ATWT Update Wednesday 10/25/06

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 10/25/06


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

At the hospital, some nurses are excitedly looking through a rack of costumes. Meg arrives to see what the commotion is about and Kim explains it is the costumes for the benefit; the style is romantic royals. Meg is looking through them now in awe of the styles and teasingly comments to Kim about how many of them are from women who have been beheaded. Kim then remembers that there was a dress specifically with her name on it; she locates it and hands it to Meg, who is thrilled; it is Genevieve. She went into a convent but at least she didn’t lose her head, Meg smiles. Kim laughs as she heads out the door. Meg is standing admiring her costume when Craig walks in commenting, “just as he thought; it is fit for a queen.” Meg’s smile fades.

At the Lakeview, Paul is showing a picture of Craig to a man; he tells him he wants him to tail Craig. He wants the goods on him, so soon he will back with his friends in prison. It is very important he is shadowed leading up to and at this benefit. The man asks if he isn’t planning on attending? Paul tells him he would not go to anything with Craig’s name on it that may benefit him. He wants him to call and keep him updated, as he heads out.

At the station, Margo is sadly staring at a picture of Hal and Tom. Katie comes in with coffee and donuts. She remembered how Margo used to say her day didn’t start officially until Hal and she had her coffee and donuts; she hopes it is ok she brought them. Margo wipes away a tear and smiles appreciatively. She doesn’t know what is wrong with her; they have buried Hal, given him a 21-gun salute, told stories about him and she can hear Hal’s voice in her head, but she just doesn’t feel she can do this. Everyone has gone back to work; she can’t mope anymore. The man she shared her life and child with is gone and he shouldn’t be. Suddenly, Margo bucks up now and explains she just needed to get that out. She needs a distraction; she wants to hear about Katie and make it happy. This is met with Katie breaking down in tears instead.

Simon is standing out on Carly’s porch studying the front page of the Intruder and Vienna’s face on it. Long time no see, he mutters. Carly whips open the door; she knew he had her paper. He quickly covers claiming he was reading up on his stocks; it is a shame they are down today. Carly doesn’t buy it; what is it he is trying to hide her from seeing on the paper? Simon tries to stall trying to convince her there is nothing she would want to see – all bad news, war and Lindsay Lohan drunk again. Carly grabs the paper and studies it. Who is Vienna Hyatt? Do they know one another? Simon admits they ran in the same circle. He pauses before he admits that when they were in NYC and he stole that women’s necklace for fun, there was a time in his past when he did things like that not as a joke when he was with her. Carly figures out what he is saying; is he planning on relieving someone of their jewels? Simon tries to justify it; Spiro would be off their back for good. Carly glares and then asks if he is delusional? She is sure they will be a stunning success at their open house and the buyers will be lining up and they will be just fine. Simon doesn’t think even if there is a best-case scenario in this they would come close to meeting Spiro’s amount. Why not have a plan B? Carly shakes her head. They won’t need this because their hard work is going to pay off and there will be no need for some hair-brained scam like a jeweled heist. She doesn’t want to hear anymore talk of this, but it is obvious Simon is nowhere near convinced. She wants to head over to the model and make sure their last minute preparations are done. Is he coming? Simon pauses, but then tags along looking as if his wheels are still turning.

Margo wants to know what is going on with Katie? She is embarrassed because it is stupid. Margo asks if she and Mike had a fight? Katie answers they are great, but Carly doesn’t think so. Margo is confused. What does Carly have to do with her and Mike? She is concerned about Carly’s involvement with Simon and the loan shark, but Carly thinks she is using that because she is not over Simon. She thinks Carly is crazy because she has a wonderful husband and besides Simon is in love with Carly anyway. Margo raises her eyebrows; Katie understands because they hardly know one another and they haven’t even slept together, so how is it that has happened? Margo thinks that it might be about the fact that Simon is over her and that is not sitting well with her.

At Yo’s, Adam and Tom are talking about family and how everyone is doing, as Tom mentions how it is hard these days to get anyone in the same room for longer then a few minutes. Everyone is drifting apart, busy with everyday life. Adam empathizes; it is the times they live in now with cell phones, PDA’s, school and work. Cue Tom’s cell phone ringing; he talks briefly with his work and hangs up stressed that they want too much of his time. He wants to know how Adam is doing with Hal’s passing? Adam admits it still hasn’t sunk in or seems real. Tom’s cell phone rings again and he decides to shut it off. Adam wonders if he ever considers trading this life in so he can reduce the stress and see his family more? Tom grins and admits he just got an offer for a job. Adam thinks he should consider it because after what happened with Hal, he doesn’t want to lose him either. Tom confesses Casey just said the same thing to him, and it stopped him dead in his tracks. Adam wonders what the job is? Tom explains it is in the private sector with lots of money with a lot less time needed to be at work. Adam thinks he should seriously consider it. Tom grimly tells him that he would if it didn’t mean he would lose his marriage in the process.

