ATWT Update Monday 11/20/06

As the World Turns Update Monday 11/20/06


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

Gwen and Will are at home and Gwen has still not come down off of her high from being in the recording studio cutting her first demo.  She happily thanks Will for making this an incredible day for her.  Will, who has been a bit off, quietly parrots what Jade had been feeding to him – Adam is making her dreams possible.  Gwen doesn’t care about that because she wants to put on dinner and hear all about his GED test.  Will is not so interested in this.  He did the GED for her because he got expelled from high school.  His test was not as near as important as her demo.  Gwen finally catches on that something is bothering him and asks him point blank if he has a problem with something?  Will answers just as directly that he does.

At the Lakeview, Jade thanks Luke for meeting her after she got stood up.  Luke jokes about what else gay cousins are for.  She was a little disappointed when she stopped by the studio and saw how into Gwen that Adam was.  Luke teases her and asks her how good her voice is?  Jade answers back that Natalie asked her to stop singing her a lullaby the other day because it was hurting her ears; they both get a chuckle out of that.  Just then, Jade notices a blonde woman sitting at the bar; she recognizes her as the one who was sitting rather closely with Holden the other night.  She tells Luke quickly that she would rather go for Lily’s homemade apple pie at home.  Luke is worried that Adam really upset her because normally she likes to be out and about, but Jade blows this off claiming it is just her desire for something homemade that has changed her mind.  Meanwhile, the woman receives a phone call from Holden telling her that he will be there as soon as he can.  As he hangs up, Lily is walking in with some clothes to be folded; she asks him who he was on the phone with?

At Java, Meg is sitting alone looking pensive when Paul arrives and places a pink rose in her line of vision.  He has a poem that goes with this flower, but he would rather just sit with her.  Meg nods and Paul sits down.  He called her repeatedly last night but she never answered; where was she?  She was at home.  Paul corrects her; home is with him.  She replies that home is the Farm these days.  She doesn’t want to argue with him, and he seconds that thought.  He apologizes once again for being out of line when it comes to Craig; she is still frustrated that he was insinuating she has some kind of agenda when it comes to Craig.  He doesn’t want to think about that anymore, besides in a matter of hours, Craig will be back in prison and they won’t have to talk about him again.  Can’t he take her home and do something with her that will make her smile?

In court, the ADA is asking Lucy about if she can corroborate whether her father was the one who had her kidnapped and buried her alive years ago?  Lucy hedges at this question, obviously not wanting to give an answer.  She thought so at the time, but now she isn’t sure.  Dusty leans forward in his chair.  The ADA pushes; the purpose of them being there was because she charged her father of a crime.  Is she going back on her word?  From his chair, a nervous Dusty answers no.  The judge orders him not to talk unless addressed.  Lucy covers by saying since she was buried alive, she was disoriented and confused and her psyche took a beating.  The judge wondered why she didn’t bring charges at the time – when it may have been fresher?  She explains she was going to school and wanted to put it behind her.  He then wonders what may have changed her mind now?  He understands there is a custody battle brewing between her father and Dusty – he hopes these charges that brought them all here today wasn’t a malicious attempt to manipulate that case?  She anxiously answers that she just wants to be sure of things in her mind.  Dusty talks from his chair offering Lucy support; she knows the answers to these questions; he doesn’t want her afraid.  A conflicted Lucy stares at him and then towards her father.

Meg explains that they can’t just go home and pretend everything is ok.  Didn’t she miss him?  She did, but that doesn’t change that they still have issues.  He thinks Lucy is a hero and she is far from it because she gave Craig an alibi.  Paul is definite that it doesn’t matter to him anymore.  Meg offers that she wants Craig to go to jail if there is validity in the reason.  No matter what he wants, Craig is still Johnny’s biological father.  Paul reminds her that Jen wanted Dusty to be the only father influence in her son’s life.  She understands his family loyalty, but she doesn’t want to have to bend the truth to achieve what he wants.  There is always a reason why he wants her to do what he wants in the name of protecting people from Craig.  Does he remember what happened when he convinced her to keep Johnny from Jen because of Craig?  He gave her the “ it’s for a good cause” argument.  It took her a long while to realize they were playing with people’s lives and they had no right.  She doesn’t want to be the person that does the wrong things for the right reasons.  He may be able to excuse it but she can’t and she won’t continue to do it – not even for him.  Paul apologizes, but he thinks none of this matters anymore because with Craig out of the picture now there are no more problems.  Meg doesn’t look convinced, as Paul looks hopeful. 

