ATWT Update Friday 11/3/06

As the World Turns Update Friday 11/3/06


Written By Amy
Pictures by Boo

Gwen and Will are at Java discussing the demo. Casey walks in and Will explains that they’re not doing the demo with Adam. Casey does not like the idea of them doing in on their own. Gwen explains that Jade is part of the deal and she doesn’t want her around. Casey says that he’ll handle it and pulls out his phone.

Adam shows up at the Snyder’s’ house. Jade invites him in, but Adam tells her that he’s going back to L.A. Adam explains that he had it out with Gwen and tells Jade that she’s no push over. Jade is shocked that he said something negative about Gwen because, “she’s sheer perfection.” Jade thanks him for coming to say goodbye. Adam leaves after telling her, “Don’t let them get you down.” Adam gets a call from Casey. Casey tells him to come to Java. He is reluctant at first but finally agrees to go. He goes into Java and sits down with the three of them. Casey tries to convince him to pursue Gwen. Adam says that there’s one condition, “Gwen has to act like a professional.” Will starts to get offended, but Gwen tells him that it’s just business. Will and Casey leave so that Gwen and Adam can talk. Gwen admits to not caring what his opinion is of her. Adam says that as a singer trying to make it, she should care what he thinks. Gwen shoots back with, “As Wills brother you should care what Jade did to his life.” Adam says that he’s not trying to get her to like Jade, but if they’re going to do this they have to be on the same side. “Outside of questions specifically about your voice and your music. I call the shots. No questions asked. So, you have to ask yourself if you’re prepared to deal with that.” Will and Casey walk back. Gwen says that she thinks they worked things out. Will says that he’s glad because he didn’t want to hate Adam. Adam then says, “We’re working together in the music profession. That will come.”

Lucy and Dusty are in the Lakeview. Dusty asks her to testify against Craig. Dusty tells her that she’s the only person that can put him in prison. Dusty says that all she has to do is come forward about how Craig kidnapped her long ago. Lucy says that he reminds her of her father. She tells him that he just can’t see that Craig is her father and it’s hard for her. And that’s what Craig does. He stops thinking of people as people and sees them as pawns. Dusty says that he’s sorry. Lucy warns him that he could be playing right into his hand. Dusty asks what they should do and Lucy says that she might have the answer.

Paul comes up to Meg at the hospital. Paul suggests eloping, and Meg says that’s fine because all she wants at the wedding is him. The two kiss and Craig walks up with Johnny. Meg sees him and sends Paul away. Paul walks out and Craig takes out his phone.

Emily is outside of Java. Her phone rings. It’s Craig telling her that Paul is on his way to plan his honeymoon. Emily begins to tell Craig off, but back tracks after she has a flashback to Meg and Paul at the Gala. Craig asks if he can count on her, she says yes. Emily waits in Java. She sees Paul walking up. She acts like she doesn’t see him and runs into him. She tells him about Craig having Johnny. Paul leaves angrily to talk to Craig.

Carly, Jack, and Simon are in Carly’s house. Jack asks if she and Simon are together. Carly has a flashback to the two of them kissing at the Gala. She then looks at Jack and says, “No, it’s strictly business.” Simon seems to be shocked by the answer. Carly says that she will tell JJ that she and Simon are just friends. Jack apologizes for grilling her in front of Simon and leaves. Simon admits that he felt a little insulted that she referred to them as just friends. Carly tells him that it wasn’t just for Jacks benefit. It was the truth. “What we have is a business relationship with a one night stand thrown in.” Simon refuses to believe it. He admits that sleeping with her wasn’t just another roll in the hay. Carly tells him that she can’t be with him because of her kids. Simon accuses her of still wanting Jack. Carly denies it. Simon says that she’s afraid of how high she can fly without Jack. He says that he wants to encourage her to fly. He then kisses her. Carly stops him. Simon tells her that she’s just using her kids to live half of her life. Carly tells him that what happened last night was great, but she doesn’t want to make it out to be more than it was. Simon tries to convince her that they’re good together. It doesn’t work so Simon decides to leave. Carly stays behind and tries to convince her that it’s just business. She then has another flashback of her and Simon kissing and Jack asking if she and Simon were together. “Who am I kidding?” She calls up Simon and tells him that it’s not just business and she wants to see this through. As she says this, Jack walks up behind her.

Mike and Katie are in their house. Katie delivers the sad news that they are not pregnant. Katie admits that she’s afraid that she will never have children. She says that having a child isn’t up to them and maybe she’s not meant to be a mother. Mike starts to get angry and says that babies are not a reward for good behavior. Mike then leaves to go to work. Katie goes into the closet and pulls out a box. She starts looking at all her old things. She looks at a necklace that she was wearing while she was with Simon years ago and starts crying. She puts down the necklace and takes out a scrapbook. She has another flashback of Simon. Finally she looks at her wedding veil and thinks back to their wedding. She turns to Snickers, “I know what your thinking. I have to let this go.” She takes a sip of wine and decides to dispose of all her little reminders of Simon. She starts to go outside, but sees Simon about to knock on the door.

Craig walks up to Meg. Meg threatens to call security but Craig tells her that he has a court order to see Johnny. He takes it out and shows it to her. Meg can’t believe everything that he’s doing to Dusty. Craig asks her to give him a chance to explain why he’s really there. Meg starts to walk out, but Craig stops her. He says that he needs help to make sure that he’s doing everything to protect Johnny. Meg says that Lucy can explain all of it to him, but Craig says that it’s too painful for her because she’s too close to Johnny. Meg lets him know that she doesn’t trust him. Paul walks in and does not like what he sees. Meg takes Johnny and answers the phone. Paul tells Craig that the only reason he asked Meg for help is because he needs credibility. Meg hands Johnny back to Craig. Paul chimes in the background with, “You will get custody of Johnny over my dead body.” Craig thanks Meg and says that he will schedule an appointment with Dr. Lake for Johnny. He leaves and Meg tries to explain that Craig was just worried about Johnny. Paul doesn’t believe it and cant understand how she could agree to help him. Meg takes offense to that and says that she actually can make a decision on her own. Paul informs her that every time he turns his back she’s alone with Craig. Meg asks why he’s there and Paul explains that Emily told him that Craig had Johnny and he had to come over. He says that he needs Craig to know that he will always be right t here. Meg then tells him that Craig was fine with Johnny. She then suggests that the two of them stay out of it. Meg says that she doesn’t want to just talk about Craig all the time. Paul agrees to not talk about Craig if she agrees to not talk to Craig at all. Meg tells him that he does not give her orders. Paul says that he’s just trying to protect her, but Meg says that he can’t control her.

Craig goes to the Lakeview and hands Johnny to Dusty. Dusty leaves and Craig sits down by Lucy. Lucy gets up to leave, but Craig asks why she’s on Dusty’s side. Craig says that he just pushed to get his son. Lucy explains that he might have pushed so hard that he might not get him at all. “Unless you drop these plans for a custody suit I am fully prepared to go into criminal court and testify against you on kidnapping charges.”

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