ATWT Update Tuesday 10/31/06

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 10/31/06


Written By Eva
Pictures by Boo

Most of the action today took place at the Lakeview unless otherwise noted.

At The Lakeview, Paul wonders why Meg looks so flustered and startled and she tells him she just found Craig. Dusty sees someone he thinks is Craig and tackles him to make sure he doesn’t get away. Lucy is startled to see her father at the door and tells him to leave but since he refuses to leave Lucy calls for chaz who comes running followed by Barbara. Barbara screams at Craig to stay away from her grandson. Craig still refuses to leave so Chaz grabs him and throws him out. Lucy runs to the lobby with Johnny and tells Margo that Craig is upstairs and he should be arrested for violating the restraining order against him. Jade takes off her mask and reveals herself to Casey, Will, and Gwen Casey and Maddie ask Jade to leave but Will and Gwen tell them both to let it go because she isn’t worth the trouble. Jade begins to cry and runs away with Luke following her. Adam wonders what jade did to make all of them hate her. Casey and Will refuse to go into any details but tell Adam Jade hurt all of them very badly. Adam goes to check on Jade while Gwen suggests they go back and enjoy the party. Casey decides to go catch up to Adam and make him listen to Gwen sing. Vienna tries to make love to Simon but since he wants nothing to do with her he keeps distracting her with wine hoping to get her drunk enough to pass out so he can steal her jewelry. Simon tries to undo the clasp on Vienna’s necklace but she slaps his hand away reminding him she won’t allow him to steal the jewels from her.

On Route 30, the prince continues to speed in his car with Carly holding on for dear life with a terrified look on her face. Jack chases the Prince’s car with the siren blasting but the prince pays no attention and continues to go faster Carly begs the Prince to pull over but he tells her he won’t do so unless she calls him Doly. Carly does so and prince Adolfo pulls the car to the side of the road. Jack asks the Prince if his companion didn’t tell him about U.S.speed limits the prince says yes but he just was taking a pleasant ride on the road. Carly asks the officer to cut the prince some slack since it is his first visit to the U.S. Jack decides to let the Prince off with a warning and give him a police escort back to the hotel since he is in charge of keeping him safe.

