ATWT Update Wednesday 10/18/06

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 10/18/06


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

At home, Lily has hung up the phone with Lucy; she tells Holden and Luke that Jade has been in an accident and she may not make it through the night. She needs to get to her, but Holden stops her especially when she has to steady herself on a nearby table. Rose needs her to be with her daughter. Luke is upset and Holden is trying to convince Lily she is not up to going to the hospital. Rose needs her to be there, but Holden explains no special request from beyond the grave is going to want him to let her go in her condition. Lily pleads with him. Holden tells him that Luke can go so Jade has someone to stay with her. Lily doesn’t seem convinced.

At the hospital, a concerned Gwen asks the doctor if Jade had a miscarriage? The doctor explains that her preliminary tests and examinations show that she was never pregnant to begin with. The nurse interrupts to let her know there is an emergency with Jade and they leave. Will is furious; she lied to him, as he heads towards Jade’s cubicle. Lucy and Gwen stop him.

At the police station, Mike and Katie arrive to tell Jack the news about Carly. Mike isn’t sure they should interfere though, but Katie thinks Jack should know that Carly is going to need a shoulder to cry on. Mike still isn’t convinced, but Katie feels responsible for part of the reason their marriage ended up on the rocks. She told Jack when Carly was working at the Galaxy Club and they were never the same after that. Mike is starting to understand, but he teases her about needing more incentive to go in there. Katie smiles slyly promising a night of baby making; he is thrilled at the thought, so in they go.

Inside the police station, Margo is wondering to Jack why Simon would need a loan shark? Jack explains he crashed and burned with the building, but he is only concerned because Carly is involved. Margo wonders what he is waiting for to go be her knight in shining armor?

At the Lakeview, Carly is kneeling beside an unconscious and beat up Simon. Who did this to him? She pleads with him to wake up and open his eyes. Simon finally opens his eyes and tries to talk. She asks him what he is trying to say?

Lily thinks they are wasting precious time and that Jade could die while they are debating this. There could be medical decisions that need to be made regarding her care and Luke can’t do that. She realizes she is not being fair to him because he is worried, but she needs to do this. Holden smiles and wonders why she needs to push things all the time? She doesn’t know anything for sure yet. She realizes he doesn’t want her getting her hopes up. All she is going to do is sit in the waiting room, not run a marathon. Rose gave her a message that her daughter was in trouble. Holden is still skeptical that Jade could have paid Theresa off? Lily can only go on the evidence she has now - they have the same blood type (which is not uncommon), but she needs to be there in case. Holden finally gives in. They will all go together.

Gwen understands he is angry; Will snaps about thanking her for clearing that up. She wonders if he would rather be alone? He apologizes, and he wants her with him. Lucy comes out to tell them that she made it through the emergency surgery, but when Will pushes to talk to her she explains she is still in critical condition and now would not be an ideal time. They should get some rest and call in a couple of hours. Will doesn’t want to leave until he can ask her why she would do this to him. She ruined a terrific thing that they had. Gwen knows; she was trying to give him the one thing she couldn’t. She can’t stay here because talk of miscarrying and babies is making her think of what happened to her. Will understands and wants to go with her, so they leave.

Margo gives Jack his coat and tells him to tell Carly hi for her. He never said he was going anywhere though, as he continues to stall. Katie and Mike show up and Katie happily announces that Carly and Simon are through. She has never seen Carly as furious as she was. She found out about the loan shark giving money to Simon and she quit. She is through with him for good, but she is really hurt because she depended on this job for stability and to get into the Interior Design business. Katie is sure that Carly will need him now more then ever. Katie’s cell phone rings interrupting them. Nancy explains there was an accident at the library and all of the copies that she and Mike delivered need to be replaced. Can she help her with that tonight? Katie agrees to meet her and leaves after prompting Jack to do what she said. Mike apologizes after she leaves for barraging him with their well intentioned advice. He should go see Carly though. Jack doesn’t think so anymore. Mike thinks he is acting dumb and he should go make up with his wife.

Carly asks how many fingers she is holding up? Simon says two (which is right), but he thinks they should make those two drinks straight up. Carly smiles at his charm even as he lies injured on the floor. She gets him a cloth for his face and checks his ribs - only badly bruised. She thinks they should call an ambulance? Simon doesn’t want her to. She asks who did this? He answers Spiro and his two friends. Carly is confused because he just took out the loan. He explains slowly that he was trying to give the money back. Why? He had a change of heart. Why did he do this alone? He could have called the police and set up a sting. Simon laughs at that notion. She whips out her cell phone and explains that they should call Jack so all of these guys will end up behind bars where they belong. Simon grabs the phone and asks her if she is trying to get them both killed?

