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Written By Eva
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At Holden and Lily’s house, Lily and Jade arrive home from the hospital and Lily tells Jade to sit down and relax and Jade still can’t understand why Lily is being so nice to her. Lily explains that she is trying to keep a promise she made to Rose that she would take care of her daughter. Lily also explains to jade that just because she is making her a part of the family it doesn’t mean that she has forgotten everything she has done. Lily tells Jade that she must not have anymore contacted with Will or Gwen because it is only going to hurt her. Lily also tells Jade she must always be honest with her about everything she is doing in her life. Jade agrees to Lily’s conditions and thanks her once more for being so kind to her. Lily tells Jade that her first lesson is to learn what it means to be a part of a family. Jade tells Lilly she owes Will three thousand dollars he loaned her and Lily makes a check out to Will for the amount and tells Jade to mail it to him so she won’t get hurt by seeing him with Gwen. Lucinda arrives and wonder’s what story jade told Lily to get her to give her a check.

At Will and Gwen’s house, Will and Gwen return from Hal’s funeral (which wasn’t shown on camera) and they sit and talk although Gwen wonders if Will wants her just to be quiet and sit with him) Will tells Gwen it helps him to talk about his dad. Gwen tells Will that at first she was intimidated by Hall because he seemed like a tough man but she later saw what a gentle loving man he was and grew to trust him. Gwen tells Will she was grateful for the way Hal treated her despite the way things were at the time. Will admits to Gwen that he was scared when Jade told him she was pregnant because he didn’t feel he was ready to be as good of a father as Hal was to him. Gwen wonders if Will wants to adopt children with her and he responds that he wants to be a father but he doesn’t feel that he has gotten to Hal’s level yet. Will is sad that his dad never knew that he and Gwen were back together and that he won’t be around to give him advice when he has a child. Gwen tells Will that he knew his father well enough to know what he would say and do in a tough situation so when the time comes he is going to know what to do.

At Java, Simon continues to call Carly because he is worried about her when he sees two policeman he asks them if Hal’s funeral is over. The policeman tells him the funeral was over a few hours ago.

At Carly’s house, a nervous Carly wonders if Jack wants some coffee or something to eat. Jack appreciates the offer but tells her she doesn’t have to pretend everything is fine. Carly runs into Jack’s arms and tells him that this isn’t fair.

At the Lakeview, Craig tells Emily that he went ahead and put out the newspaper because he knew she had a lot on her mind. Emily is upset that Craig can go about his day business as usual when the whole town is mourning Hal’s death. Craig tells Emily he was only trying to help her but Emily thinks Craig doesn’t have any feelings. Craig tells Emily he is worried about her feelings but Emily thinks Craig should stop worrying so much about her feelings and worry about Dusty who just walked into the hotel with Johnny. Dusty blasts Craig for discussing business with Emily when she obviously doesn’t have her mind on business right now. Dusty hand Johnny to the nanny and tells her to take him to his room because its time for his nap. Dusty wonders if Craig forgot about the injunction or just chose to ignore it again. Craig explains he was just leaving and leaves the hotel. Dusty asks Emily to help him discover Craig’s agenda. Emily explains to Dusty that Craig doesn’t trust her he just ignores her. Dusty explains to Emily that he is very worried that Craig is trying to clean up his image to prepare for a custody battle for Johnny. Emily tells Dusty she is very grateful to him for letting her go free and giving her a second chance. Dusty asks Emily to spy on Craig and give him any information on his agenda. Emily asks Dusty once again if he really thinks Craig wants to get Johnny and he responds yes so she agrees to do anything she can to help him.

At Will and Gwen’s house, Will tells Gwen he wants to do something that would make his dad proud so he is going to get his GED and go on to college. Gwen also wants to concentrate on school and her music career so they both agree to stick together through good and bad and look to the future because they think they both made mistakes because they forgot it was the two of them against the world. The door bell rings and jade tells Will she needs to speak to him Gwen doesn’t want Will to answer the door but he doesn’t think they should be afraid of Jade anymore.

At Carly’s house, Jack tells Carly that he is going to call Margo and tell her he is going to stay with Carly. Carly tells Jack that is very sweet of him but she was a policeman’s wife for a long time and she knows how important it is for him to be at the station right now. Jack tells Carly he doesn’t want to but into her life but he warns her to be careful of Simon especially if he is involved with a dangerous loan shark. Carly tells Jack she appreciates the advice and gives him a hug she also lets him know how glad she is her children have him in their lives. Jack tells Carly not to worry about Parker because he will take care of him tonight. Carly tells Jack to be careful and take care of himself tonight. Simon arrives shortly after Jack leaves and startles Carly when he sneaks up behind her. Simon asks Carly to pack up the kids and get on his plane with him and go on a trip.