Meg tells Paul she just wants to forget about Craig and go back home and show him how much she loves him. Paul says he can’t forget about Craig because he knows he has some kind of a plan to destroy the lives of his enemies. And Paul vows to make Craig pay and to protect everyone he loves. Meg asks Paul to let the Vendetta against Craig go and concentrate on their relationship. Paul tells Meg he can’t let this go because Craig is a very dangerous man. Emily finds Dusty who explains that he thought he caught Craig but it was just someone who took Craig’s costume out of the garbage and crashed the party. Emily informs Dusty that Craig was up at his suite but Chaz threw him out and Lucy brought the baby downstairs to the lobby. An angry Dusty goes to confront Craig who is being brought downstairs by Dallas and Jessica followed closely by Barbara and Chaz. Gwen assures Will, Maddie, and Casey that she really doesn’t care that Jade is at the party and they should all just have a good time. Adam arrives and tells the group that jade is crying in the ladies room while Luke waits for her outside in the hallway. Casey asks Adam to go into the lounge for five minutes and listen to Gwen sing but Adam is worried about Jade and wants to go check on her. Casey begs Adam to just wait five minutes so Adam goes into the lounge to listen to Gwen sing. Everyone assembles in the main room where the party is being held and Margo asks Craig if he went up to Dusty’s suite and he responds yes so Margo is ready to read Craig his rights and arrest him but Craig tells Margo he just wanted to give Dusty some news. Craig hands Tom a piece of paper which he reads and then Tom explains that the restraing order against Craig was overturned because it was given to Jennifer and since she died it makes the order null and void. Dusty vows to kill Craig if he comes near Johnny and Dallas holds Dusty back when he tries to punch Craig. Once Dusty has calmed down a little Craig explains that he still has full custody of Johnny since he is legally his father all the restraining order means is that Craig has a right to see Johnny. The prince and Carly arrive with Jack and the prince wants to go to the lounge and have a drink with Grace (a.k.a. Carly) the prince then decides to take Carly to the penthouse so they can have a more private party. Jack asks to speak to the Prince and inform him that Vienna was seen going upstairs with another man. The Prince tells Grace that he must go check on Vienna and make sure that the jewelry is safe. Jack jokes to Carly that he is sorry her Prince left so soon but he is sure that another prince will come along someday and take her away from all of this meaning of course her boring life. Carly thinks Jack is serious and blasts him by saying that the whole time she was married to him raising his children and washing his clothes she was just patiently waiting for a rich Prince to come and sweep her off her feet. Jack tells Carly he was just joking and Carly tells him that the joke wasn’t funny and they both go upstairs following the Prince. Vienna finally passes out before anything can happen between her and Simon, which makes Simon breathe a sigh of relief until he hears the Prince Pounding on the door. Simon calmly puts on his robe and the Prince knocks down the door followed closely by Carly, Jack and some of the prince’s security team. The Prince wonders what is going on so Simon explains that he saw a drunk Vienna in the hallway singing and ready to take all her clothes off so he brought her to his room to lay down so as to avoid a public scandal. The Prince tells his men to take Vienna to her room and keep a close eye on her and the jewelry. Jack leaves to go back downstairs and one Carly and Simon are alone Carly blasts him because their plan didn’t work after all the things she went through tonight. Carly tells Simon she hates him and can’t stand to look at him anymore. Luke advises Jade to tell Lily the truth and stop lying to her because Lily will appreciate the truth rather then a lie. Jade tells Luke she will tell Lily the truth even though she knows Lily will be mad at her for breaking her promise not to go to the party. Jade wonders why people can’t forgive her when people forgave Maddie for slicing Lia’s car they forgave Casey for getting Gwen pregnant for not getting Gwen pregnant and not taking responsibility for his child, and they also forgave Will for killing Rose. Adam hears Gwen sing and is very impressed he tells her the first order of business is to change her name to Gwen Morrison because the name Munson won’t sell records then they must get money to make a demo and send it to record companies. Adam tells Gwen they will talk about this later but he needs to go check on Jade. Will is happy and gives Gwen a kiss and tells her he wants to pay for her demo because part of being married is sharing each other’s dream. Gwen doesn’t want to accept the offer because she feels Will won’t have time to peruse his dream. Will tells Gwen that he thinks that if his mom and Dad had shared their dreams with each other maybe their marriage would have lasted longer. Will tells Gwen he wants to make Gwen Morrison a star Gwen gives Will a kiss and reminds him that her name is Mrs. Gwen Munson. Craig tells Dusty he is ready to fight with an army of lawyers to change the custody agreement. Barbara reminds Craig she also has a team of lawyers and she will fight to keep him away from Johnny. Craig tells Dusty they have some unfinished business. Paul wonders why Craig gave Meg a strange look and meg explains that Craig asked a bell boy to tell her that someone was sick and needed a nurse but once she saw it was Craig she left the room quickly. Paul wonders if Craig touched Meg and that is why she looked so upset when he saw her. Meg lies and tells Paul Meg didn’t do anything to her and Makes it clear to Paul that she loves him. Meg gives Paul a kiss and paul tells her he loves her too but he doesn’t trust Craig. Dusty tells Craig he will get the restraing order put back in place so he won’t be able to come anywhere near Johnny. Craig asks Lucy to let him hold Johnny but she looks from Dusty to Craig wondering what to do. Lucy finally gives Johnny to Dusty and not Craig but Craig warns Dusty that he won’t make a scene tonight but he won’t be able to keep him away from Johnny because now he has the law on his side. Casey and Maddie decide to go back to the dorm because they are having a Halloween party. Adam apologizes for his brothers’ behavior and wonders why everyone is against her. Adam also offers to take jade home so they can talk. Carly tells Simon the prince almost killed her speeding in his car and Jack humiliated her when he thought she was prostituting herself to catch a rich man. Once Carly is finished blowing off steam Simon shows Carly the jewels and says their plan went perfectly. Carly is so happy she gives Simon a hug and breathes a sigh of relief with a big smile on her face.

At the dorm, Casey offers Maddie a soda, which she accepts and they sit on the bed and make awkward small talk. Maddie finally gives Casey a kiss because she is in a good mood. Maddie explains to Casey that she feels safe with him and whenever they are together she forgets about the rape and that her sister was the slasher. Maddie gives Casey another kiss and then he gets up to go turn off the lights. Someone wearing a slasher mask and costume appears at the door and Maddie screams.

At the Lakeview, Simon explains to Carly that he switched the real jewels with very convincing copies, which Vienna was wearing. Simon thanks Carly for helping him and Carly tells Simon it was the most thrilling thing she has done in a long time. Carly thinks that stealing is better then making love. Simon tells Carly that nothing is better then making love at that moment Simon and Carly begin to kiss and start to make love.

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