ATWT Update Wednesday 11/22/06

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 11/22/06


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

At the Farm, Lily greets Holden, Faith, Luke and Jade with warm beverages after their ride on the horses. They are still preparing all the trimmings and waiting for Carly and the boys. Holden mentions that he is grateful to have his wife back this holiday season; everyone smiles warmly at this, as does Jade, before she is transformed back to a few days prior when she saw Holden with the blond woman. Everyone goes inside except Jade and Luke; he wonders what is wrong? She doesn’t want to talk about it, so Luke makes a guess that she is thinking about Will celebrating Thanksgiving with Gwen. Jade sarcastically answers that he is a mind reader – how did he ever know?

On the main street in Oakdale, Gwen happily shows Will what she bought Johnny – a stuffed animal turkey. She admits that it was hard to hear her mother talk about her losing her baby. She is so thankful that Dusty and Barbara are so open about letting her spend all the time she wants with Johnny. They are interrupted by Iris, who like a bull in a china shop, bumps into them. She goes on about how happy she is to see them and how soon Gwennie’s face will be plastered up in store fronts. Gwen’s face drops quickly into a frown – why is she here? Iris claims she had a meeting at a church down the street. She starts, but since she ran into them… Gwen cuts her off; they are not going to spend Thanksgiving together. Iris pouts and states she was just going to wish them a Happy Thanksgiving.

In the Farm kitchen, Meg and Emma are preparing some vegetables; Lily asks where Jack is? Emma explains he had a double shift. They surmise it will probably be easier since Carly is coming by. Lily offers to go get the candles to put on the table. After she leaves, Emma wonders if she should set a place for Paul? Meg isn’t sure because they have been arguing about the same thing it seems forever – Craig. Emma heard about Lucy dropping the charges. Meg tells her that is why Paul is furious and he even thinks she sided with Craig. Did she? Of course not, but she just can’t take this anymore. Emma gently lays a hand on her shoulder; she recognizes that breaking up with someone is never easy. Meg looks at her strangely and then explains that she is not breaking up with him at all, but rather marrying him, and the sooner the better.

At the Lakeview, Paul brings a vase of flowers to Barbara; they are beautiful. They should be because he swiped them off a table in the lobby. Where is Meg, Barbara asks? They have been fighting about Craig and it is slowly destroying them. This craziness has to end. Barbara thinks he is referring to ending his relationship and she tries to sympathize. He corrects her; he is talking about getting rid of Craig. Barbara quietly mentions that maybe someone already is. Paul looks at her curiously.

Dusty is sitting in his car in the Lakeview garage; he is looking at a picture of Jen and Johnny. He talks to it; he knows he promised to protect their son and he was trying to come up with another way, but he can’t think of any. As God as his witness, he will do whatever he can do accomplish that. His look is one of icy determination.

At the Lakeview dining room, a frantic Lucy rushes in and up to Craig. They need to talk; Craig is happy to see her because now he won’t have to spend Thanksgiving alone. She is not there because of that. He must drop the full custody request. Craig asks her if Dusty sent her? She tells him that he actually wanted her to stay out of it, but she can’t; Dusty has a gun and he is going to kill him!

Meg is explaining briefly, what Craig thought about her putting off her wedding to Paul. He is right because she has put off her wedding long enough. Is the wedding happening sooner because of Craig? Meg justifies it as it was going in that direction anyway. Emma wonders if she plans on telling Paul that Craig is her new marital advisor? Meg defends that it was just friendly advice. Emma strongly suggests that she think long and hard about any kind of advice that Craig may dole out and what is behind the friendly advice. Holden interrupts coming back in the room with Lily. He then asks her where Lucinda is? Lily explains that she is volunteering at the hospital with cancer patients, but she will be by later. Holden mentions how Lucinda would be proud of how Faith was riding. She has become quite the rider; he is going to have to get a new horse soon to keep up with her. Jade mentions it is too bad Holden didn’t pick her up one when he was in Springfield last night. Meg pipes up that Holden wasn’t in Springfield last night because she saw him in Oakdale. Holden looks uncomfortable and Lily looks a bit unnerved.

