ATWT Update Thursday 10/19/06

As the World Turns Update Thursday 10/19/06


Written By Eva
Pictures by Boo

At the farm, Meg is having a hard time fixing the tractor and is afraid she is going to break a promise she made to Emma that she would fix it. Craig arrives and asks if he can talk to her because he needs her help. Meg thinks its best that he leave so she politely asks him to leave and he makes a deal with her that she will talk to him if he can fix the tractor. Craig asks Meg to hand him a screwdriver and while he takes off his coat and bends down to look at the tractor. Meg wonders where Craig learned to fix engines and Craig tells her the warden thought he should have a marketable skill.

At the Lakeview, Emily reads a press release she wrote to announce Craig’s foundation and Paul arrives grabs the paper from her hand and rips it to pieces. Paul sits down to talk to Emily because he needs her help to stop Craig.

At Java, Holden arrives and tells Luke the doctor said Jade will be fine and Lily is at the hospital telling her they discovered she is Rose’s daughter.

At the hospital, Jade awakens and is surprised to find Lily sitting by her bed at first Jade can’t remember what happened to cause her to be put in the hospital. Lily begins to tell her about the accident and Jade remembers everything that happened at the library. Jade asks Lily if the doctor examined her and did a sonogram test and Lilly tells her the doctors did a battery of tests but is puzzled as to why Jade would need a sonogram. Jade hopes that Will doesn’t know the truth about the baby. Lily tells Jade that Theresa came to visit and has returned to Chicago. Jade tells Lily she is happy she could help her find her niece and wonders why Theresa didn’t stay longer to get to know her family. Lily explains that the orphanage mixed up the records ad although they have not done a DNA test she has other fact that prove that she not Theresa is Rose’s daughter. Jade cries and tells Lily that she doesn’t deserve this when she has done so many awful things. Jade tells Lily that she has done something terrible and she will probably hate her after she learns the truth just like everybody else.

At the Lakeview, Jack runs into Katie coming from Simon’s room and wonders what she is doing there. Kate explains to Jack that Carly forgot her keys in Simon’s room and Carly came back to get them and she wanted to check and see if Carly was okay. Katie tells Jack that Carly is involved with Simon again and he should probably see for himself. Jack goes to look inside Simon’s room because the door is partly open and he sees Carly and Simon hugging each other. Jack has a hurt look in his eyes and goes back in the hallway to wait for Carly to come out of the room. Carly comes out of Simon’s room and Jack informs her she is under arrest and he is going to take her to the station.

At the Lakeview, Paul thinks Emily is trying to get back at him for not loving her anymore. Paul tells Emily that Jennifer would be very hurt to know she was helping Craig after all she did for her before she died. Paul asks Emily to help him stop Craig from disrespecting Jennifer’s memory. Emily doesn’t think that a foundation to help sick children dishonors Jennifer’s memory so she tells Paul that Craig is her partner and she isn’t going to sabotage this project.

At the hospital, Dallas arrives to question Will and Gwen about the accident at the library. Will tells Jade planned Dallas that what happened at the library and he wants to press charges against her. Jade tells lily that she pretended to be pregnant with Will’s child because she thought she could make Will happy but he never loved her he always loved Gwen. Jade also tells Lily that someone found out she was lying and threatened to tell Will the truth so she staged the accident so she could tell Will the accident caused a miscarriage. Lily tells Jade she has made a lot of mistakes and she must find a way to make amends to Will and Gwen. Lily blames herself for not giving Jade a DNA test when she first arrived in town. Lily also feels horrible that she threw Jade out of the house, which forced her to find shelter with Will and Gwen. Lily ass jade to forgive her and explains that the reason she made these mistakes is because she has never had the love and support of a family. Jade cries and thanks Lily for being so kind and understanding to her. Jade worries about Will’s reaction upon learning of her lies. Lily tells Jade to get some rest and goes into the hallway. Lily overhears Will tell Dallas to find something to charge Jade with because she almost ruined his marriage. Dallas tells Will that the only thing he could charge Jade with is fraud. Lily reminds Will that he caused Rose’s death and left Jade without a mother. Will reminds Lily that Rose’s death was an accident because he only wanted to make her sick so she and Paul wouldn’t get married. Lily tells Will that he better then anyone should understand and forgive Jade for her mistakes. Will goes inside Jade’s room to talk to her. Gwen is upset with Lily because she reminded Will of Rose’s death, which is still very painful to Will. Gwen thinks Lily hurt Will without cause just so he would forgive Jade. Gwen tells Lily she doesn’t like to see Will hurt for no reason. Lily tells Gwen she understand s how much she loves Will but she must understand how much she loved and misses Rose and now she feels she must take care of Rose’s daughter. Lily tells Gwen she hopes that she and Will can forgive Jade but she won’t force them to forgive her. Gwen tells Lily that she has no idea what kind of a person Jade is and how selfish and vengeful she can be too others. Gwen tells Lily Jade has done a lot of things to hurt her and Will. Lily tells Gwen she knows exactly what kind of person Jade is and everything she has done to them and other people. Lily tells Gwen she is willing to give Jade a chance to change and she hopes that she and Will are going to give Jade a second chance.

