ATWT Update Monday 10/23/06

As the World Turns Update Monday 10/23/06


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

At Will’s, Gwen is concerned when she sees Will’s face as he slowly walks out of the bedroom holding the phone. What is wrong? Who was that he was talking to? A shell shocked Will tells her it was Margo. Casey wonders why she didn’t call him? Will, eyes welling with tears, explains because it was about his dad.

At the Police Station, Margo is frozen holding onto the phone when Jack walks up talking to her about how he can’t wait for Hal to come home so she stops bossing them around. He stops when he sees Margo’s tear stained face; it is Hal… he is gone, Margo says.

At the hospital, Barbara and Dusty are arguing about his allowance in Craig being a part of anything related to Jen. She doesn’t like this party with Craig’s name on it. He is raising money what is the harm, Dusty asks? She is going to have Hal place some officers around, but Dusty doesn’t want that; he is not doing anything illegal. Barbara snaps, not that they know of.

Outside the room in the hospital where Dusty and Barbara are talking, Lucy asks her father why he can’t seem to do the right thing; Craig thanks her for the vote of confidence, but he really is considering what is right. Meg arrives to hear part of this conversation and makes a comment about how she thought he had changed his mind about the fund in Jen’s name? Lucy tells her about how her father is now holding a benefit with a prince in attendance no less. Dusty and Barbara come out and announce they are both on board. Paul arrives to hear about this benefit and wonders if they are all out of their minds? He is doing this to have a hand in everyone’s business and if they let him manipulate them…. Dusty explains Craig is claiming to bow out afterwards, but Paul doesn’t believe it and won’t stand by and let this happen. Dusty steps forward; this party is going to happen with or without him.

At the hotel, Simon is trying to convince Spiro and his ‘friends’ that Carly didn’t go to the cops. Spiro thinks she might have gotten upset about his recent run in with their fists? Her ex is a cop so she would be in and out of the station all the time. Spiro doesn’t care; all he knows is the next time the cops harass him he is going to take it out on her. Better yet, he is going to provide a body bag for two.

Elsewhere at the hotel, Carly is sitting working on the bed when Katie ‘lets herself in.’ Why is she here and she hopes she didn’t plan on using that credit card today. Katie tries to cover by explaining that she thought they were over. Carly nonchalantly answers they were but now they are not. Katie understands better then anyone how new and exciting Simon can be, but then he turns a corner and it becomes dangerous. She needs to get out before things go too far. She looks to Carly for an answer whether they have already or not – gone too far. Instead she asks if Mike knows she is here? Katie explains that Mike is worried too and that he doesn’t trust him either. Carly realizes that she isn’t worried she is going to end up in some river, but Katie is worried that she is the reason that Simon is finally over her except she isn’t supposed to care about that to begin with.

Gwen asks what happened? Will answers quietly that Margo mentioned a robbery, but it was just words because it doesn’t feel real. Casey and Maddie both rush to his side telling him how sorry they are. Why did Margo tell him over the phone they wonder absently? Will explains she was afraid he would hear it on the TV. He needs to go to the station. Casey and Maddie tell Will they are there if he needs anything and then they head out. After they leave, Will drops to the couch, stunned. Does Barbara know? Will tells her he told Margo he would talk to her. She is barely over Jen; how is he ever going to tell her about Hal? Gwen offers to go with him and he is glad she is going because he needs her. He stands and then tells Gwen how much he wishes Hal had known that they had gotten back together because he would have been so happy. They start to leave, but then Will stops saying he needs a second, but all of the sudden the grief overtakes him and he is sobbing, as he clings to Gwen.

Margo is explaining to Jack that it was a robbery in progress. There was a gang attacking a 15-year-old boy and Hal stepped into the middle of it and got the bullet meant for the boy. The gang left him for dead and by the time the police responded he was already gone. Jack stands there listening speechless. All he can muster is that sounds just like Hal to get involved, but why couldn’t he have kept walking? Casey and Maddie arrive at the station to hug and support Margo. Tom arrives after getting her message and rushes to Margo’s side as well. Jack stands there in shock.

Carly asks Katie if she wants to know if she had sex with Simon yet? She should just ask instead of talking in circles and sneaking into his room to search it for some type of proof. Katie wonders if she is going to answer the question? Carly pauses and then tells her that they haven’t because there have been some other pressing matters more important. Does she want to have sex with Simon, Carly asks? Katie feigns confusion at why she would ask that since she is married. That doesn’t explain this clandestine visit. Katie doesn’t think she would understand. Carly thinks she definitely can. When she thought Jack was seeing someone else she felt something she couldn’t explain; it wasn’t hurt or jealousy, but something was off. She felt left behind even though she had already moved on. She doesn’t think Katie wants Simon, but she doesn’t want anyone else having him either.

Simon is adamant that Carly would never go to the cops, but Spiro decides that he is annoyed at the hassle. It is going to cost him double interest. Simon sighs and explains to him that he never will be able to pay that back now and he knows it. He wants him to keep his girlfriend’s mouth shut because he will get his pound of flesh anyway he can.