Gwen doesn’t understand because she thought he supported her doing this with Adam?  He does, but it is all happening so fast.  She is practically a star already.  Gwen laughs, joking about how she was mobbed for autographs standing in line getting a coffee.  Will tries to explain that they went from talking alone in her dorm room and dreaming about this day, to her breathing, eating and sleeping music in the blink of an eye.  He thought he would feel more involved in this; he just doesn’t know where he fits in?  Gwen is surprised to hear him think this way.  His logic is scaring her. 

Holden pauses for a moment before he answers that it was a man about breeding horses.  Jade and Luke arrive home; they decided they wanted homemade pie instead.  Can they get them some?  Lily, who is busy folding laundry, answers that pie is the last thing she needs, as Jade looks at her concerned.  Luke heads into the kitchen to get some slices.  Holden explains he has to head out, but as he is heading for the door, Lily stops him; she holds up his shirt and asks him why there is lipstick on his collar?  Jade glares at Holden who looks downward for a moment.  He then asks how she can be sure it is lipstick?  Lily answers that since she has worn it since she was 14, she thinks she has a pretty good idea.  Holden then counters that it was probably hers when they were getting cuddly.  Lily answers it is not her shade, still staring at him looking for a valid reason.  Jade suddenly steps in claiming that must be hers.  She bought the shade because of the name – Autumn Rose.  Lily wonders how that explains her lipstick being on her husband’s collar?  The other day she was lounging around the house and saw the shirt, assumed it was Luke’s and put it on.  Lily takes it in for a moment, then accepts the reason and heads out of the room to finish her laundry.  After she leaves, Holden heads for the door, but Jade is hot on his tail.  She stops him at the door; they both know she just lied for him so he doesn’t get to walk away from her without saying anything.

Will acknowledges he sounds selfish, but Gwen stops him because he is entitled to his feelings.  He is really excited for her because she is achieving her dream.  Gwen wants him to understand that he will always be a part of her dream.  Will accepts this, but he doesn’t want her to act like his GED is on the same level as cutting a demo.  Gwen thinks that they should look at it the same because it shows they are both moving forward.  She is so proud of him.  He is right that things are moving fast – at times she thinks too fast and she was worried she can’t handle it.  She didn’t like Adam and she felt as if he was treating them like 6th graders the way he treated them at first.  He reminded her of her mother because he couldn’t see past himself like her mom.  The only real communication between her and her mom was when she asked her to not drink and she ignored her requests and did whatever she wanted.  Noone saw the good in her until he came along.  She kept going in his mind because she had talent; she explains she kept going because of music.  If people found her talented and people ended up loving her music, then all her mother said about her would be proven untrue.  Adam never would have known about her if it weren’t for him.  She doesn’t want him to think just because he isn’t in the studio with her that he isn’t with her.  She knows what it is like to be loved and loved back only because of him, as she kisses him passionately.

Meg assures Paul that she knows what kind of man Craig is and she doesn’t need a lecture from him about it because she is not clueless.  She knows Craig orchestrated the kidnapping of his own daughter and then probably tried to have Dusty killed and he walks away clean usually.  She doesn’t trust him anymore then he does.  Meg thinks the difference between them is Craig lets her know when he is using her and he gives her a 10 second warning.  He doesn’t want to be compared to Craig, and she doesn’t want to be treated like a child.  She works in the ER and deals with life and death decisions daily, so she is capable of handling Craig, but Paul doesn’t think it is the same.  He thinks she should remember what he did to Lucy and to Rosanna.  Meg realizes his hatred for Craig is not all about Johnny, but about what he did to Rosanna; after all this time, it is still mostly about Rosanna. 