Meg immediately explains she can’t accept the dress and he knows why. Craig feigns hurt; he just wants everyone to have fun and by providing costumes to the beautiful nurses, it helps him because it will attract donors. Did he assign all other nurses specific costumes? Craig doesn’t answer; Meg orders him not to play her. This little game with her name and price tag on this gown isn’t going to work. That was not his intention. Meg sarcastically asks if the motivation had anything to do with how much Paul appreciates when he gives her a gift? It is about you and me, Craig says directly. This is met with a chuckle from Meg; there is no you and me she answers. He explains; when he came back to town, he was vilified, judged and spat on. She was the only one who treated him halfway decently. Hating him is easy for everyone, but she didn’t go that route. He surmises it is probably because she can understand how it feels to be an outsider; she knows how hard it is to come back from a mistake and to push for acceptance. Jail changed his feelings and priorities. She saw past his mistakes and he thinks she doesn’t consider him the monster everyone else does. He wants her to consider the gown as a thank you. He apologizes for overstepping his boundaries. He just wants her to take him for his word…he will see her tomorrow. He leaves and his words seemed to have somehow affected her. She holds the dress up and smiles, just as Paul is coming in the room. Is something going on?

Adam thinks it is definitely true that Craig has earned his bad reputation, but he thinks Tom is too smart to fall for anything that Craig should try to throw at him. Also, why would he hire Tom of all people if he had something to hide? Tom smirks admitting Craig explained hiring him would keep him honest. Adam thinks something has to give; Hal’s death taught him to slow down and to appreciate what life has to offer. He needs to avoid so much stress and to be around his family more. He needs to go for it. Tom is sold on the idea, but Margo is far from it and he will not do anything that Margo isn’t by his side supporting.

Katie is upset why these feelings have not gone away; she was trying to focus on a baby and the future and not the past. Margo doesn’t think she should be having a baby to try to fix what is wrong with her thinking. Katie explains it really isn’t like that because they were planning this well before Simon came back in the picture. However, since they have been having trouble conceiving, she is using that energy she was going to use on the baby on Simon. It doesn’t matter because he is in love with Carly and not her. She thinks for a moment, then wonders outloud if it could be possible that she is still in love with Simon? Margo shakes her head strongly; she saw love – real love – in the ice storm. She was frantically searching for Mike and nothing would deter her from finding him. Was she thinking of Simon that night? No, she admits, but she is now and she can’t seem to stop. Katie laments she should be over him by now. Margo is not so sure because he never gave her the chance to be.

At Frasier Towers, Carly opens the door to a beautifully finished condo. See, everything is perfect with time to spare. Why is he pouting? Simon explains he was thinking of when the electrical tower landed in their model. Carly is positive that lightning won’t strike twice. Besides the forecaster said there was beautiful weather ahead. Simon hopes she is right otherwise Spiro is going to fit them with cement shoes. Simon seems antsy; he claims he is tired and that they should call it a night and start fresh tomorrow. Carly was hoping to go over their sales pitch again. Simon seems anxious to leave. He wants to shower first and then they can do that; he will meet her at her place after he does this. Carly agrees and they start to head out when Carly goes back and grabs a box and pulls out an art piece which she handles carefully; she calls it Mimi and it is from Paris, as she delicately places the modern looking vase on the table; it is all about the details, she says with a smiles, as they head out. After she leaves, Simon doubles back and lets himself back into the unit. He paces nervously and then stops in front of Mimi and picks it up. He hesitates and then gathers up his resolve and smashes it on the ground.

Meg explains these are costumes for Craig’s benefit. Paul answers without skipping a beat that she won’t have to worry about them because she isn’t going. Meg angrily answers, “the hell I am not.”

Margo reminds Katie that Simon left her not once but twice, leaving her thinking he didn’t love her anymore; it was horrible for her. He thought it would be easier for her, but it made it worse. Then when he came back to explain he tried to explain why he did it and then she couldn’t trust him anymore. Their relationship never ended properly where she could get closure. When Simon left again he never fought for her or considered staying. There is too much at risk; look what happened the last time he was in town. He is just a stupid fantasy, which Katie perks up and agrees with. Margo wants her to get over to where Mike is and convince him to go home with her so they can get back on track. Katie is happy with this advice; she thanks Margo for helping her see clearer. Is she going to be ok though? Margo tells her that she will be. After Katie leaves, Margo sits back down to stare at the picture of Hal and Tom. She sees Tom and Adam come in. She doesn’t want to talk if he is there to talk about what she thinks he is. Tom grins; she is not going to make it easy for him. She realizes Craig is family and for that sole reason she is forced to love him, but other then that, she doesn’t want to be involved with him. She just buried her best friend next to Tom; Hal was a hero and Craig is the exact opposite and working with him is not going to fix any problems. Craig walks up behind her and tells her that he wants a chance to prove her wrong, as Margo returns his comment with a look of utter doubt.