Will and Gwen try to leave quickly now telling Iris that they are due at Barbara’s for Thanksgiving. Iris recalls that Barbara was not very nice to them; how did they get past it and forgive her? Gwen doesn’t want to get into it, but Iris won’t be deterred because she just wants to understand. Did she buy them a car? Gwen snarls at the suggestion that she can be bought; she then explains briefly that a bunch of different things occurred that brought them to this place and when Jen died, many things became unimportant. Iris tries to compare herself because she feels as if she lost a daughter too. Gwen snaps that she didn’t lose her; she did use her and then throw her away though. They need to go now. They walk around the corner and Gwen is anxious to get far away from Iris. Will asks her to go wait in the car because he is going to go to the bookstore to pick something up for Barbara since they have something for Johnny. He thinks he might get Oakdale Confidential. It is supposed to be a good read right? Gwen nods and then heads to the car. Will walks back to Iris who is sitting on the bench and tells her that they need to get a few things straight.

Craig feigns shock as if his plan wasn’t supposed to culminate in this. Dusty has a gun in his home where Johnny is? Lucy assures him that he is fine and he knows it. She is frantic to get him to stop the madness. He is pushing Dusty; he is the only dad for Johnny. Craig answers that the adoption was granted under false pretenses. Lucy knows Craig understands that Jen wanted Johnny with Dusty. He does not intend on letting Jen control his life from the grave. This will be the last holiday he spends without his son. Lucy’s eyes well up as she answers that this may be his last holiday period. Craig tries to soothe her; Dusty is not going to risk being hauled away from his son forever. Lucy is sure he will do whatever he deems fit to keep his son safe. Lucy pleads with him to give this up for Johnny’s sake. Craig won’t back down; for Johnny’s sake, he will not back down. An upset Lucy races off.

Paul has listened to Barbara explain exactly what went down. Paul is incredulous that after all their desperate measures have been for not. Barbara is worried that Craig won’t stop, and Dusty said he was going to take matters into his own hands. There is a knock and an agitated Emily hurries in. Where is Dusty? She is met with blank stares. He has a gun; they have to find him; she has looked all over the place and can’t find him. Paul grins at the implication; he hopes Dusty goes for it.

Craig is still sitting at his table when the phone rings. Dusty mentions he got the papers and they need to talk. Craig agrees; Dusty wants them to meet in 1 hour on the third level of the Lakeview parking garage. Craig again agrees and they hang up. Craig smirks as he gulps his champagne.

Will tells Iris that he is glad she is going to AA meetings, but when Gwen wished her well, it didn’t mean she wants her back in her life. He can’t keep showing up; Iris protests because she was simply down the street at a meeting. She may want a new life, but it isn’t going to happen with them. She should probably look for a fresh start somewhere else because this is making Gwen miserable. Iris pretends to be understanding but then mentions she doesn’t have cab money because she is broke and that the parole board made themselves clear about her not leaving town. She just would love to eat a little turkey dinner as well. Will tells her he can take care of cab money and other small expenses, as he hands her a modest roll of cash. This is a one-time thing. Gwen is done taking care of her. Will turns and walks away, as Iris places the cash in her bra, as she comments about him not counting on that.

Meg mentions that she was sure she saw him in Milltown when she was driving. Lily comments that isn’t possible because he got a call about a breeder and had to leave for Springfield right after dinner. Holden is looking down and Jade is looking aggravated. She decides to jump in; she tells Meg she couldn’t have seen Holden because she saw him around the time he was leaving and he was definitely headed out of town. There is a bit of an uncomfortable silence before Meg lightens things by saying she must have seen wrong. She adds that she once thought she saw Bruce Springsteen and she was running to catch up with him and she tripped and fell; Bruce Springsteen would have stopped and helped her up. Everyone chuckles at this, but then Lily asks Jade to play with Faith until dinner and Holden offers to go get the Hubbard Squash; he wonders how much it is going to weigh? Lily says under her breath that they don’t need to mention weight. Holden meets up with Luke who is bringing in the chopped wood. Holden takes the wood when Luke gets a call from Lucy. He is worried about how she sounds. He hangs up quickly telling Lily he is going to find Lucy to convince her that she can’t spend the holiday alone. Meg explains she may just be upset over having recanted her testimony and because of that Craig won’t be going back to prison, but she is sure that Dusty wouldn’t desert her. Emma thinks he belongs there, as she glances in Meg’s direction and off handedly comments about the type of person Craig must be if his own daughter was planning on testifying against him. Why would she want to take advice from a man like this? Meg wants to know why she is so hung up on this? It is like she wants ammunition; she is always looking for something as to why she shouldn’t marry Paul.

