ATWT Update Wednesday 11/1/06

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 11/1/06


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

At Java, Tom shows Margo his now useless retainer check from Craig. He laments how he never even got to deposit it. He unceremoniously rips it up tosses it on the table, with a smile on his face and a take this job and shove it comment, as Margo happily looks on. He has made her proud, as they share a kiss. Casey walks in just at this time and jokingly makes a sound of distaste at his parent’s public display of affection. He teases his dad about the fact he is obviously out of the doghouse now. Tom explains it is thanks to him no longer being Craig’s lawyer. He made the choice after Lucy brought kidnapping charges against him and everything with Johnny. Casey smirks; Craig has been in town just a little while and already his sister and kid want him in jail.

In Oakdale’s jail, Emily is almost gloating to Craig that what he is behind bars for this time will end in him doing hard time. Craig, ever the optimist, explains things will be going his way in spite of this setback. Cue his new lawyer, Cassandra, walking in. She wants to speak with him so she would like Emily to leave, but Craig tells her that she can stay because she is like family. The lawyer laughs at this considering the people who are trying to put him behind bars. She has good and bad news. Craig tells her to start with the good.

At the Lakeview, Dusty and Lucy are beginning to kiss and are becoming more passionate as the moments tick by. They are interrupted by Dusty’s cell phone ringing. It is Emily calling to tell them that Craig has just made bail. Emily gives Craig a backwards glare as she talks.

At the cottage, Mike is trying to console Katie who is crying on the couch. He is not taking the job in Chicago and they can try again. He sees this is not helping so he asks her if this is even about trying to become pregnant? Did something happen? Katie nods and as she does, her mind goes back to her and Simon having sex. She comes back to reality and tells Mike how sorry she is, as she hugs him tightly.

In his Lakeview suite, Carly is facing Simon who is only clad in a towel. She is starting to feel silly; she left a stupid long detailed message and he chooses to take a shower instead of calling her back. Simon covers by saying this conversation is not a phone thing. He doesn’t know what to think or say; she was so adamant there was nothing between them when he left her house. She reminds him how adamant he was about the attraction between them. Simon is silent, so Carly tells him that this is where he is supposed to jump in to reassure her that is still unchanged. She just wants to see where this will take them, but still she is met by an awkward silence from Simon. What is it he is not telling her? He knows she won’t stop until she gets it out of him. His answer is for him to get some clothes on. Carly jokes that was the last thing she expects to hear from him these days. Did he hear her admit to being wrong in her message to him? She never admits to being wrong. There was also a hidden message about her being sorry if she hurt his feelings. Simon just stares prompting Carly to wonder what the problem is with their communication? She continues though, he got through to her and that is what she was trying to explain to him after she talked to Jack. Simon stops her; she talked to Jack again? She admits she told him that they were more then business partners and their relationship ship has sailed. Simon turns his back and makes a face of disbelief at the timing. She explains that he was right when he told her that their relationship was not right; they were too different. Simon comments outloud how he can’t believe she is telling him this now. This is met with confusion from Carly at why the timing is so bad?

Mike doesn’t want Katie to apologize because she was upset and he shouldn’t have left her to go do a job. Through tears and guilt, Katie tells him not to be so nice to her. She gets up to walk away and steps on a broken shard from the ceramic figurine. She jumps and Mike grabs her in his arms. Why are there broken fragments on the floor? What happened? Katie remembers her and Simon fighting and the figurine dropping and breaking.

Emily goes on to tell Dusty that Craig has a new lawyer because Tom quit. Dusty is surprised how fast he has a new lawyer, as Emily jokes that he must have them on tap. She is telling him that the case is moving along a lot faster then he would like. Dusty wonders if that is good news? This may make him back down. Emily reminds him that they are talking about Craig. Dusty wonders though if he thinks this case is a lost cause then maybe he won’t put Lucy through all of this. Emily again reminds Dusty that Craig never thinks the things he is determined to get are lost causes. As he is about to hang up, Dusty thanks Emily for her help, as Emily accepts his thanks with a heavy heart. After he hangs up, Dusty tells Lucy how her dad is out on bail and how Tom quit. Lucy is sad over the way things are going; Dusty thanks her with another kiss. He does appreciate all she is doing. Since Craig is out, he wants to go see Johnny. Does she want to come with him because he wants them all together? Lucy happily agrees.

