ATWT Update Monday 11/27/06

As the World Turns Update Monday 11/27/06


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo


Outside, Casey meets up with Elwood; does he have it? Elwood seems a bit nervous; should they go somewhere else? Casey just wants to do this now because he doesn’t have much time before Maddie gets here. Elwood tries to explain that it was difficult because the professor never leaves his desk. Elwood slowly takes out a test from his bag and hands it to Casey. Casey wants to make sure that he doesn’t say a word to Maddie. Elwood suggests then next time he might want to pass his exam. Maddie, who has just arrived behind them, asks Casey if he failed an exam?

At home, Simon is hugging Carly telling her how much he missed her. She wasn’t gone that long, just enough to eat and watch some football. He prefers to be with her. She smiles and kisses him; he loves to see her wearing his necklace. She still is uncomfortable wearing it considering it is stolen, but Simon reminds her that noone knows that the necklace was stolen. In addition, it is a reminder of their first passionate night together. Carly coyly smiles and asks him if that is a turn on, as she plants a passionate kiss on him. The doorbell ringing interrupts them; it is Lucinda. She has a flask in her hand as she comes in, commenting about how she has something for Simon. As she breezes by Carly, twice she mentions how beautiful her necklace is. Carly nervously touches it as she thanks her. Lucinda tells Simon that someone gave her this, as she nods towards the flask; he may need this so she is bringing it by for him. Simon doesn’t follow. She tells them that the new edition of Oakdale Confidential is out and the town of Oakdale now knows more then they probably ever wanted to about the two of them. Carly and Simon exchange uncomfortable looks.

Elsewhere downtown, Katie is somber and regretfully talking to Henry about the fact that she spilled her guts out in this book in a moment of anger. She didn’t stop to think about everyone who would get hurt in the process. She can only hope that it flops; she has an idea and goes over to the woman by the bookstore. She wants to buy up all the books.

At the Farm, Emma remarks that it has been a long time since she has seen Meg so happy. She is partly responsible for this; she has accepted that she is going to spend her life with Paul, and she realizes that could not have been easy for her to accept. Emma tells her that she realizes her and Paul have some common ground; they both love Meg and want her to be happy. Meg is thrilled; she is sure that Paul will be as excited as she is that they have moved up the date. Emma wonders why she is making all these plans but has yet to call Paul?

In Dusty’s car, Paul is changing the blanks back with the real bullets. He is just about done when he hears the elevator ding behind him; Dusty emerges, as Paul ducks down in his passenger seat.

At the Lakeview, Emily tells Craig that she finished his request; the blanks are in the gun in place of the real bullets. Craig thinks this is enough for a toast, but he is met with a glare from Emily. She has been running around town doing his dirty work; when is she going to get what she wants? She doesn’t intend on jeopardizing her future for him anymore. She can’t understand how setting up Dusty is going to get her closer to Paul? Craig is obtuse; all in good time it will be revealed. Emily snarls, as she tells Craig he has another thing coming because she is not going to allow another man to manipulate her again. He advises her to be careful because it sounded like a threat. Without him, she has no job, no friends, no Paul and no credibility. Emily stomps off. After she leaves, Craig calls Lucy. She thinks maybe he has changed his mind, but Craig tells her he has not. Lucy is upset because she is worried about his well being since Dusty has a gun and wants to kill him for what he is doing. Craig realizes that and that is the reason he agreed to meet him in the Lakeview garage. Lucy is becoming frantic; she will come there; Craig has gotten what he wants from her. He feigns that he doesn’t want her to, but continues to push the envelope so she has no choice but to ride to his rescue. She feels by him challenging the adoption he has backed Dusty into a corner. They will be fine; they will talk like men; they may even raise their voices and thump on their chests for affect, but that will be it. Lucy is sure that Dusty will stop at nothing to protect his son from a perceived threat. Craig then rubs the receiver of his cell phone on his sleeve and pretends the connection is breaking up; he hangs up with a smug smile. Lucy, who is terrified, doesn’t know what to do until Emily walks in; she has to help her because she is the only one who can help save her dad.

Dusty drops his keys on the pavement and Paul takes the opportunity to sneak out of the passenger door and crawl out of sight before Dusty heads for his car again.

Meg quietly tells her mom that Paul doesn’t seem to be in a rush to return any of her calls; she guesses that means he is still angry. Emma thinks she should call again then. Does she not want to be the one who makes the first move? Meg admits that Paul is the one who usually makes the first move. Emma thinks that Meg shouldn’t expect Paul to be the one to step up first whenever there are hurt feelings. A relationship won’t work if it is one sided. If she wants a life with Paul then she needs to own up to her part; she needs to call him again.

