ATWT Update Wednesday 11/1/06

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 11/1/06


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

At the Lakeview, Simon and Carly are passionately kissing wrapped up in Simon’s bed sheets. Carly asks if it is real - Vienna really has the fake diamonds? Simon is a little down because he thought she might have been talking about them. So he poses the question to her – is it real? Carly replies by telling him that he talks too much and shutting him with a kiss.

At the dorms, Casey grabs the kid dressed up in a mask brandishing a knife and starts pummeling him, as the person tries to explain and Maddie yells for him to stop. After a few more punches, Casey lets him up and the person runs out. Casey is furious, as he asks if she is alright? Maddie wonders if he is the one who is ok?

At the Lakeview, Will is reminding Gwen that he has the money and with her talent they will be a success. Gwen wonders if Adam was just doling out advice while not really planning on getting involved in her actual career. Will wonders if she doesn’t like Adam? It is not that, but if they get Adam, they also might get Jade. Will doesn’t think so because they just met and once he hears what she did to them, she will be history.

Outside the Lakeview, Jade tells Luke to cover for her because she is going with Adam. Right after she leaves, Lucinda comes out and sees the back of Jade. Luke doesn’t really answer if it was her, but Lucinda is sure and is irritated that Lily asked Jade not to come and then she lied and went anyway. She picks up her cell phone to call Lily, but Luke stops her asking why she wants to start trouble?

Elsewhere at the Lakeview, Dusty wants to bring Johnny upstairs with Lucy, but Barbara angrily informs her that she won’t be going up with him. She is still convinced Lucy was somehow involved in this game with Craig. Dusty is fed up and tells her that if she speaks another bad word about Lucy then she can say goodbye to her grandson for good.

In another part of the Lakeview, Meg wants Paul to take her home, but Paul wants to talk to Dusty first. Meg reminds him Dusty will not want his help, but Paul thinks if Craig is going to play the biological card then he will need Johnny’s family rallying around him. Meg pleads with him to handle this tomorrow, but Paul won’t be deterred. He knows Craig is planning something and the fact that he used her, as a part of his game with Johnny, is unacceptable. Meg wonders if he really thinks that was what it was about? Paul wonders if she thinks there was something else to it?

In a different area of the Lakeview, Emily is not too concerned with Craig finding out her part in letting Dusty know what he is up to. He was testing her loyalty? Too bad, because she cares about Jen’s son. If he wants to fire her then he should go ahead. She would betray him one thousand times over for Johnny. Craig answers that he can work with that. Does she really think he would ever hurt his own son? She sarcastically answers he doesn’t want to know the answer, but it is not like he has been a model parent. Dusty is a thug, Craig counters; Emily shoots back, that he is a felon. Craig is curious what will become of his son when Dusty becomes involved with someone else? Emily laughs at the possibility that person could be his daughter. Craig won’t allow that. Emily doesn’t care what he thinks because she knows that Dusty will put Johnny first. Craig wonders if he would put him first like she did with Daniel when she was involved with Paul? Emily snaps that he knows nothing. He knows she is still in physical pain from losing her little girl, but is Paul? Does she think when he takes Meg home later on and he is ripping off her clothes that he will be thinking of their lost baby? Emily wants him to shut up. He knows that she doesn’t want them together – and either does he.

Meg angrily wonders if Paul ever sees her? He doesn’t follow. When he walks into a room, other people fade away, but she is realizing it is not like that for him. There is always someone else, like Emily, Craig, Dusty and Johnny that cause him to look through her. He can stay here because she is going home, she declares as she stomps off leaving Paul speechless.

Barbara is distraught as she asks Dusty if he would seriously consider depriving her of her grandson when he is all she has left? Dusty is adamant that she leaves Lucy alone then; she should be thanking her because she gave Johnny to him instead of her father; she saved Johnny again. He is going upstairs with Lucy and if she has a problem with that then… Barbara changes her tune and tells them she will say their goodnights and see them later. Dusty and Lucy leave as a saddened Barbara watches them go.

Margo and Tom are talking about the fact that she is not happy how this arrangement is going so far with Tom working for Craig; can’t he still return as DA? Tom thought she wanted them to be able to spend more time together? They should just let Craig be Craig and they can concentrate on each other. He kisses her gently. Margo still won’t be deterred form her thoughts on the matter. Is he willing to compromise his integrity just for a little extra money? Tom is surprised she would ask that question of him and he answers if that is how she sees it then so be it… as he walks away.

