ATWT Update Monday 10/16/06

As the World Turns Update Monday 10/16/06


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

At the library, Mike and Katie come in carrying a box full of the Oakdale Confidential books. Katie is teasing him about how rough it is being anonymous; Mike teases her back about it probably not being a problem too long because of how ‘good’ she is at keeping a secret. A librarian approaches them with a personality like a mud fence and they ask where they are supposed to drop off the books for the charity auction? The librarian directs them without much of a smile. They get the same reaction when Katie asks her about if she has ever read the book? Mike places the box of books high on a shelf, as Katie takes a phone call from Margo. It is clear to Mike from her side of the conversation that she is shocked. When she hangs up, a concerned Mike asks what is wrong? She answers directly that he will never believe it.

At the Lakeview, Lucy wanders up to Craig who is sitting in the dining room. Did she come to make sure he was going to leave the Lakeview? Lucy smirks in answers He is leaving, so she need not worry; he is moving back to Fairwinds. Lucy answers sarcastically that he needs that big of a place for all his friends to visit him? He wants her to understand why he is back in Oakdale and it is not for the reasons Paul, Barbara, Dusty and company think. He is there to start over; he wants people to vent at him and then move on. Lucy thinks he should plan on it taking a very long time. He hands her a check; she comments about him at least having plenty of money while he waits. He explains that he is establishing a fund in Jen’s name at the hospital benefit. This is met with a shocked look from Lucy who wonders if he is in fact crazy?

Elsewhere at the Lakeview, Barbara is waxing on and on to Paul about how disgusting it is for Craig to try to get his name back in good standing by buying and using Jen’s name. Paul promises not to let him do it. Dusty walks in and wants to know what Paul is doing there?

At the hospital, Meg is talking to Will about Jade. He heard she was there and wanted to make sure she was ok? Meg checks the computer but can’t find any information. Will appreciates her help but he is coming down anyway. Meanwhile, inside the examination room, Luke is furious with Jade; he yells about her not really being pregnant! Jade tries to back pedal but Luke yells about it being the same as when she lied about being Rose’s daughter. Jade starts to cry, but he isn’t fazed. Those tears don’t work on him because he knows her too well. She pleads with him not to tell anyone but he angrily asks her if she is foolish enough to think Will won’t notice when she doesn’t gain any weight? Jade has a plan; she is going to sleep with him again and get pregnant for real this time.

At Crash, Gwen is dancing with Elwood; he becomes upset when he sees her looking over his shoulder at a lonely looking Jack. She decides she needs to go see Jack, and as she is leaving she tells him one day he will make a girl real happy, it just can’t be her. She approaches Jack and he teases her by asking if she was having so much fun that she decided to can it to go sit with him - pout and all? She wonders what is wrong? He slowly tells her that he went off on Carly over something he isn’t even sure about.

At the Lakeview, Carly whips the money at Simon. He yells for her to calm down, but she is furious because Jack was right and that really annoys her! He swears the money came from Lucinda, but Carly asks why she wouldn’t just write him a check? He thinks it may have to do with tax reasons? So, of course she would want to walk around with a suitcase of money instead? She thinks then they should pick up the phone, call her and thank her then. Does he have a problem with that?

Barbara explains to Dusty that she called Paul here to make sure they were all on the same page. A relaxed Dusty wonders if she is referring to Craig’s big show regarding money in Jen’s name? Barbara is confused by his relaxed air, but she is not going to sit back while Craig worms his way back into town by using her daughter’s name. Dusty casually asks about Johnny and Barbara can’t hold her tongue anymore...why is he so calm? This is prime Craig and he is doing all of this to get a rise out of them...and see how it is working on her already. He isn’t going to take the bait. He is not going to allow Jen’s name to be used to fuel a fight with Craig. She sarcastically thinks he is acting very evolved. Is this his thinking or is it Lucy’s?

Craig wonders why Lucy is acting that way about him helping out a cause in Jen’s honor? If he wants to do that then he should give the money anonymously. Craig explains it is too late and Lucy is not surprised. Now everyone can see how generous and noble he is. He certainly makes not being taken in by him a lot easier then she thought it might be. She was there - he might have forgotten - when Jen died; she saw what it did to Barbara and Dusty and her family. Craig snaps that he can understand their pain of losing a child. Lucy snaps back that they didn’t use his pain and twist the knife. She wishes that Jack could arrest him for what he is doing, as she storms off. Meg approaches him smirking about how she is not surprised to find another person storming away from him. Craig smiles; she is just the person he wanted to see.

Katie has hung up the phone; Margo explained Craig legitimately got off on some legal maneuvering that overturned his conviction. She realizes he hates Craig, but he is still her brother, and she knows he is working hard to cover his feelings about him, and she loves that about him. He knows it is her brother and even after everything she still cares for Craig and he loves that about her. Does she want to go see him? Katie tells him she will see him by herself, but she appreciates the offer and she giggles about the relief that showed on his face immediately after her saying that. They kiss and the all-business librarian clears her throat and tells them the library is now closed. As they are walking out, Katie teases him about if their child was conceived in a library - does he think it would be smart?

