ATWT Update Wednesday 11/15/06

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 11/15/06


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

At the Farm, Jack doesn’t understand fully why suddenly Carly thinks her life is a mess and it is all her own fault? Carly realizes that this conversation may not be fair, but Jack tells her it is fine. She starts by saying she knows he warned her about Simon… he wondered when they would get around to him? What did he do? Carly corrects him – it is not what he did, but rather what she did… she picked the wrong guy!

At the Lakeview, Katie is furious with Simon and he is frustrated. She can’t be bothered with worrying about him and his girlfriend right now because her husband hates her. Simon doesn’t understand why she needed to write down what happened? Katie explains she thought it was supposed to help. Margo suggested she get her feelings in order so she would be better prepared when she talked to Mike. Simon sarcastically reminds her that Margo is definitely not Dr. Phil. Katie can’t handle this right now; he saw how emotional and vulnerable she was and he moved in on her. Simon reminds her with a smirk that everything that happened between them was mutual. Katie angrily asks him how many different ways will he ruin her life?

At the cottage, a distraught and devastated Mike wanders in. He glances toward Katie’ s laptop and remembers asking her if she was in love with Simon and her response. After this memory, he stomps over to it, grabs it, opens the front door and throws it outside.

At Java, Emily is sitting at a table when Susan comes in apologizing for being late; she got called into Emergency. She will never guess whom they brought in? Dusty. He had been in an accident and winded up running his car into a tree. Emily’s face seems to lose its color and Susan answers her non-verbal question; he is banged up but will be ok. He is lucky because when she looked at the x-rays she thought to herself how lucky he was. Emily quietly answers that luck had nothing to do with it.

At the hospital, Meg rushes over to see why Dusty is there with his arm in a sling, all banged up standing with Lucy, Dusty, Craig, Paul and Dallas. What happened? Paul answers that Craig tampered with Dusty’s brakes. Dallas questions Craig again, as all suspicious eyes are on him. Where was he between 8 and 9PM? Craig answers that he was with Meg, hardly hiding his smug look. Before Meg can speak, Paul is angrily accusing Craig of trying to kill Dusty and Dusty is angrily accusing Craig of trying to intimidate Lucy. Dallas wants to know from Meg whether she was with him? Meg pauses for a moment before she admits that he was. Paul tries to downplay this by saying she was sick and out of it and probably not aware of the time. Dallas wants to know if she can be sure of the time? Meg explains that although she was out of it, she was aware of the time because she had been checking the clock because she was due into work for another shift. Craig valiantly steps in as if to protect Meg, more like annoy Paul, when he asks Dallas not to interrogate her because Paul showed up and knew he was with her too. Paul explains that he kicked him out quickly and had no idea where he went afterwards. Meg steps in to remind Dallas that although he had been with her, that does not prove he hadn’t hired someone to mess with Dusty’s brakes. Dusty agrees. Dallas explains that he can’t hold Craig on simple suspicion, especially since he has a solid alibi. Forensics is going over his car and will be looking for tampering evidence, but they did see that his brakes were worn. Dusty immediately explains that they weren’t simply worn because when he applied the brakes nothing happened…that is not a sign of wearing but rather of tampering. Craig wants to know if he can go now? Dallas warns him to not leave the area. Craig smiles, knowing the drill. Dusty steps in telling him that he isn’t going anywhere.

Simon sarcastically tells Katie she can blame the world’s problems on him, Paris Hilton’s singing career on him… she can blame it all on him if it will make her feel better. He didn’t come to see her to seduce her; he came to talk to her like adults. They will always be a part of each other’s lives, but then they both agree though that they just happen to now be in love with other people. He is truly sorry this happened, but did it change either of their feelings? They both nod no. He thinks she should go fight for Mike. Katie doesn’t know how that will work because he hates her. He is really hurt right now, but he will forgive her. Katie smiles appreciatively. What is he going to do? He is going to try the truth. Katie wishes him good luck. As she is walking away, Simon tells her that Mike would be a damn fool if he didn’t take her back.