Lily arrives at the hospital anxious to hear how Jade is? Lucy is confused and tells her that she can’t really discuss this with anyone besides Jade’s family. Lily explains that they are, but it is a long story. Lucy explains there was an immediate surgery which Jade made it through. Lily is greatly concerned that it had to be done so quickly it was performed in the emergency room. She needs to talk to her doctor. Lucy is concerned that Lily is here when she is just out of the hospital. Lily promises she will relax. Holden goes to see how Luke is? He is upset because she was just with him and was fine and now she is close to dying. He needs to find out what happened? Holden wonders why it matters so much? He yelled at her to do the right thing and if this happened because she was doing that then he is inadvertantly to blame. Holden is concerned that Jade is running another scam, but he tells his dad he can’t get into it because it is Jade’s private business. Holden tells him they will have to talk at some point, but Luke can’t deal with it now; he needs to go get a coffee to calm down and keep busy. Lucy approaches Holden asking what she missed because last time she heard, Lily hated Jade. Holden needs a big favor; can she access Jade and Lily’s records? He needs to make sure Jade isn’t going to hurt his family again. Lily talks briefly with the doctor; she took a bad fall in the library and sustained internal injuries. She is stable now and if she stays that way for the next few hours, her chances of coming out of this fine will increase. Lily walks in to see Jade and stares silently at an unconscious girl that might be her long lost niece.

At Java, Will and Gwen sit at a table. He asks about classes but Gwen thinks they should be talking about Jade. He is still in amazement over the fact she faked the pregnancy. Gwen thinks this night was a set up too. She wanted to meet at the library for privacy, but they could have met at the dorms. She sounded all apologetic when she was on the phone, but she was totally different once at the library. She was in her face taunting her about how she was going to have his child. Will is mad that she was deliberately trying to hurt her. Will sees Luke walk in and thinks they can get more answers from him.

Mike admits that Katie thinks Simon can hurt their marriage. He knows he is really worried about Carly so why doesn’t he head over there and tell her, and in the meantime get Simon out of town because he is dealing with some bad guys. He should do this so they can all be happy. Margo is listening to this reasoning.

Katie meets Nancy at the Lakeview and tells her that the crisis is averted because she has already gotten new books. She teases that there are some perks to being a famous author. She is in a great mood; tonight is the best night. Nancy wonders if she is about to hear the pitter patter of little feet? Katie explains she isn’t pregnant that she knows of, but she thinks Simon is out of her life finally for good.

Simon explains that he is not going to the police or hospital. They will ask about his injuries and then because he has the money he will be considered in business with Spiro. How much does he owe? He owes the loan plus $100.,000. They will need to find him first. He will take the money and use it for a new identity. He remembers his pressing question; why did she come back? She answers that she forgot her keys. He hands them to her and then tells her he will come up with a plan. Does he want help? He actually wants her as far away as possible from him. She doesn’t want him to get killed though. He teases that people have tried to kill him before and not succeeded and he is still there as handsome and as charming as ever. Carly teases back by the look at his face...he can knock some of the handsome off of the list. Simon stands up and orders her to leave. Carly stares for a moment, heads for the door and stops. She turns and tells him that she can’t leave. Simon tells her he wants her out of his life. She feels guilty that he is in this mess because of her, but he takes it all on his own shoulders. It was his building not up to code; he put them in the red and he chose to get into bed with knee breaker. She is adamant that it was because of her that he chose that route to get the money. She is staying, but they need some more lies. Simon doesn’t want to hear it; he is the guy who always lies; it is pathological. She doesn’t think he will be able to pay Spiro back without her help. For some reason she likes him and wants to help. Simon tells her that he likes her kids and he will not get her involved in anything that may take her away from them. Whatever Jack said to push her away, he means it double. When he comes back from getting ice, he wants her gone, and with that he stomps out of the door.

Katie explains that Carly saw Simon for who he is. Nancy wonders why it should affect her? Katie hems and haws that it is a small town and it isn’t exactly fun to run into him or to constantly hear about him. Simon wanders in wearing shades and goes to the bar for some ice. katie sees him and is confident that he is going to come over. When he doesn’t, she thinks he is just playing games and so she is going to stare at him and let him know his presence doesn’t affect her. Nancy comments that he doesn’t seem to even notice her. Katie seems bothered. When Simon leaves the bar without even a glance at Katie, Nancy suggests he is over her finally. Katie thinks this is bad because that must mean he is plotting something. What is with the sunglasses anyway? Nancy wonders if they should care? Katie give the PC answer and says no, but her face seems to not be saying the same.

