ATWT Update Monday 11/6/06

As the World Turns Update Monday 11/6/06


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

At home, Margo and Tom arrive surprised to see one another; he thought she was working the late shift? She asks him sarcastically if he is having another busy day at work? Did he enjoy dragging Johnny from Dusty’s arms thanks to Craig? Tom stands firm in his belief that everything that happened did so legally. Margo wonders how he could allow it? Tom suggests she ask the judge that arrived at this decision to begin with. He has legitimate rights in wanting to see his son. He empathizes with his plight after everything he went through with Emily. Margo thinks that comparison is apples and oranges. Emily didn’t show up with marshals to take Daniel away. Maddie interrupts their heated discussion because she is waiting to meet up with Casey. After a moment though, she senses the awkward tension and excuses herself to head outside to wait instead. Margo is concerned if Tom is ok with what he is doing? Tom repeats it is legal. Margo reminds him once upon a time he told their kids sometimes it isn’t enough to be legal, but it has to be right – and this is not right.

At the Lakeview, Lucy is threatening her father that if he doesn’t drop his plans to take Johnny from Dusty then she will go to the police on the previous kidnapping charges. Did Dusty put her up to this? Lucy won’t be stopped on this matter and Craig doesn’t want to talk about this anymore. He is leaving; Lucy asks if he thinks he can walk away from this promise. He refuses to discuss this problem in public and if she wants to talk further then she can come back to his house and talk to him like an adult. Lucy agrees to go with him.

At the cottage, Katie is holding tight to her memory box as she stares angrily at Simon. Where is Mike, he asks with an edge? It is none of his business. He begs to differ because he doesn’t want Mike interrupting them because they need to settle things between them without his interrupting. Katie screeches for him to leave so Simon yells back for her to hate him and blame him, but do so, so they can both get on with their lives. Katie doesn’t care because she has Mike and he has Carly. His face when she says that remark makes her believe that Carly and he fought over something. He answers if he stands a shot with Carly then he needs to let go of her now.

At home, Carly is leaving a message for Simon – while Jack listen by the half open door - what she told Jack about them being strictly business partners was a knee jerk reaction that wasn’t true. He is very important to her and she plans on telling this to Jack as well. She hangs up afterwards and stares out into space for a second before she hears the door shut behind her. She whips around and sees Jack there, telling her he can save her the phone call.

At Fairwinds, Craig sarcastically wonders if she thinks she is going to single handedly save the world from his evil? Visitation and getting to know Johnny is one thing but suing for custody is another. Johnny belongs with Dusty. Why? Lucy explains that a child should always know where home is and when Jen died, that is all she wanted for him. Dusty is his home and whole world. Let them be happy. Craig ponders this request for all of 2 seconds before he rather coldly answers, “ah, no!” She incredulously asks if he is going to force her to go forward with criminal charges? Craig doesn’t answer so Lucy starts to leave as Craig yells that Johnny is his son and he will allow noone to keep him from him. Lucy spits that he is being selfish, and he agrees that he is especially when it comes to his children. He will always want what is best for them. Lucy tries that angle; then he needs to consider what is best for Johnny and that is Dusty. Can he please let it go? He can’t! She threatens again for him not to make her go to the police and reopen the kidnap charges against him. He will go back to jail. He opens his phone; he will have to call his lawyer then. She thinks he is implying that he plans on dropping the custody. No, it is not for that reason, but rather because apparently he is about to be arrested. He will raise his son however.

Tom believes a father wanting to see his son is not unethical. Margo thinks that the way Craig went about it was not right though; he ambushed Dusty. Craig’s phone call to Tom interrupts their discussion; there is a situation he needs him for. Margo again sarcastically comments about his master has called for him and he must go.

Adam walks up to his house to find Maddie sitting outside. She explains she sensed something going on inside and she is waiting for Casey. She is happy that he is helping Gwen, but Adam seems a lot more cautious. He understands why Will is pushing so hard for him to work with Gwen but why is Casey? Maddie alludes to the fact that he feels he owes her, but then realizes that he doesn’t know about anything, so she tells him he needs to talk to Casey. Casey shows up and is excited for them all to start working together; again Adam seems subdued. Casey is confused; he thought Adam thought she had potential? Adam wants to know what hold Gwen has on him?

Carly tells Jack he could have knocked; he doesn’t live there anymore and can’t keep waltzing in unannounced. Jack snaps that he gets that, but he tells her that JJ left something in his car and that is why he came back. Does she want to tell him something? Carly hesitates and then nervously answers that apparently he heard it anyway. Jack wants to hear her say whatever she needs to say to his face; is she in love with Simon?

Katie snaps for Simon to just leave and go make up with Carly. Simon admits that Carly thinks there are some residual feelings left between them. Katie thinks he is ridiculous and tries to get by Simon, in the process she drops her box. She hurriedly kneels to scoop the contents up, as Simon tries to help. She yells for him not to touch anything. Simon starts to realize this box is filled with memories of him. He asks her if she has saved all the pieces of their life together?

