ATWT Update Wednesday 11/29/06

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Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

At the studio, Gwen and Adam are listening to her demo. Does she want to listen to it again? Gwen jokes that she thinks 47 times is plenty. He thinks she is a little late at the bridge. Gwen teases him about how he is telling her how to sing a song she wrote. Adam wants to know what has put her in such a good mood because he has been somewhat critical and she is still smiling? Gwen admits that alone time with her husband did this. Nothing could ruin her mood. Cue Iris charging in wondering if she is late - with her non-subtle way; Gwen’s face drops as she realizes the impossible just happened.

At Java, Paul wants Meg to come back home with him, as he kisses her on the neck. She would love to but she is tired and has to go back to the hospital, she says shortly. Is there something else wrong? Meg admits that she doesn’t think Craig will make it much longer. Paul hides his happiness. He can’t help but remind her that he did a lot of damage in his short life. Meg isn’t in the mood for him to gloat because regardless of how he feels, Craig is her patient. Sorry, as he offers fake sympathy. Meg leaves quickly. After she leaves, Paul gets on the phone and calls someone telling them to meet him at the Lakeview to celebrate.

At the station, Jess is telling Dusty to not to say anything to anyone. Could he have made it harder on himself? She is trying to figure a way for him to get out of his confession. Dusty states plainly that he shot Craig. Jess frowns; she is trying to do her best to keep him from spending the next 20 years behind bars. Dusty asks if Craig is still alive? Jess answers thankfully he is. Dusty drops his head and exclaims, “He has to die!”

At the hospital, Lucy is standing beside Craig’s bed. She talks tearfully to him even though he is unconscious. Why did he have to do this? He had her and his sisters. Why didn’t any of that matter? All that seemed to matter was how hard he could push Dusty. It would have been easier if he died earlier or in the ice storm because then this could have been avoided. Margo and Katie come in and see a grief stricken Lucy standing over Craig’s bed. Lucy laments how nothing mattered to Craig except for this revenge plot against Dusty. Margo thinks that jail must have just twisted him and Katie adds that maybe he will be at peace now. Craig mutters from the bed that he would have some peace if the three of them would just shut up, as his eyes flutter and slowly open. The three women’s mouths drop open.

Gwen snaps wondering what she is doing there? Iris claims she is there for moral support. His steps 1,2 and 3 should mean to stay out of her life. Iris pretends she is sorry, as Gwen demands she get out of there. She just wants to tell her one thing, Iris claims. There is always something she needs or wants, Gwen yells. Iris addresses Adam telling her that she deserves this. Gwen snarls that she is so glad she has her permission to be mad. Iris tells her that her sister Candace is coming to town to take care of her and make sure she stays sober. Gwen growls that God forbid she takes care of herself. That is what she is trying to do. Candace knows it is different this time. Gwen icily answers that maybe the 1,008,032nd time it will stick. Iris talks to Adam again; she is just like her mother, even as a child… Gwen cuts her off yelling that she doesn’t want to walk down memory lane. Adam suggests she leaves because they have work to do; Iris thanks him for helping Gwen with this. Jade, who is standing outside, calls Will and tells him that Gwen is at the studio about to lose it and he better get over here. Will tells her that he is on his way over.

Paul strides into the Lakeview dining room; where is the champagne? Barbara isn’t sure what they are celebrating; her grandson’s father may be lost to him forever. Paul wants her to stay positive; he is forever indebted to Dusty and he will always have his back. Their family will rally behind Dusty. All that Johnny has lost recently saddens Barbara. They will support Dusty for all he has done and they will do it for Jen. Barbara smiles; what has he done with her son? Paul shares that he and Meg are going to be married – next week. Barbara hopes this will mark a new beginning. Paul doesn’t want her pain for Dusty to take away from Craig’s demise and them being free. Barbara grins; she doesn’t want champagne, but a mimosa will do. Why is he glowing with self-assuredness and confidence? He is in love; Meg is awesome. Barbara wonders if it really is because he had something to do with Craig’s accident?

