ATWT Update Tuesday 11/14/06

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 11/14/06


Written By Eva
Pictures by Boo

At the Lakeview, an angry Mike punches Simon in the face as soon as he arrives and sees him with Carly leaving a confused Carly to wonder why Mike is so angry.

At Holden and Lily’s house, Holden calls thee restaurant where he is planning to take Lily for a romantic dinner and asks them to put a single red rose on her plate and bring the gift to her table with the dessert. Faith arrives and hears part of her father’s phone conversation and once he has finished his call she wonders if he is going to give her mom a present. Holden tells Faith not to say anything to her mother and they will show her the surprise tomorrow. Lily comes downstairs and Faith tells her she hopes that she will like her surprise. Faith goes upstairs because she is going to baby sit Natalie and yells for her to put her pajamas on or she won’t get to watch any TV. Lily tells Holden that she can’t go out with him tonight because none of the clothes in her closet fit her and she feels fat. Holden tells her that she is beautiful and she should give herself a break because she had a baby and it won’t be long before she can exercise again. Lily refuses to go out because she feels fat so she goes upstairs and jade comes downstairs and Holden tells her he doesn’t know why Lily is feeling said. Jade tells Holden she will talk to Lily to see if she can help her. Holden tells Jade that he has to go meet with a client and he will be back soon.

At Paul’s house, Paul continues to warn Meg to stay away from Craig because he wants her and he will do whatever it takes to get her. Paul tells Meg that Craig told him about the kiss because he knew it was a secret Meg was keeping from him and secrets could damage a relationship. Paul tells Meg he loves her and she can get mad and yell at him all she wants but he will never stop protecting her from Craig.

At Java, Henry serves Emily a cup of coffee and sits to talk to her because she looks worried about something. Emily tells Henry she hates men and is tired of jumping every time Craig calls her.

At the hospital, Lucy asks Craig to leave while he tries to persuade her that he isn’t a monster and can be a good father to Johnny.

An unconscious Dusty sits in his car on the side of the road with his head down after he managed to crash it to bring it to a stop after his breaks went out. Dusty awakens and tries to open the door once he finally opens the door to his car he tries to get passing cars to stop and help him.

At the hospital, Lucy asks Craig to let Dusty keep Johnny and she will drop the charges against him. Craig thinks it’s unfair that he won’t be allowed to be a father to his son. Lucy tells Craig that she loves him and is doing this to protect both her and Johnny. From getting hurt.

At Paul’s place, Meg promises Paul that she will tell him everything Craig says or tries to do to her so they can figure out a way to handle Craig together. Paul explains to Meg that he is going to war with Craig and he doesn’t want her caught in the middle of the war. Paul gives Meg a kiss on the forehead and leaves to give Meg a chance to get some rest.

At Java, Henry guesses that Emily is helping Craig to somehow get Paul back in her life so he tries to persuade her to get out before she gets hurt. Emily tells Henry that Craig isn’t going to hurt her but Henry reminds her that anyone who is involved with Craig in any way always gets hurt. Henry tells Emily that this time when she gets hurt he won’t be around to pick up the pieces because he can’t watch her self-destruct again.

At the Lakeview, Mike tells Carly that Simon and Katie slept together last night and Carly is stunned and then angry when Simon remains silent when she asks him if what Mike said is true. Carly figures out that Simon didn’t answer his cell phone when she called him because he was with Katie. Katie reminds Carly and Mile that they slept together the night before Carly was supposed to marry Jack. Mike tells Katie to stop twisting things around this has nothing to do with him and Carly it is about her feelings for Simon. Carly tells Katie that Simon is hers again and that both she and Simon are disgusting. Mike thinks Simon and Carly deserve each other and leaves with Katie chasing after him begging him to talk about the situation so they can work things out together.

At Holden and Lily’s house, Lily comes downstairs and Jade tells her Holden went to a meeting with a client. Lily notices jade eating potato chips and warns her to be careful because those chips will end up in the wrong places later. Lily tells jade that she feels strange in her own body because none of her clothes fit and she feels like something is off. Jade tells Lily she just had a baby and she should give herself a break. Jade tells Lily that she has a great husband who loves her and four great kids who also love her. Lily does think she is very lucky to have come out of the coma and have such a wonderful family who loves her and Jade reminds her that she is beautiful and tells her she hopes she can look that way after having children. Jade remembers that she has to go meet Luke but offers to stay if Lily needs to talk. Lily appreciates the offer but tells Jade to go meet Luke and have fun.

At Java, Henry tells Emily that Paul has told her many times he doesn’t love her anymore and trying to get him back isn’t worth letting her heart fill up with so much hate.

At Paul’s house, Jack arrives to visit Meg and tells her Paul went looking for her at the farm earlier. Meg explains that she felt sick and Craig drove her home and stayed with her until Paul came home. Jack tells Meg he has never agreed with Paul but he is right about Craig he is a man who always has an ulterior motive. Jack tells Meg that a few years ago Craig wanted Carly and he always showed up wherever she was and he briefly drove a wedge between him and Carly. Meg is hurt that two men she loves and respects (Paul and Jack) don’t think she is smart enough to handle Craig but Jack’s story makes her see the truth about Craig. An angry Meg tells Jack that she won’t let herself be used by Craig and she just might turn the tables on him. Meg heads to the hospital to confront Craig and invites Jack to come with her.

At the hospital, Craig knows Lucy thinks Dusty is a hero but he is nothing but a crook he shouldn’t raise Johnny. Craig warns Lucy that lots of people could get hurt if she testifies against him in court. Lucy knows Craig is making a veiled threat against Dusty but she tells him she isn’t scared of him and will testify in court.

On the roadside, Paul stops to help Dusty who passes out after he tells Paul his brakes were cut. Dusty awakens after a few minutes and Paul calls 911 to get an ambulance to take Dusty to the hospital. Paul also calls the police to report the accident and tell them about Dusty ‘s suspicions about what caused the accident.

At the Lakeview, Simon explains to Carly that him sleeping with Katie was their twisted way of saying good-bye so they could move on with their lives. Carly wonders why he slept with her right after he slept with Katie. Simon tells Carly that sleeping with Katie was a mistake that will never happen again. Carly thanks Simon for the fun and tells him that she knew someday it would come to an end. Mike tells Katie that he was crazy to think that she could ever get Simon out of her heart. Katie tries to make Mike see that she loves him and Mike is hurt because he knows she also loves Simon and he can’t live with her kind of love. Simon is upset that Katie told Mike the truth about their one nightstand. Simon tells Katie she got what she wanted because Carly ended their relationship Simon also wonders why he always manages to mess up his life.

At the hospital, Dusty arrives with Paul and tells Lucy that his accident was caused because his break lines were cut. Dallas arrives and confirms to Dusty that his break lines were cut. Dallas wonders if Dusty knows of anyone who would want to hurt him. Lucy explains to Dallas that her father could have hurt Dusty to keep her from testifying against him.

At Holden and Lily’s house, Faith ask Lily why she didn’t go out with Daddy tonight so Lily explains that her clothes don’t fit and she doesn’t feel beautiful. Faith tells her mom that she is being silly because she is beautiful so Lily gives her a hug.

At java, Jade sees Holden drinking coffee with a woman and assumes Holden is cheating on Lily.

At the farm, Carly arrives and tells Jack that she is there to see the kids but since jack knows her so well he knows that something is bothering her. Carly admits to Jack that her life is a mess and she has nobody to blame but herself.

At the hospital, Dallas wonders where Craig was at the time of Dusty’s accident and Craig tells him that he was with Meg Craig asks Meg to confirm his words but she remains silent.

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