Casey is sure someone put that jerk up to it, but Maddie thinks it is as simple as it being Halloween. The student didn’t know who she is or about her past. Casey is still steaming; that guy can’t come into his room and scare her like that though. Maddie snaps back that he can’t go around beating people up either. Casey is surprised she is angry with him, and he tells her that. So Maddie yells that she doesn’t want to be the victim anymore and he shouldn’t be treating her as one by going around and beating people up for her.

Will and Gwen are sitting down talking about how she is just worried about Jade’s impact on Adam; all it seems to take is one night with her to screw up people’s reasoning. She wishes she would just leave town. Will doesn’t see that happening anytime soon since she just found out she is related to the Snyder’s. Would she? They want to escape dealing with this and Will playfully suggests they buy a mansion in California on the coast. Gwen teases him saying she thought they would have one in Miami Beach. For the time being they will have to find a little place for them to hide out.

Carly and Simon are still basking in the afterglow of making love; that was great she offers. It has been a long time – for her at least – for him it has been only an hour or so. Simon corrects her; nothing happened between them; Vienna passed out not too long after they got up there. Carly is thrilled that he didn’t have to consummate things with her. She coyly tells him that the experience they shared was so good that she doubts it could be repeated. Simon nods showing he is up to the task. However, there is a knock at the door and Carly heads into panic mode; she is sure it is Jack having figured it out. He has come to arrest her and she will never see her kids again. Simon smiles asking her if she got that all from a knock? Then they hear Vienna’s voice telling Simon to open the door. They look at each wide-eyed clueless as to what to do.

Luke and Lucinda are sitting at the table, but Lucinda isn’t talking. Is she going to give him the silent treatment? She just wants to know why he is angry with her for her feelings on what Jade is doing to her family? He just doesn’t want her upsetting his mother by starting unnecessary trouble. Lucinda points out that Jade went to the party after Lily asked her not to. Luke explains that she did that because she wants to fit in. She lied, Lucinda points out again. Luke reminds her that he lied also, but Lucinda sees that differently; it was not malicious on his part, but rather because he was worried about what people would think about him. Luke explains that is why Jade does the things she does a lot of the time. Besides Jade is family and isn’t she always drilling into him how important family is?

Jade and Adam arrive at Lily’s house, and she thanks him for the ride, but Adam presses because he wants to know why she is public enemy number 1? She tells him to ask them because she had fun with him, but once he finds out what she did he won’t want to hang out anymore. Adam isn’t sure because if she did in fact hurt the people he loves, then he may decide that. Jade has heard enough and turns to leave, but Adam stops her by saying she can leave and he can hear it from Casey and Will or she can stay and explain it to him so he knows who she is.

Upstairs in his suite, Dusty admits that he thought he was ready for anything, but when Craig pulled out those papers…Lucy reminds him all those papers say is he can be in the same room as Johnny. Lucy apologizes, but Dusty doesn’t get why. She tells him because Craig is her father. Dusty doesn’t want her to even go there, besides he wants to thank her for what he did tonight. Lucy is sure now that Craig won’t stop until he wins. Dusty sadly admits he promised Jen he would never let this happen. Lucy is adamant that he don’t then; he needs to do whatever it takes to keep his son, and she will help in anyway she can.

Craig offers to Emily that she is still in love with Paul. She corrects him; she is not because he destroyed her. Craig eggs her on by wondering how it seems fair that he can just move on with Meg like nothing ever happened. She wonders if he will destroy him for her? He admits partly for her, but for other reasons as well. Emily recognizes that all she has to do is stand by while he steals Dusty’s son. Is she fired or not? Craig answers that she isn’t yet. Then she is going back to the party. Tom walks over to Craig wanting to talk, but Craig can’t right now. Tom wants him informed when there is something legal in the midst. Craig claims that he kept him out of the loop on this one because of Margo. He will need Tom later though and asks him to stick around. Is it legal? Craig smiles, telling him everything he does is legal now.