Dusty gets in the car, takes the gun out of the glove compartment and looks at it. Paul has snuck away and is hiding behind a concrete column. His cell phone rings and he is forced to mute it quickly.

Maddie is talking about how she could have stayed and helped him to study; she feels badly that he failed because he wasn’t prepared. Casey tells her that he didn’t fail because of that but rather because he never made it to the test. He stayed up so late and crashed; he must have slept right through his alarm. Right, Elwood? Elwood pauses for a second before he agrees saying that he told him to set his alarm to the buzzer and not music. Elwood tells him they will talk later about that ‘thing’, but Casey tells them both that he needs to do this with Elwood for a moment and will be back. Maddie thinks they should get going if they want to pick up those copies of Oakdale Confidential; Casey kind of snaps when he tells her that they won’t be going anywhere in the next few minutes. Maddie is standing there looking down when Adam walks up wondering what his brother did?

The woman recognizes Katie; they have many boxes in the back filled with the books; she can have as many as she wants. Katie realizes it is a lost cause; she wants to leave town because he and everyone else would be better off; Henry disagrees. She had a moment when she could have stopped and realized what was important. Now everyone is going to know how awful she is; there is noone around this town whose life she hasn’t ruined now. Henry offers up Snickers as someone’s life she hasn’t ruined. Katie grins at the effort. Just then two women run up to Katie; they loved her book and it changed their lives; they love what she did for true love. Can she sign their book? Katie is hesitant, but Henry steps up and agrees to Katie doing this. Katie doesn’t understand why he thinks this is a good idea after everything she just said? He thinks her fragile ego will need this boost before hell breaks loose in this town. There is nothing wrong with padding her bank account before the other shoe drops either. Start signing, he strongly suggests.

Carly is shocked; Katie wrote about them? She is going to kill her. What did she say? Lucinda artfully suggests she doesn’t want to ruin the ending. They tell her to throw caution to the wind and tell them. She weaves a story of a con man who comes back to Oakdale and seduces the heroine away from her perfect marriage, but she guesses it truly wasn’t perfect afterall. She tried to deny what was between them even when he took up with the “conniving bitch.” Carly is offended, but Lucinda claims she is simply quoting from the book. Carly wants to sue her for slander, libel and anything else she can think that sounds good. Lucinda reminds her it is a work of fiction and nobody saw fit to sue her before. Carly reminds her that she has children. Lucinda thinks she should have thought about that sooner rather then later, said with a knowing look. She hopes he can appreciate that it is business and nothing personal. As a matter of a fact, they might even see it as a favor. They both smirk over that. How is that? They are trying to be put on the map as real estate entrepreneurs; this will garner them tons of PR. By this time next year, maybe they will be thanking her. After she leaves, Simon is incredulous; he had no idea Katie had it in her, as he gulps down some of the contents of the flask. Carly grabs her coat and tells Simon they have to get a hold of this book and read it now.

Maddie tells Adam that there is something going on with Casey and she doesn’t know what it is. They were all psyched to go to this

Film festival and then he backs out claiming he had to pull an all nighter and study. Now he tells her that he slept through his alarm.

Does she believe him? She is not dumb enough to know he would rather be partying then studying so why hide it? He thinks Casey knows how she is about school and doesn’t want to let her down. Maddie is sad because after everything they went through this past summer she thought they were getting closer. Adam thinks it is nothing; Casey is just trying to adjust to college life and living on his own. She will be going through the same soon. The thing is she isn’t now and he probably doesn’t want to be a college guy saddled with a high school girl.

Henry wants Katie to take her rightful place at the book signing and worry about it all after. People are here to honor her now, and as he said before one can never have too much money in the bank. Katie laments about how when she wrote the book before when it was penned under anonymous, she craved the attention and now that she has it none of it matters without Mike. Henry gives Katie a hug, as Simon and Carly are walking up. She better stay close to him because after this book hits he will be the only friend she has left.

Emily reminds Lucy that Dusty would never do anything to endanger Johnny. Lucy tears up about how she had the chance to put away her father. Emily suggests Dusty has the gun as a scare tactic. She is sure it isn’t; they have to do something, but Emily doesn’t know what that is. Lucy snaps that she thought she loved Johnny? She does and her baby saved his life. Did she forget that Dusty kept her out of prison? Emily remembers that too, but she doesn’t have any hold over Craig to convince him to give this up. Lucy is wound up tighter by every passing moment; Dusty is going to hurt her father and then he is going to go to prison; she can’t lose Dusty again and where will that leave Johnny? Emily suggests that noone is going to get hurt. The tone in her voice stops Lucy, as she asks Emily what she knows that she doesn’t?