Emily demands to know why Craig is doing this – why did Dusty need to know he was getting out on bail? He wants Dusty to think he can trust and rely on her. She will come to see that this will result in them both getting what they want. The lawyer comes back to tell Craig that the police are doing what they can to drag their feet on releasing him; she gave them thirty minutes. The trial date is going to be set tomorrow. Craig is fine with it but the lawyer is bothered that she has so little time to prepare. In order for them to win, they are going to have to discredit his daughter; she needs to know how far he is willing to go with this? Craig is sure it won’t come to that because he is sure he will be able to handle his daughter himself.

Mike is bandaging Katie’s foot. Katie explains she broke something and didn’t pick it up. Mike jokes about wearing shoes in that situation. How does she want to play this, he asks suddenly? Katie nervously asks what he means? He knows something is bothering her, so does she want him to pretend there isn’t something bothering her or does she want him to ask her a bunch of questions? Katie pauses before she tells him that she made a huge mistake and he deserves to know the truth.

Simon reminds Carly how she had all these reasons why they shouldn’t be together and now she tells him she told Jack goodbye. He heard her say a definite no to going forward with their relationship. It was a reflex, she confesses. She thought this is what he wanted to hear and now he seems unnerved by it. Then Carly realizes something; does he think she is looking for a commitment? This must be cold feet. She is not stupid; she is not looking for eternal domestic bliss with a jewel thief. She only wants to try to see where this goes. He is freaked out understandably because not too long ago so was she. Simon reminds her that he has a tendency to shoot his mouth off about things he doesn’t know about i.e. Jack and her relationship. Carly explains she knows that but in this particular situation, he was right. In the past couple of months, she hasn’t felt this alive in years. Carly is concerned that he still looks very alarmed by what she is telling him. All the things he said about her being funny, smart and sexy were true, he admits. She wonders why this feels like a roadblock then? Simon tells her because he is feeling something new – he doesn’t want her to get hurt.

Casey wonders if his dad can get his old job back? Tom explains that he burned that bridge when he quit his steady job for a job that pays easy money and then he up and quit that as well. He teases that maybe Java is hiring. Margo commends his decision even if things look bleak right now. Tom doesn’t want to talk about that anymore - what is going on in his life? Casey admits his timing is terrible because he is there to talk about money. Margo and Tom exchange smiles.

Downstairs at the Lakeview, Lucy and Dusty meet up with Barbara and Chaz who are sitting at a table with Johnny. Dusty wants to take Johnny upstairs and Barbara angrily deduces that Lucy didn’t follow through on her promise with her dad. Dusty jumps to her defense claiming she did, but Craig got out on bail. Barbara apologizes. Dusty wants to get upstairs, but Lucy wants her and Barbara to talk for a moment. Barbara starts to inquire about Craig but Lucy doesn’t want to talk about him. She would rather talk about Dusty. Barbara’s eyebrows raise; she wants to talk to her about Dusty? She thinks based on what is and will be going on they should try their best to get along. Barbara thinks that they are, but Lucy begs to differ especially considering how she just jumped on her a few seconds ago; is that what old friends do? Barbara thinks they should be honest and simply put their cards on the table. Her father is not going down without a fight. He has one weapon at his disposal and that would be Lucy’s feelings for Dusty. He is going to try to show that there is only one reason she is now taking him to court and that is to make Dusty love her.

Craig wanders into his livingroom with Emily begrudgingly bringing up the rear. He jokes about being home after a long stay at the office. He wants a drink and he wants to toast to her loyalty. Emily doesn’t want a drink or to toast; she is tired of putting Dusty through the ringer and she can’t see how doing that is going to help her? Craig walks over to the bar and then pulls out a small vile with a white substance inside. It is always darkest before dawn. She needs to have some faith and patience. This is all that they are going to need. He turns to face Emily with this vile, flashing an evil smile. Emily looks from him to the vile with a look of horror on her face.