Emily rails at Paul about how if Dusty kills Craig, then he would be separated from Johnny. Has he forgotten how hard it was to lose a child? She doesn’t want to see Dusty lose everything over Craig. Emily gets a phone call and steps outside to take it. Barbara tells him that she doesn’t trust Emily at all and wouldn’t be surprised if she were spreading this rumor to make Dusty look bad at the custody battle. Paul wonders what would be in it for her? Barbara thinks when it comes to Emily she does unexplainable things for the male persuasion. Barbara goes to get Johnny up when she hears him fussing. Paul recalls when he and Meg overheard Emily telling Craig at the hospital that people will find out. He walks out of the apartment and overhears the very end of an agitated call with Emily and someone else. She claims it is her mother calling to badger her about getting home since the turkey is ready. Paul pretends to empathize about frustrating mothers. He doesn’t want her in the middle of Dusty and Craig because he would hate to see anything happen to her. Emily stares for a moment, wishes him a happy Thanksgiving and then leaves. Paul comes back in and tells Barbara he has to take care of something. Is it about Emily? Paul doesn’t really answer, but heads out quickly. Barbara is talking to Johnny about how she doesn’t like what is going on. She thinks they should call his daddy again. Cue Dusty walking in. She tells him about Emily’s frantic plea to stop him from doing something crazy like shooting Craig – she wants him to tell her that he is not planning that. Dusty, who has taken Johnny into his arms, says nothing and just stands there holding his son tightly.

Emily walks into the dining room and Craig immediately asks her if she did it? She snarls as she admits she told them that Dusty was packing. Craig smiles and jokes about when she talks tough. She doesn’t understand why she had to tell them? Craig is elusive with his answer; she will understand when this all comes together. He needs her to do something else and they only have a short time until he has to meet Dusty and he wants to make sure Dusty shoots to kill, but he ends up alive. He motions Emily to come closer as they whisper and Paul watches. Emily moves backwards; he wants her to break into Dusty’s car and find the gun? Craig reminds her to wear gloves not even concerned with what he is asking. What if the gun is on him? He just saw Dusty heading upstairs probably saying goodbye to Johnny. He probably won’t be packing for his final farewell. The Lakeview parking lot attendant is off for the holiday. How is she supposed to break into a car, an irate Emily asks? Craig pulls out a tool to do just that. It was a parting gift from someone in jail. What if he sees her? He suggests she makes sure that he doesn’t. Emily takes her tool and instructions and takes off for the garage, with Paul not too far behind her.

Meg assures Emma that Craig did not push the issue; she loves Paul and really would like her blessing. Emma looks at her for a moment and then smiles; they can start shopping tomorrow, as Meg smiles broadly. What date is she looking at…Valentine’s Day? Meg smiles and casually replies, how about next week, as she walks off. Emma’s mouth drops and then follows her quickly calling out her name.

Jade and Faith wander into the kitchen and Jade helps (sneaks) herself a piece of pie. Faith asks her where she puts it and still stays so thin? Jade nonchalantly mentions that food is not a problem for her – she eats when she is hungry. Lily, who has walked back into the kitchen, comments about how lucky she is because she looks at a piece of pie and gains weight. Jade thinks she is being hard on herself; Lily mentions that Holden tells her that she looks fine, but she thinks he just says that to make her feel better. Jade looks bothered and excuses herself to go get some extra chairs in the stable for Emma. After she leaves the kitchen, Jade sits down in the outside porch and soon Holden walks through.

He is holding the Snyder traditional Hubbard squash, which he awkwardly tells her the story of. She is more interested in why she has to keep covering for him. He again tells her that he never asked her to. Fine, then what she should do? Should she tell Lily the truth – that her husband is cheating on her?

