ATWT Update Thursday 10/12/06

As the World Turns Update Thursday 10/12/06


Written By Eva
Pictures by Boo

At the Lakeview, Simon tells Carly to relax because nothing is going on inside his room. Carly suspects that Simon has a woman in his room and Simon doesn’t say anything. Once Simon has thought of a good lie he says that an old friend came to visit him from out of town and they are catching up on old times.

At Will’s house, Jade thanks Luke for coming to visit her just to thank her for helping Lily. Jade proudly a show Luke the sonogram of the baby and Will arrives and wonders what Jade is still doing in his house. Jade tells Will she was leaving but she got morning sickness and felt like sitting down for a while and Luke was being a good friend and keeping her company. Jade gets sick and runs to the bathroom while Luke tells Will he should stop treating the mother of his child like something he scraped off the bottom of his shoe. Will makes it clear to Luke that he rented Jade an apartment and he will give her child support but he doesn’t love her he loves Gwen and wants a future with her.

At the Lakeview, Dusty leaves his bodyguard Chaz watching Johnny while the baby takes a nap. Dusty gives Chaz instructions that if Johnny should awaken he should give him his bottle. Dusty goes into the other room to make an international business call. Barbara arrives and thinks Chaz is trying to kidnap Johnny so she tackles him Chaz gets Barbara off his back and gently places her on the floor. Dusty comes out of the other room after hearing the noise and introduces Chaz to Barbara. Chaz apologizes to Barbara and calls her ma’am to which Barbara replies please don’t call me m’am I know you were only doing your job. Barbara then proceeds to flirt with chaz a bit while Dusty watches with a tiny smile on his face. Barbara sends Chaz to order room service while she warns Dusty to keep Johnny away from Lucy if he wants to keep Johnny safe from Craig. Lucinda congratulates Lucy for being smart enough to protect Johnny from Craig. Lucy tells her grandmother that it was obvious Craig was using his injuries to stay close to Johnny and she couldn’t allow him to keep lying or face going back to jail. Lucinda plans to tell Dusty that Lucy was the heroine that saved Johnny from Craig.

At Java, Meg and Paul make wedding plans as they joke about what they wore to their proms they discover that they both wore the color blue. Meg thinks that they should get married in the fall or the winter at the church while Paul wants to get married right away at a Vegas wedding chapel. Paul gives Meg a kiss and tells her just to tell him when to be at the wedding and he will be there. Emily watches them and is about to leave because she can’t stand to see the too of them so happy when Craig arrives and tells her that he will teach her how to turn the tables on Paul and Meg without them knowing what hit them. Craig takes Emily outside and she admits that she can’t stand to see Paul and Meg so happy while she is still grieving the loss of her child. Craig tells Emily that he will show her how to get the upper hand on Paul without rising going to jail. Craig takes Emily back inside and has her watch as he congratulates the happy couple on their upcoming wedding. Paul tells Craig he isn’t invited and Craig tells Meg to make sure to let him know where they register so that this time he can pick out a more suitable present then the one she gave back to him. Once Craig goes to sit at a table with Emily Paul wants Meg to explain to him why Craig gave her a present. Meg explains that Craig gave her a vase, which she promptly gave back to him. Paul tells Meg she did well but can’t help wondering why Craig would give Meg a gift. Meg tries to get Paul to concentrate on their wedding plans but Paul can’t stop thinking about Craig’s ulterior motives.

At the Lakeview, Lucinda tells Lucy that she knows that she gave Craig up to the police to prove to Dusty that she is on his side because he is the best father for Johnny. Lucy admits that is part of the reason but she knows Dusty will never trust her because she is Craig’s daughter. Jack arrives and informs Dusty that Lucy discovered that Craig’s injuries were not so serious and she called him to let him know so he told Craig that he had twenty four hours to leave the hotel or go back to jail. Jack also tells Dusty that Lucy was pretty great standing up to Craig so Dusty thanks Jack for the information but Jack thinks that Dusty should thank Lucy not him.