Will approaches Luke and asks if he knows about Jade? He does. What does he know about his baby then? Luke seems uncomfortable now. He had the file and he knows that Jade was never pregnant. He goes to grab Luke but Gwen steps in between them. Luke tries to explain; he just found out today. When she got sick he wanted her to go to the hospital because of the baby but she didn’t want to go. Finally they went and her OBGYN was the attending doctor and when he prescribed some antibiotics without mentioning the baby, he thought it was strange, so he asked and he told him that Jade was not pregnant. Will angrily asks what she was planning on doing? Luke reluctantly answers that she was planning on sleeping with him again and getting pregnant for real this time. Will looks horrified and Gwen sick. Luke tries to get them to see he was trying to make her come clean. He had her file and he was going to tell if she didn’t. Will is frustrated; he was supposed to be his friend. Luke sadly tries to explain that he just wanted to give Jade the opportunity first. Gwen then starts to realize what was going on at the library. She wanted her to get mad. Noone who knew they were pregnant would put themselves in that situation. She wanted to push her so far that she would get physical with her. She was planning on faking a miscarriage. Gwen and Will are disgusted and shocked at the lengths she was going. Luke is as well but he takes it more in stride. He is not excusing all the horrible things that she did but they all made mistakes. Will has made them too. Will doesn’t want to hear and Luke can’t be bothered right now because he is too worried. He yells that they think they know her, but they don’t.

Lily stares upwards as if summoning to Rose. She announces that she has been nagging her about her daughter and here she is, so where is she? Does she plan on showing up? When there is no ghostly arrival from the beyond, Lily sits by Jade’s side. She tells her that Theresa is not Rose’s daughter and that she was the only other mixed race baby at the orphanage. She thinks she is really her neice....maybe. Then she worries what if Holden is right and she paid off Theresa and falsified records? She looks upwards again. She wants Rose’s guidance because she told her her daughter was in trouble or making a mistake. She looks down at Jade. Is she trying to make the decision to live or die? She wants her to trust her again now and know if she wants to change then she can. She needs to allow herself to love and be loved. Life is worth fighting for and love is waiting for her; she just needs to wake up!

Jack is still sitting at his desk when Margo wonders why he is still there? Carly and Simon had a fight and she may be mad now and she may have dodged a bullet, but she is a trouble magnet. Margo seems to recall that Jack loved that about his wife - her bold and yet sometimes reckless ways. Jack puts on his coat. Is he going to Carly? No he is going to stop Simon and make him stop.

Simon comes back into the room and sees it empty. He asked her to leave - good for her but bad for him he grimly tells himself. She did what he asked as he sadly drops to the couch all alone. Just then Carly emerges from the back room. Did he miss her? No, Simon pretends. Did she forget something again? She smiles; she forgot rule number 45. Simon smiles. That rule is that noone dismisses her. Would she go if he politely asked? Nope! Would she go if he threatened, blackmailed, plead or begged? Nope, nope, nope and nope. He promises these men mean business. That is why they need to finish the building in a month. Spiro already knows she is involved so they would come after her anyway. They will have their open house, sell the condos and make enough money to pay them back plus interest with hopefully a little left over for themselves. Simon smiles broadly; does she really think they can do it? She does as long as they are 100% committed. They have to shake on it. They do and then Simon adds a kiss on her hand. He is sealing it with a kiss as well.

Will is furious that he should have been told earlier, but Luke was just trying to give back what she gave to him. She stood up for him in the past and he was trying to return the favor. He becomes frustrated, tells them forget it and takes off because Jade could be dying for all they know. Will doesn’t want to see Jade die, but he needs to go to the ER. Gwen offers to go with him if he needs her. He looks at her warmly and tells her that he needs her.

Lily walks out of the cubicle because the doctor is examining Jade. She sees Lucy and Holden’s concerned faces. Why do they look that way? Holden explains that he had Lucy run some preliminary tests on her and Jade’s blood work. Lucy finishes the story; the results show so far that Jade appears to be Rose’s daughter. Lily seems thrilled; she knew it this time. Then she becomes nervous; what did she do? She kicked her out of their home. Holden reminds her that she lied to them. Lily worries if it is too late? The doctor comes out and has some news.

Mike is at the Lakeview and bumps into Nancy. He is looking for Katie. Has she seen her? A nervous looking Nancy wonders if she knew he was coming, but Mike answers, a little surprised by how tentative she is being, that he was trying to surprise her. Nancy explains she had an errand to run.

Carly and Simon are making a plan that tomorrow they will hit the ground running. Can she stay and nurse him back to health? Carly tells him laughing that she left the bottle of aspirin in her place. As she heads for the door, Simon presses - how about a hug, it can be platonic if she wants? Carly gives in and they stand there hugging in the open door. Katie comes barreling through the hallways obviously looking for Simon and comes across them. She is stunned to find them in an embrace after what went down. After staring horrified for a bit, she turns and starts to race off, but runs smack into Jack.

Lily is standing in Jade’s room when she awakens; Jade asks what she is doing there? Lily explains she was in an accident, but will be fine. Jade is confused; why is she there? They were worried. Jade wonders if she helped her when she told Holden about Theresa? Did she finally find her niece? Lily smiles in response.

Back at the hospital, Will sees Lucy and wonders when he can see Jade? Lucy tells him that he will have to clear it with her doctor. He should probably wait a few days. Will turns to Gwen; why would she do it? Gwen thinks she wanted him. Will isn’t sure if it was him or the money, but he can’t wait for the answer.

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