ATWT Update Friday 10/20/06

As the World Turns Update Friday 10/20/06


Written By Amy
Pictures by Boo

At Will’s house, Will wakes Gwen up and announces that he has a special surprise.  Gwen says that the fact that they’re back together is all she needs.  He leads her into the living room.  He opens the door and Maddie and Casey come in with Hawaiian t-shirts on.  Gwen asks if they’re going somewhere.  Casey says no, but she is.  Will hugs her and says that they are going on their honeymoon.  Casey then announces that they will be going to St. Lucia for five days and nights of paradise.  Maddie and Casey start to leave, but Gwen tells them to stay and celebrate.  Maddie then brings up the topic of Jade.  Gwen says that she just wants to put all of the bad stuff behind them.  Maddie can’t believe that they’re not pressing charges and asks why.  Will replies with, “Because I killed Jade’s mother.”  Will explains that there was a file mix up and that Jade really is Roses daughter.  He says that what he did to her was way worse than what she did to him.  Gwen tells him that he was only a kid and didn’t know that Rose would die.  Maddie agrees and said that Jade knew exactly what she was doing.  Will says that all he wants is to be happy for a change.  Maddie pulls out some Hawaiian print clothes and gives it to Will and Gwen so they can get with the tropical theme.  Will then brings in a gorgeous wedding cake.  Gwen is stunned and can’t believe they did that all in the middle of the night.  Casey makes a toast to Gwen and Will.  Will then makes a toast to Gwen.  Maddie then gives Gwen a bathing suit and a dress that she could renew her vows in.  Gwen thanks everyone.  Music plays in the background and Gwen says she knows that voice.  Casey explains that he made a recording of her singing at Crash and sent it to his brother Adam who’s a producer.  Will and Casey reminisce about how the three of them stole Hal’s car once and took it out for a joy ride.  Maddie starts feeling bad about her own family but Casey tells her to put all the bad stuff behind her.  Casey then turns on some slow music so Will and Gwen can have their dance.  Will’s cell phone rings, he says that he’ll let it go to voicemail, but Gwen tells him to answer it because it could be paradise to make sure that they’re still on board.  He goes into the other room.  Gwen thanks Maddie and Casey again.  Will looks at Gwen from the other room and then heads back into the bedroom looking shocked and sick.  Will walks in.  Gwen asks what’s wrong but Will just stares at her looking like he’s going to cry. 

Lucy meets Lucinda.  Dusty and Barbara walk in.  Dusty sees Lucy and says, “My day just got better.”  Barbara quickly interrupts them and says they need to get to work.  Craig then walks in.  He explains that he heard about a meeting, but not from Lucy.  He tells them that they can call security if they want, but not before he can apologize.  Barbara turns to Lucy and asks why she didn’t mention that Craig was coming.  Lucy says that she didn’t know, and Dusty defends her.  Lucinda then grants Craig five minutes to apologize. He says, “My one intention was honoring Jennifer’s memory.  But I had an eye opening conversation with Meg Snyder and she made me see that my best intention was hurting everyone.  So, for that, I am truly sorry.  And, so, as of now, I will no longer be in association with any such foundation.”  Lucinda asks if that’s it.  Craig says yes but he has already set something in motion and it may be too late to stop it.  Lucy asks what it’s about, but Barbara tells her not to act like she doesn’t know.  Craig explains that he’s already prepared for a benefit on Halloween.  Craig asks if he should scrap the whole thing.  Lucinda, Lucy, and Barbara all say yes he should, but to everyone’s surprise, Dusty says that he should have the party.  Lucinda takes Dusty outside and asks what he’s thinking.  Dusty says to keep your enemy close.  “Let him think he won.  I’ll keep an eye on him and see what his agenda is.”  Lucinda says that she’s with him and goes back into the meeting.  She announces that Craig will have his party.  Craig thanks Dusty for making it work, but Dusty just ignores him.  Barbara still hates the idea and asks what it is that he’s not telling her.  Outside of the meeting, Lucy asks Craig what is really doing. 

