ATWT Update Thursday 11/9/06

As the World Turns Update Thursday 11/9/06


Written By Eva
Pictures by Boo

At the recording studio, Adam arrives with Casey who is excited to be in a real recording studio. Adam is upset that Gwen is late to record since they have only rented the studio for a few hours. Casey again tells Adam to cut Gwen some slack and stop being so hard on her because she is probably nervous about recording in the studio for the first time.

At Java, Gwem is annoyed that the coffee is taking so long because she doesn’t want to be late to the studio because she doesn’t want Adam to think she is unprofessional. Will tells her its not her fault her professor was late for class because he overslept. Gwen sends Will to get the coffee and then they hurry to the studio.

At the Lakeview, Paul arrives and sits down with Meg who tells him if he wants to talk to her he has to do it quickly because she has a breakfast meeting with Bob. Paul admits to Meg that he made up a fake meeting because he knew she was mad at him and wouldn’t meet with him if he asked her to breakfast.

At Fairwinds, Emily tells Craig she won’t help him with his plans anymore because she can’t work with a man who would poison his own daughter. Craig tells Emily he doesn’t intend to poison Lucy the drug he showed her is intended for Meg and she (Emily) will be the one to give Meg the drug.

At Mike and Katie’s house, Katie works on her laptop and tries to write the additional pages Lucinda requested for the book but she is guilt ridden about what she did with Simon and sees him on her computer telling her not to think about what happened last night. Mike comes downstairs and sees Katie’s frustration as she closes her computer and thinks she has a case of writer’s block. Mike tells Katie to take a break and relax a bit but Katie begins to cry and tells Mike that she has something to tell him. The doorbell rings before Katie has a chance to say anything to Mike and Margo arrives to tell Katie the police arrested Craig again.

At the Lakeview, Carly goes to Simon’s room to leave him a note but he comes out of the bathroom before she has a chance to leave and asks her to tell him what she wrote in the note. Carly tells Simon that she is dissolving their business and personal relationship because of what he said to her yesterday. Carly explains that Jack asked her to get back together but she turned him down because she thought she could have a relationship with him> (Simon) Carly tells Simon she has no hard feelings toward him because he gave her fun while their relationship lasted and she wasn’t expecting anything more from him.

At the studio, Gwen and Will arrive and Adam tells Gwen to be on time next time because time is money. Will tells Adam that she had a test today and she got out late from class. Adam tells Gwen to go into the recording booth and he takes Will aside and tells him that they are on a tight schedule because the guy that owns the studio has other people booked. Will tells him that he is the one paying for the studio time and they can stay as long as they want or need to after all it can’t take that long to record one song. Adam tells Will to never say anything that stupid to another producer and for his information it could take days or weeks to record a good demo CD.

At the Lakeview, Meg asks Paul to apologize to her for lying about the breakfast meeting and for forbidding her to see Craig. Meg explains to Paul that she loves him and even though she was mad at him she wouldn’t turn down a breakfast date with him so they could work things out. Paul apologizes to Meg for their fight and the lovebirds share a kiss.

At Fairwinds, Emily demands that Craig explain to her why he wants to drug Meg she also panics and tells Craig that she would be the prime suspect if Meg turns up dead. Craig explains that the drug won’t kill Meg it will just make her sick and this will help her get Paul and he will keep Lucy from testifying against him. Craig refuses to tell Emily more details about the plan because he doesn’t trust her.

At Mike and Katie’s house, Katie tells Margo that she can’t stop thinking about Simon and doesn’t know what she should do. Margo tells Katie fantasizing about Simon is harmless as long as she doesn’t actually sleep with him. Margo encourages Katie to write down her feelings in order to make things clear to herself before she tells Mike about he fantasies. Margo assures Katie that Mike will understand how she feels and then they can put this behind them. Margo leaves and Mike leaves also because he has to go to work. Katie goes to her laptop and begins to write her feelings down as Margo suggested and she hopes Margo is right that this will help her make Mike understand why she slept with Simon.

