ATWT Update Monday 10/9/06

As the World Turns Update Monday 10/9/06


Written By Eva
Pictures by Boo

At Gwen and Will’s place, Jade calls Will who is at Crash with Gwen and Maddie and asks him to bring Gwen to the cottage so she can prove to her that she isn’t lying about being pregnant.

At Crash, Will hangs up the phone and explains to Gwen and Maddie that Jade wants him and Gwen to meet her at the cottage in order to prove to them she is telling the truth about being pregnant with Will’s child.

At the model apartment site, Simon calls Carly and asks her to meet him there because he is going to have a meeting with Lucinda to see if she will invest in the project. Carly is reluctant to go because she doesn’t want to get her hopes up but Simon persuades her to go meet him.

At Java, Carly hangs up the phone and turns to see Jack who wants to set up some ground rules if Simon is going to be around the kids.

At the model apartment site, Lucinda arrives and Simon turns her around so she can see the bare bones of her new empire. Simon explains to Lucinda that his investors backed out of the project and maybe if she invested he could use her good name to get more capital for the project. Lucinda tells Simon she will consider investing in the project but only after she checks things out so she leaves and tells him she will return later with a decision.

At the church, Paul tells Emily he is glad she decided to have a memorial service for the baby and that the service was really nice. Paul starts to leave and Emily gets angry and tells him she won’t let him leave and get on with his life like they didn’t just lose a child.

At the Lakeview, Meg arrives to give back the present Craig gave to her and she tells him to stop trying to cause trouble between her and Paul. Meg tells Craig she doesn’t even think he picked out the vase himself. Craig tells Meg that he did pick out the present himself because he knows how much she used to love flowers when she was younger. Craig does explain to Meg that he asked the store to wrap the vase and send it to her. Dusty confronts Lucy because he feels she didn’t protect Johnny from Craig when she left Johnny in her care. Lucy tells Dusty that she was horrified when she discovered Craig had moved into the hotel. Dusty tells Lucy he won’t allow Craig to use her to get closer to Johnny so he must put a stop to this now. Lucy points out that he is right she is Craig’s daughter just like Johnny is Craig’s son. Dusty tells Lucy that he knew all along she never considered him Johnny’s father. Lucy makes it clear that she knows he not Craig is Johnny’s father and despite everything she thinks he should raise Johnny. Dusty starts to dial the phone to call the cops because Craig is in violation of the injunction to stay away from Johnny. Lucy asks Dusty not to call the police but instead file a motion with the court. Dusty thinks that would take too long and calling the police solves the problem more quickly. Dusty asks the body guard if he tried to stop Craig from getting to Johnny the bodyguard says yes but Lucy asked him to let Craig go. Lucy tells Dusty Craig has broken ribs and a punctured lung and he just got out of the hospital. Dusty asks the body guard if Lucy asked him to take Johnny to his room while she spoke to Craig. The bodyguard says no and Lucy explains to Dusty that she always had Johnny with her and Craig never touched him. Dusty tells Lucy she must choose between a friendship with him and Johnny or Craig. Lucy asks Dusty not to make her choose between them and he father and Dusty takes that response as her choice and tells Lucy they can’t be friends anymore because he must protect Johnny from Craig. Meg thinks that Craig is trying to worm his way between her and Paul to make sure Paul is miserable in order to get revenge on him because Rosanna loved Paul. Craig tells Meg he is just lonely because his wife is in a coma and that Rosanna’s accident wasn’t his fault because the only thing he did was make her drive faster he didn’t cause her to crash. Craig thinks he should probably bring Rosanna back home to prove to Meg that Paul still loves Rosanna even though she is in a coma. Craig tells Meg he feels completely alone because he has no wife and his children have been taken from him. Meg tells Craig that if Lucy wants him back in her life that is her decision but Johnny belongs with Dusty because he is a good man and a wonderful father. Craig thanks Meg for stopping Paul from attacking him but Meg tells him if he keeps butting in her life with Paul she won’t stop Paul the next time he feels like punching him. Craig thinks that Meg is relived to have Emily out of her life so she can have Paul all to herself. Meg tells Craig she is heartbroken about the loss of Paul’s baby but Craig reminds her that now she will never have to have Emily come between her and Paul again.