Jess doesn’t want to hear that again. She wants him to say he was driven to this and now feels utter remorse. Dusty instead says if Craig were here then he would do it again. Jess wants him to understand she will defend a scared father not a vigilante. Dusty wants her to understand that if Craig dies then she needs to make sure Johnny goes to Barbara, but if Craig lives then she can fight hard for him. She wonders why he isn’t doing everything in his power to stay out of prison? He can’t help him because it was premeditated. He wants it to be over soon for the people that love Craig. Jess doesn’t understand how he could promise to raise Jen’s son and now be giving up? Dusty explains that he kept a promise to Jen, which was to protect their son at all costs.

Katie tells them she will get a doctor while a shocked Lucy races out and Margo stays with Craig. Craig mumbles that he was shot and the pain and how it wasn’t supposed to happen this way. Margo’s face is stunned; that had better not mean what it sounds like. Craig is still too much out of it for any answer. Outside, Lucy is crying when Meg arrives and hugs her in comfort thinking Craig just died. Lucy explains Craig actually just woke up.

Adam tries to move on so Gwen doesn’t dwell on what just happened. They paid for studio time so he thinks they should move forward. Is she ok? Gwen answers yes, but then knocks a stand over frustrated. Her mother comes in here with talk of her 12-step program and how she wants her to feel sorry for her. So she can feel badly for turning her back on her. She looks at Adam and apologizes; he must love dealing with another neurotic diva’s behavior. Adam answers that their problems weren’t real, but hers are obviously. Gwen wants to sing again, so she puts on her headphones, but as the music stops, she realizes she can’t and is even angrier. Adam rushed over to her and hugs her. Will sees Jade outside; her mother just left. Will goes inside and finds Adam comforting his wife.

The doctor attending to Craig tells Lucy that they gave him something to sleep, and she should take this opportunity to get some rest. The doctor leaves and Craig tries to talk, but Lucy tells him not to. Craig mutters that he needs to finish what he came back to do. Lucy looks confused and upset by this.

In the waiting room at the hospital, Margo is talking with Katie; Craig’s reaction was of surprise. He muttered something to her about this not supposed to have happened. Katie is confused; he couldn’t have known Dusty was going to shoot him? Margo thinks what doesn’t make sense to them does to Craig somehow.

Paul answers that he doesn’t know how to take Barbara’s comment about him being involved in Craig’s accident. Barbara explains that Dusty was pushed as far as one man could be. Paul interrupts; he wasn’t involved. She has seen firsthand how Dusty treated Jen and Johnny and it makes her feel as if were another one of her sons, and he knows how protective she is of her children. Paul thinks they should toast to family then. Barbara smiles and then jokes about how orange juice takes away the stigma of drinking so early. Meg arrives and Barbara tells her that she has perfect timing; they were just talking about her. They were talking about the wedding; Meg wonders if she knows that it is being held at Holden and Lily’s and her mother is doing the preparations for it. Barbara chuckles; that is very home spun of them. Meg comments on their good moods. Then she adds that she just got news of Craig’s recovery. Paul’s smile is frozen on his face, and one wouldn’t know the news bothers him except for the fact that with one hand he breaks the glass of champagne he is holding.

Will walks over awkwardly and Gwen sees him and pulls back. What is he doing here? He just wanted to see how she was doing. She explains that her mother was just there making it the highlight of her day. Was she drinking? No, she wasn’t and apparently, she is trying to stay sober and she can only treat her like…Will cuts her off. She has ever right to because she has lied to her throughout her entire life. The only thing that seems to have changed that he can see is the verbal abuse. She has every right to feel the way she does. Gwen explains that her aunt is coming a long way to take care of her mom, and yet she can’t even stand to be around her. Will admits that he asked Iris to stay away from her so her life could be her own and she disregarded it. She obviously doesn’t care about her feelings. Gwen apologizes to Adam about this. Adam doesn’t want her to worry about it. She should just take off, but Gwen is worried she is letting him down. She isn’t, so Gwen agrees to but wants to freshen up first. After she leaves, Will thanks Adam. Adam wonders if he is clairvoyant. How did he know to come here? Will admits Jade called him. Enter Jade who recounts her worry over Gwen’s condition. After Will leaves, Adam tells a smug looking Jade that he knows what she is up to and it isn’t going to work. Her smile fades.

