ATWT Update Friday 10/27/06

As the World Turns Update Friday 10/27/06


Written By Amy
Pictures by Boo

Luke, Holden, Lily, and Natalie are all at their house.  Lucy knocks on the door and comes in dressed as Cleopatra.  Lucinda comes in a few minutes later dressed as Queen Elizabeth.   Lucy asks where Jade is, but Lily explains that she decided it wasn’t a good idea to go to the Gala since Will and Gwen would be there.  At that moment Jade walks in and says that her plans for the evening are to just stay home and pass out candy.  Lucinda makes a comment about Jade possibly stealing from them while they are out.  The doorbell rings.  Lucy’s date, Dr. Steve Connor is at the door.    Luke says that he’s just going to stay home with Jade, but Jade refuses explaining that Lucinda would hate here more if he didn’t go.  Lily asks if she’d like to go trick or treating with them but Jade declines the offer.  Lily, Holden and Natalie leave to go trick or treating. 

At the Gala, Maddie, who is dressed as Juliet, eagerly awaits the arrival of her Romeo.  Casey walks in and is amazed at how Maddie looks.  Will walks in and asks if Casey’s seen Gwen.  Casey explains that she’s taking an exam.  Gwen then walks in and apologizes for being late.  Will takes one look at her in her Ophelia costume and says that he just wants to go home.  Gwen tells him that they cant because they have to pick up their date, Barbara.  Casey and Maddie walk in.  Gwen and Will say that they might leave early, but Casey tells them that they cant go until Adam hears her sing.  Gwen tells him that Adam doesn’t want to hear her and she’s fine with that.  She then leaves to go call Barbara.  Casey then tells Maddie that he asks Adam for one favor and he blows him off. 

Mike and Katie arrive at the Gala.  Katie sees all the photographers and leaves to check her makeup.  Mike sees Jack and walks over to him.  Jack tells Mike that he had to run security for the party.  Vienna walks by and Mike explains that she knows her from the cruise that he and Katie went on. 

Craig sees Emily and instructs her to not let the Prince talk to any other paper but theirs.  Emily agrees and says she’s going to check on the prince.  Craig tells her no, and that she should go pick up a few tidbits to for the intruder.  Emily leaves and Craig sees Paul and Meg.  Craig tells her that she looks amazing in the dress he picked out.  He walks away and Paul is upset that she didn’t tell him about the costume. 

Margo sees Katie and greets her.  She asks where Mike is and Katie explains that he’s getting drinks.  As she says this she looks around for someone.  Margo notices, but Katie acts like she doesn’t know what she’s talking about.  She finally gives in and admits that she’s looking for Simon because “trouble is a lot easier to deal with when you see it coming.”

Simon and Carly are in Simon’s hotel room.  Carly tells him that she knows exactly how to get Prince Aldolpho away from Vienna so they can get the jewels.  Simon tells her that the whole goal is not get her into trouble, but Carly shoots back with “there is nothing legal about aiding and abetting grand larceny.  But if it keeps Spirro from killing you, it’s worth it.”  Carly then steps out of the bathroom looking like Grace Kelly.  Carly explains that the prince is obsessed with Grace Kelly.  Simon tells Carly that in order for the scheme to work, Vienna has to believe he’s alone so she has to keep her eyes off of him.

Dusty and Chaz are sitting at the Lakeview.  Emily walks in and reports that she heard Craig talking to some unknown person and that he told him that he would make someone disappear at the gala.  Dusty worries that Craig is coming after Johnny so he sends Johnny and Chaz upstairs.  Emily promises to keep an eye on Craig.  Just as she says this Craig walks up behind her and says, “Emily?  You look tense.  Is there a problem?”  Dusty and Emily think fast and make up a story about Lucinda needing an extra press kit for one of the reporters.  Craig then tells Emily that they should go because the prince and his lady were to make their entrance.  He then thanks Dusty for his involvement with the benefit.  He then asks about Lucy and says that he assumed the two of them would be going together.  Dusty explains that she’s going to the party and so is he.   Craig then says, “Great.  We should hurry.  We don’t want to miss the magic.” 