The judge doesn’t want Dusty to keep interrupting his courtroom.  Dusty pleads for them to understand that Craig uses scare tactics on Lucy in order for her to not testify.  Craig’s lawyer requests Dusty be silenced since he is not on the witness list.  Dusty just wants the truth to be heard.  The judge asks if Lucy has anymore to say?  Lucy looks at Craig and then answers that she does not.  He asks if she is recanting her previous statement?  Lucy thinks for a moment, looks at Dusty and then admits that she is recanting her statement.  Craig’s lawyer immediately wants the case dismissed.  Dusty yells that Lucy isn’t talking because she fears what may happen to him.  Craig taught Lucy that consequences mean the hard way.  The judge, who is now sufficiently annoyed by the court’s time being wasted, tells Lucy just that.  The case will be dismissed and the next time she wants to punish her dad, she should see a therapist, as he accents this with a pound of his gavel.  A furious Dusty walks up to Craig and tells him that he is there for anything he has planned for him.

Holden wants to know what Jade wants from him – thanks?  She would like an explanation of what is going on.  He doesn’t feel he really owes her one.  She understands she has only been a part of this family a short time, but doesn’t he think he owes Lily one then?  He didn’t ask her to jump in.  She admits that she saw him with some blond woman and it didn’t look like she breeds horses.  She is right, but he doesn’t want Lily to know.  She goes on to explain how she saw the woman at the Lakeview and how she ushered Luke out afraid he may have shown up there and seen them.  All Holden says in response is that he has an appointment and he wants her to keep this to herself. 

Paul wants to give Meg the honesty she craves.  He loves her, but a part of him will never get over Rosanna.  Her being gone is all Craig’s fault.  Meg apologizes for his pain, but Paul thinks he didn’t do enough to keep her safe.  Meg thinks he must have, but Paul is sure he didn’t.  For the longest time, he thought he would never feel anything and then she came along and he was given a second chance.  Meg’s eyes well up, as she admits she feels the same way.  When he said he would never get over Rosanna, what he meant is that he will never forget the feeling as he held her in his arms and felt the life drain out of her.  He knows firsthand what Craig is capable of and he won’t ever let him hurt someone else he loves.  He will fight to his death for her.  Meg quietly reminds him that he can’t control what happens in life, but Paul thinks he can try his best where this is concerned.  Even so, there are no guarantees, Meg replies to that.  Furthermore, she can’t play by his rules; she tried it once and it didn’t work for any of them.  He thinks it will be different now because Lucy has what it takes to put Craig away.  He stands up because he needs to go to the courthouse; Meg stands hoping he will stay away.  He needs to see Craig in shackles being hauled off to jail.  He feels as if he can breath for the first time in months.  Once Craig is out of their lives, he will be able to show her how wonderful life will be for them. 

Craig walks out of court with a smug smile on his face; the ADA admonishes Lucy for bringing this to court before she was sure she would go through with it.  Lucy rushes over to Dusty to do damage control; she knows what he is thinking.  He doesn’t think so; they had him.  Craig buried her alive and she let him walk, an increasingly agitated Dusty snaps.  She thinks her move kept him alive and that means it was the right thing to do.  Dusty accuses her of making it possible now for Craig to do something dangerous again.  He angrily snaps that she promised to go the distance for him.  Lucy shrieks that she saved his life! He doesn’t need anyone to protect him, but his son did, and she let him down and left him open to Craig.  She weeps that she loves him and she had to do this to protect him; she didn’t want to have to worry the next time he stepped into an elevator that it would plummet to the ground.  Dusty hollers if Craig was behind bars everything would have been fine, but Lucy is sure he could have made one phone call and it could have been done.  Well, now because of what she does the one person that needed protecting…Johnny… doesn’t have it.  She let him down, and with that he turns and walks out of the courtroom with Lucy right behind.  Craig stops her and tells her that he never knew how much she loved him until today.  Dusty pauses to hear this and then continues without a word; Lucy can do no more then watch him go.  She whips around towards Craig and spits her words at him; his love means nothing to her, but Craig doesn’t believe her.  He shouldn’t plan on testing her the next time he turns the ignition on in his car.  He knows she would never do anything like that.  He is right because she took an oath to save lives.  The only thing that is saving him is that she is not her father’s daughter, so he shouldn’t flatter himself.  She leaves him with biting words about how she hates him and how he makes her sick! Craig’s lawyer approaches right after and he tells her that he will get her back on his side because he always has in the past.  Paul arrives as Craig is walking away with his lawyer.  A frantic Paul races over to Lucy; what happened?

Jade and Luke are sitting in the livingroom eating pie or Luke is and Jade is pushing it around the plate with her fork.  Luke notices this, but Jade just claims she isn’t hungry anymore.  It is her prerogative to change her mind.  Did something happen today?  Yes, but someone told her that it was none of her business.