Casey explains that Gwen is simply their friend and there is no hold. Adam answers that he misunderstood, as he looks at Maddie. She explains that she thought he knew and that maybe he should talk to his brother, as she heads out. Casey explains slowly that he and Gwen hooked up once and after a deep breath he goes on to explain that she got pregnant. Adam is surprised; where is the baby now? Casey carefully goes on to explain that the baby died. Adam is stunned. He is sad that he went through all of this alone and didn’t tell him. Casey corrects him; Gwen went through it alone mostly because he pretended she and the baby didn’t exist. Adam is starting to understand the dynamic, but because they share this history that could complicate things.

Margo walks up behind Tom telling him she hates when they fight. Tom explains she has to stop riding him then about Craig because he is not prepared to quit. After a kiss, he is heading for the door when Margo tries again – what is Craig planning? He doesn’t know about anything right now and even if he did, he couldn’t tell her anyway.

Lucy wonders if Craig thinks Tom will be able to talk her out of this? No, he thinks he is going to need bail to get out of jail. Does she think this move is going to buy Dusty’s love? Lucy admits that while she is attracted to him, she is doing this because it is the right thing. He points out that Dusty is more of a shady character then he; he has been arrested more times and he has checked Chaz out already, who is another unsavory character as well. Lucy points out that none of those people plan on using Johnny. Craig begs to differ; he feels Dusty is… to get to Lucy. When he was with Jen, he stood to inherit Barbara’s fortune and now he is with her because she is in line to score Lucinda’s fortune. His heart isn’t going pitter-patter for her it is going ka-ching. Lucy glares at he father; does he think she is useless and that she is that starved for affection that she would fall for the first man who bats his eyelashes? Then noone loves her like her daddy though, she coldly adds. Craig apologizes for his comment, but Lucy is furious. Jen may not be around to finish what she started with him, but she can do that for her. Craig advises that she be careful what she wishes for because kidnapping is a federal offense and by bringing those charges she would essentially be putting him in a maximum-security prison for the rest of his days. Do what she has to though, because he will too.

What is she doing with this box, Simon wonders? She snaps that she was throwing it away. Simon thinks it is strange that her husband goes out of town and she runs to look in this box. Katie assures him that she never looks in here and she was simply cleaning the closet out. He reminds her that he was married to her and he knows she would never allow any messes in her house, even in the closet. She attacks clutter with vengeance. Simon starts to look through the box, much to Katie’s dismay. He picks up a ceramic piece and Katie yells that is about Mike. Simon doesn’t believe it because it never would be in a box filled with memories of their life. Katie tries to grab it and it drops to the floor breaking. She yells out angrily, as Simon instinctively pulls her into a hug.

Carly isn’t answering Jack’s question, so he says that it is a simple question. Carly admits that she doesn’t know. Jack is happy because if she were then she would know. Carly admits what they had she doesn’t feel for Simon. However, they are more then business partners. He wanted all of this, so there it is. Jack admits he didn’t realize what this would mean. He was so filled with anger and it wasn’t going away, so he decided he had to. Carly corrects him; he didn’t have to go away, he could have gotten past it, but he didn’t want to. His world is black and white; he is right and she is wrong. He thought it would be easier to live without her, but it isn’t. It is hell. Carly thinks he is just missing the kids, but he isn’t. He misses her. He figured that they had to throw it all away to begin again. He was wrong and she was right in fact; he wants her back. Carly seems torn from exhilaration from waiting so long to hear those word to pain from hearing those words now at this different point in her life. He says this now afterall theses months. He admits he has been thinking about how wrong he was for a while. Practically from the day he left. When she held out the compass and he left and then when she called out for him to stay and he left anyway. He didn’t want to go ever; he did want to stay. Carly doesn’t believe him because he had too many chances – chances when she pleaded and begged for him to give them another chance. He didn’t come back after that, or after a day, weeks or months. He comes back today – why? He answers because of Simon, as Carly smirks. He pushes her away and then another man shows her attention and he is ready to stake his claim. Jack explains it is not like that because he is sure a lot of guys want her; it is that he is watching her talk herself into wanting him. He can’t have her loving any other man. He thought he could stand it if she found someone else because he knew she would; she would find someone who would not judge or try to change her, but she wouldn’t belong with them because she belongs with him. Carly seems to become affected by his words, as Jack reaches out and touches her face, Carly seems to tremble. He feels like this is the first time when if he doesn’t touch her then he will explode; he slowly moves in towards her face to kiss her, as Carly seems ready to give in, but suddenly she pulls back and tells him no.