At the Lakeview, Katie arrives and demands to know what Simon is up to now but she is stunned to see his bruised face and other injuries. Simon tells Katie he got drunk last night and ran into a door but Katie doesn’t believe that story. Katie thinks Simon injured himself to gain sympathy from Carly.

At the police station, Carly is upset with Jack because he brought her there without charging her with a crime. Jack tells Carly that he could come up with some charges very quickly. Jack questions Carly about Simon’s involvement with the shady loan shark. Jack is concerned that Carly can never seem to stay out of trouble. Carly wonders why Jack even cares if she gets in trouble. Jack tells Carly that she knows he still cares about her. Carly tells Jack that she will always care about him too but re really needs to stay out of her life. Jack reminds Carly that this loan shark is dangerous and both she and Simon could get hurt if he gets angry with them. Carly tells Jack she warned Simon about the loan shark and he decided not to deal with him so he got an over seas investor for the project. Jack knows Carly is lying to him but he doesn’t want to arrest her because he still loves her and she is the mother of his children so he let’s Carly go home. One of the goons that works for the loan shark sees Carly coming out of the squad room and calls his boss to tell him the pretty blonde that hangs around with Simon is talking to the police.

At the farm, Craig fixes the tractor and asks for Meg’s advice as to weather he should start the foundation to honor Jennifer. Meg explains that Jennifer’s family feels he is using Jennifer’s name to clean up his tarnished image and since they are still grieving her loss it hurts them. Craig tells Meg that she has made him understand that it is too soon to start a foundation to honor Jennifer so he will cancel his plans. Paul arrives and is upset to see Craig there and throws him out but Craig tells Paul his is canceling plans for the foundation before he leaves Meg and Paul alone. Paul tries to explain to Meg that Craig never planned to start the foundation he just wanted to upset Jennifer’s family. Meg insists that Craig is trying to change and she was the one who persuaded him to cancel plans for the foundation. Paul warns Meg to be careful of Craig because he is very sneaky. Meg is hurt because she doesn’t think Paul trusts her to be alone with Craig. Paul explains to Meg that he does trust her its Craig that he can never trust or forgive.

At the hospital, Will apologizes to Jade for causing Rose’s death and explains to her he just wanted to make her sick so that Paul wouldn’t leave Oakdale. Will asks Jade to forgive him and Jade asks him to do the same for all the pain she caused him. Will and jade forgive each other and he leaves her room just as Lily, Holden and Luke arrives to visit Jade. Will and Gwen decide to rebuild their marriage because there is nothing standing in their way anymore.

At the Lakeview, Simon tells Katie he isn’t faking his injuries so Katie assumes that the loan shark beat him up since Carly told her and mike about the loan shark. Simon sits down because he is in pain and since Katie can’t stand to see him in pain she looks for a first aid kit to help p him. Simon asks Katie to leave again. Simon tells Katie he asked Carly to leave the project to keep her from getting hurt by the loan shark but she decided to help him. Simon admits to Katie that he cares about Carly and he doesn’t want her to get hurt because of him. Simon asks Katie to leave once again and when Katie asks Simon if he is in love with Carly and he doesn’t respond and just says goodnight to her she realizes that Simon has fallen in love with Carly.

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