ATWT Update Thursday 11/2/06

As the World Turns Update Thursday 11/2/06


Written By Eva
Pictures by Boo

At the Dorm, Gwen is excited that she pulled her first college all nighter and she is thrilled she didn’t have to study all night. Will is at his computer making a list of all the recording studios they found so they can go visit them and pick a studio where they can record her demo CD. Gwen is still worried that her demo will be one of the many vanity CDS people record and she won’t ever make it in the music business. Will gives Gwen a kiss and tells her she has real talent and someday she will be a famous star. Adam arrives and Will wants to make him an offer, which he can’t refuse.

At Holden and Lily’s house, Lucinda tells Lily that Jade disobeyed her and showed up at the Halloween party. Lucinda tells Lily that she should throw Jade out of the house because she lied to her again. Luke advises Jade to tell Lily the truth before his grandmother Lucinda tells her about the party.

At the Lakeview, Katie tells Mike that she thinks she may be pregnant because she has an upset stomach and nausea. Mike gets an important call and leaves for a few minutes to answer the phone. Vienna arrives and tells Katie she is leaving on a trip because she must try to forget about Simon. Vienna tells Katie she never thought it would happen but Simon has left both of them and has fallen in love with Carly. Simon calls Carly to tell her he will go to her house once he has sold the stolen jewels and they will celebrate just like they did last night.

At Carly’s house, Jack arrives to apologize to Carly for what he said to her last night. Jack also tells Carly he is worried about her because when he saw her with the Prince last night he sensed she was in trouble.

At the Lakeview, Craig goes over what Emily is to tell Dusty once more and then he leaves to go meet with Tom. Dusty and Lucy are up in his suite and Dusty tells Lucy that he is sorry Johnny was asleep for their visit. Lucy tells Dusty she enjoys watching Johnny sleep and hearing his baby snores. Dusty jokes that it may have been Chaz snoring not Johnny. Once Dusty and Lucy come downstairs Dusty begins to tell Lucy how much it meant to him that Lucy defied her father to protect Johnny. Emily arrives and tells Dusty that Craig is planning to fight for visitation rights to Johnny. Emily advises Dusty to pack Johnny’s things and leave town before Craig can reach him. A desperate Dusty goes back upstairs and packs Johnny’s things and gets ready to leave Lucy encourages him to stay and fight for Johnny legally but Dusty tells her that he doesn’t care what he has to do but nobody is going to take Johnny from him.

At the Dorm, Adam tells Gwen he thinks she has real talent and now all they have to do is find someone to invest in a demo CD for her. Will tells Adam he wants to give Gwen the money to make her demo CD but he wants him to produce it. Adam makes it clear that the demo will be lots of hard work and long hours and she must follow his instructions. Gwen smiles and accepts the deal but then Adam tells Gwen it will be okay if her friends hang around her but she must also accept his friends. Gwen tells Adam that it is fine but then he says that he is a friend with Jade.

At Holden and Lily’s house, Jade apologizes to Lily for disobeying her but she was gone with the family trick or treating and she felt like everyone had someplace to go and celebrate but her. Jade explains that she just went to yo’s to get some food and listen to music but then she met someone who invited her to the party. Lily finds it strange that Jade would accept an invitation from someone she has just met for a few minutes. Jade tells Lily that the guy seemed nice and his name is Adam Munson. Lily thinks that Jade is using Adam to be close to Will. Jade tells Lily that she had no idea that Will and Adam were brothers but Lily doesn’t buy that lie.

At the Lakeview, Katie insists to Vienna that she has gotten over Simon and she doesn’t want his kind of drama in her life. Vienna thinks Katie is fooling herself but Katie tells Vienna she loves Mike and she is happy because they plan to start a family. Vienna tells Katie that she saw Simon and Carly together after they made love and the love and passion they feel for each other burns in their eyes.

