ATWT Update Monday 10/30/06

As the World Turns Update Monday 10/30/06


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

At the Lakeview, Simon is asking Katie what she told Vienna? She tells him she told her the truth; he is over her because he is in love with Carly. He keeps throwing this in her face so it must be true. She looks at him almost inquisitively, as Simon leaves in a huff. She quietly calls out to him that she doesn’t really care who he is with anyway. She looks sadly at the floor as Mike approaches wondering what is wrong? Katie tries to shake it off claiming Simon is having trouble keeping his women straight. Frankly she hopes they tear him apart since he deserves it. Her face seems to not match her words though.

Elsewhere at the Lakeview, Vienna is having an awkward conversation with Carly. She is taking a very high and mighty stand with her as Carly tries to contain her dislike for her. A straightforward V asks if she is sleeping with her man? Carly seems to dodge this question, as V continues like a dog with a bone. She could never keep a man like Simon challenged. Carly continues to act coy, but V is onto her; she sees how she pretends to not be watching him. Should she ask that handsome police man Jack Snyder what he thinks? Carly stops her and tells her that she and Simon do share a special connection. She seems ready to tell her more when Simon appears in the background gesturing for her to not to blow it or say anything.

At Yo’s, Adam and Jade are sitting at a table talking; he wants her to accompany him to the benefit. She doesn’t think so, but he presses; people will be commenting about how, “Munson has the hottest girl in town!” Jade’s smile fades as she asks in disbelief if he is Will’s brother?

At the Lakeview, Casey, Will and Maddie are trying to convince Gwen that she is going to sing and impress Adam tonight. Gwen scoffs at this suggestion; the place is set up for a benefit not a concert. This is not her audience either and noone is going to want to hear her sing. Casey will not be deterred because all they need to do is find a microphone and they are good to go.

In another part of the room, many of Oakdale’s residents are gathered around a magician performing a disappearing act with one Craig Montgomery. Poof he makes him disappear and then teases the audience by asking if they really want him brought back? A few of the people joke about keeping him gone, but then Dusty and Margo pipe up about bringing him back. The magician then waves his hand and yells “Voila” – only Craig doesn’t appear. People are starting to get suspicious and the magician comments that the spirits sensed ambivalence in making him reappear. He will try again; “Voila!” Craig doesn’t reappear and now everyone is upset, as they watch. What is the game? Dusty rushes to look around the box Craig stepped into and when he sees it empty he grabs the man by the collar and demands to know where he is? Jack immediately gets on the walkie-talkie to lock down the building and secure the exits. Margo thinks this is prime Craig; he has to be the center of attention and he wants to mess with everyone’s heads. Paul whips around to challenge his guard; why wasn’t he watching him? Emily thinks outloud that maybe Craig wanted everyone to think he was ok with not being able to do the whole donation in Jen’s name idea; what if he wasn’t making the headway he thought he should have been; Dusty always thought it was a ploy. He has a plane fueled and ready to go…. maybe he simply took off. Barbara thinks there is more to it then just simply vanishing. He wouldn’t leave like that. Dusty suddenly has a thought, as he yells out Johnny’s name and races out of the room with Barbara and Lucy hot on his trail.

Adam is surprised Jade knows Will. She subtly changes the subject. She now realizes he must be in town for his dad’s funeral; she is sorry because he was a great man and the town seemed to center around him. Adam seems to push about her joining him again, but she tries to generally explain that Will and Casey aren’t happy with her right now because of something she did. He wouldn’t score points with her being on his arm; in fact it might ruin his night. He isn’t convinced of that at all. She tells him that while she enjoyed talking to him and she does love a good party, they will have to do it another time. Adam is persistent; he has an idea where tonight might still work and noone will know she is there.