Tom asks Casey what he needs money for? Casey starts by saying that school is more expensive then he thought it would be with books and all. Tom and Margo smile as they wait for him to continue. There is another part they probably wont’ like. Since he is going to be helping Adam with Gwen, then he is going to be reducing his nights he works at Crash. They are both worried about him splitting his interests and taking on too much. He doesn’t want to pass up this chance doing something he loves like producing a demo with his brother. Tom pauses and then tells him he will get him a check tomorrow. He thinks it is nice he is getting to work with his brother doing something he loves. They want him to thank him when he wins all these awards. That is a deal, but he has one more thing; Tom teases him wondering if it is he wants a new car? Casey just wants to remind him that maybe during all this job turmoil, he will find something he really loves to do. Casey happily heads out after this comment. Margo comments about what a great son they have and how Craig never even took the chance to know him. Family is supposed to mean so much to him. She is wondering why Craig is really moving heaven and earth to gain custody of Johnny? Her cell phone ringing interrupts that posed question. Margo comments frustrated to the person on the other end about how come this day just won’t end?

Emily demands to know what is in the vile? Craig will only say it is his insurance. Emily doesn’t want only that for an answer, but Craig claims he simply can’t pronounce the name. Emily is mortified that he would drug his own daughter to prevent her from testifying. Craig will only say that it is a contingency plan; he raises his voice as he explains that he deserves the right to defend himself against people trying to put him back in that hellhole. Emily instinctively steps back; he apologizes for scaring her. He just doesn’t want there to be any secrets. Emily tells him that she thought there was nothing she wouldn’t do to get Paul back, but this is too much.

Barbara reminds Lucy how she was not willing to come forward when all of that stuff went down with Craig and what he did to Rosanna. Suddenly she has decided to step up to the plate to press charges… now. Does her sudden interest in justice have solely to do with impressing Dusty? Lucy thinks Barbara knows the answer to that deep down, but Barbara points out that it isn’t about what she thinks but rather what a jury would perceive. She thinks she should steer clear of Dusty; her schoolgirl crush on him is ruining his chances. Lucy replies that this schoolgirl is Dusty’s best chance for keeping custody of Johnny. Lucy is exasperated, as she remarks to herself that she told herself she wouldn’t let Barbara get to her. Barbara thinks that it is simply the realization of the truth getting to her. A determined Lucy tells Barbara she should know that she does not intend to try to take Jen’s place with Dusty, if that is what she is worried about.

Katie hesitates and gathers her strength before she continues; she starts to explain what happened earlier after he left. She is about to get into the crux of her story when the doorbell rings. It is Lucinda who breezes in oblivious to what it going on; she wants an update on Katie’s writing. Can she see the new pages? Mike intercedes; it isn’t a good time. She needs at least a preview of the direction she is heading in; she is dying to know whose steamy affair she is going to expose next? Katie seems very concerned as she looks toward Mike.

Carly doesn’t understand how Simon could hurt her? Simon is not forthcoming. He explains how she had said some of his words didn’t register until after he left, well that was the same for him. He can’t be counted on, he realized. Carly thinks he is wrong about that because she knows all about the person he is, as he does about her. They know the worse about each other and it is still ok. She was always exhausted trying to live up to Jack’s expectations of her. Simon thinks just because Jack is judgmental doesn’t mean she should automatically be with the likes of him. She reiterates that she knows him and is not expecting anything from him; she really enjoyed the fun. Simon comments about the fun they had. Carly notices it was said in the past tense. She thought, according to him, that their fun was supposed to be an indication of something good happening. All Simon can muster up is her name said so in a low sad voice. She tells him not to say her name like that, in a tone dripping with sympathy, as if she is about to be let down easily. The bottom line is she came here to tell him he is whom she wants and based on their earlier conversation, she thought he felt the same way. She wants him to give it to her straight; was she wrong?

