ATWT Update Friday 11/10/06

As the World Turns Update Friday 11/10/06


Written By Amy
Pictures by Boo

At the Lakeview, Carly and Mike talk about her relationship with Simon. Mike tries to convince Carly that Simon is a bad guy, but eventually accepts them being together because if Simon is with Carly that means that he’s not chasing after Katie. Mike then hints about Jack to Carly and Carly explains that Jack knows all about how she feels about Simon. Mike says that Jack still loves her. Carly then tells him that Jack tried to take her back, but she refused. Mike is shocked, but Carly explains that she doesn’t want to live with Jack constantly looking over her shoulder and waiting for her to screw up. Mike warns her about getting involved with Simon because, “You never know where you stand with him.”

After Katie gets a call from Simon, she heads up to his hotel room. Katie apologizes for the way she treated him after they slept together. Simon assures her that there are no hard feelings and promises that what happened will never happen again because it was just a terrible mistake. Katie is clearly disappointed when hearing this, but tries not to show it. Simon continues with saying that it’s too late for them. Katie starts to take offense in the fact that Simon realizes he wants Carly after the two of them slept together. Simon is confused and tells her that he thought she’d be happy to hear it. Katie says that she is and hopes they are very happy together. She starts to leave but Simon stops her because she had something to tell him. Katie says that she just wanted to make sure that he would never mention that they slept together. Simon agrees that it’s their secret. Just as he says this Carly walks in. Katie looks at her and leaves looking guilty. Simon tries to change the subject, but Carly continues to ask why Katie is there. Simon explains that he was simply trying to cut ties. Carly sympathizes for Katie, but continues to flirt with Simon.

Gwen is sleeping in the recording studio after recording a track. Adam attempts to wake her up while Will and Casey try to get extra studio time. They get an extra hour and Adam tells them that Gwen can’t be doing this kind of thing if she ever wants to be a pro. Gwen then finally wakes up. Adam starts in on her but Casey and Will are right there to defend her. Jade listens from the other side of the glass but is not seen. Adam walks out of the sound booth and Jade reveals herself. Adam asks her if she’d like to go out to lunch because he’s calling it a day with Jade. Casey and Will walk in and go off on Adam. Gwen walks in; she sees Jade but ignores her. She apologizes for falling asleep and tells him that she wants to get back to work. She then convinces Adam that she’s a serious artist and not walking away. Gwen goes back into the sound booth to record the song. Jade decides to stay and watch. As Gwen sings Casey and Will watch adoringly while Jade rolls her eyes. Once the song is finished everyone but Jade, who is standing silently next to Adam, agrees that she sang great. Gwen asks Adam to talk to her privately and tell the truth. Adam gears her for rejection. He then changes his tune and tells Gwen that she was great. She then hugs him excitedly and vows to be able to handle whatever he can dish out.

Craig shows up at Paul’s apartment. Paul inquires to why every time he turns around he sees Craig and Meg together. Paul then asks why Craig is there, and Craig says that it’s because he saw he and Meg arguing and thought it was because of him. He says that he doesn’t want what happened at the Gala to get in the way of their relationship. Craig then insincerely apologizes for kissing Meg at the gala knowing full well that Meg hadn’t told Paul about it. Paul doesn’t believe it and thinks that he’s only saying it to get a rise out of him. Craig asks if Meg told him about it. Paul then has a flashback to Meg at the gala saying, “For the last time, nothing happened. Are we going to argue every time Craig looks at me?” Paul comes back to reality and asks Craig to leave.

Emily is with Meg at the Lakeview. She starts telling Meg that they need to find away to make peace. Meg is skeptical at first, but agrees to hear her out. Emily plays with the drugs in her hand as she tries to think of a way to slip it into Meg’s drink. At first the apology goes well. Then Emily starts mentioning all that Meg did to her and starts to get upset. Meg decides to leave, but Emily stops her. Emily starts coughing hysterically, which causes Meg to leave and get some water. Emily then pours the drugs into Megs drink. Not long after, Meg starts to show the symptoms of a cold. Emily tries to cover her tracks and make people not suspicious. She then starts accusing Meg of faking it. She leaves and Craig walks up to an ill Meg.

After his talk with Carly, Mike returns to the cottage. Lucinda comes in and demands to see the new pages or Oakdale Confidential. Mike explains that Katie isn’t there, but Lucinda tells him that the deadline is soon and it is not a mere suggestion. Lucinda sees Katie’s laptop and decides to read what she’s written. Mike stops her and explains that that is an invasion of privacy. Lucinda tries to persuade him otherwise, but Mike refuses to give in. Lucinda leaves and Mike looks at the computer. He thinks about it for a few seconds, but eventually gives in to temptation and reads what Katie wrote about how she and Simon slept together.

Katie and Margo meet at Java. Katie confides that when Simon called her to go over there she imagined him taking her in his arms, kissing her, and telling her that he cant live without her. Margo tells her that the fantasy is over, and that’s all that matters. Margo says that at least she wont have Simon around trying to rekindle their relationship. “Yeah, well if that’s not what he wanted Margo, then why did he sleep with me?” Margo is shocked by the news, but is very understanding seeing as she cheated on her husband a whiles back. Margo begs her to forget about Simon because the only person she has to worry about falling out of love with her is Mike. Katie then remembers that she left what she wrote about Simon on her laptop. She then leaves quickly to intercept Mike before he goes on the computer.

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