Carly covers and weaves a tale about how she and Simon had something until about a week ago. It is embarrassing why it had to end though. V isn’t convinced because she seems to think he is “too delicious” to walk away from. Carly continues; normally she would agree if he hadn’t murmured someone else’s name. He had fallen asleep at her place, but not too long after he said the name Vienna. Carly feigns humiliation, as V can hardly contain her excitement. He then admitted he had never gotten over her. V is slightly confused for a moment; she thought Katie was his one true love? Carly corrects her; it has been her all along. Carly then continues by adding that she just wanted to come there to see what she had that she didn’t. V comments sarcastically that she doesn’t have the time to make a list. Where is her Simon anyway? Cue Simon who walks up to the women. Carly makes herself scarce – albeit not happily. She throws herself into his arms commenting about how she is the love of his life. Simon plays coy asking about the prince? They come and go, but he is hers. She wants him to meet her in the lobby in 5 minutes. Carly comes back and Simon applauds her as inspiring. What is his plan? He will do whatever he has to get the diamond off her neck. He kisses her and then repeats how good she was. Carly seems happy with herself but not happy with the thought of Simon doing whatever it takes. Clearly she is jealous.

Katie tells Mike she doesn’t want to talk about Simon, Vienna or Carly anymore tonight. Mike is glad because he has news about her brother. Katie’s face drops – what now? He has disappeared. Margo and Tom walk up as Katie is hearing this. Tom is interested in knowing what is behind this mysterious disappearance to begin with?

Dusty races into his suite and runs over to the playpen where Johnny is supposed to be…except he is not there. Dusty frantically looks around the room.

Adam reminds Jade that the benefit is a costume party; she could wear a mask. He could spend time with her as well as spend time with his brothers while she hung around without anyone being aware of who she is. Jade doesn’t think they would be able to find costumes at this late time. Adam remains positive. If they could, would she change her mind?

Casey comes back over to where Will, Gwen and Maddie are hanging out; he just spoke to his grandmom and she said they could use the lounge. Gwen continues to try to get out of this, but they won’t let her. Will tells her she will nail it easily, as they all joke about the lack of pressure they are putting on her – not.

Vienna and the Prince, Adolpho, are talking with Bob, Kim and Jack. When there is a lull in the conversation, V feigns tiredness and mentions she is going to take a nap for an hour. Her boyfriend gently reminds her to be careful with her necklace considering how expensive it is. She smiles as she is walking away; doesn’t he know her by now that she never lets her bobbles out of her sight.

Meanwhile, Simon is waiting for V in the lobby when Carly shows back up. A nervous Simon wonders what she is doing here? She wants a little more specific details on what exactly he means by he will do anything. Simon smiles and teases her about being jealous. She claims it is simply because she is an accessory and wants to know how this jewelry caper is going to go down. Does she not want him sleeping with V? She asks does he not want her sleeping with the prince? V interrupts when she walks up so Carly ducks out unnoticed. V plants a kiss on him mentioning how they have an hour. She catches the elevator as a depressed looking Carly watches him leave. Simon gives her puppy dog eyes and a pout as the elevator doors close. Carly drops into a chair. The prince walks over and charms her; Carly knows she must work with this. He would love to spend all the time with her but he is looking for Vienna. Has she seen her? Carly knows this is show time.

Lucinda walks up to Margo, Tom, Katie and Mike; she knew it was a bad idea to let Craig around a hospital benefit. Margo tries to put a positive spin on it; he just disappeared and that isn’t illegal, but Lucinda reminds him that it probably doesn’t mean anything good either. Margo and Tom wander off. Lucinda has good news for Katie. She is going to make her a very rich woman.

Meg walks up to a distracted Paul; does he want to dance? Paul can’t right now because the guards saw a man sprinting across the courtyard. Meg is annoyed that Paul is playing right into Craig’s hands. Paul can’t help himself as he takes off. Kim asks if everything is ok? Meg plays it off as Paul being Paul. She then realizes there is a pull in the fabric of her dress. Kim suggests she go to the ladies room where they have something to fix that with. Meg leaves to do that as a Lakeview employee approaches her mentioning he heard she was a nurse… one of their guests is not feeling well; can she go check them out?

Barbara and Lucy arrive as Dusty is frantically yelling out Johnny’s name. He then calls out for Chaz. Barbara is beside herself. What has Craig done with Johnny? He has kidnapped him like Cabot, she says icily addressing Lucy. Just then, Chaz rushes in with Johnny explaining he was out back feeding him. He apologizes and Dusty is relieved. Barbara wants to know where and what Craig is up to then?

Meg walks into a darkened hotel room. She calls out for someone. She turns on the lights only to find a pleased looking Craig sitting there. She is so beautiful and compassionate, he comments. Meg is not pleased; he planned this? Craig smiles and tells her this was his way of getting her alone.