Katie pulls back; she doesn’t know why she is crying. Simon teases her about who wouldn’t get emotional when they are about to throw away stuff like this, as he holds up a pathetic dead flower. He then sees her scrapbook from when she was a child; she can’t throw that away because it meant so much to her for so long. Katie explains it is about him because he found it and then gave her the wedding she always dreamt about. They reminisce about their wedding day standing in the church, as the snow fell on them through the hole in the roof. They had a perfect life and then poof it was over, no wonder they aren’t over one another, Simon deduces. Katie snaps that she is over him. Exhibit A - Simon holds up the book as proof that she isn’t as over him as she keeps claiming. Katie gets up her resolve and anger and tells him that it will in fact be easy for her to throw away this stuff because none of it was real and Mike is. The only memory she wants of him now is the back of his head as he walks out the door, she screams.

Craig is sure it is not in Lucy’s nature to hurt him like that. Lucy asks him if he doesn’t think she will do it? Whatever he did to her was done out of love, he defends. Whatever she is threatening to do right now would be done out of spite, and that is not her. She is his daughter, he points out; she glares back at him before she agrees with him – she is his daughter, as she stomps out. Tom walks in wondering what is up with Lucy? Craig blows it off saying she had things on her mind. What was so urgent? Craig smiles; he thought he may need his legal expertise, but he thinks he took care of it himself.

Lucy and Dusty meet up after and he wonders how it went with her dad? She apologizes because it didn’t go well; she thought he cared enough about her to back off. Dusty worries about how many court visits it will take before Craig decides to run with Johnny? They talk about his other options, but Dusty thinks she is still his best option at keeping Johnny. Isn’t there another way? Dusty doesn’t see one; will she testify against her dad for Johnny?

Casey continues to sing Gwen’s praises. Adam is bothered about how both his brothers are bending over backwards to help Gwen. Will is probably doing it out of guilt because he slept with Jade and he is doing it because he slept with Gwen and she lost the baby. He has his doubts this is going to work. Casey snaps about Adam being the diva here. Gwen and Will are on their way over to see if this can work and he needs to decide if he is in or out?

Carly sadly and quietly tells Jack she can’t. What is wrong because she can tell him anything? She can’t be with him because she can’t go back to being his wife. It was hard and at times even impossible. She always had to do things his way and to live up to his standards. She has fun doing things he wouldn’t even consider. She isn’t going to change and either will he. It is hard with him. Jack sadly asks if it is easier with Simon? Carly stares for a moment and then answers that it is.

Simon hollers that he isn’t leaving this house while she thinks all they shared was a lie. Their life started as a lie when he married her so he wouldn’t be deported. He admits that, but then adds that he grew to love her. He admits that he is a con man, a thief and a liar by trade but he couldn’t pretend or manipulate what they shared. What they shared was the most real thing he has ever experienced. Why should she believe him? She was there and knows how it felt. Katie gives him back the old standard line she tells him more or less to keep convincing herself, that she loves Mike. He answers that he has heard that one thousand times; why does she feel she has to make herself believe that their marriage meant nothing in order for her marriage now to mean something? Katie starts to cry; he was her everything and when he left her she wanted to die, as she chokes out the words. She finally gets back on her feet again and back he comes to make her fall in love with him again, only for him to leave her again! She doesn’t love him, in fact quite the contrary – she hates him, she screeches!

Craig offers Tom a celebratory drink; Tom passes. What was the crisis? Craig coyly smirks, as he admits to his brilliant powers of persuasion helping him out. No sooner has he spoken these words then Lucy marches in. He is happy she came back because he didn’t like how they left things. Lucy cuts him off because she brought some friends. Cue Dusty and Margo walking in. Margo begrudgingly says that she was hoping to never have to say these words to him again but…he is under arrest.

Adam admits he doesn’t know if he is in or out because he has to hear the rest of her songs. Casey doesn’t understand why it feels personal? It is because they are both his brothers. In case Casey forgot, he also has a reputation and career to consider. He explains no matter how badly he and Will may want Gwen and he to work together, if they don’t click then they won’t be able to. Casey agrees to this and understands. He is glad Adam is going to consider this.

Jack nervously wonders if Carly is saying that she is happier with Simon? She answers that sometimes she is. She may be what Jack wants, but she is not what he needs. This hurts her to admit. She wants to be a good person, as Jack adds that she is, but she always has to try to accomplish this. Sometimes she forgets to try though. Jack affirms that he loves her and only her. Carly tells him that she is not the woman she was when she was with him. When he left her she became someone else. He needs to go. Jack stares at her unmoving. Finally, he seems to catch his breath and he heads for the door. He stutters that he just wants her happy and if Simon ever hurts her… Carly cuts him off because he won’t. Both of them stare at each other for a moment before Jack walks out the door. They both look somewhat devastated, as they stand on either side of the door unmoving.

Katie is shrieking about how she regrets wasting any minutes on him! He needs to go back to Australia and get out of her life! She hates him and she wants to get on with her life! Simon grabs her and repeats her words back. Get out, she roars! Simon stops for a split second and then suddenly they are in each other’s arms passionately kissing.

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