ATWT Update Monday 11/13/06

As the World Turns Update Monday 11/13/06


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

At the Farm, Paul shows up to see if Meg is there and bumps into Jack. He thought Meg was at work. Paul explains he saw her at the Lakeview earlier but it was for a short time, and she is supposed to be in between shifts so he thought she might have come there. Jack hasn’t seen her.

At the Lakeview, Craig is with an stricken Meg. She blows him off claiming she must have gotten the flu bug going around the hospital; why is he here anyway? He had a meeting, which ended up being cancelled. Is she ok? She will be when she gets home, but Craig tells her she can’t drive in her condition; she will take a cab, but he insists, as Meg is no match for him in her sickened condition.

At Java, Lucy is meeting with the ADA about the charges against her father. She recalls how a man named Wade Larsen grabbed her as she was trying to help find Dusty who was hurt. The man buried her in a coffin type of contraption. At first people thought it might have been her mother’s husband, Alan Drake, but then Dusty found a bank slip showing her father had transferred $2 million into Wade Larsen’s account. Craig has since stolen that evidence but he admitted he did this, and she will testify to it in court. Was she sure it wasn’t to pay her ransom? The slip showed it was deposited 3 days before her kidnapping. Dusty arrives and wants to know what is going on with the case? The ADA assures them her evidence is enough to move forward with the case and at least petition to get his bail revoked and then they will reopen the case. He will check in with them later. After he leaves, Dusty thanks Lucy again, for what she is doing. Lucy appreciates the concern but she can’t have Johnny growing up with someone like Craig as a father who always feels the end justifies the means. Is she sure that she isn’t having second thoughts? As he is asking her this, he looks down and sees the necklace hanging around her neck. This necklace answers his question, as Lucy smiles.

Upstairs at the Lakeview, Carly and Simon are in bed enjoying the aftermath of making love. She is the “most delicious woman.” Carly smiles coyly and agrees with him. He loves her confidence, but she admits that it comes and goes these days. He jokes about her being the perfect woman; does she even cook? She admits she does that too. Carly thinks it feels different this time; Simon thinks it is because they are rich, but Carly thinks it is because they are free. She said goodbye to Jack and he to Katie, and now all parties concerned can get on with their lives. There is no more feelings of guilt.

At the cottage, Katie is standing by the livingroom sofa motionless as she sees Mike sitting in front of her open laptop. What is he doing, she finally barely audibly asks? Mike answers quietly that Lucinda had called and was worried they were going to pull the book if she didn’t get the pages she had promised. Katie suddenly with quickness answers she will get it as she goes for the laptop, only finally noticing the laptop is already open to the page she was writing her feelings for Simon on. Did he read it, she stutters? His answer is quick and direct; yes, he read about her and Simon sleeping together. Katie’s mouth drops open in stunned disbelief.

Carly does wonder how Katie took it though? Simon thinks she was relieved because she is married afterall. Carly can appreciate that especially since they are planning on having kids. As she is saying this, she realizes she forgot something; she jumps out of bed asking what time it is? Simon doesn’t get her panic. The kids are with Jack at the Farm and she had promised them she would stop by read them a goodnight story and kiss them good night. Simon thinks a phone call would suffice, but Carly made a promise and she is sticking to it. Simon was hoping she would spend the night. Can he at least drive her and wait in the car so they can come back after? Carly screws up her face in discomfort and mentions she doesn’t think Jack would go for it. Simon wonders if Jack didn’t mind then would she still care?

Dusty recognizes the necklace as the one she gave to him and then he gave back to her when she went away to school. He is happy to see she still has it. Of course, she kept it. Now that she feels they are connecting and although she knows they can’t go public with them getting back together until after the trial, but she wanted to wear it as a private symbol to him. Dusty admits that he thinks of her all the time and he can’t wait for the trial to be over. Lucy reminds them this is all for Johnny. Emily rushes in and interrupts them; she needs to talk to Dusty. Lucy has to get going anyway, as she goes to grab a coffee. Dusty asks what is wrong? She answers that she doesn’t want to alarm him but Craig beckoned her to the jail to procure bail and then she overheard his side of the conversation with his new lawyer. He sounded very optimistic and she has a funny feeling he has something up his sleeve to stop this trial.

