ATWT Update Thursday 10/26/06

As the World Turns Update Thursday 10/26/06


Written By Eva
Pictures by Boo

At Crash, A nervous Casey asks Will if Gwen is nervous about singing tonight because he might get Adam to come listen to her sing. Will smiles a little and tells Casey that Gwen is never nervous when she sings at the club. Will wonders why Casey is making such a big deal over Adam hearing Gwen sing tonight. When he isn’t even sure he is coming to the club. Casey explains that Adam could do a lot for Gwen’s music career. Will thinks Casey isn’t nervous for Gwen he is nervous because he is trying to impress Adam. Adam arrives at the club and Gwen doesn’t want to let him inside because the club is closed. Adam jokes that you can get into any club if you know the right people. Gwen refuses to let him in because she doesn’t know him from Adam. Will and Casey come up behind Gwen and smile at the unintentional joke Gwen just made about Adam then they introduce her to Adam. Gwen is so nervous about what she just did that she drops thee plastic cups she was carrying and gives Adam a nervous smile. And shakes his hand.

At the Lakeview, Kim drops by to give Lucy her invitation to the Halloween gala. Lucy wonders if Kim thinks her father is trying to use this gala to clean up his image. Kim tells Lucy in the end all that matters is that children who need help will get help with the money raised by the gala. Kim wonders what costume Lucy is wearing to the party. Lucy tells Kim that Craig picked a Cleopatra costume for her to wear to the party. Kim tells Lucy that Craig might have many faults but he loves her and is very proud of her because he couldn’t stop talking about her when he helped her plan the party. Dusty walks by and Kim suggests to Lucy that Cleopatra needs a Mark Anthony. Lucy tells Kim that would be a nice idea. Dusty calls Emily who is at the police station waiting for Craig who asked her to bring a press kit for the Halloween gala with her but she has no idea why he asked her to meet him at thee police station. Dusty asks Emily to find out what Craig is up to and call him as soon as she knows something. Emily promises to do so right before Craig catches her on the phone so Emily lies and says she was talking to her mother. Emily leaves her phone on so Dusty can hear the conversation as Craig tells Emily that Tom is his new lawyer and his job is to keep him honest. Craig tells Emily he and Tom are going to the Lakeview to sign the final papers to make Tom his lawyer. Craig also tells Emily she can go to the hospital to pick out a costume for herself.

At the police Station, Emily hangs up the phone with Dusty because Vienna arrives to talk to Jack about security for her at the gala. Vienna yells Jack she persuaded the prince to come to Oakdale because she has a personal connection to the city named Simon Fraiser.

At the model apartment, Carly and Simon walk in and find the apartment a total mess and Carly wonders who would sabotage their hard work. Simon doesn’t have any idea who could have done this but Carly is sure that he knows the person responsible. Carly assumes the person responsible is Spiro and Simon says nothing to the contrary but Carly wonders why Spiro would damage his collateral. Carly thinks Spiro has a personal grudge against Simon and that makes Spiro more dangerous even crazy. Carly thinks that she and Simon are in very big trouble and she has no idea how to get out of it.

At Crash, Adam tells Will that he understands why he got married so young because Gwen is a wonderful woman. Casey asks Adam to come to the club to hear Gwen sing but Gwen quickly tells Adam that he doesn’t have to come just because she is his sister in law. Will walks Adam outside and makes it clear that Casey is the one pushing for him to come hear Gwen sing tonight. Adam tells Will he knows that and that he is glad that he has Gwen to help him get through losing Hal. Maddie arrives and tells Gwen Lisa rented a bunch of costumes for the party and she said they could all stop by and picks one. Casey and Will don’t want to go but the ladies tell them they could have fun teasing them about the costumes.