Paul takes the microphone wanting everyone’s attention; he has an announcement about the most beautiful woman in the room. Meg hears this and starts to head for the door, as Paul asks Margo to stop her. Meg sidesteps her, not interested in hearing anything Paul has to say, but when she sees Craig blocking the door, she turns around to face Paul. He continues; he was smart at one time when he asked her to marry him, but he has made some stupid mistakes since then; he has taken her for granted. He falls to one knee; he loves her with all his heart and he wants to know if she will be his wife again? Meg smiles but tells him to get up. He isn’t going to get up until she agrees to this. Meg’s smile widens and she tells him yes, as they kiss, as everyone in the ballroom cheers as they look on… all except Emily and Craig who carefully watch one another, both looking displeased.

Carly runs into the bathroom with the sheets wrapped around her. Simon opens the door to Vienna. She has had a horrible night; she knew he was trouble and he would suck her back in. Simon is starting to slightly panic, as is Carly who is listening in the bathroom. Where is her necklace, he asks? She tells him it is in the hotel safe because she won’t be wearing it again; she told the prince about him and that she is leaving him; it is no use because he is in her blood. She needs to have him, as she falls into him. Simon pretends he feels the same way, but he can’t be with her now because he is concerned about the prince. She is leaving town tomorrow and if they only have one night then that is enough for now. She starts to kiss him but then sees something on the floor, as she demands to know what that is? Simon sees that necklace on the floor and the look of sheer panic crosses his face. Vienna reaches for a glittery high-heeled shoe instead. Where did this come from? She realizes she has seen this shoe before… on the blonde woman. Simon pretends she is referring to Katie; it isn’t hers. She is not talking about her, but rather the other woman. Where is she, Vienna demands as she paces around the room? Is she under the bed? She heads to look when Simon cuts her off at the pass, kicking the necklace under the bed. He runs and gets a stunned Carly out of the bathroom. Vienna is furious; he told her they were through. He lied to her! Simon tries to cover by claiming he was devastated when she left with the prince and when Carly came upstairs to comfort him one thing led to another. Was it just sex? Carly answers yes but Simon says no, which shocks both women. Does he love her, Vienna demands? Simon tells her maybe he does, which causes Carly’s jaw to drop open while infuriating Vienna. Simon tells her that he is terribly sorry because he didn’t mean to hurt her. Vienna threatens that he is the one who is going to end up hurt, as she stomps out the door. Carly wants to know why he said that about them having sex and the other thing? It got rid of her didn’t it, and she came too close to discovering the necklace, as he goes to pick it up. She will get over this soon, but Carly is worried what angering Vienna might lead to. Simon is more interested in getting back to what they were doing before they were interrupted, as he tries to kiss Carly, who pulls back.

Maddie is frustrated with how careful Casey is being with her. He seems to want to kiss her but then he treats her like a sister. Casey tries to explain; she was… Maddie finishes the sentence; she was raped. He can’t even say it. He admits that he can’t because he can’t stand it. Maddie is worried that he means her. He clarifies this; he can’t stand what her brother-in-law did to her and that he wasn’t there to protect her. He wants to be with her all the time and he just doesn’t know what to do, but he won’t apologize for pounding on the guy for scaring her. Maddie is extremely happy to hear this because she didn’t know how he felt about her. So she decides that the next time she wants to kiss him then she will simply kiss him, as she grabs him and plants one on a thrilled Casey.

Across the hall, Gwen and Will have changed out of their costumes and are ready to head back to his house. Will stops her; where is her roommate? She is a soccer player and is in Ohio at a game. Will smiles and Gwen takes his cue by crawling up next to him on the bed and kissing him.

Jade is finishing up he story to Adam; she had the symptoms and thought she may have been pregnant. At first she was afraid, but when she realized there was no baby, she wanted to hold onto the fantasy a little while longer. Will and the rest of them hate her now. He can understand why after what she pulled. Jade starts to get up because she doesn’t need another person jumping on the, “I hate Jade bandwagon.” Adam wants her to stop and listen to what he is saying because he is not going anywhere.