At the Farm, Paul is on the phone to the hospital still trying to track Meg down but she isn’t there either. Jack comes back downstairs; has he had any luck? No, Paul answers. Is he worried or is the some of the same, Jack asks? Paul sarcastically answers that he and Meg are fine but maybe he can remind him why he is living here again? Jack doesn’t want him to let the door kick him in the rear on the way out. Paul apologizes; what he said wasn’t fair and it was a cheap shot. Life is never simple it seems. He admits they had a disagreement. Was it about Emily, Jack asks? No. Then it must have been about Craig and he should keep an eye on him. He has a knack for going after unavailable women and driving their partners crazy in the process, plus his mother said Craig has been dropping by claiming they are friends. Paul recalls what Craig said about he and Meg kissing. He tells Jack to have Meg call him when he sees her, as he rushes out.

Back at her and Paul’s place, Craig and Meg walk in. She apologizes for getting sick in his car. She will pay to have it detailed. Craig isn’t worried about it. She should get out of her clothes; he promises not to watch, but then adds he might take a peek. Meg begrudgingly gets out of her coat and shirt, grabs a pillow to cover herself and heads over to the couch. She is so embarrassed; he should probably go. Craig teases her about the gratitude a man gets for letting a woman throw up on him? He isn’t going anywhere until he knows she will be ok – even if it takes all night; he walks over to the couch and sits beside her, as she lays her head in his lap. He dabs a cloth on her forehead and gives the front door a backwards glance.

Dusty is confused; Craig sounding optimistic is why Emily is so concerned? Emily tells Dusty she doesn’t want to get into it until Lucy leaves. Lucy comes back to the table, coffee in hand and says her goodbyes. Dusty now wants Emily to spill it. Emily lays it on thick; she hopes she isn’t overreacting but she can see how much he cares about Lucy. She drove Craig back to Fairwinds and while there, she strongly suggested he back off in regards to Johnny because it is bad for their partnership. He went nuts screaming about how noone, including Lucy, will keep him from his son. He had a vile of something in his hand, as he promised that Lucy would not send him back to prison. Dusty nervously asks what was in the vile? She doesn’t know, but she is sure it was some kind of drug.

Meg is sitting up now sipping the Ginger Ale that Craig gave her. Does she want any crackers too? Meg smirks and asks if he always carries this around with him? Craig teases her answering it is his damsel in distress kit. Meg thinks she should get up, but Craig cautions against it; she may still be weak he adds stalling her. She thanks him for driving her home; it was sweet. Craig smiles because even monsters have moments. Paul coming in interrupts them. He coldly says that he sees the party has already started without him. Meg looks nervous, but Craig looks triumphant.

Carly wonders if Simon would like to come to the Farm with her? Simon answers that he would simply like to drive her. He does appreciate that Jack is still sensitive about this. Carly corrects him; he knows she is moving forward and doing it with him. He will wait in the car, but then they can have dinner afterwards and she can stay over.

At the Farm, Jack is giving the kids cocoa. They wonder where their mom is? Jack’s cell phone rings answering the kids question. She explains she is on her way over; she slowly asks if minds if Simon drives her there? Jack answers it is fine because he wants to talk to him anyway. He will see her in a bit, as he hangs up quickly.

Katie stalls; she doesn’t want him to forget that she loves him. Mike repeats his question; did she sleep with Simon? Katie hesitates for a moment, as if to mull over her choices. She finally admits she did, but just as quickly she tells him how much of a mistake it was. Mike stares at her crushed and dumbfounded. Katie starts to ramble explaining how it didn’t mean anything and she never meant it to happen. She was about to throw away a boxful of memories of her relationship with Simon when he appeared on their doorstep. He came to tell her they should both move on and then she dropped the box and they were putting them back in the box… She angrily hits the sofa with her hand for effect; she is so sorry and she is so horrified by her behavior. Mike slams his fists down on the table, as he screams about her not insulting his intelligence. He read what she wrote about Simon; does she love him? Katie is silent not knowing what to answer; she gives him the PC answer; a part of her will always love Simon. Mike roars about how she took a vow; they were never supposed to cross that line. He trusted her; they were trying to have a baby. What was that about – was she trying to feel safe? It was not enough to be married but she needed a baby too. He wasn’t going anywhere. Katie pleads with him; she still wants his child. Mike demands to know when she was going to tell him? She was going to tell him, but she was so afraid of hurting him, she answers through sobs. It is too late for that, he snaps. She doesn’t know why she did it; it is like she lost her head. Is she blaming Simon? Did he pressure her? She answers that he isn’t and he didn’t. Where was she just now? She answers that she was at Java. She was with Margo because she had to talk to someone. She was so disappointed in her, but she advised her to be honest with him. She knows how much she loves him and that they can get through this. Tom and Margo went through something similar and they are fine now – better then ever, with hard work. Mike glares; she knows Simon went back to Carly and he knows Carly didn’t tell her, so who told her? She admits that Simon told her. Mike asks incredulously how she saw Simon? He angrily remarks how she slept with him last night and then went to see him today already. This was after she wrote in her confession how she still loved him. He realizes that she went to see him because in his mind she wanted him back. Katie tries to backpedal; it wasn’t like that. Then she found out that he was getting back with Carly and so she came back here. She was never going to tell him and they would have gone on like nothing ever happened; they would have raised a family together and done this all while living a lie. How could she do this to him? He thought she loved him, he asks heartbroken?