Adolpho explains to Carly that Vienna slipped away before he could properly remind her of the fortune in jewels she is wearing around her neck. Carly tells him she saw her in the lobby, but she can’t remember which way she went after. How will she ever make it up to him? He flirts with her commenting about how he can count the ways. Carly flirts back. He insists she call him Dolly instead of his formal name. Carly smiles as she answers back, “Hello Dolly!” He is quite taken with her when he beams at her in response.

Simon and V are upstairs in Simon’s suite drinking champagne, rather she is drinking and he is pouring his in the potted plant. He charms her by toasting to their fortunate reunion. She makes herself at home, but does comment about how small his room is considering what they were used to. He teases her by saying any larger and it would remind him how lonely he was without her. V thinks that must be why he picked up that trashy woman (Carly). He doesn’t want to talk about her; he starts to kiss her and then moves to her neck. His fingers brush over her necklace, as he tries to relieve her easily of her jewels, but she pulls back and tells him that if he touches her necklace she will cut his heart out.

Lucinda explains that Oakdale Confidential was such a huge success that the publishers want to commission the book again and this time with an addendum. They want her to write more follow up and juicy tidbits of gossip and secrets. This time her name would be on the cover as well. She wants to meet with her in the morning to sign the contracts. Katie seems very pleased, but then she looks at Mike and changes her tune. She will have to think about it. Lucinda is confused; this is a once in a lifetime offer. She suggests Mike talk some sense into her. Katie assures her she will think it through and see her tomorrow. After Lucinda leaves, Katie apologizes to Mike commenting about how the book caused him so many problems. She is going to tell Lucinda she can’t do it. Mike answers that she will do no such thing.

Tom approaches Emily; does she know where Paul is? She doesn’t, but needs to come down to reality because they both took their jobs with Craig for the money and not due to Craig’s integrity. They are in Craig’s world now and he shouldn’t be naïve to think he doesn’t want them around for anything more then to make himself look better. He has not changed. She doesn’t know what he is up to, but she bets it isn’t good.

Lucy defends herself to Barbara – she doesn’t know where her dad is. They have to believe her. Barbara remains unfazed by her words. She has been defending Craig in some way since he has returned. Margo arrives commenting about how she would have knocked but she doubts they would have heard her over Barbara’s railing; she has news.

Meg is annoyed; this has all been a joke to him? The hospital board may choose to sue him for fraud. Craig explains that the money is real. Then what is this all about? He explains again that it was to get her alone so Paul wouldn’t interrupt. Can they have a truce? Meg thinks it depends. He goes on to explain that she came here because she is kind; she heard someone was in trouble and she came running. He needs her to be his friend. She has been the only person who has treated him like a human being…even his own daughter doesn’t seem to be on his side. Meg corrects him; she is not on his side either. Craig continues; Paul is a mistake who will only bleed her dry. Meg starts to turn; she is not going to have this conversation. Craig is happy to oblige then when he grabs her and plants a kiss on her.

Mike reminds Katie that it was not her fault his past came back to bite them in the rear. Her writing the book did not cause Nick and the other issues. He wants her to make something good come out of that. She is a great writer and it is a good job to have when raising at family, to be at home. He will even build her an addition where she can go to write. Their children will be proud of all she writes. Katie just wants him proud of her. He smiles because he is; he wants to take this upstairs now though. Katie meets this with a sly grin, as she follows him out of the room.

Jade and Adam enter the benefit, dressed up in their costumes; Jade’s has an ornate mask to further hide her identity. She is still not convinced this was a good idea, but Adam is; the only problem is the mask hides her pretty face. He will meet up with her again right there in 20 minutes. He leaves and finds Casey, Will, Maddie and Gwen soon. They are happy he made it and he won’t be disappointed. Maddie offers to go get him a drink. Adam admits that while he would like to hear Gwen sing, he happens to be here with someone. Will and Casey each smirk and tease him about being in town only a short time and he already has landed a date…. always the ladies man. Who is it? Adam answers coyly – just someone he met.

Jade is wandering around when she sees Luke and quietly motions to him. He is surprised to see her there. She can’t tell anyone she was there, like Lily, because she was not supposed to be there. She just wanted to check it out. Luke thinks it didn’t hurt that Will is there though. Just then, Maddie bumps into her; Maddie apologizes not knowing who it is under the disguise and Jade instinctively answers back that it is ok. Maddie recognizes her voice and says Jade’s name; Jade rushes off.