Dusty comes back in the room after having put Johnny down. He is worried about him because he has been crying a lot; he may be mirroring his feelings. Lucy wants to help, and Dusty tells her that she is just by being here with him; her date must be really angry by now. Lucy realizes she forgot all about Steve. She is so rude leaving him and taking off for parts unknown; she better go talk to him, but Dusty suggests she can just call him instead. Lucy decides to do that but then stops. If she calls Steve and he is still there then she will have to go back to the party. Dusty thinks she just doesn’t want to see her dad, but Lucy explains it is because she doesn’t want to leave him.

A miserable Emily watches Meg and Paul dancing closely. Craig wanders up and fans the flames, as he only knows how. How did Paul ask her to marry him? He didn’t because she asked him when he was in jail. Ouch, Craig replies. He was planning on not letting her see her own child and now Meg has replaced her. That is exactly what Dusty is doing to him. Emily admits she never saw it that way. He continues antagonizing her; she can’t stand by and let these people that stole her future have one now. So he is going to break them up for her? Craig nods and for other reasons. They both want the same result; all they need to do is work together. Emily is not convinced because that won’t bring her baby back. Craig tries another tactic; if Paul hadn’t seduced her then maybe she would still be with Hal; she would have found a way to make things work, because she does that. Who knows, she may have had a baby by now. Emily is becoming emotional. Does she want to continually see Paul and Meg blissfully happy? She doesn’t want to hurt Dusty, so what is it he wants her to do?

Dusty asks Lucy if she wants to stay there with him? She doesn’t want to stay in Barbara’s suite, but she just likes being with him… that is nothing new. They stare at each other, but finally Lucy thinks she should go check on Steve. She says good night but Dusty grabs her hand to stop her.

Carly comes out of the bathroom dressed; he should have kicked her out to appease Vienna. Simon doesn’t think she wanted him doing that so she could stay and sleep with him. Who does she think he is? She answers, a jigalow and a thief. He admits that hurt. What happened tonight between them was important and he can’t ignore it. Carly is worried about him making an enemy of Vienna. Simon promises he plans on fencing the diamond one by one and by the time the prince realizes it is a fake, it will long be out of his possession. Carly thinks she is going to head home so they can have a little space with this. They have a big day ahead of them anyway. Simon wonders if she means she wants space so she can pretend what happened between them never happened? Carly thinks what happened was great, but she doesn’t want them to get sidetracked. Simon teases that he can multi task. She just wants him to focus on fencing the diamonds and getting the money so he can pay back Spiro so he won’t kill him. After all that happens then she will see how things go.

Adam asks Jade if she is sorry for what she did? She says yes, but it doesn’t matter because it means nothing to everyone. Will made a mistake that cost her her mother’s life so shouldn’t Will be a little more forgiving? She realized he didn’t mean to hurt her, that he was just a kid and she has since forgiven him. Adam realizes she is Rose’s daughter; he can see how things became complicated with his brother. It doesn’t have to be complicated like that between them though; he would like to see her again. She smiles and admits she would like to see him as well. He kisses her cheek and leaves.

Will and Gwen are lounging in bed; he is happy she kept this place. It is like their home away from home. They can escape the world and come here and hide from everyone in their quiet place. Just then they hear Halloween revelers in the hallway and smile at this after what they were just saying.

Maddie and Casey are happily curled up on the bed when there is a knock; Maddie goes to answer it and it is some students dressed up in costumes. Do they have candy, they kid? Maddie smiles and nods no. Any beer? Just water. The depressed group heads out. Casey smiles at Maddie’s fun. He wants to know what he should do when he wants to kiss her? She tells him to look at her that way he is now and she will get the message, as Casey kisses her.

Dusty gently rubs Lucy’s hand, and they seem frozen in this spot, but finally Lucy tells him she should go. Dusty stops her again, as they stare at each other again. Finally he tells her instead that she should go down the back way to avoid another run in with Barbara, but it seems that was not really what he wanted to say. She agrees and heads in the opposite direction, as she passes closely by him it seems they are close to kissing, but they don’t. Dusty thanks her again for everything and Lucy finally leaves.

Craig tells Emily all she has to do is keep telling Dusty the truth, as she knows it. She should continue to tell Dusty everything she knows of what he is doing to get closer to Johnny. Emily wonders how that will help him? Then she realizes he will be one step ahead of them and that will infuriate Dusty as well as Paul. She understands that he wants them angry and distracted while he keeps a cool head. He nods and then adds sinisterly then he will get everything he wants.

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