ATWT Update Friday 10/13/06

As the World Turns Update Friday 10/13/06


Written By Amy
Pictures by Boo

Carly opens the door expecting to see Room service, but finds Jack.  Jack tells that he saw Spirro and Simon talking together.  Carly defends Simon by saying that he’s not going into business with him.  Carly tells him that Lucinda is backing their project and they don’t need Spirro.  Jack says that he doesn’t want to risk the safety of their kids.  Carly brings up the subject of Eve but Jack fights back by saying she never went near the kids.  He then changes the subject.  “Tell me, are you and Simon celebrating his new deal with this loan shark.  Or the fact that you’re the one that put him in touch with the creep in the first place.” Carly opens the door and tells Jack to leave. Jack tells her that if she’s so convinced that Spirro is not involved than she won’t mind him doing a little digging.  Carly tells him to dig if he wants to.  Jack brings up the kids again, but Carly tells him that he’s only upset because she was with another man.  Simon walks in.  Jack questions Simon about working with Spirro, but Simon denies it.  Jack walks out.  Carly begs Simon to tell her that Jack is wrong.  Simon lies and says that he is.  The two hug.  Carly and Simon drink some champagne.  Carly tells him that the thought of him being with another woman that night bothered her, that’s why she snuck into his room.  “Simon I don’t think I want you to be with anyone else but me.”  Simon then swears that he didn’t have sexual relations with the person in his room.  He kisses her and they begin to take off there clothes.  They jump on the bed and knock the suitcase full of money over.   An infuriated Carly picks up the money and throws it at Simon who is trying his best to cover up his mistake.  “I am not so hot for you Simon that my brain has turned to mush.  Jack was right about you.  You are a conman, and you are a liar, and you have brought Spirro into my life and you better find a way to get him the hell out of it!” 

Luke takes out his phone and tells Jade she has to go to the doctor.  Jade says she doesn’t need a one.  Luke asks if she’s worried about the baby.  “This has nothing to do with the baby.  Just please, no doctors.”  Luke says that he’ll just call Will.  Jade begs him not to, so  Luke gives her a choice, he can call Will or they can go to the hospital.  The two then head off to Memorial. Luke and Jade are in the hospital. Luke is outside of Jade’s room calling Will. He doesn’t answer so he leaves a message explaining that Jade is in the hospital.   He goes into the room and the doctor comes in shortly afterward.  Luke tells the doctor her symptoms.  The doctor tells her that he will give her something for any secondary infections.  Luke hears that and starts to wonder why he isn’t worried about the baby.  Jade quickly rushes Luke out and tells him to get her a soda.  Luke leaves the room and sees the doctor.  He asks if the medicine he prescribed would be good for the baby.  The doctor looks at Luke puzzled and responds, “But Jade isn’t pregnant. If Jade was pregnant, I would’ve noticed it.”  Luke is confused by the doctors’ news. He looks at Jades chart and goes into the room.   He confronts her about the baby; Jade tries to deny it.  He grabs her.  “Jade stop it.  There is no baby. You’re lying to Will and you're lying to everybody.”  Jade continues to lie about it but Luke begs her to just tell the truth.  “Are you having Will’s baby?”  Jade starts crying and says, “ No, I’m not.” 