Lucy tells Margo and Katie that they gave Craig a sedative and he will be sleeping for a while. Margo acknowledges this is all good. Lucy tells them she has something to do and will be back. After she leaves, Margo comments to Katie about if Craig has any idea what he has put her through? Katie fears that her and Craig were cut from the same cloth by not thinking their actions through. Margo guesses her and Mike have not reconciled? She now realizes how important her marriage was when she lost it. Does she need anything? She will handle it; Margo makes a loud noise of disapproval; she hates to hear those words come out of her and Craig’s mouths.

Paul believes the world will be a better place without Craig in it. Meg replies that she didn’t become a nurse because of the pretty uniforms. She and probably 20 people worked on Craig throughout the night trying to save him. Barbara quietly wants Meg to acknowledge all that Craig has put people through. She realizes all he has done, but Dusty played God. Craig has this sick knack for causing people to sink to his level. She wants something clear before they get married. If Craig tries to move forward with custody of Johnny, then they will all fight him to keep Johnny protected, but they will do this all legally and that isn’t negotiable.

Lucy has arrived at the station to talk to Dusty; Jess isn’t sure she should at first, but then decides maybe she can talk him down. Lucy explains that her father didn’t die and she realizes this will upset Dusty. Since her father came back, all he and Dusty have done is fought and plotted their revenge; she is sick of it because noone is really considering Johnny in this. Lucy walks into the interrogation room; is he dead, Dusty asks quickly? Lucy answers that he isn’t. Dusty throws his hands in the air in despair. Lucy angrily answers no, and that she is so sorry to not have made his day. Dusty realizes the pain she is in; he apologizes. Did he think about if Craig didn’t die and what would happen because now all Johnny can look forward to is seeing his dad at the penitentiary? With Jen gone and now this, Johnny has lost so much. Something has to give; Dusty answers that Craig will never change. Then he should. Dusty snaps that he never lied to her about his feelings. He will do anything to protect his son; Craig just wants to possess Johnny. If she doesn’t get that then she needs to go.

At Java, Will wonders if Gwen wants to talk? Not really because when she stops to think she is overwhelmed, she answers. Will wants her to see that Iris wants her to feel guilty; she is a good person. Gwen smirks; if she is such a good person then why won’t she give her mom the time of day when she is trying to get sober? Will is still convinced she is trying to take advantage of her. Gwen admits that hearing Candace is coming to town threw her off. She is coming all that way which means she must feel this time is different. Will thinks she has a right to protect herself. What if the way she treats her causes her to fall off the wagon? Will thinks Iris is just upset because she sees her doing something she loves that she can’t control it, and she wants to ruin it somehow.

Jade acts innocent because she has no idea what Adam is talking about? She is phony with all her make believe concern for Gwen. Jade counters that he might be mad because Will interrupted them. Adam sarcastically answers that he is supposedly after his brother’s wife. That is how she operates not him. That was mean, Jade snaps. It is honest; he is not as dumb as his brother when it comes to pretty girls with agendas. He is so wise since he has lived in LA, Jade spits. Why is she aiming so low? She is not pretty girl with an agenda, but a beautiful woman with a lot going on up there. Why does she insist on chasing after Will? She and Will won’t happen because he is in lock down with Gwen. Doesn’t she want someone who wants her? Jade angrily answers that she doesn’t have to stay there and get laughed at. He thinks she is scared to be taken seriously. Jade glares.

