate kiss on him, as Carly arrives and stands there staring at them unnoticed.

The nurse admits that she now feels guilty about telling him about Meg. He promises that he will keep his lips sealed. Does she think it is official yet? She doesn’t know. After she excuses herself, Craig mumbles to himself that he hopes Emily runs like the wind there.

Meg is dressed in her wedding gown and is looking in the mirror when Emma comes back in; she looks absolutely beautiful, she comments. She hands her earrings, which she wore at her wedding to her father. A thrilled Meg puts them on. Meg thinks she probably thought she would never be here? Emma hopes she forgives her for her comment about Paul being the cause of why she thought they might not be marrying. Meg acknowledges Paul has done things to deserve that, but she knows he is going to prove them all wrong about the type of person that he is now. Emma is just thrilled about how happy he makes her; that is all that really matters. He does truly make her happy, Meg admits.

Paul is sitting on the couch in the livingroom when Holden comes in; he thinks he just heard a car pull up. Paul is sure it is Barbara or Will; he is going to greet them. Paul opens the door, walks out without looking up commenting outloud to whom he thinks is his mother about if she can believe it, he is happy to see her. He looks up and is face to face with a determined looking Emily.

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