Katie mumbles that she has almost finished it; she just wants to polish it up before she lets anyone read it. That does not fool Lucinda, as she comments about that sounding the same as the check is in the mail. The deadline they have is real. Katie promises she will have something by tomorrow. Lucinda leaves and Mike apologizes realizing he forgot about the deadline; that is what this is about, he thinks. They will get through this together. Katie hugs him and tells him how much she appreciates having him always in her corner and always by her side. Mike promises that everything will be ok and that he will always be in her corner and nothing will change that – little does he know.

Carly explains she is not naïve; she is throwing herself at him and it is met with awkward silence for the most part. Simon explains he just doesn’t want to hurt her. Carly is becoming upset, as she is realizing the depth of how he is acting – or so she thinks. She tells him the next thing he will tell her is he wants to be friends. She decides it is time to go, as she heads for the door. Simon stops her; she wants to know what he wants to say and it had better be good.

Craig thinks Emily is overreacting, but she thinks he showed her the vial to make her a part of whatever this is. He points out she already is a part of it. Emily is getting worked up as Craig tries to calm her down. He will explain and once he does, she will want to help. The doorbell interrupts them; it is Margo, who is not happy to be there. She sarcastically comments about the kind of friend Emily has become by bailing him out and now driving him home. Emily makes a hasty retreat claiming to have a headache. Craig sarcastically comments about her tone making it obvious that she is there for some brother/sisterly catching up. She wonders if he has a soul left? Craig snaps wondering if she came here to continue her morally superior attitude? She is there to strongly suggest he not jump bail. He promises he won’t be because of Johnny. That brings her to her second point; she wants him to stay away from Johnny. She intends to do everything in her power to keep him away in fact. Craig roars that he is his son and noone will keep him from him. Margo promises she will do everything in her power to keep Johnny safe; she will get warrants and rip this place apart to find evidence. She will never let him make Johnny as unhappy as he has made Lucy.

Barbara explains that Dusty is grieving and Craig is going both barrels after her grandson, so someone has to be hard as nails. She needs to think hard who she is doing this for – Johnny or herself? Barbara heads off in a huff, as Dusty is coming back in. What is wrong with her, he asks? Lucy explains they were being honest and the scary part is that Barbara is not always wrong. She gathers up her resolve before she says the words; she thinks they should stop seeing one another.

Carly wants to know what Simon wants? Simon stares at her for a long moment before he simply tells her to take care. Carly answers that she didn’t think this would last long, but she at least thought it would last a couple of hours. She heads out the door quickly after that. After she leaves, Simon says to the empty room and closed door, ‘sorry!’

Mike gathers Katie up in his arms; he is going to take her to bed unless she has a better idea? She pauses for a moment before she smiles and says no. He knows it sounds cliché but things are always better in the morning. They head upstairs but as they are ascending the stairs, Katie takes a backwards glance to the couch where she threw her vows out the window and her face immediately shows her devastation.

Lucy reminds them that they are dealing with her dad and they can’t afford to be sentimental or naïve. He wishes his phone never rang, as does she. They are doing this for Johnny and that is whom they have to focus on now. Dusty thinks if they have to keep their distance there is something he wants her to know. Lucy cuts him off because she knows he doesn’t like to talk; he corrects her, he just doesn’t feel that he is good at it. She comments that he does better then he thinks. Even though they aren’t going to see each other, at least she knows they will be going through it together. When is this time apart going to start? Lucy thinks now, so Dusty pulls her in and kisses her. She tells him he is weakening her resolve. He kisses her again and tells her goodbye. She corrects him; it is not goodbye – it is never goodbye.

Craig demands that Margo go home; she will but it is her promise that she will stop him! Craig snarls wondering if she would let someone keep her from Casey or Adam? Margo yells for him to drop dead as she heads for the door, as Craig screeches back sarcastically that he loves her too. He adds that next time she better have a warrant. He says to himself that it is too bad Emily and he didn’t have time to finish their chat, but they will and she will do exactly what he wants.

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