ATWT Update Tuesday 11/7/06

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 11/7/06


Written By Eva
Pictures by Boo

At Fairwinds, Margo arrives with Lucy and Dusty to arrest Craig for kidnapping Lucy Craig is shocked. Margo reads Craig his rights and puts the handcuffs on him and Craig tells Lucy he is disappointed that he is disappointed that she allowed herself to be manipulated by Dusty. Craig reminds Lucy that Dusty almost got her friend killed in the boxing fiasco and can’t believe that she wants a punk like Dusty raising Johnny. Craig tells Lucy that she has a good heart and having her father arrested will haunt her.

At Crash, Will and Gwen arrive after going to vote and asks Casey if he voted yet and he says no but promises Gwen he will vote later. Gwen is excited to show her songs to Adam but Adam doesn’t like one of the songs she shows him and says she has to have written better songs then that. If she wants to make a demo. Will and Casey defend Gwen and tell Adam to stop being so hard on Gwen because she poured her heart and soul into those songs.

At Carly’s house, Lily arrives because her car battery died so she thought she would take the opportunity to visit Carly and have some girl talk. Carly explains that she is having a bad day because Jack came by and asked her to get back together with him but she said no because she wants to be with Simon. Carly tells Lily that for the first time she realized that he relationship with Jack is over even though she loved him very deeply. Carly tells Lily that Simon is more right for her then Jack could ever be because he doesn’t want her to change and be someone she’s not he accepts her faults and all. Carly explains TO lily that she left a message for Simon telling him she wants to have a relationship with him. Lily wonders if Carly is in love with Simon Carly responds no but she thinks it would be easy to fail in love with him.

At Mike and Katie’s place, Simon and Katie give in to their powerful unresolved feelings and make love.

At Fairwinds, Lucy tells her father that she is doing this for Johnny because she doesn’t want the same thing to happen to him that happened to Bryant. Craig explains to Lucy that he loves all three of his children even though he hasn’t always been a good father. Lucy cries and screams that Craig doesn’t know how to love or how to be a good father. Once Craig is gone with Margo Lucy cries while Dusty holds her.

At Crash, Adam suggests that Gwen needs a voice coach to help her bring out the special qualities in her voice. Will and Casey both think that Gwen doesn’t need a voice coach they also think Adam is being too hard on Gwen. Adam sees jade outside and decides to take a break to give everyone time to cool off. Jade gives Adam the pictures she took of them at the Halloween party so he can remember her when he goes back to Los Angeles. Adam tells Jade he isn’t going back to Los Angeles for a while and would like to go out with her so Jade tells him to call her and set up a time. Gwen comes out and is upset that Jade seems to be following her. Gwen goes back inside and Adam tells Jade good-bye and goes inside and asks Gwen to talk with him outside for a few minutes. So Gwen goes outside to talk with Adam.

At Carly’s house, Carly explains to Lily that Simon is very sexy and turns her on and she realizes he has a dark side but is attracted to that side of him most of all. Lily advises Carly to make sure of her feelings for Simon and once she is sure of how she feels she should go tell Simon. Carly tells Lily that she can see Simon as part of her future and is sure that Simon wants to move on and have a future with her.

At Mike and Katie’s place, Katie lies in Simon’s arms while he is sleeping and wonders how she could ever allow this to happen.

Outside Crash, Adam tells Gwen that she has to stop letting Will and Casey speak for her because in the music business you have to be tough and learn to take a little criticism. Gwen tells Adam that he doesn’t know her that she had a very rough life and had to be tough to survive she says she can handle him and ten more just like him. Adam asks Gwen to handle Will and Casey so Gwen and Adam go back inside and Gwen says she has to leave soon because she has a test. Adam tells Gwen she has to choose between school and a music career because she can’t do both at the same time. Casey and Will once again defend Gwen when Adam thinks she doesn’t want a music career. Gwen and Will leave and Will apologizes because Adam was so rough on her but Gwen thinks Adam has a point and promises herself she will devote more time to her music career. Gwen wants to stick with Adam no matter how rough things get because she thinks he could be her only chance of being a famous singer.

At Mike and Katie’s place, Katie asks Simon to leave and stay out of her life for good this time. Katie thinks Simon intended to ruin her life once again. Simon he never intended for this to happen he just wanted to make peace with his past. Katie explains to Simon that he was her first love but she doesn’t want to love him anymore she just wants to get on with her life. Simon tells Katie she was also his first love and they have a special bond that no one can ever break. Katie screams for Simon to get out and pushes him out the door this time.

At the station, Craig tells Margo that the charges won’t stick because of lack of evidence but Margo assures him she will find every bit of evidence to back up Lucy’s kidnapping charge. Margo thinks that Craig is just fighting Dusty because he is raising Johnny the way Jennifer wanted happy, healthy, and at peace. Margo tells her brother he doesn’t know how to love anyone because a man who knew how to love his children would let them go if he was the one hurting them. Margo tells Craig he didn’t even consider how putting him in jail would tear Lucy apart he just wanted his own way.

At Fairwinds, Dusty explains to Lucy that he knows how much putting her father in jail cost her and he will always be grateful to her for protecting Johnny. Dusty tells Lucy he will tell Johnny the truth about Craig and why they have to be apart from each other but he will also tell him what his strong and brave sister did to protect him. Dusty gives Lucy a long kiss.

At the police station, Tom tells Craig to find himself another lawyer because he won’t allow him to rip his family apart and makes it clear that if he has to choose between a job and his wife he will pick his wife every time.

At Fairwinds, Lucy thanks Dusty for helping her to face the sort of person her father is and what he did to her. Lucy explains to Dusty that she didn’t do this to impress him like her father said she did this for herself because today for the first time she feels like she can breathe again. Dusty tells Lucy that he will always be very grateful because she put herself on the line for him and then Dusty gives Lucy another kiss.

At the police station, Emily tells Craig he made a serious mistake underestimating Dusty and now it looks like he is down for the count. Emily promises to help Craig look for another lawyer and Craig is determined to turn this stay in jail to his advantage.

At Mike and Katie’s place, guilt ridden Katie sobs on the couch.

At the Lakeview, Simon returns and listens to the message Carly left for him and then decides to take a shower.

At Fairwinds. Dusty and Lucy begin to make love.

At the Lakeview, Carly arrives in Simon’s room to talk to him. Carly wonders what Simon was doing all night and why he doesn’t answer her calls.

At Mike and Katie’s place, Mike comes home and finds Katie crying on the couch and wonders why she is crying.

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