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As the World Turns Update Tuesday 11/21/06


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At Gwen and Will’s place, Gwen and Will wonder why Iris isn’t in Jail and what she is doing back in Oakdale. Iris explains that she got off on good behavior and she had to come see Gwen since she read what happened to her baby in the newspapers. Iris tells Gwen she just wanted to see how she was doing and then she sits down on the couch puts her feet on the coffee table and says it fells good to be home.

Carly and Simon are shopping on main street when Simon asks Carly if its okay to stop by the lingerie store because he wants to buy the whole store and take it home because he thinks it will look good with her new necklace. Carly tells him to keep his voice down because she already feels awkward wearing such a valuable necklace. Carly stops and looks inside a bookstore window and notices Katie’s book. Simon wonders if Carly is worried about how the re-release of the book will affect her she tells him no because she survived the first printing of the book and she is still standing. Carly thinks that with everything Katie is going through losing both her and Mike she is happy she is getting some good publicity for the book.

At Katie’s house, Katie is at her laptop writing the last few pages of the epilogue to her book and she tells herself that the people of Oakdale thought they could ignore her and cause her pain wait until they see the new pages to the boo. Katie prints out the last 3 pages and gives them to Lucinda who reads the pages and advises Katie to consider if she really wants these pages published because they could hurt a lot of people in Oakdale. Katie tells Lucinda that she does want to publish those pages and Lucinda asks her to e-mail them to her publisher Katie does so right away and Lucinda leaves and says good-bye to Henry as he arrives to visit Katie. Henry wonders what is going on and Katie tells him that she just gave the book pages to Lucinda but she likes to call them sweet revenge.

At the Lakeview, Emily is the person who informs Barbara that the charges against Craig were dismissed. Barbara is upset and asks Emily to use the paper to discredit Craig but Emily refuses to distort the truth.

At Java, Craig informs Meg that his case was dismissed and he s one step closer to having Johnny with him.

At the Lakeview, Lucy is stunned to walk into Dusty’s room and see him cleaning and loading his gun.

At Java, Meg tells Craig that she is well aware that he scared Lucy into dropping the charges against him by causing Dusty’s accident. Meg tells Craig that she knows he could have hired someone to cut Dusty’s brake Lines and just because she told the truth and gave him an alibi doesn’t mean she believes him. Meg is also angry because she and Paul are constantly fighting about Craig. Craig tells Meg he is sorry to see her unhappy and advises her to save her relationship with Paul if she loves him.

At the Lakeview, Dusty is upset that Lucy didn’t testify against Craig because she let herself and Johnny down by not protecting her brother. Dusty tells Lucy he made a promise to Jennifer to always protect Johnny from Craig and he intends to do whatever it takes to keep that promise. Dusty asks Lucy to stay out of his fight with Craig and forget she saw the gun because its better that she not know any details of his plan.

On Main Street, Simon notices Mike can’t take his eyes off Katie’s picture in the bookstore window and advises Mike to go back to Katie because Katie is also miserable without him.

At Katie’s house, Katie tells Henry that she wants to make sure Simon and Katie are as miserable as she is feeling right now. Henry points out that when the book comes out she will still be miserable because revenge won’t take her pain away in fact it might drive Mike out of her life for good.

At Java, Craig tells Meg that she shouldn’t allow anyone to stand in the way of her relationship with Paul if she loves him not even him. Craig advises Meg to set a wedding date to prove to Paul how much she loves him. Craig tells Meg that both he and Paul do whatever they must do to protect the people they love and once she understands that fact her choice should be very clear.

At the Lakeview, Lucy tries to persuade Dusty to compromise with Craig but Dusty knows that if he gives Craig another visitation day with Johnny he may fly with him somewhere and he will never see Johnny again. Dusty also worries that the courts will give Johnny to Craig because he is Johnny’s biological father. Dusty tells Lucy that he is through with doing things the legal way he will take care of Craig tonight his own way. Lucy tells Dusty that Jennifer wanted him to raise Johnny with knowledge of right and wrong and if he kills Craig how can he teach his son right from wrong. A knock at the door gives an officer of the court the chance to give Dusty court papers, which state that there is going to be a preliminary hearing to determine custody of John Dustin Donavan.

At Will and Gwen’s house, Iris informs Gwen she is off the booze and now she wants to make amends to everyone she has hurt. Iris apologizes to Will and Gwen for the pain she caused them. Iris shows Gwen a baby shirt that says Mommy’s little angel and claims she bought it when she found out she was going to have a baby. Gwen gets angry and blasts Iris because she threw away every holiday card she made for her at school because she didn’t want them to take up space and now she tells her she saved a baby shirt. Iris tells Gwen that the reason she hated her was because taking care of her made her feel old at a young age. Gwen blasts iris back with the fact that she also felt old at a young age because she had to clean up her mess when she got drunk and had to endure her physical abuse and keep quiet about it because she didn’t dare tell anyone. Gwen tells iris she made her feel so worthless that she got drunk slept with a guy and didn’t even care if he called her back because she knew that she wasn’t worth enough for him to bother calling her. Iris tells Gwen that she isn’t to blame for her life all she did was be born her awful life is all her fault. Gwen stops Iris from leaving and tells her if she is really sorry she will leave her and Will alone and not come back. Will tells Iris it’s a shame that she never found out how special and smart Gwen is because she is getting wonderful grades in school and she is going to be a big star someday because his brother Adam is producing her demo CD. Iris leaves and once she gets outside she gets a huge scheming smile on her face and tells herself her daughter is going to be a big star.

On Main Street, Simon tells Mike he had a hard time letting Katie go but things are different now and Mike should be with her because she loves him. Carly arrives and tells Mike to forgive Katie for her mistake Lucinda interrupts and tells all three of them that she has a feeling she knows what they were talking about and she hopes that this doesn’t come back to bite them in the rear end. Simon, Carly and Mike are all left with confused looks over Lucinda’s words as if they are all wondering what she meant by her comments.

At the Lakeview, Barbara and Chaz arrive with Johnny and he tells them both about the preliminary hearing and that he has a plan and needs their help to take care of Craig tonight. Dusty asks Barbara to promise to take care of Johnny if anything should happen to him and is a little calmer when she makes the promise to him. Lucy tells Emily that Dusty is angry and has a gun and is planning to use it on Craig. Emily calms a distraught Lucy by promising to warn Crag and trying to stop a tragedy from happening. Lucy leaves and Emily rewinds the tape recorder in her purse because she taped the entire conversation. Emily calls Craig who is at Java and tells him to come to the Lakeview right away unless he wants to attend his own funeral.

On Main Street, Mike tells Carly she should get away from Simon before he wrecks her life. A desperate Katie catches up to Lucinda and begs her to allow her to make some changes in the book but Lucinda says the book has already gone to press so it’s to late to make the changes.

At the Lakeview, Craig isn’t shocked when Emily tells him that Dusty has a gun and is planning to kill him. Dusty gets his gun ready and leaves his hotel room with an angry look on his face looking for Craig.

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