Adam walks up to Tom and Margo and asks if anyone’s seen Casey.  He tells them to tell Casey that he’s leaving and they’ll catch up later.  Before he leaves Tom thanks Adam for his advice on Craig’s job offering.  Adam leaves and Margo says she feels a little guilty about putting Jack on security.  Tom says that thing seem pretty calm and Margo jokes with, “Yeah, I think so, for now.  Until, of course, someone steals that crown jewels or something.” 

Mike and Katie then talk about Vienna and that Simon is most likely going to be there because they used to be an item.  Mike asks why they are here and Craig steps in explaining that it was because he asked them and Katie felt obliged to attend.   Katie thanks Craig for telling her about Hal.  “Well, I’ve returned from prison a new man.  And I hope tonight I can prove to you, and to everyone else, just how much I’ve changed.”

Meg apologizes for not telling Paul that Craig bought her the dress.  Paul says that Craig wants to break them up because he wants her.  Meg tells him that he’s never going to get her and he’s an idiot if he thinks that he can get to them.  A man walks up and Paul introduces him as Tim Brody, a private investigator.  He tells Paul that he has information on Craig.   The P.I.  divulges that Craig hired a magician.  Paul is not impressed, but the P.I.  explains that it could be important because you never know with magic tricks.  Paul sends Tim away to come up with something better. Meg tries to convince Paul to just forget about Craig. .

Will and Gwen don’t get in touch with Barbara so Gwen suggest that they go upstairs with her to keep her company.  Just as there about to go, Barbara walks in.  She apologizes for being late and Gwen says that they can just hang out at her place if she’s not feeling up to it.  Barbara tells them no because she would feel guilty if the two of them didn’t have any fun.  The three of them then walk into the Gala together. 

Lucinda walks up to Lucy and Steve at the Gala.  She sends Steve away to get drinks and starts in on Lucy about Dusty.  Lucy explains that Dusty needed to focus on Craig and find out what he’s doing.  Dusty walks up.  He looks at Lucy and tells her she looks fantastic.  He tells her that if Craig behaves they could hang out together.  “Would you save the last dance for me?”  As the words leave his mouth, Steve comes back with the drinks. 

Prince Adolpho and Vienna walk into the party.  Carly sees Jack and asks where his costume is.  Jack explains that he’s only there to protect the jewels.

Jade goes to a bar alone.  Some man hits on her; she tells him she’s not interested but he doesn’t go away.  Adam walks up and scares the guy away.  Adam asks why she’s not partying with her friends and Jade replies with, “I don’t have friends.”  Adam asks her if that’s all he gets and Jade says yes unless she gets to know her better, which he probably doesn’t because she has no friends and there’s probably a reason.  Adam says that he’ll take his chances and introduces himself. 

Casey and Maddie walk up to tom and Margo.  Casey asks if Adam is there, but Tom explains that he wasn’t in the party mood and went home.  Margo tells Casey that he and Will should call him and get in to come back. Will agrees, but Casey doesn’t want to.  He finally agrees and the two of them give Adam a call.  They then do some persuading and Adam agrees to come to the party.  Adam hangs up and asks Jade if she’d like to go to a party with him. 

Emily calls Dusty and he goes to meet her.  Emily explains that Craig hired a jet that is departing tonight; it’s fueled and ready to take off.  Dusty tells her that Johnny is safe because he has Chaz and Jack watching things.  Emily leaves to call the airport and get Craigs flight plan. 

Vienna sees Simon and walks over.  Simon flirts with her and tells her how beautiful she is.  He also tells her to ditch the prince and be with him that night. 

Carly signals Simon over.  She tells him that Jack is working security and he should call the whole thing off.  Simon says he cant now but she should just stay out of it.  Prince Adolpho walks up and asks Carly her name.  Carly responds with, “Why it’s Grace, your highness.  You may call me Grace.”  Lisa then interrupts and the Prince asks her for a dance.

Katie walks over to Vienna and tells her that Simon is in love with someone else.  Vienna leaves Katie, grabs Carly’s on and pulls her out to the lobby. 

Simon walks up to Katie and asks what she was talking to Vienna about.

Craig then introduces a Magician.  After making a few flowers appear out of thin air, the magician explains that he needs a volunteer to make disappear.  Craig agrees to do it.  Craig steps into the box and disappears. Everyone, but Dusty and Paul watches in amazement

Will and Casey tell Gwen that Adam is coming and it’s the perfect opportunity for him to hear her sing. 

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