At Carly’s house, Jack wonders what Carly was doing with the Prince so Carly explains that she went to her first formal event as a single woman and she felt nervous so she thought she would try to have a good time. Carly tells jack the prince has a thing for Grace Kelly so she thought she would have a good time with him and flirt a little bit because his attention made her feel good. Jack wonders if Carly has become such a risk taker since she met Simon. Carly assures jack that last night had nothing to do with Simon. Jack wonders if Carly was upset because Simon broke up with her and that is why she felt the need to turn to another man. Jack makes it clear that there is no need for Carly to turn to another man because she can always turn to him for whatever she wants or needs. Carly wants Jack to clarify his comments because she is confused and wonders if Jack meant that in a financial need for the kids or her personal needs regarding a relationship. Carly asks Jack if what he said meant that there is a chance for them to reconcile if Simon isn’t in the picture. Jack tells Carly that depends if Simon is still in the picture or not before Carly can give him an answer J.J comes down and Jack must go and take him to school. Jack smiles and tells Carly they will talk about this subject later. Simon arrives shortly after jack and J.J leave and shows Carly a briefcase full of money that he got for the jewelry. Carly wonders how much money will be left over once they pay the loan shark. Simon smiles and tells Carly that he has already paid the loan shark all the money he owes him and this is the money left over for them. Simon assures Carly that nobody will ever know they stole the jewels and even if they find out they won’t be able to find the jewels so the Prince will just make a claim and get paid by the insurance company. Carly smiles and grabs some of the money and can’t believe that they will be able to finish the project. Simon grabs Carly and gives her a kiss and jack watches them kiss from outside with a look of deep hurt on his face.

At the Lakeview, Tom arrives with Craig and a court appointed marshal and tells Dusty a judge has granted Craig visitation rights and he must give Johnny to Craig for a few hours. Dusty refuses to give Johnny to Craig so the court officer informs Dusty he can take the child by force if need be. Lucy is very upset with Craig and tells him he is being very cruel taking Johnny from the only father he has ever known. Tom informs Dusty that Jessica already has a copy of the Judge’s order and explains that the courts almost always side with the biological parent and since Jennifer is gone they gave Craig visitation. Lucy blasts her father for not caring how this time away will upset Johnny. Dusty doesn’t want to see Johnny upset so after giving him a kiss and telling him how much he loves him he gently places Johnny in Craig’s arms and leaves the room. Lucy is so disgusted that she can’t look at her father anymore and leaves to console a heart broken Dusty.

At the Dorm, Gwen blasts Adam for being friends with Jade after everything she has done to hurt them. Adam tells Gwen and Will that Jade told him everything and he knows she has done terrible things to hurt them but he thinks its only because she had a rough life and didn’t know another way to survive. Adam tells Gwen and Will he thinks Jade is really sorry about the things she has done and wants to change. Gwen is really angry that Adam believes Jade a woman he has only known a day over his own brothers whom he grew up with his entire life. Gwen tells Adam that is the way he feels he should go be with his brother’s left overs. Adam tells Gwen he will gladly go is with Jade and leaves a stunned Gwen who just realized that she let her musical dream walk out the door. Will gives Gwen a kiss and tells her that they will find someone great to produce her Demo CD and she will be a star.

At the Lakeview, Vienna tells Mike she is leaving town to get over Simon. Mike wonders why Katie is so upset but she tells him its nothing. Mike tells Katie that he just got a job offer in Chicago, which pays very well, and he will come home on weekends. Katie tells Mike he can’t leave her alone and go to Chicago because she needs him in case she is pregnant. Mike thinks they should go to the drug store and get a home pregnancy test and once they know the results then they can decide what to do about the job.

At Carly’s house, Jack knocks on the door and Carly and Simon break the kiss and Carly opens the door. Jack tells Carly that J.J was asking questions about Simon so for the kids sake Jack asks Carly if she plans to have a relationship with Simon. When Carly doesn’t answer Jack tells Carly that the kids need to know if she plans a relationship with Simon.

At Holden and Lily’s house, Jade promises not to see Adam again and anyway she doesn’t think it will be a problem because Adam won’t want to see her again once now that he knows what she has done to his family. Jade goes to answer the door once she hears a knock and is stunned that Adam came to visit her again.

At Mike and Katie’s house, Mike nervously waits for Katie to come out of the bathroom and when she does he asks her if they made a baby.

At the Lakeview, An excited Craig talks to Johnny about everything they are going to do together. Craig wants to take Johnny to see Margo but Tom doesn’t think that would be a good idea because she will be upset that he got visitation rights when he promised her he wouldn’t take Johnny away from Dusty. Craig gives Tom the day off and Tom leaves with one last look at Craig and Johnny clearly disgusted at what he just helped Craig to do. Craig once again asks Emily to help him with another part of his plan. Dusty worries that Craig will take Johnny out of the country. Lucy tells Dusty that her father must do everything legally now. Lucy tells Dusty there must be a legal way to deny her father access to Johnny. Dusty tells Lucy she is the only way to deny Craig access to Johnny.

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