Paul asks Dusty if he is working with Craig to get back at him? Dusty assures him that it isn’t about him because he doesn’t care what he does. Everyone decides it is time to leave and it is Barbara and Craig left. He tells her with fake sympathy that he apologizes for any tension he might have caused. This is met with a sharp, ‘shut up’ from Barbara. There is the Barbara he knows and loves. Gwen and Will arrive wanting to talk as Craig doesn’t seem to go away fast enough so Will orders him to leave. Craig comments about Barbara’s great parenting and starts to walk away. They want to talk to Barbara in private and she tells them they are starting to scare her. Did something happen? They tell her it has to do with Hal. They should go inside the room. After they head inside the room, Craig turns back around and listens at the door. He hears Barbara cry out. After the initial shock wears off, Barbara relays how when they were kids she used to always wait for that call or the knock at the door. Will thinks that being a cop was his life, but Barbara explains that being with his children was his life.

Carly wonders where Mike fits into this? She thought they were happily trying to start a family? Katie answers that she loves Mike. Carly adds but she still loves Simon. Katie doesn’t think it is that simple. Carly thinks she better make a decision soon because her trouble in getting over her first love may result in her losing her forever love. She needs to decide if her feelings for Simon are worth losing Mike. They are interrupted by Carly’s cell phone. She takes the call and immediately becomes upset and rushes out of the suite without a word to Katie. Confused, Katie heads for the door as well, but then decides to take advantage of being alone in Simon’s suite. She heads back in and starts to look around.

Jack thinks it is too quiet in the station; as Margo reminds them of Hal’s honey yet gravely voice. Margo doesn’t think Hal would want them to sit around crying over him, but to grab a beer and have some laughs about him. Maddie asks where Hal’s favorite place was? Yo’s, Margo answers. Margo decides they should all head over there and send their chief off in style. Casey offers to call Will and have people call others to let them know. Jack hangs back and Margo asks if he is coming? Jack tells her he is going to make sure things are all right here first and then head over. Jack sits on the edge of his desk gently holding onto Hal’s police hat. He remembers a conversation between him, Margo and Hal; he is roused from the memory by a hand on his shoulder; it is Carly and then she holds him tightly.

Lucy wants Dusty to fill her in on why suddenly he is ok with her dad underwriting the Fundraiser? Dusty answers that the hospital needs the cash. His cell phone rings interrupting them; it is Barbara. After he hangs up from what is obviously an upsetting call, Lucy wonders what her father has done now? Dusty quietly tells her it is not her father, but rather Jen’s dad.

At the Lakeview, Paul is talking sadly with Meg about the news they just heard about Hal. He needs to go find Will. Meg and he start to walk out but they see Emily talking to a hotel employee about getting her son’s Halloween party invite to Lisa. Paul guesses from her upbeat demeanor that she doesn’t know. Meg wonders if it is his place, but Paul doesn’t think he can pretend. He goes to talk to Emily who really is pressed for time because she has to get to work, but first she has to get these invites out to Hal and others. Paul explains it is about Hal; can they sit?

Katie is going through Simon’s drawers and armoire when Simon comes back in the door and hears someone rummaging around, but can’t see her. He sneaks up to where Katie is and quickly grabs her and throws her to the couch, as she screeches out.

Emily is sobbing, ‘not her Hal.’ He wouldn’t leave her; he loved her and wouldn’t do that. Sometimes she thinks he was the only man that ever did. All Paul can do is apologize. Emily doesn’t know what to do or how to handle this devastating news as she jumps up. Paul catches her and hugs her tightly, as she sobs. Henry comes over wondering what is wrong? Emily falls into his arms as Paul mouths that Hal passed away. Meg comes over and tells them that everyone is meeting at Yo’s. Paul hesitates, but Emily reminds him (unselfishly for once) that before all the craziness, Hal did love him. Meg also reminds Paul they should be there for Barbara. Paul decides to go and Emily tells them she will see them over there. Emily falls to her chair remembering when Hal told her he would always wait for her. Henry tells her that she can resume hating him tomorrow, but he is going to drive her to Yo’s. She can’t go after everything she has done to him. Henry explains that none of that matters now. All that matters is that she loved him and she needs to go honor him.

Katie and Simon lie face to face on the couch; Katie recovers and acts offended. He could have hurt her. He is more concerned about where Carly is as he jumps up. Katie explains she rushed out of there a while ago. Was she upset or scared? Katie thinks she looked upset, but she doesn’t know where she went. Was this place like that when she got here, as he notes the shuffled items in his suite? Katie doesn’t answer and so Simon starts to rush off to go find her, and if she could do him a favor and be gone when he gets back and to not come back. Katie is left standing alone in the middle of the room, shaken at the obvious lack of interest Simon had in her. Her cell phone rings and she sees it is Craig. What does he want? Craig answers sarcastically about her enthusiasm over hearing from him. Anyway, her sister is over at Yo’s and she needs to go there. Katie tells him she is not up to going to a bar right now, but he interrupts to tell her that Margo just lost her best friend and she is going to need her right now.