Carly thinks that people are supposed to live and learn, but she seems to only live. She got involved with a con man and a cheat; she thought could have a normal life with that combination? Jack wonders if she wants a normal life? Carly laments that she had honest, reliable, trust, love and peace in her life and she didn’t know how to hold onto it. It’s that bad huh? Why would she ever think that Simon would know about truth? She is going to join a convent. They both laugh over that thought; he doesn’t think she should be that drastic because she would probably last a week. She laughs and tells him they probably wouldn’t even take her. She admits that when she got in her car she didn’t know where she was headed but then she ended up here. No matter how bad things seem she always feels safe here. Jack stares at her longingly and then admits that he doesn’t think he can pretend to be warm and fuzzy with her as if they were just friends. He is sorry but he just realized if she has a problem with Simon then he doesn’t really want to hear about it. He gets up from the table and walks away. Carly realizes what she is doing; maybe she should go? He didn’t mean to sound that harsh. Did she hear him yesterday when he told her that he still loved her? He had practiced that speech and it took so much nerve to admit that to her. It took everything he had to simply walk away after they talked. He misses her and being a family. That day she let him know that there was no future for them though. She apologizes for that. He just wants them to stay honest because that is all they have now. He walked out on her because his pride took a beating, but then joke was on him because over the past couple of months, he grew to miss her more then anything and he has no pride left when it comes to them anymore. He loves and misses her and wants her back. She makes his life complete, and he realizes that may sound cheesy. Carly is moved by his words; she tells him those words coming out of his mouth could never sound that way. He doesn’t want to hear about her and Simon’s love life because he wants to be the only love in her life. It is killing him to be so close to her but more like a million miles away. Carly seems greatly affected by his words, but then they are interrupted by Simon. He barges in wanting to talk to Carly, but Jack wants him to leave on his own or he will throw him out personally. Simon wants to hear it from Carly.

Back at home, Katie walks into the cottage calling for Mike and getting no response. She knows he is there because she saw his truck out front. Then she hears Mike rummaging around upstairs and then he comes rushing down the stairs babbling about how he paid the bills and how she should get someone out to check on the furnace in 6 months. Katie doesn’t care about any of that. Where is he going? It doesn’t matter; it does to her. She just wants to talk, but Mike is practically out the door already. She pleads with him not to leave. Mike angrily reminds her that she already left him and he is simply making it official.

Lucy steps in front of Dusty reminding him that her father isn’t worth it. Dusty promises Craig that if he does anything to hurt Lucy in order to prevent her from testifying against him, he will kill him! Craig cautions him as to what he should be threatening. Paul steps in and offers to finish the job if Dusty can’t. Dallas recommends neither make any more comments like that in front of the police. The doctors want Dusty to go have his arm set, and Lucy promises to be there in a moment. After he leaves, Lucy walks over to Craig who assures her that he had nothing to do with his accident. He doesn’t want her listening to Dusty’s paranoid rants because he would never hurt her. Lucy explains that by hurting Dusty he is hurting her. If his intention was to scare her today then he should congratulate himself because it worked. After she leaves, Craig stirs up more trouble when he thanks Meg for standing up against the angry mob, in front of her stewing fiancée. Paul reminds Craig he shouldn’t go far; Craig answers that he wouldn’t go anywhere especially when everything he wants is right here, as he glances towards Meg. After Craig leaves, Paul directs Meg into a cubicle; they had Craig right where they wanted and she covered for him. He almost killed Dusty. Meg reminds him that a police officer asked her a direct question; did he want her to lie to the police? Paul coldly answers that she had no trouble lying to him. She angrily tells him not to throw that in her face now. Paul thinks this is déjà vu. Meg recognizes he is talking about Rosanna. He doesn’t want what happened to Rosanna to happen to her. He would have backed her up and agreed that Craig hadn’t been with her. Meg reminds him if Craig is the mastermind that he thinks he is then he would have had a back up plan. She really was sick and Craig had no way of knowing that was going to happen when it did. Even Craig is not that good. Paul is not convinced because with Craig anything is possible. She has the chance to put Craig away and she didn’t; he doesn’t want her to forget that the next time another one of Craig’s victims gets rolled into the ER.