At the Church, Emily wants Paul to share his grief about losing their child with her instead of Meg because Meg wasn’t the baby’s mother. Paul tells Emily he will never forget their child. Emily wants Paul to admit they had a child together but in her heart she knows Paul will never admit it. Paul tells Emily that he wants her to be happy and get back to being the strong independent woman she was before she got involved with him again. Paul explains to Emily that he didn’t marry her because he knew he couldn’t give her the love she needed and wanted and he was trying to spare her any pain but instead he caused her more pain. Emily thinks Paul wants her to be happy so he won’t have to feel so guilty about all the pain he has caused her. Emily tells Paul that she finally realizes that their relationship is over and she promises not to bother Paul anymore.

At Java, Carly is hurt and Jokes that Jack thinks she will have sex with Simon in front of the children. Jack tells Carly that Simon can’t be trusted because he has a police record and he is worried about him being a bad role model for the kids. Carly tells jack the kids only have one father and Simon would never replace him. Carly thinks Jack is jealous of her relationship with Simon but Jack makes it clear that he is just trying to protect the kids. Jack tells Carly people like Simon never change but Carly thinks that people are capable of change if you give them a second chance, trust in them and love them enough.

At Crash, Will tells Gwen that he loves her and wants a future with her not Jade and if Jade is pregnant he will make sure the baby is taken care of but Jade won’t be a part of his future. Gwen decides to go to the cottage with Will and find out the truth about jade’s pregnancy.

At the model apartment site, Simon tells Carly that Lucinda may invest in the project so all hope isn’t lost yet. Catly is happy because she feared that she might have had to admit to Jack that she failed. Carly tells Simon Jack is just waiting for her to fail and need to ask him for help. Carly tells Simon that Jack warned her about him again and told her he was a bad role model for the kids. Carly tells Simon she defended him to Jack and told him that she believes he can change and make this project a success. Simon is touched and tells Carly nobody has ever defended him so much to anyone and he promises to make the project a success.

At the cottage, Jade shows Gwen and Will a home pregnancy test box and has Gwen examine the box and its contents to prove there hasn’t been any tampering with the test. Jade goes into the bathroom to take the test and Gwen tells Will this is just ridiculous because she is tired of being suspicious. Jade comes out of the bathroom just as Gwen leaves to get some air. Jade shows Will the stick turned blue so she can go show Gwen that she is indeed pregnant with his child. Will tells Jade he wants to go to her doctors appointment with her tomorrow and the audience can tell by Will’s face he still thinks Jade might be lying about being pregnant. Jade asks Will if he thinks she is telling the truth and he says yes but he wants to be a responsible father.

At the Lakeview, Craig falls to the floor and can’t breathe so Meg tends to him and discovers he dislodged his dressing and he should be more careful of his injuries because she may not be around to help him. Lucy arrives and Meg tells her what happened with Craig. Lucy is running out of patience with Craig and asks him to stop complicating her life. Craig promises Lucy he will move out of the hotel.

At the model apartment site, Lucinda tells Simon she can’t invest in the project because Mike told her the building wasn’t up to code and that is why he quit working for Simon. Simon asks Lucinda to give him a chance to fix things and invest in the project. Lucinda tells Simon that she trusts Mike and won’t change her mind about the project.

At the Lakeview, Jack arrives and Dusty tells him Craig violated the injunction by moving into the Lakeview so Jack goes upstairs to arrest Craig.

At the church, Paul tells Meg that Emily finally accepted their relationship is over. Paul asks Meg to marry him as soon as possible so they can make a fresh start. Meg agrees and they share a kiss.

At the Lakeview, Dusty buys Emily a drink and offers his sympathies on the loss of her baby. Dusty also tells Emily Craig is back in town and staying there and she should watch out for him. Emily thanks Dusty for the drink and the warning and vows never to be anybody’s victim again. Jack reads Craig his rights and Craig starts coughing and doubles over in pain. Lucy tells Jack that Craig needs to go back to the hospital and even though Jack doubts Lucy is speaking as a doctor and not Craig’s daughter he warns Craig that he must move out of the hotel as soon as he recovers or he will go back to jail.

At the apartment worksite, Simon lies to Carly and tells her Lucinda agreed to invest in the project. Carly is so happy she gives Simon a hug.

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