ATWT Update Tuesday 10/10/06

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 10/10/06


Written By Eva
Pictures by Boo

At Holden and Lilyís house, Lily arrives home from the hospital and receives many hugs from her entire family.  Lily holds Ethan in her arms and marvels at how big he has grown in such a short time.  Lily also tells Faith and Natalie that Roseís daughter will soon be a part of their family.  Lily sees the looks on Lucinda and Holdenís faces and wonders what is wrong with finding Theresa.  Holden tells Lily that opening the adoption records will take at least six months. 

At the model apartment site, Simon assures Carly that the project will be up and running soon and she will have more work then she can handle.  Carly tells Simon that she is very glad she didnít listen to everyone who told her not to trust him.  Carly tells Simon she is happy he didnít let her down and came up with the brilliant idea of asking Lucinda to invest in the project. 

At Willís house, Will tells Jade that he wants to be a good father and that starts by going with her to her doctorís appointment.  Jade tells Will she is happy he wants to take care of her and the baby but he doesnít need to go to her appointment with her.  Will insists on going and they head out the door but Paul arrives and wants to speak to Will right away.  Jade tells Will to stay and talk to Paul and she will give him a full report on the baby when she returns from her appointment.  Paul informs Will that Craig Montgomery is back in Oakdale and out of jail.  Will tells Paul Gwen left him again and he wishes he could help her deal with the pain Craig will cause her. 

At Crash, Gwen tells Casey that she has to stay because she has to start reading Danteís Inferno for school.  Casey smiles and wishes Gwen look on reading the thrilling book.  Gwen begins to read the book and when she looks up Craig is standing above her.  Craig tells Gwen he has something to say to her but Gwen refuses to listen to anything he has to say to her.  Craig looks at Gwenís book and is happy that she finally made it to college like she always dreamed.  Craig apologizes to Gwen saying he is sorry if his mistakes caused her any pain.  Gwen is appalled that Craig considers all the pain he caused her, Rosanna, and Jennifer simply a mistake.  Gwen blasts Craig and tells him that thanks to his mistake she had to lose two children her own child and the one she helped raise which belonged to Jennifer.  Craig tries to make Gwen feel better by saying he is happy that Gwen is married to Will and that she and Will can have more children.  Craigís comment causes Gwen so much pain she slaps Craig and leaves him rubbing his face.  Casey arrives and tells Craig that Gwen is already in pain without him causing her anymore pain.  Casey warns Craig to stay away from Gwen if he knows what is good for him. 

At Willís house, Will tells Paul that Gwen left him shortly after they had reconciled because she canít handle the fact that Jade is pregnant with his child.  Will admits that he is scared of losing Gwen but he knows he must take responsibility for his child.  Will asks Paul for his advice since he is in a similar situation with Emily and Meg.  Paul explains that the choice was made for him because Emily lost the baby.  Paul advises Will to make sure Jade is really pregnant and then tells him to do everything he can to get Gwen back and make the situation work if Jade is pregnant.  Paul tells Will that he would have done the same thing if he had been given the chance.  Will tells Paul Jade took a home pregnancy test so he is pretty sure that she is pregnant. 

At the apartment work site, Carly tells Simon that he has inspired her to believe that her life can work out again.  Carly thanks Simon for having faith in her because nobody has ever had faith in her.  Carly asks Simon for a little money to tide her over until he can pay her salary so Simon gives Carly the last two hundred dollars in his wallet.  Carly leaves to go visit Lily because she came home for the hospital today.  Carly gives Simon a little kisses and tells him that he is a better man then she thought he would be.  Once Carly is gone Simon begins calling potential investors to dig himself out of this hole for Carlyís sake.   Simon soon realizes that Lucinda has spread the word to all the investors he called that he is a bad risk.  Simon makes a call to someone he wishes he didnít have to call. 

At Holden and Lilyís house, Carly arrives with flowers for Lily and thanks Lucinda for making such a great decision about Simonís project.  Lucinda is puzzled by Carlyís attitude but Carly assures her that Simon told her everything.  Lucinda tells Carly that she made the best decision possible.  Carly gives Lily the flowers and when lily asks about Jack she informs her she and jack are not together anymore.  Lily thinks that is impossible and Carly promises to have lunch and tell her the details later. Carly leaves so Lily can enjoy the day with her family. 

At Willís house, Jade arrives to show Will a sonogram picture of the baby.  Paul tells Will to call him if he needs to talk.  Jade gives Will the picture and tells him that the doctor said the baby was fine.  Jade goes in the kitchen to get something and Will looks intently at the picture and notices something strange.  When jade comes out of the kitchen Will asks Jade why she took a sonogram at memorial if her doctor is at the free clinic.  Jade tells Will how he knew that she took the sonogram at memorial Will explains he recognized the hospital logo on the right hand corner of the picture.  Jade tells Will she decided to start going to memorial because she thought it would make him happy.  Will asks jade what doctor she is seeing and Jade responds Dr. Morris so Will decides he must run an errand and leaves Jade from outside he watches Jade tape the sonogram picture on the fire place mantle. 

At the Lakeview, Craig asks Emily why Paul wanted to buy the paper from him.  Emily explains that Paul wanted her to avoid stress during her pregnancy.  Craig tells Emily he has a business proposition for her.  Emily tells Craig that she isnít interested in doing business with him if this is some sort of a trick.  Craig assures Emily he isnít going to trick her he is interested in making a fresh start to prove to people he has changed.  Emily asks Craig if he will sell the paper to her but he says that he wants both the paper and her. 

At the dorm, Gwen cries because Craig reminded her she couldnít have Willís child.  Casey arrives and knows why Will is crying and apologizes for his Uncleís comments to her. Gwen tells Casey it wasnít Craig fault because he didnít know she couldnít have children.  Casey wonders if Gwen found out if Jade is pregnant.  Gwen explains that she didnít stay to find out because it is none of her business.  Gwen plans to drop the subject and focus on school.  Casey and Gwen smell something good out in the hallway and go check it out.  Casey is happy to see Maddie cooking bratwurst on a hot plate to make his lunch.  Casey goes to give Maddie a kiss and Gwen goes in her room to read her book. 

At Holden and Lilyís house, Faith and Natalie surprise Lily with a welcome home cake they baked themselves.  Rose appears to Lily again and asks her to save her daughter from making a big mistake.  Luke tells Lily that she isnít crazy for wanting to find Roseís daughter and he promises he will help her to find Theresa.  Lucinda thinks they should call the doctor because it isnít normal that Lily be seeing visions of Rose.  Holden and Luke are determined to help Lily find Theresa and Holden leaves to get some help to fulfill Lilyís wish. 

At the Lakeview, Craig offers Emily a full partnership in the newspaper because he thinks that they share the same vision to make it a respectable paper.  Emily agrees to consider the partnership deal and get back to Craig when she has made a decision. Simon meets with a shady loan shark who agrees to give him a thirty-day loan, which must be paid in full at the end of that time.  Simon sees Carly enter and tells the loan shark that nobody can know anything about their deal.  Carly wonders why Simon is meeting with a shady loan shark with ties to the mob, which she recognizes because he helped Jack out once on a case.   

At Willís pace, Holden arrives to ask Jade to help Lily. 

At the dorm, Gwen is surprised to find Will in her dorm room Will tells Gwen that he is beginning to doubt that Jade is pregnant and he promises Gwen he will do whatever he has to do to find out the truth. 

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