The prince asks if Carly would like to go for a drive? Carly isn’t sure and comments about him being able to leave with him being the guest of honor and all? This reminds him that he should talk to V after she says this. Carly realizes she made a mistake and decides to take him up on his offer. They are heading out when Bob approaches them wanting to speak with the prince about the Outreach Program for kids, but he answers he will have to do that later since he and his Princess Grace (Carly) are going for a drive.

Simon feigns hurt. He thought she wanted him as much as he wanted her? She kisses him again – she does. She wanted it like the last time in Biarritz when they made love and all she wore were her jewels. That was such a fantastic night. Simon doesn’t know what to do.

Margo informs them that Craig has been sighted at the Lakeview and his car is still in the parking lot. Barbara is still not convinced this scare is over. She even wonders if Margo would do anything about Craig considering he is her brother afterall. Dusty wants to go check things out and he wants Lucy to stay with Johnny. Barbara is less then thrilled about this. Considering what is going on, shouldn’t he rethink whom he leaves with his child – she is Craig’s daughter afterall. Dusty wants Barbara to be quiet; he believes and trusts in her because she is his friend. Dusty leaves and once he does, Lucy comes face to face with Barbara’s wrath; she may have fooled her son-in-law, but she does not fool her and this charade is going to end tonight.

Kim asks Paul if there has been a sign of Craig? He answers there hasn’t – yet. He is actually looking for Meg right now. Has she seen her? Kim explains she went to fix something on her dress in the ladies room. Paul heads over there and bumps into Emily. Has she seen Meg? Emily is surprised by the question considering they aren’t exactly buddies. Paul explains Kim said she was in the ladies room and since she was just in there, he thought she might have seen her. Emily is definite in the fact Meg is not in the ladies room; Paul seems a bit unnerved by this.

Meg seems to linger for a fleeting moment in the kiss but then she pulls away abruptly and demands he never do that again, punctuating the comment with a slap. She heads out the door slamming it behind her. There is a knock a moment after and Craig answers the door; it is a messenger with an envelope. Craig signs for it and then takes it inside to open it. He smiles, as he looks it over; everything is falling into place, he mutters.

Jade is rushing away when Maddie catches up with her, and grabs at her. Casey, Will, Gwen and Adam are right behind her, as Casey wonders what is going on? Maddie offers Jade the chance to tell them or will she? Jade slowly removes her mask, and is met with a sea of displeased and unhappy faces.

Bob approaches Jack and tells him he isn’t sure what to make of this, but since he is assigned to protect him, he thought he should know that Adolpho just went for a drive with his ex wife. Jack races out after hearing this.

Adolpho and Carly are riding in his sports car – seemingly at a high rate of speed, which Carly tries to casually mention. As he takes the corners, Carly tries to steady herself in her seat. He thinks she hasn’t really experienced this speedy car’s exciting ride yet, as he steps on the accelerator again. Carly hangs on for dear life, as she appears terrified.

V is prancing around in her skimpy underwear enjoying glass after glass of her champagne until she wobbles a bit and then passes out in Simon’s lap. Simon checks to make sure she is out cold and then proceeds to try to unhook her necklace, but suddenly V comes to and starts passionately kissing him.

Meg hurries off the elevator and almost knocks over Paul. He can see she is upset and he asks her what is wrong?

Dusty is walking towards the front door of the hotel when he thinks he sees Craig walking by through the fog. He lunges at him yelling out his name.

Barbara is unrelenting as she hollers at Lucy about how she may be in love with Dusty, but he will never return those feelings because he is still in love with Jen. Lucy tries to defend herself as she claims to know this, she is just trying to be his friend. Who is she trying to be a friend to…Dusty or Craig when she ties to help kidnap her grandson? Lucy wonders which it is – is she trying to win or lose Dusty? Barbara thinks she is playing both sides well. If she can’t have Dusty then she will betray him, but either way Johnny loses and she won’t stand by and let that happen. Chaz wants Barbara to keep it down, but she turns on him snapping that this is her house, but he points out that he works for Dusty. He whips her over his shoulder and walks her out of the room. Lucy is holding Johnny when there is a knock. She hopes it is Dusty, as she opens the door and comes face to face with her father, Craig.

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