Katie is in her bed. She wakes up and sees Simon sleeping next to her.  He says that he’s picked up and moved and that he’s only there to say his final good byes.  “You asked me to forget you, so I did.”  Katie leans in to kiss him, but Simon rolls over and kisses Carly.  Katie then wakes up from her dream screaming “No!”  Mike wakes up when he hears her.   He asks what it was about, but Katie says that she can’t even explain it.  She says that she was upset w hen she went to sleep.  Mike asks why, and she tells him that Carly and Simon are back together.  Mike tells he that they never should’ve ran to Jack and told him Simon and Carly were over.  Katie’s says that they can’t blame themselves, and should just try to get along with their day.  Mike still can't believe that Carly and Simon are together because he thought it was all physical and there was no depth to it.   Katie looks at him shocked and says, “Well, wait, hold on Mike.  What are you saying?  That Simon and Carly have slept together?” Mike explains that Jack said he saw them together after the storm, but didn’t tell her because he knew she’d worry about Carly.  Katie goes to make the bed and finds the pamphlet that she got from the fertility clinic.  Mike tells her that he was reading it while she was gone and he learned that there’s more to the process them he knew.  Katie then says, “You don’t need to learn a damn thing.  You know everything you need to know.”   The two kiss and go onto the bed.  Mike says he has to go because he has a client.  Snicker starts making noise in his cage so Katie brings him out.  She then starts daydreaming about Simon and Carly being together.  She asks why it drives her crazy to think of Simon and Carly together.  “I’ve got to just stop obsessing about this.” She then starts thinking that Mike could be wrong and Simon and Carly are not in love.  She then says that there’s only one way to find out. 

At the station, Jack takes Spirro into the interrogation room.  Jack tells him that he’s trying to do him a favor.  Spirro says to save them for someone he needs them.  He gets up to leave, but Jack stops him.  He gives him a warning.  “Whatever move you make, whatever loser you go into business with, I’ll know about it before you do.” Spirro doesn’t take the threat and says that he’d arrest him if he had anything on him.  Jack says that he will find away to get him back in jail.  Spirro accuses him of blowing smoke.  “Listen detective it seems you’ve got all the cards.  Why don’t you just show them, and I’ll see what I can do to help.”  Jack goes through his rap sheet.  Spirro says that he’s clean now, and Jack says that he better keep it that away.  Spirro gets up to leave, but Jack slams him against the door, “Keep looking over your shoulder because I will be right behind you.”  Spirro leaves and Margo walks up.  “You can’t help but ride to Carly’s rescue can you?”  Jack says that he’s only doing his job, but Margo doesn’t believe it.  Margo tells him to stop leaning on Spirro and back off.  Jack says that he can’t wait for Hal to come back so she can stop giving him orders.  Mike walks over to Jack and tells him that he’s sorry; he had no right getting into his business.

Carly is in Simons room putting make up on his bruise.  Simon tells Carly that Katie was pretty upset when she found out that they were back in business.  Carly explains that Jack is too.  Simon wonders why she’s still here. Carly says, “When I quit something, I like it to be my idea.”  Simon tells her how happy he is that she didn’t leave.  Carly says that she would never walk away from him while he was down.  Simon then asks, “What about when the debt’s paid off? Would you walk away then?”  Carly doesn’t answer and continues doing his makeup.  Simon asks how much he owes her, but Carly says it’s free of charge.  All she wants is to finish the building and make sure that Spirro wont turn his beautiful face into a Picasso.  The two lean in to kiss, but someone knocks at the door.   A man named Reggie walks in.  He says that he can’t get all the damage repaired before Christmas.  Simon tells him that it has to be done before then.  He brings out the suitcase and gives the man some money.  Reggie says it’ll be done by thanksgiving.  Simon gives more money and he says “early November.”  He gives him a little more and he says, “I’ll have the work done in a week.”  Reggie leaves and Carly hugs Simon.  Carly worries about paying the interest to Spirro, but Simon tells her not to because in two weeks they’re going to be rolling in cash.  Carly smiles excitedly.  Simon talks to her about how she lied to Jack about Spirro.  Carly said that she didn’t think that she had a choice.  She asks if he has a plan B that would allow them to keep all of their body parts.  The phone rings and Simon answers it.  Carly asks who it was and Simon responds with, “Plan B.”  He explains that he got in touch with a realtor and has a potential buyer.  Carly runs to hugs him.  He asks if she wants to go meet him, but Carly says she has to meet with the fabric and carpet people.  Simon asks if he’ll see her later, she says definitely.  Carly asks if she’ll see him later and he kisses her.  He then walks out leaving Carly both shocked and happy. 

Katie is outside of Simon’s room.  She sees a maid and explains that she doesn’t have her key with her and if she could let her in.  The maid says no, but she can get a new one at the front desk if she shows her ID.  The maid leaves and Katie’s uses a credit card to get in.  She opens the door and sees Carly sitting on the bed doing work. 

Simon looks around for the realtor but doesn’t see anyone.  He turns around and Spirro and his men are standing behind him.  “Blonde went to the cops and you’re going to pay for it.” 

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