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Written By Eva
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At Java, Gwen thanks Will for his support in dealing with her mother since she has returned to town. Gwen tells Will that Iris always has a way of making her feel badly about things and wonders if she has really changed this time. Will tells Gwen that she has every right not to believe Iris has changed after years of verbal abuse she has endured from Iris. Gwen tells Will that she was so happy to see him after Iris left because she needed him so much because he helps her remember that she is strong and somebody does love her. Gwen wonders how he just instinctively new she needed to see him and Will tells Gwen that Jade called him.

At the studio, Adam and Jade make love even though Jade thinks Adam is an arrogant jerk for thinking that she called Will to have some sort of contact with him.

At the Lakeview, Carly takes off her necklace because she doesn’t think she should wear it around town anymore because people will get suspicious. Simon reminds Carly that Katie has no idea that the story she made up is actually true. Simon tells Carly people will get more suspicious if she suddenly stops wearing the necklace. Carly turns to leave because she wants to do some Christmas shopping before the kids get home from school. Simon reminds her that she forgot her necklace and puts it around her neck again.

At the police station, Katie arrives to tell Jack that Simon and Carly committed a crime and she is the only person who knows about it. Katie explains to jack she wrote that Simon and Carly had stolen the crown jewels and Simon confronted her and seemed to be very upset about it.

At the hospital, Paul puts the pillow over Craig’s face but Emily arrives and wonders what he is doing and Craig is never in serious danger.

At Java, Gwen is angry because she thinks Gwen is trying to find some way to stay in their lives so she can wait for Will to be vulnerable so maybe she can get pregnant for real this time. Gwen instantly apologizes to Will for her remarks and explains that she hates Gwen so much because she reminds her of Iris. Gwen asks Will to change his cell phone number and he agrees if that is going to make her feel better. Gwen tells Will he has made her feel better just by talking to her so she decides to go back to the studio. Will tells Gwen that they could just go on a date and skip the studio today but Gwen feels badly at the way she acted with Adam and wants to finish her job.

At the studio, Once they finish making love Jade wants to get dressed right away because she doesn’t want anyone to walk in and catch them. Adam corrects her and says that she doesn’t want Will to see them together because she is still in love with him. Jade says no and tells and Adam asks her to prove it and they make love again.

At the police station, Jack wonders if Katie and Mike are still split up and she says yes and Jack suspects that Katie wants revenge on Simon and Carly. Jack tells Katie he understands how she feels but hurting Simon and Carly isn’t going to bring Mike back to her. Katie wants jack to hold Simon on any charge so that he can find out if he stole the jewels. Jack tells Katie that he suspected Simon was involved with the loan shark but he could never prove anything against him. Katie remembers that Simon once told her that after he pulled off a robbery he would always hold one Jewel back as a souvenir. Katie thinks that Simon might have stolen big diamond that is on Carly’s necklace.

At the Lakeview, Meg runs into Holden and thinks he has invited Lily for a romantic lunch. Holden tells Meg he thinks Lily is at yoga class but he isn’t sure and Meg smiles and tells him she is sure Lily knows where he is because women are much better at keeping tabs on their husbands. Holden thinks Meg shouldn’t rush into marriage with Paul until she knows for sure he has changed. Meg tells Holden she is tired of waiting to marry Paul and he makes her happy. Holden tells Meg that is all that is important so even though he thinks she is to o good for Paul he will give her away at her wedding.

At the hospital, Emily tries to persuade Paul not to kill Craig and let Dusty take the blame for his murder. Paul tells Emily that he has no intention of doing that because Dusty is part of his family so he will get him the best lawyers and make sure he doesn’t go to jail. Paul explains to Emily that he has to kill Craig because it’s the only way he won’t get custody of Johnny. Paul asks Emily to forget what she saw and let him go back in the room and finish the job.

At the studio, Gwen walks in on Adam and Jade making love and she gets very angry that Adam could be so unprofessional at the place where they work. Gwen stomps out of the room and tells Adam she can’t work with him anymore. Jade tells Adam that she may have messed things up for him but he is positive Gwen will come back. Adam thinks Jade is worried that Gwen is going to tell Adam and by her expression he knows he is right even though she tells him he couldn’t be more wrong.

On Main Street, Lisa runs into Simon and Carly and tells them she read about what they did and the police will soon find out too. Carly and Simon are stunned for a few minutes until Lisa tells them she was just kidding.

At the police station, Katie finds out that the model apartment was finished the day after the Halloween ball. Jack tells Katie that the evidence is still just circumstantial and not enough to make an arrest so jack decides to call Vienna and Vienna tells him that experts always check the jewels before they put them in the vault and if they were fake the experts would have said something to the Prince. Katie leaves the station convinced that Vienna lied and she is going to get the proof that Simon stole the jewels.

At the hospital, Paul tells Emily that if she doesn’t keep her mouth shut he will tell the police that she was an accomplice before the fact of Craig’s shooting. Emily tells Paul that the only way he would know that is if he saw her switch the bullets for blanks. Paul tells Emily he followed her that day to prove that she was working with Craig. Emily figures out that Paul switched the blanks she put in the gun to real bullets again. Emily is determined to go to the police and tell them everything but Paul doesn’t think she could ever do that because she still loves him. Emily tells Paul to watch her go to the police and see what happens to him.

At Java, Gwen gives Will a kiss and tells him she couldn’t concentrate on singing because she was thinking about him so just decided to come back and spend the day with him.

At the studio, Adam tells Jade he isn’t sorry they made love and hopes they do it again. Jade gives Adam a kiss and tells him maybe they will make love again but he shouldn’t count on it.

On Main Street, Katie asks Carly where Simon bought that beautiful necklace he gave her.

At the Lakeview, Simon gets a note from Vienna telling him she knows he stole the jewels.

At the hospital, Paul tells Emily to think about her decision because she may regret it later and Emily tells Paul she won’t regret anything. Meg wonders why Paul and Emily are doing talking outside Craig’s room. Emily tells Paul to answer Meg’s question or she will answer her question for him.

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