ATWT Update Thursday 11/16/06

As the World Turns Update Thursday 11/16/06


Written By Eva
Pictures by Boo

At Will and Gwen’s house, Will is taking his GED practice test on his computer and Gwen sits next to him and wonders what score he got on his test. Will shows Gwen that he got a perfect score on his test and Gwen smiles and gives him a kiss. Gwen is disappointed that she won’t be able to be waiting for Will outside the school to congratulate him and celebrate because she has her recording session at the same time. Will says that is okay because she has 2 hours before she has to go meet Adam so they can celebrate right now. Will and Gwen begin to kiss on the couch but are interrupted by a constant knock at the door. Will goes to answer it and is annoyed to discover that Adam came without calling before coming to the house. Adam tells Gwen that he got an earlier recording time at the studio and she must hurry up and come with him right now.

At Mike and Katie’s house, Henry arrives for a visit and finds Katie crying and Katie tells her best friend that Mike left her because she slept with Simon. Henry holds her as she continues to cry and explain to Henry that she has made the biggest mistake of her life.

At a jewelry store, Simon picks up a beautiful diamond necklace that he plans to give to Carly as a special present. The diamond is huge and the setting is beautiful and Simon smiles as he remembers that the diamond that he used for the necklace is one that was in the collection that he stole from Vienna and the prince.

At the farm, Carly arrives to bring some sneakers to parker and J.J. and also apologize to Jack for coming to him yesterday when she had problems with Simon. Carly also thinks Jack should be the first to know that she has forgiven Simon and they are a couple again. Jack tells Carly there is no need for her to tell him that information because he saw her kissing Simon yesterday and figured they had gotten back together.

At Will and Gwen’s place, Will and Gwen hug and wish each other good luck and think about kissing but Adam interrupts and tells Gwen they must leave now so the lovebirds just hug and say good-bye.

At the farm, Jack tells Carly he is glad she is happy and he will respect her relationship with Simon but he asks Carly not to run to him the next time Simon does something to break her heart because it is too painful for him to watch. Jack leaves to go to work and Carly is about to go give the sneakers to the boys when Simon calls and asks Carly to meet him at the Lakeview lounge. Mike drops by to install a smoke detector for Emma and when he sees Carly he assumes she went back to Jack because Simon hurt her. Carly tells Mike she forgave Simon for his mistake and advises Mike to forgive Carly if he really loves her.

At Mike and Kate’s house, Katie explains to Henry that as soon as she had finished sleeping with Simon she was filled with regret and she realized how much she loved Mike. Katie tells Henry she wants to get Mike back but doesn’t think that he will ever forgive her. Henry advises Katie to be sure she doesn’t have feelings for Simon because if Mike forgives her and she betrays him again he won’t take her back a second time. Katie assures Henry that her relationship with Simon is over and she wants to spend her life with Mike. Henry promises Katie they will come up with one of their world famous plans to save her marriage.

At the recording studio, Maddie and Casey arrive before Adam gives Gwen a big surprise. Maddie and Casey wonder why Will didn’t come today but Gwen explains he is taking his GED and will probably come to the studio. When he is finished taking the test. Adam stuns Gwen when he gets some of her favorite Grammy winning musicians to play behind her on her demo CD. Gwen is nervous and tells Adam she isn’t good enough to sing with Grammy winning musicians and almost doesn’t record. Adam tells Gwen she isn’t good enough now but she could be and she sent some of the songs to all of the musicians and they liked her singing and wanted to help her so they agreed to work for scale pay as a favor to him.

At the farm, Carly tells Mike that she forgave Simon because he made a mistake and she understands about people who make mistakes and aren’t perfect because that is the reason Jack left her. Carly asks Mike if he loves Katie and he says he loves Katie more then anything but he can’t forgive her.

At the Lakeview, Jack sees Simon and he is there on police business and it turned out to be a misunderstand he has some free time he stops and talks to Simon. Jack is curious about the little black jewelry box that is on the table. Simon invites Jack to open the box and sees the necklace Jack tells Simon that trying to buy Carly with expensive gifts won’t work. Jack also advises Simon not to hurt, lie to, or underestimate Carly because if he does he will lose her for good this time. ,

At Mike and Katie’s house, Henry and Katie set things up for their plan and Katie thinks she hears the phone but its not Mike its Lucinda demanding the new pages for the book. Henry tells Katie not to worry about that now to just go upstairs and make herself beautiful for when Mike arrives to talk. Katie goes upstairs and Henry calls Mike to tell him Katie is drunk and throwing his important business papers in the fireplace. Henry continues the story by telling Mike that Katie isn’t home and is probably driving drunk on her way to Margo’s house. Mike tells Henry he will call Margo and come by the house to pick up his business papers before Katie comes home.

At the recording studio, Casey decides to go get coffee for everyone and tells Adam to give him money plus a little extra for himself because he is on a tight budget. Adam gives Casey the money and Maddie decides to go with Casey to get the coffee.

At Java, Maddie wonders if Casey is saving up for something special because she knows he lied to Adam about not having money because his dad just gave him his monthly check. Casey refuses to say anything to Maddie even though she asks him several times he just responds that he is on a tight budget. Maddie reminds Casey about their date to the film festival tonight but Casey says he must cancel because he has a big test and must study. Casey apologizes to Maddie and tells her he wishes he had money to take her places. Maddie tells Casey she is proud of him for working and studying so hard and she is just happy to spend time with him holding his hand.

At the studio, Jade arrives and Adam cancels their date because he will be working all day. Adam promises that when he has some time he will take her to a great restaurant. Jade says she doesn’t need to go any place fancy and she will go bet some burgers and bring them to him.

At Will and Gwen’s place, Will arrives and leaves a message for Gwen on her phone asking her to come home when she is finished. Will sets up a romantic table for him and Gwen but leaves again when he realizes he forgot the cake.

At the Lakeview, Carly arrives and Simon gives her the necklace but once Carly figures out that he used a diamond they stole from Vienna she calls Simon insane for putting the diamond in a necklace.

At the recording studio, Gwen sings her song and once she has finished the musicians and Adam agree that she did a great job. Adam tells Gwen that very few singers can make people feel what they (the singer) is feeling when they sing and that is what she did when she sang that song. Gwen has a big smile on her face and is so happy she gives Adam a hug and thanks him for his help with the CD.

At Java, Jade sees Will buying a cake and Will explains to her that he and Gwen are planning a private celebration because he took the first part of his GED today. Jade tells Will unless he plans to take the cake to the studio he will be cutting the cake alone because Adam and Gwen are planning a long day of work.

At Mike and Katie’s house, Mike arrives to pick up the papers and once Mike’s back is turned Henry quickly locks the door and makes sure there isn’t a way for Mike to leave the house. Mike hears the lock click and goes to the door but since he can’t open it he starts looking for tools. Katie comes downstairs looking beautiful and Mike is so stunned that he is speechless.

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