Paul tells Meg that she is right; he just couldn’t help feel relief after everything he did to the people he loves that it may be over. Meg can appreciate that, but Dusty went over the edge; violence is never the answer. Paul gives in; all human life is precious. Meg smiles; she is sorry she came down on him. Paul wonders how she can even make morality sexy? They share a kiss and then Paul tells them that he has something to take care of. He wants Meg to go get some rest. Barbara is happy that she got through to him; Meg is happy that he seemed to listen. Outside the dining room, Paul stops and talks to himself. He is sorry Meg, but when he said all human life that didn’t include Craig’s.

Lucy sarcastically responds that she really appreciates the ultimatum. Dusty answers simply that it is the truth. He reaches for her hand, but Lucy jerks it away and tells him not to touch her. He regrets hurting her. She doesn’t even know who he is anymore. He is Johnny’s dad. Great, so Johnny has a father just like hers now. He understands that the situation is impossible for her – she interrupts – to love them both and that this is killing her. She reminds him that she was there when he shot her father point blank. Dusty thinks she should be with Margo, but Lucy explains she can’t be with her, or her father or – him. She isn’t done here though. All she has heard from him was about being there for Johnny and now he is cavalierly throwing in the towel? His son needs it to be over, Dusty determinedly says. He needs his father to fight and to know he hasn’t lost faith. He needs a reason to get up in the morning. All he and her father have given him is a world of hate, revenge and violence, and now he is adding despair to the list. Is that the legacy he wants to leave for his son?

Jade snaps that she is afraid of spiders and being broke. She isn’t afraid of real life or him. If that is true then why does she spend all her energy on a man who is completely taken? It is safe. Jade furiously answers that he has no right to comment on her life; he is a middle class boy from a middle class family trying to play a big wig music mogul in LA. She has slept in bus stations and lived two weeks on less then ten dollars. He better not dare tell her what is safe. So she had it bad, but that is over because she is living in a big house now, but she still plays these silly games trying to get Will’s attention. Jade goes to slap him, but he stops her. Has she ever looked in a mirror? She is gorgeous. Has she ever listened to herself talk? She is smart and funny. He doesn’t think that. Adam, getting closer to her tells her that if he were going to make a play for anyone then it would be her. He pulls her in and kisses her deeply.

Gwen warmly tells Will that he is her anti-Iris. He makes her feel as if she could do anything. Will holds her hand. Gwen looks conflicted; should she now go back to the studio? Will thinks they should consider this a snow day; Gwen finally agrees, but a moment later she feels guilty that they are going to have all this fun while Adam is stuck at the studio working on her demo.

Lucy wants Dusty to fight even if it takes one day off his sentence because that is one more day he can spend with his son. What is she going to do? She is going to be sad for all that has happened, she tells him. She admits that she doesn’t feel pity for her dad either. Even if Craig didn’t take out a gun and shoot him, he was aiming to kill him by trying to take Johnny away. He had to do what he had to do. There is a line though and he crossed it. He believes he was justified too and she can’t live with that. Dusty realizes that. She can’t live with what her dad did either. All that is left is to say goodbye. She stares at Dusty for a moment and then leaves. Dusty sorrowfully looks after her. Once she is gone, he says quietly to himself, “goodbye princess.” Lucy is standing up against the door on the other side of it looking heartbroken.

Barbara comments to Meg that she was glad she was able to put Paul in his place; it has been a while since she has seen that in a woman with Paul. She is a formidable woman – meant as a compliment.

He is passionately independent and she can lay down the law only so many times. Meg recognizes that too. Can they put their cards on the table? She is worried about Paul. She is worried that Craig could just as easily turn him into Dusty. She thinks they need to keep Paul as far away from Craig as possible. If they are in the same room, she worries that something bad will happen.

Paul is standing outside Craig’s room; the nurse finishes up with him and leaves. Paul sneaks in; he sees a pillow on a chair and picks it up. He stands over Craig holding it, then holds it up and then presses it down over Craig’s face.

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