Emily shows up at the hospital upset. She rushes up to Craig, who is listening outside of the cubicle where Paul and Meg are fighting, and demands to know what he did to Dusty? Craig tries to shush her. She is furious because she realized now why he wanted her to instill the fear of God in Dusty about Lucy knowing he would take off looking for him in his car. Craig wants to know if she is at all interested in who will end up with the guy? Emily won’t be deterred; she knows he doesn’t know his way around a socket wrench or any type of tool so he should realize it won’t work… they will find out! Meg and Paul walk out of the cubicle just in time to hear this; Paul wants to know what won’t work? What is going on? Emily pauses for a moment, considering her options. Craig explains Emily sees a conspiracy. He wants Emily to explain what she did. Emily, knowing that is a veiled threat, tells the story of how she was with Craig and he was waving a vial around with drugs in it and he was talking about how Lucy will never testify against him. She told Dusty, who then took off and then he got into an accident. Craig explains he had been taking vitamins and Emily jumped to the wrong conclusions. Will she tell the police? Hook line and sinker Emily looks like the hero to Paul for spilling about Craig. However, she back pedals claiming she isn’t sure what she actually saw. Dallas interrupts explaining that noone saw anything suspicious at Java; he is free to go. Emily looks concerned and Paul rails that he is letting a guilty man go free. Dallas explains they need an eyewitness or some forensics evidence to tie Craig to the crime first. Craig skips off happily on his way. After he leaves, Paul explains to Emily that he thinks Craig was tricking her into believing Lucy was in danger so she would go running to Dusty. Emily feigns no knowledge. How can they prove this? Paul is happy at least she is willing to try, which is more then he can say for some people, as he gives Meg a sideways glance. Meg quickly tells him that she is going back to work. He is proud that she stood up to Craig. Meanwhile, Craig apologizes to Meg for causing trouble with her and Paul. He isn’t sorry, she answers back. Everything he does has the sole purpose of trying to make Paul angry. He is hoping to plant seeds of doubt in his head. He wants to make his life hell and he couldn’t wait to rush over to tell him about what went on. She will not make it that easy again for him.

Mike tells Katie that he will get his tools later, but Katie doesn’t want him talking like that – she doesn’t care about his tools – she loves him! She wants him to calm down, but in his mind, there is nothing left to talk about. A lot of couples go through this; Tom and Margo went through it and are great now. They talked to a therapist and with a lot of work, things became great for them again. Mike doesn’t want to even consider talking to someone about what went wrong; he is even disgusted talking to her about things. Ok, well leaving may be a good thing then so they can have space, think about how to deal with this and then they will miss one another. Their entire relationship she has had feelings for someone else and he doesn’t see how space will help them. She is sure it was just the lack of closure, and the fact he showed up again. Mike is fed up; is that all it takes to ruin them? What does that say about them? Katie begs him to let her know what she can do to fix this? He wants to be the only man she loves. Katie promises she is, but Mike doesn’t believe that. It is the truth, she promises. He doesn’t believe her and he needs her to understand that once he walks out that door then he will never be coming back.

Simon just wants a moment of Carly’s time outside. Jack snaps for him to get out, but he wants to hear that from Carly, who mumbles that he will have a long wait. Jack’s cell phone rings interrupting them. It is Margo at work; he is needed and it can’t wait. Jack begrudgingly agrees and asks Carly if she wants him to take Simon with him, but Carly tells him that she can handle him. Jack slowly leaves. After he does, Simon wants to know why she went running to her ex? Carly snaps back asking why he went to his… but for the record she didn’t sleep with hers. He just wants to explain; Carly cuts him off because she doesn’t want to hear that it just happened. He explains that they both got caught up in some intense memories; he wonders if it was their subconscious trying to see if they were still meant to be together. Well? When he saw her face and the hurt he had caused, he realized he never wanted to see that again; it became crystal clear to him at that moment that he didn’t want to be with Katie anymore but rather her. He wants her! Carly looks like she is fighting to keep up her resolve.

Meg wants Craig to save his lies for the courtroom. Craig claims he figured she had already told Paul about what happened. Meg sarcastically answers that she is sure he thought that. Craig answers he thought that she and Paul practiced full disclosure considering they are getting married. Meg adds that she is sure if Paul hadn’t walked in when she was with him, then he would have found a way to stick that to Paul as well. Craig thinks Paul is being paranoid if he convinced her of this; he asks her not to get pulled under by Paul’s paranoia. She vows that he will never play her again and orders him to stay as far away from her as possible!

Paul is explaining to Emily what she obviously already knows about; Craig knew what she would do when he waved the vial around. Meg breezes by telling Paul simply that there is enough coverage on tonight and she is heading home; she will see him when she sees him. Emily tries to hide her excitement at the obvious rift forming with them as she asks what is going on between them? Paul brushes it off by saying that Meg just doesn’t know Craig like they do. He just wants her to promise to keep her ears and eyes open around Craig and let him know as much as he can. He heads out and Craig walks back over to her. He admits he was worried for a moment that she had “found religion, “ but then he realized Paul is her religion. Emily angrily answers that Dusty could have been killed. She will never help him with any of his schemes again. Craig wonders if she has a limit to what she would do to get Paul back but wouldn’t it be fun to find out. Emily snarls at him and walks away.