Simon admits that the money did not come from Lucinda. Mike went to her and told her about the problems with the building. So that makes him want to jump from hitting up Lucinda to a sadistic loan shark? Simon tries to explain that she was so happy, and he only wanted to keep that smile on her face.

Gwen thinks Jack should try something radical and tell Carly that he is sorry. Jack smiles and jokes that it would not be like him and Carly to be straight. He tries to change the subject by teasing her about the guy she was dancing with. Jack decides to leave when he notices Elwood getting up on stage for open mike night. Meanwhile, Casey has arrived and is cozying up to Maddie, who is happy to see him. Gwen comes back inside and the three of them get a big kick out of Elwood rapping a song dedicated to Gwen.

Luke is frustrated with Jade; she plans on sleeping with Will... does she think he can’t count? She tries to defend her actions because Luke doesn’t see them when they are alone; he loves her. Luke laughs; he loves Gwen and all she sees in his eyes is fear because she ruined his life. This is getting too weird and he worries that she is losing it. She is going to tell Will that she is not pregnant. She will, she screeches, she just needs some time to do it with some semblance of dignity. Will comes in asking if the baby is ok? Jade explains they are fine; it was just the flu and she overreacted. He didn’t realize how much she thought of the baby. Luke makes a snide comment about how much she really thinks about this baby. She didn’t think he cared, but he does. She tries to rush him out of the room nervous that Luke’s conscience will get the better of him, so she asks him to go fill her prescription. After he leaves, she glares at Luke; she couldn’t very well tell Will with him standing there. Luke takes her medical folder and tells her that he is going to make a copy of it to keep and to make sure she keeps her promise of telling Will tomorrow. He is her friend and he does understand a little why she acts the way she does and how she gets herself into these messes. Jade is sobbing as she tells him that he won. Luke is sorry she is going to get hurt, but it is the right thing to do.

Maddie and Casey urge Gwen to get up on stage to sing, but Gwen claims she can’t because she didn’t sign up, but Maddie smiles and tells her that she did and she is a good forger. Gwen doesn’t feel like it because she is not in the mood, but Maddie reminds her how they urged her to do things when she didn’t feel like she could. Don’t let Jade stop her. Gwen grabs her guitar with a smile and heads onstage.

Meg starts to tell Craig he is trying to make amends and the hospital could always use money. Does she think he is grandstanding, he wonders? No, she says surprising him, but then she adds, that she thinks he is trying to get in Paul’s face.

Dusty snaps that this isn’t about Lucy. He is just not going to play Craig’s games. There is a knock and Paul answers it to find Lucy. She has good timing. She tells them all that she won’t let her dad make that donation. She won’t let him use Jen. Paul wonders how they all plan on stopping him? Barbara wonders icily if Lucy plans on running him off the road? Paul decides to leave and then Dusty’s guard comes out with Johnny who is fussing. Dusty immediately hands him off to Lucy and smiles as he watches them; Barbara is watching them too, but she is not smiling.

Mike and Jack have bumped into one another outside of Crash. They talk about Katie going to see Craig; Jack wonders if he is ok with that? She dealt with his family, he answers. What is bothering him, Mike wonders? Jack tries to change the subject; does he want to go inside because it is open mike night and they could get some beers and make fun of the people singing. Mike doesn’t bite. Jack offers up finally that Carly is sleeping with Simon.

Carly is happy that she didn’t sleep with him because look at what he did to her. Simon tries to charm her by telling her that it is to bad because it would have made everything right in the world. Carly doesn’t want him acting cute or charming like he is. He lied to her! She was arrogant and when people warned her about him she told everyone that she is Carly Tenney and noone is going to get one over on her. She has never been impressed by a man who makes stupid dangerous decisions. He can appreciate that but he needed to get the building done. Does he have any idea what he has done? She doesn’t even have her pride left. People warned her and she went babbling on about how she can’t get suckered. They are going down and Jack is going to be able to say that he told me so, and she hates that. Simon tells her that this was his stupid decision and not hers. He will fall alone. Does he think that she doesn’t care what happens to him because she does. They both will end up a joke. She is just annoyed about how loud she yelled about how great she will be and how she didn’t need Jack - how pathetic. He is determined for her not to be a joke. He will make this right - she needs to trust him though.

Jack explains that he might have sounded like he cared what Carly is doing, but it is only because it is demeaning to her. Mike isn’t buying it; Jack agrees that he is right, plus he just wants to smack the look off of Simon’s face. He almost walked in on them in the act but he played it cool. He just let Carly know that Simon was in cahoots with a loan shark. Jack thinks he has bent his ear enough but Mike stops him from going by talking further; they should probably not mention this to Katie; he doesn’t like how it makes her feel.

