ATWT Update Wednesday 10/11/06

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 10/11/06


Written By Suzanne
Pictures by Boo

Casey and Maddie joke around in his dorm room, then they end up kissing on the bed. Casey's roomie Elwood returns and pretends to act horrified at the mess they made. Then he wants to join in the fun, but Casey quickly gets rid of him by threatening to put mustard in his eye. Elwood leaves, and Casey closes the door. Maddie looks a little freaked out by the locked door, then she makes an excuse to leave. Casey realizes that she is freaked out by the locked door. She apologizes for how she is acting. He opens the door and tells her that she can leave any time (to make her feel safe). She tells him that she wants to stay there with him. Maddie tells him how she feels when she's with him. He is being very careful not to scare her again. She says that it's fine to just see what happens. She closes the door and tells him that she wants to be alone with him. They kiss.

In her dorm, Gwen expresses her frustration toward Will about Jade. He wants her to help him prove that Jade's lying, but she thinks it is futile. Will tells her why he suspects Jade and what he plans to do, so she urges him to go ahead. Will phones the doctor that Jade claims she's going to at the hospital and finds out that she was just there. He and Gwen look disappointed that she wasn't lying about that. Gwen feels that they shouldn't be trying to prove the baby is not real because babies are supposed to make people happy. They argue about it. She yells at him that he needs to face the fact that their futures may not be the same or together. Gwen informs him that she can't just be that unhappy any more and can't be with him as long as Jade is having his baby. He leaves, looking very sad. Gwen cries after he leaves.

At Will's place, Holden asks Jade to help him with Lily. She's not so sure that this is a good idea, but he tells her that he wants her to help him find Rose's real daughter. Holden tells Jade how important it is to Lily to find her. Jade wonders why he doesn't just phone the orphanage, but he says it could take up to 6 months to get a court order to get the records. Jade tells Holden that she will help him if he will think better of her. She finds a number where she thinks that Theresa might be. Holden apologizes for hurting her feelings and for giving him the number. Jade asks him before he goes to tell Lily that she tried to help, and he agrees. She says Theresa will be very lucky if they find her.

At Holden and Lily's place, the vision of Rose yells at Lily to go find her daughter. Lily tells her that she wishes that she could. Lucinda comes in and asks what's going on, but she quickly realizes that Lily is seeing Rose again. Lucinda insists they talk about this. Lily is defensive and knows that Lucinda thinks that she is just imagining things. Lucinda tells her to just let Rose go because she's dead and to concentrate on getting better so she can take care of her family. Luke walks in while they are discussing how she sees Rose and feels guilty. They both tell Rose that she has nothing to feel guilty about. Lily feels guilty for how she yelled at Jade and for how she treated Luke. She wants to get to know her niece. Lucinda doesn't think she should waste her time, but Lily feels that she needs her. Luke says that Holden is working on it, so it's settled. Lily tells Lucinda how she feels about Rose's daughter being out there alone. Holden returns and tells them what he got from Jade. They all discuss what it means and whether they should act on it. Luke suggests that he and Lucinda leave Rose and Holden together. Lily tells Holden to make the call. He finds out that Theresa left a year ago and there was no forwarding address. They plan to get a private eye on the case.

Lucy goes over to Craig in the dining room of his hotel. He is glad to see her, but she's not in a very good mood. She wants to make sure that he's resting and recuperating. She is annoyed that he's not in his room and reminds him that she convinced Jack that he was really sick or else he'd be in jail. She blasts him for hanging around the hotel when Dusty has a restraining order against him. Craig confides that he is still claustrophobic from prison, but she is unfazed. She is worried that he is not resting and insists on staying with him until he finishes his "broth". The waiter is about to bring him some wine, so he makes a gesture and then goes into a coughing fit to let the waiter know that he shouldn't have any. Lucy wants to stay with him, but he insists that she leave so that he doesn't depend on her. She agrees and is about to leave when he tells her how grown up she is and how proud he if of her. She thanks him and tells him to call her if he needs her as a doctor. He adds that theirs is strictly a professional relationship, but she replies, "I wish". After she leaves, the waiter serves him the wine. He tells the waiter that his daughter doesn't approve of his drinking, or of him in general. He tastes the wine and goes through the whole process of approving it before the waiter pours more. Lucy sees him drinking and then leaves for real. She gets out her phone and mumbles that he should enjoy his "broth" while he can.

Also in the hotel, Carly demands that Simon tell her why he was with Spirro, the mobster. Simon tries to pretend that Spirro only asked him about the coffee, but she knows it was more than that. Simon then lies that they just had a preliminary business chat. Simon turns on the charm to tell her that she's super sweet for being worried about her. She tells him that if he does business with Spirro, then she will never do business with him. She tells him that Spirro breaks kneecaps and other grisly things to people who owe him money and don't pay. Simon makes light of her remarks. They keep arguing until Simon's phone rings. Spirro phones to tell him that he has the money and he'd better get there soon. Simon tells her that his lawyer wants him to sign some papers, so he tries to leave, but Carly insists on going along. Simon manages to ditch Carly in the lobby of his hotel so he can go up to meet Spirro. Spirro is not happy that Simon kept him waiting. He gives Simon a suitcase full of money. Simon makes sure he realizes what the terms are. Spirro warns him not to be late or the payment would be severe. Spirro lets him know that he will be hung up by his thumbs, just as Carly warned earlier. Simon tells him that he changed his mind and doesn't want the money. Spirro tells him that it's too late and Simon owes him the money plus the $100,000 interest. Simon is surprised to learn there is no written contract and that they already have a verbal one. Spirro warns him again not to be late before he leaves.

Carly is shocked to see Craig enjoying his wine in the dining room of the hotel. He tells her that everyone else in town has been high-minded and moralistic, so he asks her to surprise him. She picks up his wine and throws it in his face. The waiter rushes over to help Craig brush the wine off, but Craig sends him away. Carly berates him for living it up while Rosanna is still in a coma. She wonders if Jack knows he's back, so he tells her that Jack is back on the case. They trade insults. She suggests that he do something to make everyone happy by leaving town. She promises to make his life hell for ruining her sisters' lives. He tells her that he's sorry for what he did, but she doesn't believe it any more than anyone else. She leaves after telling him off some more. Outside, Carly phones Jack to leave a message, but he walks in just then. Carly lies that she was calling him by accident because she hit the wrong speed dial. He doesn't buy it, but she leaves. Lucy also returns and tells Craig that she had to make a phone call. He knows that he is caught in his lies again. She tells him that she has learned when a coughing attack is fake. She is no longer worried that she will be taken in by his lies again because she figured it out while she was taking his pulse. Jack walks up, so Lucy tells him that Craig is healthy enough to move out of the hotel now. Jack tells him that he has to find another address within 24 hours or go back to jail. Craig tells Lucy that he's sorry for putting her in this position, but then he makes cracks about Jack enjoying his job. Lucinda comes up and hopes that Craig is going to jail again. Lucy feels bad for turning him in and apologizes, despite her earlier remarks. Lucinda and Craig exchange insults. He tells them that he plans to put roots down in Oakdale now.

Carly knocks on Simon's door just as Spirro is about to leave. He has Spirro take the back way out while he talks to Carly. He asks her why she canceled her other meeting. She tells him that something bad happened but wonders why they are talking in the doorway. He can't think of a good excuse fast enough, so he asks him what the hell's going on.

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