Carly thinks it is strange realization when you sleep with someone and that makes up your mind about someone else. Simon explains it just put things in perspective for him. Carly sarcastically wonders if he couldn’t have just played eenie meenie? Simon goes on to explain when he left her house that day she had made things clear sounding about how they were just business partners. She snaps asking if he thinks she sleeps with all men she is in business with? It meant something to her. How would he know? Most men would have known that. He was just trying to close that chapter of his life. Carly growls that she is thrilled for him. He pleads with her wondering what he can do? Carly sighs; she thinks he is still a liar. He could have come clean with her when she told him about Jack and when she was putting her cards on the table, but instead he conveniently forgot to tell her about what happened with Katie. He admits he was struggling with it. She admits she was too… especially when she chose to walk away from a wonderful, honest and reliable man. Simon reminds her that she left him supposedly for other reasons then him. He just needed time to process like she had done with Jack. She is more like him then any woman he has ever met. Is that supposed to be a compliment, Carly coldly asks? No, she is so much more though. They have so much potential together and if he could go in a time machine and travel back in time to change one thing, he would change what happened with Katie. Carly’s face softens; maybe what happened with Katie wasn’t the worse thing. She isn’t saying she still isn’t mad or hurt, but in the long run maybe what happen was good. Simon’s face seems to show a bit of hope by that statement.

This is their home and he can’t just walk out, Katie sadly says. He tried to make this place theirs, but he was always living in Simon’s shadow. She is trying to explain to Mike how this home is everything to them; they had planned their lives together in this room – their wedding, their vows, kids, upcoming celebrations. Mike glances toward the three wall hangings above the fireplace. How many times did he ask her to take them down? There was always an excuse or reason why she couldn’t. They didn’t mean anything really. He should have just realized he was simply taking up space in someone else’s home. He will not be someone else’s consolation prize. He looks down and then slowly starts to remove his wedding band. She implores him not to do that. He tells her that she can put it in the next box of memories.

Paul arrives home and flips on the lights only to find Meg sitting on the couch in the dark. He is surprised to find her there; he thought she would have gone to the farm. Would he rather she went there? No, he is thrilled she is here. For his information, she told Craig to stay away from her, but Paul isn’t impressed because he knows that won’t stop him; she will keep telling him that until he finally gets the message, she promises. They had Craig cornered; what he did to Dusty was a way to inadvertently threaten Lucy into not testifying. She was not trying to protect Craig when she told the truth; she was trying to protect him, she yells. The last time they lied about Craig their lives fell apart. Paul grumbles that he can take care of himself. She is upset because she thought the man she loved would support her; she struggled with telling the truth. It would have been so easy to lie. They would be operating on Craig’s level then. Paul doesn’t care about that. Meg angrily tells him that right now she is not seeing a huge difference between him and Craig. Paul is blinded by his hatred of Craig to hear her words, so Meg roars about what good would come of destroying Craig if in the end she can’t live with herself or him for that matter, as she stomps out the door; Paul calls out for her, but she keeps going.

Emily is walking into Java when she whips around and confronts Craig who is walking behind her; is he following her? He answers that he had a strong desire for a latte. Emily wants him to get lost. Dusty was hurt and she wants no more of his crazy plans, so he can go find someone else to team up with. Dusty will recover, but as he sees it, Paul and Meg aren’t looking as good. Emily stops for a moment to take that in. She wants him to promise no more crazy plans or stunts. Craig thinks she is turning into her mother wringing her hands and always worrying. Where’s that smile he is so fond of? Emily stomps off.

Dusty is in his hospital bed looking a little groggy. He smiles when he sees Lucy; he is having visions of a gorgeous doctor, he teases. She wants him to close his eyes and get some rest. He is afraid she won’t be there when he awakens. She promises she will be. Does she still know what to do tomorrow? She nods; she has gone over it in her head a hundred times… everything will be fine. Dusty’s eyes shut; Lucy talks quietly to him as he sleeps. She doesn’t want him to scare her like that again; she loves him, as she kisses him; she will never let her father hurt him again!

Katie sobs as she tells Mike that he can’t take off his ring and simply forget about them; she will not make it that easy for him. She will be after him reminding him how much she loves him. Please! Mike hesitates as he looks at her, tosses his ring down and walks out, as Katie yells no, through her bawling. Mike stops just outside the door listening to Katie crying out to him.

Carly wonders if Simon has a point about him needing to be with Katie to make sure they were finally over. How does she know he won’t go back again to make extra sure? He promises he is 100% sure; he wants to be with her. Carly’s resolve is faltering; she wants to be sure about him; she doesn’t want to worry when he is late. Simon promises she will never have to go through that, as he cautiously approaches her nervously hopeful that she is starting to forgive him. She is not asking him to change…she is just hoping for… monogamy. Simon assures her that he can do that, if she still wants him? She tells him she is not happy about it, but she does. A thrilled Simon takes her into his arms and kisses her just as Jack is coming home and witnessing this thorough the kitchen window.

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