At the Lakeview, Carly wants to leave but Simon wants her to stay so they can talk about their relationship. Simon goes to answer the door and the contractor arrives to tell them they have sold every apartment in the building and every client has paid a deposit or paid in full for the apartments. The contractor gives Carly and Simon a deposit for the amount he deposited into there cooperate account. The contractor also tells Carly that many of the clients want her to decorate their apartments. The contractor leaves and Carly and Simon hug and congratulate each other because they are a success. Carly and Simon almost kiss but think better of it and stop themselves. Simon tells Carly that he wants them to have a business as well as a personal relationship that he only let her go because he thought she wanted to be with Jack. Carly tells Simon that she told Jack that they are more then just friends and she doesn’t want to get back together with him. Simon and Carly decide to be friends with benefits and see if their relationship can become more if not then they will part with no hard feelings. Simon tells Carly he must take care of something and then he will go pick her up at her house so they can celebrate. Simon goes in the hallway and dials Katie’s phone number.

At the studio, Gwen sings her song and Will and Casey think she did a great job but Adam thinks its good but it could be much better. Adam tells Gwen that they want to make the song memorable so that when people listen to it on the radio they will want to know her name to buy the CD. Gwen agrees that is what she wants too so she agrees with Adam that she wants to make the song better. Will tells Casey that he is sick and tired of Adam acting like the big boss and he thought that they could fix the CD with the machines if it didn’t sound good. Casey says they could do that but Gwen wouldn’t feel good if she new they had to alter the sound to fix her flat notes.

At the Lakeview, Paul tells Meg that Craig was arrested and Meg wonders what he did to him. Paul explains that he didn’t do anything he was arrested for kidnapping Lucy a year ago. Paul admits that he is happy Craig will be in jail so he won’t be going after her anymore. Meg is once again angry that Paul thinks she is too dumb to handle Craig. Paul tells Meg he knows she is smart but Craig can manipulate the smartest people like he did with Barbara and Jennifer.

At Fairwinds, Emily doesn’t want to help Craig but he tells her if she doesn’t help him then he will fire her and she will have to move to Chicago because nobody will hire her in Oakdale. Craig thinks Emily will probably get a job at a third rate paper for less money and live alone in a small apartment. Emily agrees to help Craig even though she hates him for making her do it. Emily heads to the Lakeview to find Meg and ask her to have a cup of coffee with her.

At the studio, Gwen sings her song again and Adam still isn’t happy with it so he goes inside the recording boot t to talk to Gwen. Adam wonders why Gwen wrote the song and she explains that she wrote it when she was pregnant broke and scared to remind herself that even if bad things happen there is still a reason to hope. Adam tells Gwen to make the song more bittersweet because it is ironic not as happy as she sang it. Gwen sings the song again and Adam likes this version so he tells Casey and Will to tell the guy waiting for the studio to give them one more hour so they can work on the song and make slight improvements. Casey and Will go outside to talk to the guy and Adam turns around to work with Gwen and is disappointed to discover she has fallen asleep.

At The Lakeview, Mike wonders why Carly has a smile on her face and she tells him it’s because of Simon. Carly explains that they have sold every apartment in the building and the clients want her to decorate for them. Mike congratulates Carly because he knows how hard she has worked. Carly also tells Mike that she and Simon are together personally and she thinks they could have a real future together.

At Mike and Katie’s place, Katie writes that she still has feelings for Simon and she shouldn’t have married Mike when she still had feelings for Simon. Katie writes that she also loves Mike and she wishes she could split herself in two so she could be with both of them. The phone rings and Katie gets a call from Simon asking her to come meat him so they can talk.

At the Lakeview, Paul wants Meg to promise not to be alone with Craig again but Meg gets angry so Paul decides to go take a walk and clear his head. Emily arrives when Paul leaves and Meg refuses to talk to her. Emily asks her to give her a few minutes of her time because she wants to make peace. Katie arrives in Simon’s room to confront him about her feelings for him.

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