At Holden and Lily’s house, Carly arrives to visit Lily and have a girl talk Lily tells her she is tired from having physical therapy. Lily shares with Carly that she has had visions of Rose who asked her to find her daughter Theresa and keep her from making a big mistake. Lily tells Carly that Lucinda thinks she needs more tests but Holden and Luke have been very supportive and are helping her search for Theresa. Lily and Carly share how much they miss having Rose and Rosanna be a part of their lives. Carly tells Lily she saw Craig and let him get to her but she assures Lily she won’t let that happen again because he isn’t worth it.

At the Lakeview, Simon tells the loan shark that he will get all his money in thirty days. The Loan shark tells Simon that if he doesn’t pay the money back on time he could get killed.

At Will’s place, Luke encourages Will to stop blaming Jade for all of his problems with Gwen. Will explains that Gwen has already forgiven him for the affair but she can’t forgive him for getting jade pregnant. Will also tells Luke that Gwen can’t deal with how Jade would use the baby to continually demand more and more of his time. Will tells Luke that Gwen is happy in the dorm and concentrating on school and he doesn’t want to cause her anymore pain. Lade comes out of the bathroom and Will tells her he hopes she won’t be there when he returns home. Jade wonders if Will told Luke he hates her and the baby when Luke doesn’t respond Jade assumes she is right and gets sick again so she runs into the bathroom.

At the Lakeview, Dusty arrives Looking for Lucy at the restaurant and Lucinda blasts him and tells him to stop being so hard on Lucy because she has bent over backwards to be his friend and she even called the police on Craig to protect Johnny.

At Java, Henry arrives to talk to Emily and is concerned when she sees him with Craig. Emily tells Henry what she does with Craig is none of his business because he betrayed her trust. Henry warns Emily to stay away from Craig because he is bad news and Emily asks Henry to leave her alone. Craig arrives and repeats Emily’s wishes to Henry who then leaves Emily with Craig. Emily tells Craig she wants to have a good respectable life. Craig encourages Emily to become his partner in the newspaper. Craig receives the contracts to buy fairwinds, which makes Paul very upset. Paul blasts Craig for being sick enough to buy Rosanna’s home. Craig tells Paul that fairwinds was his home first and it was meant to be his again. Craig smiles after Paul leaves and tells Emily he got the upper hand on Paul and he didn’t even have to break the law. Emily is impressed and agrees to take the partnership because she wants to learn how to get everything she wants from life.

At Holden and Lily’s house, Carly tells Lily about her and Simon’s new business and her growing feelings for him. Carly tells Lily that she and Jack are over for good and she surprised herself today when she felt jealous because Simon had a woman in his room. Lily encourages Carly not to fight her feelings for Simon if he makes her happy. Carly tells Lily she has missed talking to her very much and then leaves to seize the day.

At Will’s place, Luke helps Jade get over her morning sickness and promises to stay with her until she feels better. Luke is worried because jade looks pale and tired and when he feels her forhead he discovers she has a fever. Luke wants jade to go to the hospital but is puzzled when jade tells him she won’t go to the hospital.

At the Lakeview, Dusty tells Chaz to stop talking and listening to Barbara when chaz tell him he should stay away from Lucy because she is Craig’s daughter. Dusty tells Chaz and Barbara to leave but before leaving Barbara warns Dusty to be careful of Lucy. Dusty calls Lucy and tells her he wants to talk to her so since she is downstairs she goes up to his room. Lucy enters the room and starts telling Dusty that she is sorry he doesn’t think she is on his side but she doesn’t know what more she can do to prove she is on his side. Dusty tells Lucy to shut up so he can apologize to her properly for being a jerk. Simon is upset that the loan shark is eating a steak at the restaurant and reminds him nobody can know anything about their deal. Simon tells the loan shark to finish his steak and leave before someone sees them talking to each other. Simon promises to pay back his thirty-day loan on time if he won’t bother him again. Carly bribes the bell boy to let her into Simon’s room and then orders champagne and strawberries to be brought to his room. Carly finds the briefcase with the money and is about to open it when someone knocks and she goes to and goes to open the door and is shocked to find Jack standing at the door.

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