Carly is comforting Jack and he is doing the same for her when her cell phone rings. Jack tells her to take it, but when she sees it is Simon, she tells him it can wait. Everything can wait for Hal. She remembers after Jack went missing that Hal told her a good man like Jack would never leave his family behind… even in death and she shares that memory with Jack. Jack smiles at this, but then he wonders if Parker knows? Carly tells him that she came straight here. He wonders if they can tell him together? Carly thinks that is a great idea. She is worried since he just lost Jen. They think not telling him for another hour won’t hurt before his world comes crashing in on him. As they are heading out for Yo’s, Dallas and Jessica approach them to talk about Hal. Jessica is devastated and Dallas wished he had known him better. As they are leaving, Jack opens the envelope Dallas handed him and sees Hal’s badge.

At Yo’s, Dusty inquires to Barbara how she is holding up? She just thinks it is too much for her family to take. They can’t go through anymore pain. Dusty reminds her that him, Johnny, her, Will and Gwen are a family and they will get through this together and will lean on each other for support. He thinks that Jen is in good company now. Barbara smiles warmly and appreciatively at this and his comment about family. He tells her he will be back in a while. Paul comes over with Meg as they commiserate. Meg wonders if anyone called Adam or Nikki? Barbara thinks Margo is trying to reach them. Paul jokes about how Hal had more kids then most rock stars. Meanwhile, Will sees Emily arrive and heads over to hug her. He appreciates how she helped put his family back together. She appreciates his words but she only wished she had known how to hold onto such a good guy though. Emily slowly walks off after and Gwen comes up behind Will and points out how many people Hal touched. Will laments over how he wished he had spent less time blaming him for stuff and more time thanking him and now he can’t. Margo and Jess are talking about how she called Nikki who is working overseas and probably can’t get back. She feels for her because she is so far away and when she told her she burst into tears. She couldn’t reach Adam but left a message for him to call. Tom recalls what a good dad and friend Hal was. He remembers the time when he and Hal were discussing how they both should be considered Adam’s dads. Katie arrives explaining that Craig called her and gave her a heads up thinking she would need her. Elsewhere in the bar, Emily is sitting with Henry recalling as she puts it, better times when she and Hal would grab a beer on warm summer nights and sit out on the swing and watch their kids play. She recalls a memory when Hal asked her to marry her; it was a simpler and much better time. Bob and Kim are standing with Barbara; they remind her that her and Hal raised great kids. Barbara recalls memories of her and Hal when he proposed, their wedding, when they had children, dancing and when Jen died. She sadly comments how the years went by too fast. Jack and Carly arrive and he asks for everyone’s attention. Not too long after he starts to speak, Carly gently takes his hand and holds it; he looks warmly at her. He would like to have a moment of silence for Hal – who was a great cop, friend and a giant of a man. Everyone quietly bows their heads. Jack speaks again; everyone has their moments with Hal. He watched him with his kids and that taught him patience and made him a better father himself. He watched him at work, taking his cues and that made him a better cop. Hal was like a father to him; frankly he was surprised he wasn’t his father since he seemed to have increased Oakdale’s population by a great number. Everyone laughs as Jack explains it was Hal’s joke. He adds with a tease that his three ex wives here can attest to that as well. He continues seriously now; Hal was the voice of reason who touched so many people’s lives – from family, friends, co workers and even to a boy he never knew whose live he saved at the cost of his own. He wants everyone to raise their glasses to a guy they were all lucky enough to know and to never forget – to Hal everyone says in unison. Jack then places his hat on top of a floral arrangement.

A little later, Dusty comes over to Barbara with Johnny because he knows she would need a special hug from him right now. Carly casually approaches Katie and asks if she found what she was looking for? Katie simply answers instead about how the call she received at Simon’s room was about Hal? Carly answers that it was and everything today is about him. Jack comes over to tell Carly that the babysitter is bringing Parker to the station so they should get over there to talk to him. Jack stops in front of Will and tells him he will always be there for him. Will thanks him and they leave. Barbara then comes over to Will and asks to talk to Gwen? They leave and Dusty reminds Will of when he asked him to be his best man – he meant it – they are brothers now. Will hugs him appreciatively.

Simon comes back to his now empty suite. He calls and leaves another message for Carly. He is worried and just wants to make sure she is ok. He grabs his coat and heads out the door.

At the station, Jack and Carly are talking to Parker about Hal, who seems a bit overwhelmed. Parker thinks his dad has always been brave. Jack hands him his badge. Jack explains that Hal loved nothing more then being with him. He loved him and nothing will ever change that. He told Hal he could never take his place and although he is not really his biological dad, he will always be there for him. Meanwhile, Simon has arrived at the station and asks if the one officer left there has seen Carly? He hasn’t, but as he is leaving, Simon sees Carly, Jack and Parker huddled together obvious in the midst of an emotional discussion; he watches them and then sadly turns to leave.

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