Lily and Lisa are sitting at a table at the Lakeview talking.  Lisa explains how it might have felt like a blink of an eye for Lily since she fell into the coma and then woke up, but it felt like eternity for her friends who were waiting for her to wake up.  Thanksgiving and the Christmas Bazaar wouldn’t have been the same without her; Lily appreciates this, but she can’t help but feel out of the loop.  Lisa jokes with her that she hasn’t had any love affairs while she was unconscious, so there is no gossip.  Lily smiles.  Lisa goes on to talk about all their joint and other business ventures.  She mentions the gym, how she hired a fabulous trainer – she should try him out.  A sensitive Lily sarcastically thanks her for her subtlety.  Lisa backpedals claiming that is not what she meant.  It is not her fault that she packed on some pounds while she was in a coma not to mention she just had a baby.  Lily tells her that isn’t making her feel better.  As they are talking, Holden breezes into the room, but upon seeing Lily, quickly shoots back out of sight.

Gwen and Will are lying in bed, wrapped in their sheets.  Gwen is humming and Will tells her to do an encore.  She teases him; does he want an encore of the humming or what they did a little earlier?  Both! Will wants her to promise him that she will love him even when she is rich and famous.  She jokes with him saying she thought she got rich when she married him.  When will they see each other when she is on the road?  She tells him lightly that he can hang on the bus with her.  Will makes a sarcastic noise of happiness.  She will fly back and forth until he is done with school.  That is also in between her hanging out with her groupies, she teases.  Will tells her that he will be definitely driving the bus then.  Gwen laughs about what Barbara would say, so Will teases back about how he might just bring her.  Gwen pretends that would be grounds for divorce.  Seriously, he is her inspiration.  Every song is about him.  Their tender moment is interrupted by a knock; Will goes to get the door thinking it is Adam probably.  He opens the door, his jaw drops and yells for Gwen telling her that she might want to get out here quickly.  Gwen starts to dress, mumbling about the poor timing their friends have.  She heads out to the livingroom, then looks up and sees none other then her mom, Iris, standing there.  She is shocked as she says her name.  Her mother greets her with her normal, “Hey Gwennie, what’s shaking Baby!”

Lisa wants Lily to give herself a break because she wasn’t exactly sitting around eating pizza and beer.  She thinks she should focus on her family and her loving, adoring husband, who is presently, unbeknownst to them, hiding by the doorway trying to motion to the blond woman to get her attention.  Lisa continues to pry; how are things (wink)?  Lily pretends she doesn’t have a clue, so Lisa continues - how are things in the… bedroom?  Lily pretends to be offended.  Lisa just doesn’t want Lily’s desire to lose weight get in the way.  She knows what she has to do; she just has trouble getting things started.  Lisa chuckles.  Holden finally gets the woman’s attention and she walks over to meet him.  As she is walking by the table, Lily sees her and snarls.  Lisa comments about the woman being pretty but that shouldn’t bother her because she is the one who has the wonderful family at home waiting for her.  The woman greets Holden and he tells her quickly that his wife is there so they have to leave.  The woman agrees not wanting his wife to see them either.

Meg is leaving a message for Paul.  She knows he thinks things will be settled when Craig goes away, but she doesn’t know and still feels far apart from him.  She would like to work things out though.  An emotional Meg upsets her coffee and she jumps up to wipe it up.  Suddenly someone is beside her giving her assistance.  She looks up and it is Craig. 

Paul demands to know why Craig waltzed out of there free as a bird; didn’t she testify?  Lucy admits she couldn’t.  Paul doesn’t understand because she gave a sworn deposition; Lucy explains she recanted.  If she testified against her father then she would have signed Dusty’s death warrant.  Craig made sure subtly that she would know what could happen if she went through with this, she tries to explain.  Paul bites that she has no idea what she just did, as he rushes out.

Dusty arrives back at the Lakeview suite calling out for Barbara and Johnny; he sees a note from Barbara telling him since Craig is no longer a threat, they went to the children’s museum, but she will be back later to celebrate.  Dusty crumples up the note and tosses it.  He walks into the back room and to a safe where he opens it.  From inside it, he removes a gun and looks to make sure it is loaded, as he stares icily forward. 

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