Craig explains he is trying to help sick kids and he thinks Jen would approve. Meg thinks he may not have done it because of Paul, but he knew what it would do to Paul when he heard it. Paul arrives at the table wanting to talk to Craig alone, but he eggs Paul on further by suggesting Meg stay. Paul gives her a look and Meg decides to leave. After she has left, Paul tells him that he will not let him use his sister’s name. Craig smiles and tells him that it is not his call, and it is a moot point because he can’t stop him anyway. Paul, through the slits eyes, warns him that he will just have to start thinking like him then; he will think outside the box. What did he do when he wanted to stop Roseanna from telling the truth about what he did? Right outside the dining room, Meg bumps into Katie. Will she stop him? He is poking his fingers into the eyes of people that already want to kill him. Katie decides she is not up for a family reunion anymore and walks away. Meg mumbles to herself about why Craig’s own sister will walk away, so why can’t he?

Dusty doesn’t want Barbara to worry about Johnny because he is fine with Lucy. Barbara doesn’t want them to discuss anymore stuff when there are non-family members in the room. They will talk then when Johnny has been put down. Barbara decides to leave by taking the hint. After she goes, Lucy promises to stop her father. Why were they fighting anyway? He explains it is because she was upset he wouldn’t go to war with Craig over the research fund in Jen’s name. Lucy wonders if he is upset? Dusty explains that Craig wants him to get upset and loose his cool so he can use it against him in a custody battle.

Jade apologizes for getting so upset with Luke; she knows he is her friend. He adds that he won’t leave her either. He knows she will tell Will. Jade wonders if it is because he trusts her? He smiles; it is because if she doesn’t he has the file and he will. He can appreciate that she wanted a different ending then this one. Jade starts to tear up again; she really did. She asks him if he will go pick her up something to eat at the cafeteria for her? He will, because he has to make copies of her chart anyway. He must be pleased to have all his bases covered? He has to when dealing with her, he says with a smile. She remarks to herself he is damn right about that.

After Gwen comes off the stage, Casey and Maddie are commenting about how great she was. Casey adds that he was making a copy of her singing to send to Adam so he can get it out to people out there. Gwen’s cell phone ringing interrupts them. It is Jade and she wants to meet - alone. Gwen comments coldly about how much fun that will be. Jade quickly hangs up after suggesting the library. Casey and Maddie wonder what that was about? She explains it was Jade. Why would she agree to meet her? She wants her to know she isn’t afraid of her and that she didn’t win - even though she really did.

Luke comes back into Jade’s room right after she left to put back her file. The nurse was looking for that; she explains that Jade just checked out. Luke looks confused and nervous.

Mike explains (or claims) that Katie would be upset for Carly. They do avoid trying to talk about Simon but they realize Carly is on the rebound and Simon is definitely not trustworthy. She is still rooting for the two of them. Jack sadly thinks they are a lost cause. Therapist Mike thinks the more important the thing you are rebounding from, the more screwed up things can get. Jack thinks that Katie isn’t the only one rooting for them. Mike smiles. Mike wonders if he should tell Katie about Simon? On one side it would feel good to tell her that he was right about Simon being a loser. They both laugh as Katie walks up wondering what they are laughing about and why they were talking about her and Simon? Mike and Jack just stare at each other.

Carly can’t imagine how he can make this right? Jack knows he is working with a loan shark and the word will be out on this building and how unsafe it is. Does he have enough money there to save them? How long is the loan for? What is the interest on it? He has made this her problem now. Simon looks at her for a moment before he heads for the door and opens it; he wants her to walk away from this and never look back.

Lucy decidedly tells Dusty if her father tries to go for custody then she will testify against him. Johnny’s own sister will tell a judge that her brother is better off with him rather then with her own father. Dusty appreciates that; Johnny likes her being around - so does he. Hiding around the corner, Barbara sees and hears this, looking unpleased by this.

Paul demands to know what Meg is doing with Craig? Meg snaps that he is letting him control him because he is trying to push his buttons and he is letting him. He makes him jump all the time. Meg just wants to get out of there and above all else to stop talking about Craig. She storms off, as Paul intently stares at him, before heading out as well.

Simon wants her to walk away now; Jack and the world will then know she was not involved. What about him, Carly wonders? He will get what he deserves, which has been a long time in coming. He never meant to do anything that would hurt her because she is one hell of a woman. Please leave and go home to her kids, he begs. Carly looks touched by his words as she stands still.

Jack tells Katie he was venting about Simon. Katie is skeptical; was he venting about her? Jack jokes that he was telling him that it is hard to be with a wife so perfect. He takes off and Katie smiles. Mike asks how Craig is? Katie tells him she doesn’t want to talk about it. She asks why they were talking about her and Simon? He answers coyly that he doesn’t want to talk about it. They hug and comment about their healthy open communication.

Maddie worries that they should call Will, but Casey doesn’t think they should. He is sure Jade has something up her sleeve and he is sure it has to do with Will, but he is sure Gwen can handle it.

Will has come back and asking Luke why Jade left without her prescription? Luke tries to cover; she was probably just feeling better, but Will isn’t buying that. He wants him to tell him what is really going on?

Gwen arrives at a darkened library. She enters and looks nervously around, calling out to Jade. There is no answer so Gwen walks in farther, still calling out to Jade. She turns and when she turns back around, an angry looking Jade is standing inches from her face not talking just staring.

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