At the Lakeview, Kim gives Luke an invitation to the party and says there is an extra ticket in there if he wants to bring a friend. Luke doesn’t want to go because he hasn’t spoken to his friends in a while but Lucy says that it could be fun. Luke invites Lucy but since Lucy is hoping to take Dusty to the party she tells Luke she has a previous engagement. Kim suggests that Luke bring jade with him since she is part of his family now. Lucy notices Dusty is looking worried and asks if that look has anything to do with her father. Dusty tells Lucy that Craig hired Tom to be his lawyer and now he is scared that he is going to try to take Johnny away from him. Lucy offers her help to Dusty but he says he must do this alone because he doesn’t want to use her to get to Craig. Lucy asks Dusty to go to the party with her but he says he must keep an eye on Craig and he can’t have any distractions from his purpose. Tom signs the contracts to become Craig’s lawyer and gets his big retainer check. Emily arrives and tells Tom she must talk to him about Daniel. Tom walks Craig out and tells Emily he will return to talk to her about Daniel. Emily takes the opportunity to snoop in Tom’s briefcase but he catches her and tells her that as Craig’s lawyer it is his job to protect Craig.

At Fashions, Lily arrives with Jade to get her some new clothes but Jade finds some clothes for Lily and persuades her to go into a fitting room while she looks for some clothes for herself. Gwen, Will, Maddie, and Casey arrive and Jade hides from all of them. Gwen notices Jade hiding and accuses her of following them. Jade tells Gwen she wasn’t following them and Lily arrives and defends Jade and says that she was just scared to face the people she hurt. Lily tells jade to come with her to pick out some clothes. Jade tells Lily she hid from the group because they seemed happy and she didn’t want to ruin things for them. Jade tells Lily she also misses the friendship they all used to share and wishes she could be a friend with them again.

At the police station, Jack asks Vienna for information about Simon so Vienna guesses that Jack loves a woman who loves Simon.

At the model apartment, Carly cries and wonders how she is going to get the money because parker just lost his father and he can’t lose her too. Simon shows Carly the newspaper with a picture of Vienna wearing the jewels. Simon explains to Carly the jewelry is worth twice the amount of money he owes Spiro. Simon also tells Carly that to steal the jewelry he needs another person to help him. Carly is afraid to risk her probation by being a distraction while Simon steals the jewelry. Simon makes it clear that if they get caught he will take the blame and not mention Carly because for once in his life he wants to do the right thing. Carly blames herself for being in this mess because she should have listened to everyone and not put her trust in Simon. Simon decides it is too risky for Carly to help him and he will do it alone so she doesn’t risk her probation. Simon tells Carly to leave so she does even though she hates leaving Simon alone to get them both out of this mess.

At the Lakeview, Emily thinks Craig is using Tom to further his own agenda. Tom is offended that Emily doesn’t think he is capable of handling Craig. Emily tells Dusty that Tom caught her snooping and now she is afraid of Craig. Emily doesn’t think Tom would help Craig take Johnny away from him but Dusty reminds her that now Tom works for Craig and if Craig can get the lawyer who put him in jail to work for him anything is possible. Emily decides to continue helping Dusty because now both she and Dusty have reason to fear Craig.

At Fashions, Luke arrives with a ticket for Jade to go to the gala but Lily thinks it would be a bad idea because Will is going to be there so jade says she isn’t going to go.

Outside Crash Gwen tells Will that she really wants a music career but she is afraid it won’t work out because she feels it’s happening too fast.

At the Lakeview, Adam ask Kim if she thinks Will is okay Kim responds that it is hard to tell because Will has been through a lot this summer. Adam tells Kim that Casey thinks he is trying to help Gwen but a music career takes total dedication which in the end may end up hurting Will. Kim thinks Adam should give Will more credit because he is very strong. Adam wonders what his family will do without Hal because he was the family anchor.

At Crash, Gwen finishes her song and Casey is upset Adam didn’t show up to hear her sing. Gwen tells Casey that it doesn’t matter because she is happy because she has everything she needs in her life.

At the Lakeview, Emily overhears Craig on the phone asking someone to make someone else disappear.

At the station, Vienna offers to let Jack use her to make Simon and Carly jealous because she enjoys flirting with handsome men so she can watch the crown prince explode with jealousy.

At the model apartment, Carly returns to tell Simon she will help him steal the jewels.

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