ATWT Update Tuesday 11/28/06

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 11/28/06


Written By Eva
Pictures by Boo

At Carly’s house, Simon tells Carly that in her book Katie wrote that she and Simon stole the crown jewels. Carly begins to panic because she is positive Jack will discover that they really did steal the crown jewels.

At the bookstore, Katie once again apologizes to Mike for sleeping with Simon and also if the book has hurt him in any way. Katie explains to Mike that she only wrote what he read on the computer as a way to try and sort out her feelings about him and Simon. Katie also tells Mike that she loves him and hates Simon and she wrote the book to get revenge on Simon for ruining their marriage. Mike has another theory as to why Katie wrote the addition to the book he thinks its because she was mad that Simon chose Carly instead of her after they slept together. Mike tells Katie he didn’t leave her because of her affair with Simon he left her because she doesn’t know whom she wants and he is tired of always being the one to be hurt whenever she doesn’t get her own way. Mike tells Katie to grow up and figure out what she wants in life.

At Java, Meg is glad to see Paul so happy but she is puzzled as to why he is so calm about Craig. Paul remembers loading a gun with bullets as he tries to think of something to say to Meg. Paul explains to Meg that Craig isn’t a problem for them anymore. Meg wants an explanation for Paul’s comment and he tells her he just realized that she is going to marry him and not Craig and he has spent too much time concentrating on Craig and not enough time concentrating on her.

At the parking Garage, a distraught Lucy cries and begs her father to hang on as she tries to stop the massive amounts of blood from coming out of Craig’s body. Lucy begs Dusty to call an ambulance but he stands there watching Craig as if to say why don’t you die already. Lucy begs Dusty again but then he hears the sirens and tells her the ambulance must be on its way.

At the parking garage, the ambulance arrives along with Margo and the police and a nervous Lucy explains to Meg through her tears that her daddy was shot at close range. Margo’s men find a gun and show it to Margo and Margo asks Lucy if she knows he shot Craig. Lucy hesitates a bit cries a little more and says almost in a whisper Dusty.

At the book store, Katie once again tells Mike she loves him and hates Simon but Mike tells her that she is so jealous of Carly right now there is no way that she could be sure of her feelings.

At Carly’s house, Carly paces and tells Simon she knows that Jack will peruse this case until he finds out the truth. Simon assures Carly that Katie knows nothing about the robbery she just made everything up and the book is fiction. Simon tells Carly that if Jack ever does figure things out he will take the blame and nobody will ever know she helped him. Simon asks Carly if she believes him and she tells him that after all she has been through she has learned not to believe in anyone anymore. Carly thinks that Simon may have told Katie about the robbery after they slept together but Simon tells Carly that even if they never had a personal relationship he would never tell anyone she helped him rob the jewels. Simon gives Carly a small kiss and leaves to talk to Katie and see what she really knows about the robbery.

Jack arrives to pick up a book report Parker left at home that was due today. Carly leaves to look for the report and Jack picks up Katie’s book and begins to read it but Carly arrives just in time to stop him she gives him Parker’s report and tells him he doesn’t want to read that trashy work of fiction. Carly takes the book from Jack and Jack tells her he wants to read it because she is trying very hard to hide it. Carly explains to Jack that Katie wrote some very lurid details about her relationship with Simon and she is sure he doesn’t want to read it. Jack tells her she is right and as he is leaving he tells Carly that if there is anything in the book he should know then he would find out about it.

At the book store, Katie tells Mike there is nothing he should read in the book she just wrote that he is an arrogant jewel thief. Katie once again tells Mike she loves him and doesn’t care about Simon so Mike asks her to prove it to him. Katie tells him she will do anything he asks of her so Mike asks her to get Simon out of her life for good. Katie thinks if she does this she and Mike might get back together but Mike doesn’t get a chance to respond to her question because Simon arrives and Mike decides to leave asking Katie to think about what they have discussed. Simon is upset with Katie because she has ruined his reputation as a businessman. Simon also tells her she had no reason to drag Carly into this situation at the mention of Carly’s name Katie gets angry and tells Simon she wrote the book to hurt him because he ruined her marriage.

At Java, Meg gets a call to come to the hospital because they are short staffed and Craig is coming in because he was shot. Paul pays for their order and they both rush to the hospital.

At the Lakeview, Emily finds Dusty drinking and joins him in a drink to Johnny. Emily asks Dusty if he changed his mind about shooting Craig. Dusty calmly explains to Emily that he asked Craig to drop the custody suit for Johnny but he said no so he shot Craig in the chest. Dusty tells Emily that he hopes Craig is dead. Emily is stunned that Craig could be dead since she switched the real bullets in Dusty’s gun for blanks. Dusty tells Emily to leave because the police are coming to arrest him soon.

Margo arrives to arrest Dusty and read him his rights. Dusty tells Margo he was only trying to honor Jennifer’s wishes for Johnny to be safe from Craig. Dusty tells Margo he tried the legal way but Craig would win. Margo points out that if Craig dies he would go to jail but if Craig leaves he is going to lose custody of Johnny and Craig would raise him.

At the hospital, the doctor attending Craig asks Lucy to leave the room because she is too upset. Meg gives Lucy a hug and Paul wonders why Dusty would shoot Craig since it would only make things worse for him in the custody battle for Johnny.

At the book store, Simon tells Katie to stop blaming him for what happened and grow up and take responsibility for her own actions because she also slept with him. Simon can’t understand why Katie is so mad at him. Katie refuses to explain and tells him that she doesn’t owe him any explanations because he is Carly’s problem now. Simon wonders where Katie got thee idea about the jewel robbery. Katie tells Simon she saw him putting the diamond necklace around Carly’s neck and she got the idea to make them thieves in her book. Katie tells Simon that he shouldn’t be so upset about the book unless he really did steal the crown jewels.

At the hospital, Emily cries and tells Craig she doesn’t understand what happened because she switched the bullets for blanks just like he told her to do. Craig tells Emily you shot me and then passes out.

At Carly’s house, Simon tells Carly that Katie made the whole thing up just to get revenge on them she has no idea that she told the truth. Simon tells Carly they should stop worrying and just get on with their lives.

At the bookstore, Carly recalls Mike’s words to her and then calls jack to ask him if he has time to meet with her tomorrow to talk about Simon.

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