At Lily’s house, Lily tells Lucinda that as always she was jumping to conclusions and not trusting her to make smart decisions. Lily tells Lucinda that she wrote a check to Will because Jade owed him some money and Lily made it clear to Jade that she shouldn’t have any more contact with Will or Gwen. Lily explains to Lucinda that she isn’t fooled by jade but she must try to help her change for Rose’s sake. Lucinda tells Lily not to give Jade a second chance to con her. Lucinda promises to stay out of this situation until it comes time to say I told you so to Lily. Lucinda also thinks Lily will be exhausted by trying to help jade change her survival instincts.

At the station, Adam arrives gives his mom a hug and apologizes for missing his dad’s funeral but he got caught in a security check at the airport. Margo tells Casey to take Adam home to rest. Tom thinks Margo should take some time off from work. Margo explains that she can’t take time off because Hal’s men and women need her. Craig arrives and offers to help by giving Tom a job with double the pay and less work so he could have more time to take care of Margo. Margo blasts Craig for going on with business when she just lost one of her best friends and the father of one of her children. Craig tells Margo that he admired and respected Hal and the only reason he didn’t attend the funeral was because he thought his presence would hurt his family. Margo leaves and goes into the interrogation room to talk to Jack and Craig is hurt because Margo trusts jack more then she trusts him. Tom tells Craig that they will discuss the job offer later. Tom doesn’t understand how Craig doesn’t know that he is putting Margo in an awkward position. Margo tells Jack she isn’t sure if she can handle the entire squad watching to see how she will hand le Craig. Margo tells Jack she doesn’t feel like handling the security detail for Craig’s Halloween party right now. Jack promises to handle the security detail and he also tells Margo that they will get through this together like Hal would have wanted them to do.

At Carly’s house, Simon explains to Carly the loan shark doubled the interest on the loan and he doesn’t see a way to pay it off. Carly tells Simon she will just tell Jack but Simon explains it will make things worse and since he doesn’t want anything to happen to her they must leave town. Carly refuses Simon’s offer because Parker just lost his dad and he needs to be surrounded by people who love him right now.

At Will and Gwen’s house, Jade offers her sympathies to Will about Hal and gives him a check for the money she owes him. Will refuses the check but Gwen takes the check from Jade and makes it clear that she and Will are not going to fall for her self pity act again because all Jade ever wanted to do was use Will. Gwen also tells Jade that they won’t believe that she is sorry for all the hurt she caused everyone because she just isn’t a good person. Gwen tells Jade she hopes she will feel all the pain that she caused her and Will. Jade leaves and Gwen tells Will that she wishes Jade would pay for seeing her life and almost taking it from her. Will tells Gwen that jade almost took her life away but it didn’t happen and now it’s all over. Gwen tells Will they both know that everything is over but she isn’t sure Jade knows everything is over.

At Carly’s house, Carly tells Simon that on such an awful day she needs him to not give up on things because she doesn’t have any fighting spirit left inside her. Carly tells Simon she is going to leave so he can have time to come up with one of his wonderful plans. Simon notices a newspaper article once Carly leaves and begins to come up with a great plan.

At the Lakeview, Casey tells Adam that the CD he sent him was from his sister in law Gwen who is married to Will. Adam can’t believe Will is married because he is too young to be ready for marriage. Casey tells Adam that Gwen is good for Will and invites him to Crash to hear Gwen sing. Adam thanks Casey for what he said about Hal at the funeral finishes his drink and they head home.

At Holden and Lily’s house, Jade tells Lily she is sorry that she left the house without telling her but she went to give Will the check. Jade admits it was a bad idea and it was horrible. Lily is sorry Jade got hurt because she doesn’t want her to be hurt. Jade is still grateful that Lily is being so kind to her. Lily tells Jade that she thinks she deserves a chance to change. Jade wonders what will happen if she doesn’t change and lily makes it clear that if she doesn’t change she can’t be a part of her family.

At Carly’s house, Simon tells Carly he has decided to stay and finish the project because he just came up with a plan. Simon rushes out the door and tells Carly he is going to check on the project. Carly is glad Simon has his positive attitude back but wonders why he stole her newspaper.

Outside Carly’s house, Simon reads the front-page article with a picture of his old girlfriend Vienna. The article says that she will be arriving in Oakdale on the arm of the prince and wearing the crown jewels. Simon is confident he can make his new plan work.

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