Simon and Carly have arrived at the Farm; when he notices Carly’s worried look, Simon explains that Jack doesn’t scare him. In fact, he kind of likes him; they have the same taste in women. Carly playfully snarls at him. Jack meets them outside, and Carly slowly heads inside while they have words. Once inside, the kids run to her. Does she smell cocoa? JJ admits Jack is bribing them to go to bed. Carly wants them to get their rest too because tomorrow they are going ice-skating. JJ wonders if Simon can come? He likes the way he talks, but Parker doesn’t want him to because Jack doesn’t like him. Outside, Simon starts to explain about he and Carly, but Jack doesn’t want to talk about them; he is only concerned right now about their kids. Simon assures him that he would never hurt them, but Jack interrupts him by explaining that he already has.

Meg explains she was dizzy and then got progressively worse until she got sick. Craig makes this phony heart felt explanation how Meg didn’t feel well and they tried valiantly to reach him; he was so concerned for her well being that he offered to take her home. Paul is concerned about Meg getting checked out, but she explains if she continues to feel better and goes in to her shift, then she can have someone look at her then. Craig intercedes; is it a good idea to go to work so soon? Paul can barely stand his tone, so he thanks him and tries to usher him out the door. As he is leaving, Craig smugly tries to fan the fire by remarking about how disconcerting it must have been for Paul to find them like this after what he told him regarding their kiss. Paul snaps back that he is probably the one who is disconcerted considering his own daughter will be testifying against him tomorrow in court. With that, he shuts the door. Meg immediately explains again how Craig only bumped into her because he had a meeting at the Lakeview and saw her condition. He was nice enough to get her home safely. Paul doesn’t answer so Meg tells him she is going to get cleaned up. Paul tells her he will be right there waiting, as he looks off into the distance with this cold stare.

Dusty wonders if Craig could be on medication? Emily doesn’t think so, but the vile was filled with a white granular substance. She was more concerned frankly with his words. He vowed to do whatever it took to get Johnny and to make sure Lucy didn’t testify against him. Emily mutters for affect that he doesn’t think…. Dusty’s answer is he can’t take a chance; he is going to stop Craig before someone gets hurt.

Simon doesn’t know how he has hurt them? Jack reminds him about the loan shark. He shouldn’t insult him by denying it either. Carly is on probation and if she had gotten caught in the middle of this while being on probation, she would have gone to prison. What would happen to her children then? Simon assures him that Carly is in the clear because the credit has been paid off and all their units have sold leaving them with a healthy profit. All is good! Jack doubts that. Carly rejoins them as Jack coolly bids them good night. Carly asks what that was about? Simon explains he is worried about their kids. He doesn’t blame him because Jack knows his history. He assures Jack and now her that he would do everything in his power to protect her and their kids from here on out; there will be no more shortcuts, he promises.

Mike furiously tells Katie she didn’t come back because she wanted to; she came back because she found out Simon bowed out and there was nowhere else for her to go. Katie swears it wasn’t like that. She went to see Simon to make sure he didn’t say anything to him before she did. He saw her last night and how messed up she was. She has never regretted anything more in her life. Being his wife and raising a child with him is the most important thing in her life; she just didn’t want Simon wrecking it. Mike spits back that Simon didn’t, but she did. She realizes that; she doesn’t want Simon or a family with him. Mike smirks; how many times has he heard that? He keeps showing up and she manages to fall under his spell time and time again. She swears that it will never happen again – ever! He knows it won’t because he is leaving, as he heads for the door. Katie runs behind him pleading with him not to walk out on them. Mike whips around to face her; does she think it is fun for him to realize his wife still has feelings for her ex? He put up with it because he had feelings for people that have not gone away. He still thinks about Jen and grieves for her, but he knows what those feelings were; they were memories. They stay in their place though. Does she think he would have slept with Jen once they got back together? He never would have done that; she disrespected him in their home and he can’t do this anymore! He turns and stomps off. A heartbroken Katie watches him for a moment before she goes back inside, grabs her stuff and runs after him.