Will walks into Crash.  He has a flashback of Gwen saying, “Please, if you love me as much as you say you do you have to leave me alone.  I cannot be this unhappy anymore, I just—I cant do it.”  He asks the waitress if Gwen is working but she says that Gwen has the day off.  He then sees Gwen and a bunch of college kids walk in together.  Will watches as Gwen and Gill talk.  Maddie walks into Crash and Gill makes a joke about her..  Maddie wants to leave, but Gwen tells her to stay.  Maddie says that she wishes that Casey were there, but Gwen says, “Since when have we become the kind of girls that need guys around to have a good time?  You do not need Casey, and I don’t need Will.”  Elwood interrupts and asks for a dance.  Gwen says no but says she will later.  Elwood walks away happily.  Gwen tells Maddie that she wished she invited a guy named Steven from her music class.  Maddie asks if he’s single; Gwen says she doesn’t know but wants to find out.  “I’m single now, ya know, starting my life over again.  For real this time, without the drama.”  Will watches sadly as she walks away with Maddie.    Elwood comes back and tells Gwen that it’s their song.  Gwen thinks quickly and says that she’s already promised the song to Gill.  Gill doesn’t play along at first, but sees what she’s doing and agrees to dance.  Elwood goes to get drinks so Gwen tells Gill that he’s off the hook, but Gill says that he wants to dance with her.  The two begin to slow dance with each other.  Will sees them dancing and starts to leave.  His phone rings and a girl see's him leaving and calls for him.  Gwen turns around and sees Will.  Will walks away, but Gwen chases after him.  He tells her that he doesn’t belong there, but he just couldn’t stop looking at her.  He says that he’s just getting in her way.  Gwen tells him goodnight. “The last good night I had was with you during that storm.”  Gwen walks away and goes back into Crash.  She refuses to dance when Gill asks, but then gives in.  Will watches from outside.  The song ends and Gill asks if she’d like to go out sometime.  Gwen says that she’ll think about it she then starts to wonder where Will is. Maddie then says sarcastically, “You did a really good job of moving on.”  Elwood then walks up and asks her to dance again.  She finally gives in and Elwood begins his spasmodic dancing. 

Dusty apologizes to Lucy in Barbara’s room.  She dryly thanks him for the apology and starts to leave.   Lucy tells him that she’s not sure if she can trust him again. “When you say you believe me, it just sounds like words.  Maybe this time around I don’t trust you.”  He then asks her out to dinner.  Lucy agrees.  Dusty walks into the other room and see’s Barbara.  He doesn’t give any details to where he’s going, but Lucy walks up much to Barbara’s dismay.  The two close the door and walk away.  Dusty and Lucy sit in the car and sip soda. Lucy says that the car is no Lakeview dinning room, but Dusty explains that he likes the privacy.  They then talk about Barbara’s face as they were leaving.  The two decide not to talk and just enjoy each other’s company.  He tells Lucy that he couldn’t have a better friend than her.  “Is that all we are Dusty?  Friends?”  He then kisses her.  The stop and decide that it was too soon.  Lucy suggests that they should get some dessert.  They then order some coconut cream pie. 

Emily and Craig sit down at a table at the Lakeview.  The two discuss Emily’s baby.  Emily tells Craig about how her baby saved Johnny.  Craig tells her that he owes her.  They then discuss the all the babies that needed help like Johnny.  Emily says that it’s a terrific idea for the paper.  Craig sees Kim and Bob and says that he knows the perfect people to set his plan in motion.  Kim and Bob sit down with Craig and Emily.  Craig says that he wants to fund a research center for the kids at Memorial.  He says that he wants to name the center “The Jennifer Donovan Research Foundation” Kim tells him that Jennifer’s family would never let him put her name on anything connected to him. Bob says the he doesn’t want to turn down donations, but donations tied to names can be very difficult.  Emily asks him to consider it.  After a few seconds, Bob says that he agrees; he just has to submit the proposal.   Craig says that he’s only trying to keep Jens memory alive for Johnny.    Kim and Bob leave.  Emily congratulates Craig.  Emily asks about Dusty, Barbara, Paul and Meg, but Craig says that the four of them need to decide if an old grudge is more important than advancing medical science.”  Emily smiles and says, “wow.  A girl could learn a lot from you.”

Kim and Bob are at Barbara’s house.  They just explained about the foundation and Barbara is a little less than pleased.  Kim tries to convince her that it would help some really sick children, but Barbara says that Craig isn’t interested in helping the children.  Barbara refuses to let Craig name the memorial after Jen.  “I’ll fight him with my last breath.”  Kim replies with, “That could be exactly what he’s counting on.” 

Jack walks into Crash and orders a beer to, “Help a guy forget what a complete jackass he’s been.” 

Will is back at his house.  He listens to the messages on his phone.  He hangs up and heads out to the hospital. 

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