Meg leaves another message for Paul; she feels better about them and he needs to know this. Can he come over to the Farm because she has something to talk to him about that she thinks he will like.

Dusty calls out after hearing the phone ring; is that you Craig, he wonders? Another man walks by talking on the phone. Paul slips away. Craig shows up behind Dusty. Here he is, as he requested. Dusty glares; is a hello too much to ask for, Craig snidely remarks? Dusty raises his gun as he tells him that he didn’t call him there to talk.

Adam can’t believe she would think Casey would care about her being in high school still? Maddie thinks he is an adult now and she is still with people who are worried about being on the prom committee. Adam compliments her and suggests there would be a million other reasons that Casey would be with her. She is the best thing that has happened to his brother since they came out with the MP3 player. Maddie smiles warmly and appreciatively. Is he going to stay around here for a while? Yes, he just came out of the studio and came down here to people watch. She saw a sweater Casey would like and wants to go pick it up. She will be right back. She rushes off and Casey comes back. What is his story, Casey asks sounding casual? Adam thinks that he is the one with the story to tell, as he looks at Casey sternly.

Henry reminds them that they are in a public place; Carly coldly asks if Katie is supposed to care about public discretion now, as she waves around her book? Simon tells Katie if he wanted to hurt her then fine, but why would she drag Carly into this? She didn’t drag her into this; she tried to warn her that he would ruin her life like he did hers. Carly snaps that she is not worried about her but rather she is jealous. Simon is moving on with her and that is one less person to pay attention to her. She fixed that now with her public waiting in line. Katie snaps back that she is an author; she is supposed to give up her life work because they have a problem with it? Simon snarls that this isn’t her life mission; it is a tell tale book which is simply being used as a revenge tactic. Where does he get off judging her or is jumping from one lover’s bed to another ok these days? Carly interrupts to growl about what a hypocrite she is, as she reminds her that she is the married one. Has she forgotten about Mike the man she was supposed to be in love with for the rest of her life? Katie growls telling her to shut up! Carly adds that is because everyone is supposed to forget she committed adultery when she slept with Simon. Henry jumps in; have they even read the book? Carly tells him she wouldn’t waste her time or money. Henry suggests skimming through it so they can have an informed conversation. Not a chance, Carly declares, as they stomp off and Simon tosses the book down on the table. Katie is amazed because they wanted her to apologize. They have each other and she is supposed to feel badly. Henry is glad to see her personality liven up. That was exactly what she needed to wake her up; she is done feeling sorry for herself. Noone bounces back better then Mrs. Katie Frasier – she means Mrs. Katie Kasnoff. Let’s sign some books, she decides.

Emily tells Lucy she wishes she knew something. Lucy doesn’t know what to do because if she goes to the police then they will take Johnny from Dusty but if she doesn’t do anything then her dad, as her voice trails off. Emily thinks that Lucy should just let them both hash it out and see what they can come up with because otherwise this will go through the courts and be years. Johnny doesn’t need to be a party to all this fighting. Lucy plays into Craig’s hands when she tells her that she has decided that she needs to go to the garage; she doesn’t want Emily stopping her either. Emily tells her she wasn’t going to because if this is what she needs to do in order to make sure her dad is ok then she should go.

Craig tells Dusty he can see he is holding a grudge because Lucy chose to defend him in court; Dusty reminds him that he scared her into that. He thinks that is Dusty’s job since he is the one holding the gun. Dusty admits he doesn’t want to use this; all he has to do is tear the custody papers up. Craig yells that he is not going to be bullied with someone with a gun! He is the wronged one here. Dusty laughs. After what he did to his wife and daughter, he can say that with a straight face? He lost his wife and then was wrongfully thrown in jail. Then Jen and he used that against him to take his son, and then he tried to use Lucy by whispering sweet nothings in her ear, except it didn’t work because blood is thicker then water and his promises of happily ever after. Dusty snarls that he intends to raise Johnny to be a good man one way or another. Craig bellows about how he can do that when he lured an unarmed man to a deserted garage? Dusty howls at him to tear up the papers and they will call it a day! What if he doesn’t, Craig roars? Dusty answers simply that he will leave him right there on the floor dead!