Meg comes back out dressed for work. Paul has made her some tea. She asks how he is? She may be contagious. Paul remarks that Craig would be next if that were the case. What does that mean, Meg wonders? Did he not hear a word she said? She ran into him by accident and he was kind enough to take her home. Paul adds sarcastically how he was nice enough to help her out of her shirt too. Meg explains she was a mess. Paul understands that; he brought her stuff downstairs to be taken to the dry cleaners. He doesn’t say much after this, as they both sit in silence. Meg wants to know why he is giving her the silent treatment? Is it because she got sick in Craig’s car? He is sure Craig didn’t mind even that. She admits he was sweet about it. Paul repeats calmly about how much of a sweetheart Craig is. Now she knows he is angry with her. They sit in silence for another moment, as it seems Paul is trying to contain himself from jumping on her about what he knows. Meg walks away since he isn’t going to talk to her. He just wants her happy. She really was sick. Paul thinks then Craig must have been returning the favor. Meg doesn’t understand. She was a Good Samaritan the other night and now he is returning the favor. It wasn’t like that. Paul finally blurts it out; there was no kissing this time then. Meg nervously answers that of course there was not. Then they shouldn’t be worried about Craig catching whatever she had. He just wants clarification then; the other night Craig didn’t kiss her as well? Meg pauses for a moment and then slowly explains again what she already told him about someone being sick supposedly and how she went to the room and when she found out it was Craig, she told she was annoyed and she left. Paul wonders if that is truly it? She goes on slowly; he explained he just wanted to meet in private because everyone hates him, but he does have feelings for Johnny regardless of what people believe. He just got emotional about it and tried to kiss her, she finally admits. Is she sure, because Craig seems to explain it differently? Meg cuts him off; she is surprised he heard this from Craig. Paul explains that Craig saw them arguing earlier and thought it was because of him and the kiss. He thought he was lying and that he was trying to bait him, so he bent over backwards to defend her; he made a fool out of himself until Craig filled him in on the details. Meg angrily answers there were no details; it was a drive by because he kissed her and she slapped him – end of discussion. She seems to have forgiven him easily. She thinks he is making too much out of this. He doesn’t think so because it is ongoing; she went to a party wearing something Craig picked out for her and ended up in his room for a private party. Her costume was of Lady Gwenivere, who is in love with another man, who is not her husband. Meg thinks he is making this into something more then it is; Paul feels justified because he asked her what was wrong and she swore nothing; he is angry because she lied to him – again!

Craig meets up with Emily at Java. What took him so long? Craig explains how Meg lost her lunch in his car. Is she ok? She is fine now since the drug is wearing off, but his upholstery will never be the same. Emily doesn’t get it; he drugged Meg and that is that? He smiles smugly; he took her home and helped her out of her blouse. Emily remarks bitterly about how fast he moves. It isn’t like that, but Paul did walk in and he was none too pleased with what he saw and she was not happy he doubted her. He changes the subject; did she talk to Dusty? She did tell him about how she thought he planned on using this drug on Lucy, which she tries to justify her actions in her own mind because she believed that at first. Where is he now? He is out in his car looking for him; she hated lying to Dusty. Craig mocks her by answering that not everything he does is designed with her in mind. Emily wants to know the point of telling Dusty about a drug supposedly meant for his daughter when it was given to Meg? She will see in time.

Meanwhile, Dusty is in his car on his phone trying to find Craig, but his secretary won’t give him this information. He has a message for her to give to him; he will be on his doorstep in 10 seconds. He starts to speed up, but when he brakes, they give out and all Dusty can do is slam on them, as he swerves at the last minute off the road.

Mike is angrily asking around at the Lakeview for Simon, but noone has seen him; he can leave a message for him though. Katie rushes up to him; they have to talk; she will do anything, she pleads. Mike snaps that he is done talking! Just then, Carly and Simon happily walk into the room; Mike lunges in Simon’s direction, as Katie grabs him.

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