ATWT Update Tuesday 10/17/06

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 10/17/06


Written By Eva
Pictures by Boo

At The Lakeview, Simon tells Carly she has every right to walk away from the project but he asks her to believe he never meant to lie to her he just wanted to keep the smile on her face. Carly decides to walk out of the door Simon is holding open for her with a simple good-bye Simon.

Outside Crash, Mike gets a call to let him know the results of he and Katie’s fertility tests have arrived so Katie tells him that if they can’t have children they will just adopt because there are many kids who need a loving home. Mike allows Katie to talk for a few more minutes and then tells her they can have children the old fashioned way because the results came back negative. Katie smiles and hits Mike in the chest playfully because he allowed her to go right on talking without letting her know everything was fine and then they share a kiss.

At Holden and Lily’s house, Lily tells Holden that she will never find Rose’s daughter. Lily hears a knock at the door and is shocked to find a young lady who introduces herself as Theresa.

At the Hughes house, Maddie insists that Casey call Will to inform him Gwen is meeting Jade at the library. Casey thinks that Gwen can handle Jade and doesn’t want to betray his promise not to tell Will. Maddie gets a sinking feeling something bad is going to happen because she can’t understand why Jade would want to meet Gwen inside a closed library.

At the hospital, Will demands the truth from Luke because Will can’t understand why Jade would leave the hospital without her medicine. Luke remembers the promise he made to Jade and makes up a lame excuse by saying Jade was probably just tired of being in the hospital and wanted to go home. Will notices the papers in Luke’s hand and grabs them from him because he thinks they have information about Jade. Luke quickly takes the papers back from Will before he has a chance to look at them and blasts Will for intruding on Jade’s privacy. Will shouts back that Jade is pregnant with his child and he has every right to know her medical information. Luke tells Will the baby is fine and Jade just has the flu and he thinks Jade should be the one to decide if he should see her medical records.

At the library, Gwen gets nervous when she sees the angry look on Jade’s face and asks her why she didn’t answer her when she called her name. Jade tells Gwen she wasn’t in the mood to answer her so Gwen thinks they shouldn’t be inside a closed library and they should leave now. Gwen wonders if there is someone else inside the library and Jade responds no we are all alone the cold response from Jade makes Gwen even more nervous.

At Holden and Lily’s house, Lily is so shocked to see Theresa that she forgets to invite her inside the house. Holden tells her to come inside and sit down and Theresa apologizes to Lily for not contacting her sooner but when the private detective hired by Lily came to her school she felt it was best to come speak to Lily. Theresa tells Lily that a girl she knew from the orphanage stole her adoption records the day that the nun told her Rose had died. Lily tells Theresa Jade came to Oakdale pretending to be Rose’s daughter Theresa tells Lily that she found her birth mother last year and it was the happiest day of her life. Lily and Holden are confused since Rose is dead and she is Theresa’s mother. Theresa explains that she thought the same thing until a woman named Mary Ann came to visit her at school last year claiming to be her mother and showed her a copy of the adoption records the orphanage gave to her. Theresa tells Lily and Holden that she and Mary Ann took a DNA test, which proved that they are mother and daughter. Theresa also tells Lily that she never called her back because the letter she sent her went to the wrong address and took a while to reach her at school. Theresa explains that her mother was fifteen when she gave birth to her and her parents didn’t want her to marry a black man so she gave her up for adoption. Lily wonders if she has any idea who Rose’s daughter might be and Theresa without hesitation responds Jade. Theresa explains that she and jade were the only two mixed race babies born at the orphanage and they were born a few days apart from each other and it wouldn’t be the first time the orphanage mixed up medical records. Theresa apologizes to Lily and Holden for not clearing up the confusion sooner but she assumed that if Jade had found them they had done a DNA test and Jade was happy with her family. Holden and Lily thank Theresa for coming and talking to them and assure Theresa that they will do a DNA test on Jade.

At the hospital, Will gets a call from Casey and who tells him that Gwen went to meet Jade inside a closed library and he and Maddie are worried that she could be in trouble. Will thanks Casey and Maddie for letting him know since he was concerned Jade left the hospital without her medication.

At the Library, Gwen’s phone rings she looks at the caller ID and tells Jade Will is calling her Jade grabs the phone from Gwen and throws it on the floor and tells her that she hasn’t finished talking to her yet. Jade tells Gwen to stay away from Will because he is going to marry her and they are going to have a family and a beautiful house. Gwen shakes her head no and tells Jade that Will doesn’t even love her and Jade responds that is what you think but you don’t know how he acts when we are alone. Gwen starts to leave but Jade tells her to run like she always does when she has a problem. Jade thinks Gwen doesn’t know how to love anyone because at the first problem she leaves but she (Jade) sticks by Will no matter what happens and does anything she has to do to keep him.