What is with the attitude, Casey asks? Maddie was just here and told him how he flunked an exam. Casey angrily wants to know why Maddie would talk to him? Adam sarcastically mentions him sleeping through an alarm? Casey snaps about Maddie not believing him so she sends him in? He would never lie to Maddie. He is going to risk messing this up, Adam asks? Casey glares at him; he doesn’t need his advice on how to keep his girlfriend. Adam mentions that this is the first time he has seen him in a very long time and they had only talked sporadically, but even he can tell that excuse was phony. Casey yells about him coming in here like a big shot from California making all these pronouncements. Didn’t he ever lie before? Yes, he does lie because he is in the business; he lies everytime practically he picks up the phone. Casey snarls because he wants to know what the big deal is? The difference is he is not lying to the people who love him. Maddie can hear their raised voices and comes over; why are they fighting?

Back at home, Carly is furious; where does Katie get off? What she really wants is to read the book to find out what she is so mad about, but she is not going to spend a red cent on it. Simon smiles slyly, pulls back his coat and pulls out the book; they didn’t have to spend a red cent, as Carly smiles.

Paul arrives at the Farm and waves a white ‘flag’ - more like dust rag. Emma and Meg both smile, while Emma teases if he doesn’t come in then she will put him to good use with that rag. Once inside the kitchen, Emma hugs Paul and tells them that he was missed at Thanksgiving. Meg smiles at this and Paul is elated for this type of reception. Once Emma leaves them alone, Paul jokes with Meg about what she put in her mother’s acorn squash? Meg grins and tells him simply that she loves him and can’t picture her life without him in it. She has an idea; again, Paul teases her about thinking twice about it because Emma is only in the other room. Meg playfully taps him; she wants to get married. Paul reminds her that he has asked her a hundred times. She wants to get married next week though; Holden and Lily have agreed to let them use their home and Emma has already started planning. Is this ok with him? Paul doesn’t speak, but rather he lifts her up, hugs her and twirls her around.

Craig answers that he can rip up these papers but his lawyer will just draft some more. What is he planning on raising Johnny from jail? Dusty answers whatever it takes. Is he going to tear the papers up or not? Craig taunts Dusty; they are just a formality because he will never beat him. If he wants to be stripped of Johnny in open court then all he has to do is show up. He seems to do well with judges these days. Jen made some poor choices in her life, but he was her worse, Craig goads him. Lucy arrives standing behind Dusty and only Craig notices her. Dusty screams about his choices: What is worth more to him – his life or a child who is going to grow up to hate him? Craig takes the moment to make things look even more heroic for him; he chooses his child. That is the wrong answer, Dusty answers. Then shoot him and his life will be over, Craig yells. So be it, Dusty answers! Dusty raises his gun and prepares to fire, as Lucy yells, “no!” and races towards them.

Adam tells Maddie that they weren’t fighting; everything is cool between them. Maddie wants to continue to do their shopping, but Casey angrily tells them that he is going to pass because he has some studying to do for his make up test. That is, if it ok with them both? Maddie looks depressed by Casey’s reaction and Adam apologizes. Maddie answers that it isn’t his fault, as she takes off.

The line of women wanting Katie to sign their book is diminishing. Henry is proud how she handled Simon and Carly. Katie decides they made her see it wasn’t all about revenge, but about her. She is not going to apologize so they can feel better at her expense. Henry tells her that he has to leave, but he will catch up with her later. After he leaves, Katie is looking after him when someone drops a book on the table in front of her. Whom shall she make this out to, she asks without looking up? A voice answers; Mike tells her to make it out to his ex. Katie slowly looks up.

Carly and Simon are reading the book huddled together on her couch. They snarl as they remark and recite about another gem paragraph written by Katie. Carly thinks it is not as bad as they thought. Katie has written unpleasant things about her before and she has wound up ok. They both know how to weather gossip, as she is talking almost trying to convince herself of this, Simon’s face is contorting into something unpleasant. Carly finally takes notice of his not so happy face. What is it? Simon answers that maybe they should have read ahead. Simon looks at Carly seriously; the book is worse then they thought. Carly suddenly looks nervous, as she leans in close to see what Simon is referring to.

Is their wedding being moved up and taking place at Holden and Lily’s ok? Paul answers yes. She apologizes for it not being Fiji like they talked about. Paul just wants to kiss her again. He does love her and knows how lucky he is to have her. Meg tempts fate - what about Craig? Paul jokes when he says that noone is lucky to have him. Meg wonders if he will be a problem? Paul answers that he thinks Craig has taken his last shot at them, said knowingly.

Dusty fires and in slow motion Lucy rushes to try to stop him. Too late, as Craig is hit in the chest. Craig’s face shows his stunned reaction to actually bleeding and being hurt when he sees and feels the blood dripping from his real chest wound. Lucy rushes to her falling father’s side, begging him to stay with her. Craig falls all the way to the ground grasping at his bullet wound, as Lucy cries at his side and Dusty stares at them with ice eyes.

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