Barbara wants to know what is going on? Dusty just hugs Johnny again. He is scaring her to death with talk about taking care of Johnny if something happens to him. Dusty doesn’t want anymore talk in front of Johnny, but Barbara doesn’t want to end the conversation until she feels better about things. However, there is a knock and Barbara opens the door to find Gwen and Will. She puts on a happy face and greets them as if everything is ok. Will gives her the Oakdale Confidential book and Gwen gives the stuffed toy turkey to Johnny. Johnny is a bit offset by the large stuffed toy but everyone is there to comfort him, giggling a bit at his reaction. Gwen wonders if they can take him to play; Dusty agrees and suggests they watch the parade. Gwen and Will happily take him in the other room. As soon as they leave, Barbara pleads with Dusty to reconsider because Jen wouldn’t want anything to take him away from their son. Dusty challenges that Jen would want him to do anything in his power to keep Johnny away from Craig. Is there nothing she can do to talk him out of this? He doesn’t know what she is talking about because he has told her nothing. She needs to remember that the less she knows the better off she is.

Emily sneaks into the garage, stops by Dusty’s car, looks around and then puts on some leather gloves. She approaches his car and checks to see if it is open. She smirks to herself when she finds it isn’t; who would drive a car like this and leave it unlocked. She uses Craig’s tool to unlock the door and then starts to break into the glove compartment. She opens it and removes the gun, but her cell phone rings startling her causing her to jump. She answers it agitated wondering if Craig is trying to scare her to death? Is the mission accomplished? She has the gun and is about to make the switch. She still is curious how doing all of this is going to get her closer to Paul? Everything will fall into place when it is over. He wants her to call him when it is done. Emily, with shaking hands, removes the bullets in the gun and replaces them with the ‘bullets’ she has. Paul is watching her from around the corner.

Holden wants Jade to keep her voice down; he told her the woman was a business associate. Why is he acting so secretive if this is all innocent? He understands that she lives in his home, but he doesn’t owe her anything. He doesn’t want her saying anything to Lily she may regret. Holden goes inside and a few seconds later Lily comes out and demands to know from Jade what is going on between her and her husband?

Meg smells turkey; she hopes her mother made enough for leftovers for soup, casserole, etc? Emma jokes that she apparently needs to save some to serve at the wedding. Holden interrupts; there is a wedding taking place? Next week. Meg adds she is marrying the man she loves. Holden teases her when he asks who it is? She has a favor to ask; can she get married at his and Lily’s house?

Dusty is watching Gwen interact with Johnny. He can see she really loves him. She admits she does, as if he were still her own. She apologizes for how that sounds, but Dusty is happy to hear that. He is grateful that Johnny has her and Will in his life. He quickly shifts gears; he has to go. Gwen is surprised to hear he is not staying for dinner? He has a meeting, which will last a while.

At Java, Luke finds a distraught Lucy. She is hard to find; he went to Fairwinds expecting she made up with her dad. Lucy starts to cry as she answers that she will be able to now because it is too late.

Emily leaves the car after she finishes putting the other ‘bullets’ in the gun. Paul watches as she anxiously leaves the car and throws something into the trash. Paul sneaks over to the trashcan, reaches in and pulls out a bullet.

Jade assures Lily nothing is going on between her and Holden. Lily doesn’t know what to believe. There was the weird lipstick on the collar incident. Jade tries to explain again she thought it was Luke’s. There was something strange about the way she answered it. She saw it again when she talked about Holden being out of town. Jade promises nothing is going on between them.

Holden agrees; a wedding is exactly what this family needs. He is sure Lily will feel the same way. Emma tells Meg they can start baking tomorrow. Meg is thrilled and teases her mother; she almost sounds happy. Emma explains when her daughter is happy, she is happy.

Lucy sobs as she tells Luke she had a chance to put her dad away and protect Johnny and she didn’t; she is a coward. She did what she had to do for Dusty, Luke offers. She needs to step back and let Dusty and Craig duke it out. She doesn’t need to be involved anymore. She did what she had to do to save people from pain. He was doing the same when he let Damian off and he is sure it will work out for her as well.

Dusty says goodbye to Johnny; he loves him no matter what and he wants him to be a good boy. Barbara stops him; they are going to wonder why he is acting like this. Dusty doesn’t think so. He hopes this will play out like he plans; if it does they will all have something to be thankful for at the end of today. Barbara looks very upset.

Emily shows back up at Craig’s table, as he sits there calmly eating. How can he eat at a time like this? Simple, he is hungry. Emily tells him whatever he has planned he is bulletproof.

Paul grabs the rest of the bullets out of the trash and lets himself into the car, which Emily forgot and left open. He takes the blanks back out of the gun and places the real bullets back in the gun.

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