Outside Crash, Cary arrives and asks Mike and Katie if Gwen is inside because she needs to talk to her. Mike says they have not seen Gwen inside but if she needs to talk they are there to listen to her. Carly tells Mike and Katie that Simon lied to her about getting Lucinda to invest in the project when he instead went to a shady loan shark with mob connections. Mike apologizes to Carly for telling Lucinda about the faulty building. Carly tells Mike he had to be honest and she is happy she ended her partnership with Simon. Mike and Katie tell Carly they are very happy as well and that Jack will also be glad because he has been very concerned about her.

At the Hughes house, Maddie tells Casey that his parents have been wonderfully supportive of her and it has also helped that she has spoken to a therapist. Casey tells Maddie he is very proud of her and he thinks she is 85% better. Maddie thinks that if they are going to have a relationship she must tell him what happened the night Louis raped her. Casey tells Maddie that its okay if she never tells him what happened he will understand and support her. Maddie says no she must do this now and begins to tell Casey the story of that awful night. Maddie explains that she loved having her own room at Eve’s house because she never had her own room before so she decorated it with old movie posters and Chinese lanterns and she loved spending time in her room studying or reading. Maddie loved the fact nobody bothered her in her room sometimes Louis would stand in the doorway and ask her questions. Maddie explains that slowly Louis eventually began sitting at her desk and they would talk about old movies or just anything then one night she was shocked when he came in her room and locked the door. And said they would have fun together. Maddie was startled when Louis pushed her onto the bed and got on top of her she tried hard to push him off her but he slapped her and tore her blouse. Maddie tells Casey he began touching her all over and she mentally took herself out of the situation by staring at her favorite poster of the movie picnic and when it was over Louis warned her not to tell anyone because they wouldn’t believe her. Casey listens to Maddie’s story with a tear running down his face and Maddie continues the story by saying that she went to the hospital because she was bleeding but she left because they asked her too many questions. Maddie says the next day she called Henry and asked if she could come visit him because she thought she could forget what Louis did to her. Maddie apologizes to Casey for lying to him when she told him she was a virgin. Casey assures Maddie she is still a virgin because she never made love she was raped and he thinks when people make love they have to be both Physically and mentally together. Casey gives Maddie a hug and tells her that when they make love it will be her first time. Maddie gives Casey a Kiss on the cheek as he continues to hold her in his arms.

At the Library, Jade grabs Gwen and they struggle but when Jade hears Will calling Gwen’s name she pushes Gwen to the floor and runs toward Will’s voice Gwen warns jade to watch out but she trips and books on a shelf topple over and hit Jade. Will arrives and a nervous Gwen tells Will Jade tripped and fell Gwen gets more nervous when she notices Jade is bleeding so Will call 911 for an ambulance.

At Holden and Lily’s house, Luke arrives just as Theresa is leaving and explains to Holden and Lily he had to take Jade to the hospital because she has the flu. Lily wonders what Luke has in his hand and he says it’s a copy of Jade’s medical records and he knows its wrong to but before he can finish the sentence Lily grabs the records from them and reads them. Lily discovers that Jade has the same blood type as she and Rose A+.

At the Lakeview, Simon tells the loan shark to take back his money because he doesn’t need the money anymore. The loan shark tells Simon that the loan is already made and if he wants him to give him 40, 000 interest on the loan but Simon tells him he doesn’t have the money and just gives him the briefcase back. The two goons that came with the loan shark grab Simon and beat him up then the loan shark throws the briefcase on the floor and tells a barely moving Simon to stick to the original loan. Simon passes out after the loan shark and his goons leave the room.

At Crash, Mike and Katie tell Carly she is very talented and she will get another job soon in the meantime she should concentrate on her children. Carly thinks that is a good idea and decides to go home and give her kids a kiss but when she looks in her purse she discovers that she left her house keys at Simon’s room so she decides to go to his room and get them.

At the hospital, Will and Gwen arrive with Jade in the ambulance Will tells Lucy that Jade doesn’t have any family and Lucy goes in the exam room to examine Jade. Gwen pleads with Will to believe she never wanted Jade to get hurt. Will tells Gwen he doesn’t think she could hurt anybody and gives her a hug. Lucy comes out and grabs jade’s cell phone when it rings. Lily tells Lucy that she is looking for Jade. Lucy informs Lily that Jade has a perforated liver and a punctured kidney and may not make it through the night. Will wants to ask Lucy about the baby but Lucy runs back in the exam room with Jade. Will sees a nurse come out of Jade’s cubicle and asks her how the baby is the nurse looks puzzled so Gwen tells her Jade is pregnant. The nurse tells Will and Gwen that she just examined the patient and she isn’t pregnant.

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