Simon is looking at the Intruder’s front page again as he stands outside Carly’s front porch. He takes a moment to compose himself and then knocks. Carly answers the door dressed to the nines. Simon compliments her, but Carly wonders what happened to his shower? He covers by pretending he took a nap instead. He walks in and sees champagne and candles. What is this all about? Carly explains she wants them to toast to their completed beautiful building. Even with all the set backs, she had so much fun doing it with him. So she wants his half empty glass mentality to raise a full glass of champagne to their accomplishments. She also wants to toast him and to thank him for promising her a new life and then not letting her down. Simon seems to be squirming with all Carly’s praising words. She adds she is glad he stayed and didn’t run away from Spiro; she knows he did it for her, and she promises he won’t be sorry. Simon seems to be working hard to hide is guilt. She leans over and plants a soft lingering kiss on his cheek, which turns into a passionate kiss. However, Simon stuns Carly when he pulls away telling her that he can’t do it.

Katie finds Mike at Yo’s. They make small talk about how she hasn’t been around and how she has been making it a habit of leaving before he even gets up. What is going on? Katie sadly admits that she has been focused on something that isn’t even her business. Mike thought she was past that. Katie declares she is this time; their marriage and he means everything to her; she hugs him tightly.

Simon is fumbling for a reason; he just thought that the apartment isn’t completely ready. The artwork he starts, but Carly cuts him off, claiming she hung it all herself and has the bruised thumb for proof. Simon pretends there was a piece in storage they both forgot they should get it hung. Carly doesn’t know why Simon is acting this way; they both forgot this piece then it probably isn’t important anyway. Simon pretends he is heeding her words about it being all about the details. Does she want to join him? Carly is confused, but she agrees to go with him. He is full of surprises, she admits as they leave.

Tom and Margo are talking in the interrogation leaving Adam with Craig; they make small talk, which isn’t particularly pleasant on Adam’s part. Craig wonders how California is? Adam isn’t forthcoming, as Craig continues commenting Adam is the same age Bryant would have been now. Adam cuts him off explaining he knows what he did to Jen. Craig tries to justify his actions by explaining he was trying to protect his child. He would understand better if he had a child, but Adam answers that he would never act like Craig did if he had a child. Also, if Tom takes him up on his job offer and he hurts his family, he will have to answer to him. Margo and Tom return; what is the good word, Craig asks? Tom tells him he will take the job – on one condition, which is a deal breaker if he doesn’t agree to it.

Meg knows how Paul feels obviously about Craig, but she can’t remember the last time they had fun, went dancing and hung out with a crowd; she wants to feel a part of something. They can drink champagne and dance till dawn. Paul is shaking his head, so Meg adds that Bob has told the nurses they are obligated to go and she doesn’t think it would go over well if she went against his wishes not too son after she was reinstated. She continues; she hates what Craig did to Jen too, but he wasn’t the only one who hurt her; they all did things they wish they could take back and essentially forget. Paul thinks it is weird Craig is behind this benefit because he was never a humanitarian. Meg offers up that people can change. He thinks this is a shot at him with her arriving in a gown Craig provided. When Meg says nothing, Paul repeats his thought; is this a gift from Craig? What difference does it make where theses dresses came from? Paul doesn’t want Craig clothing her. The whole staff is going, but Paul doesn’t care about them – just her. She thinks he is making too much over this. She is not going to give Craig a win over him. Paul thinks she could develop a sickness, but Meg doesn’t want to. She tells Paul he doesn’t have to go, but Paul is determined to go now. He is keeping Craig away from her and he is going to make sure he doesn’t cut any chandeliers so they fall on her. He needs a costume then. Who is she going as, he asks? She tells Genevieve. That was her decision? Meg looks guilty and then explains she spent a summer reading “The Now and Future King”. Since then she has been into the whole Camelot thing. Paul decides then he will go as her Lancelot then. Meg smiles.

Tom explains he will accept the position as advisor to his legal affairs – only on a short basis though at first. They will have a trial period till the holidays, to see if it will work out. He reserves the right to bail, and if he does, he will be provided with a very healthy severance package. Craig readily agrees. Tom adds there is one other thing; Craig grins; does he want a company car or vacation pay? Tom answers that he doesn’t take orders, will not run his errands and this doesn’t mean they are pals. Their connection ends at the completion of the workday. They have a deal then and so they shake on it. Margo pulls Adam aside and wonders how much influence he had on Tom deciding to do this? Adam wonders why? She smirks and says she wants to know who to punish if this deal tanks. Adam returns the teasing grin by saying it was all Casey’s doing.

Katie reminds Mike he is his own boss so if he wanted to take the week off then he could; she just wants to go home and get into bed and spend time with him. Mike can appreciate that thought, but she picked the wrong week because of her brother. Katie doesn’t understand; he shows her the invite for the costume benefit. She makes a face; she supposed she has to face him at some point. Ok, they will go to this. Who is he going as? Mike kids with her when he suggests Elvis. Katie wonders how that is a royal costume? He answers laughing – he is the King afterall. Ok, fine how about Tarzan? Again, where is the royal theme in that character? He is king of the jungle; she could be his Jane. Katie seems to relate to that character; she was shipwrecked, apes she teases raised him, and he rescued her and noone could keep them apart. She loves that, as she kisses him.

Carly and Simon arrive at the model and she is still thrilled with all they accomplished; her happy babbling comes to a screeching halt when she sees the condo in ruins. The place is ransacked and most of it seems ruined. She turns overwhelmed with emotion to Simon, who could have done this to them? Simon stares at her speechless.

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