ATWT Update Friday 10/6/06

As the World Turns Update Friday 10/6/06


Written By Amy
Pictures by Boo

Gwen meets Maddie at Java.   Gwen tells Maddie that she’s really not interested in hearing about Jade, but Maddie insists that she hear what she has to say.  Maddie explains that she thinks that Jade is lying about being pregnant just to be close to Will.  Maddie explains that she was secretive about the baby when she was in the accident.  Gwen tells her that that doesn’t mean she isn’t pregnant.  Maddie gets up and grabs a phonebook.  She shows Gwen a number.  “This is the only way that we can find out if Jade is lying or not.”  Maddie calls information and asks for the number for the womans free clinic.  The operator connects her and Maddie pretends to be Jade.  She asks for the medical records but the nurse asks for some of Jade’s personal information.  Maddie tries to get the records by saying she doesn’t have the information with her, but the woman on the phone says she cant tell her anything without her social security number. 

Jade walks into Will’s house.  Jade pushes the baby topic and asks if he would like to go for a walk with her.  Will says no because she’s going to be busy moving into her new apartment.  Jade is absolutely shocked.  “I meant what I said, you can’t stay here.”  She starts to get upset when Will mentions Gwen and her pregnancy.  “I just wish the baby and I mattered half a much as Gwen.” Will asks if she wants the apartment or not.  Jade says yes and goes into the kitchen to get her vitamins.   Just as she starts to go her cell phone rings.  The woman from the clinic calls and asks for her social security number.  Once the woman figures out that Jade doesn’t know what she’s talking about, the woman asks Jade if she just called the clinic.  Jade says no and the woman explains that someone just called pretending to be her.  Jade hangs up and looks worried.  Will asks what’s wrong and Jade says that someone is trying to get her medical records.  “My guess, Gwen or Maddie, she’s crazy enough to pull a stunt like this.”  Jade says that she doesn’t care what Maddie thinks; she cares what he thinks.  Will says that he believes that she’s pregnant.  Will carries his stuff to the car.  Jade asks him to go to the clinic with her later and Will says he might.  He walks out the door and Jade looks nervous. 

Meg is working at the hospital.  Craig limps up to her.  Just as he begins to ask her for some help, Paul walks up and threatens him.  Craig asks her to page someone to get him out of the hospital.  Meg tells him that he’s not on her floor and he can go page someone himself.  Craig gives her a sly look, thanks her, and goes on his way. Meg asks Paul if he’s okay.  Paul tells her no and talks to Meg about his guilt.  Meg tries her best to console him.  Meg tells him that the hospital chaplain has made arrangements for a small memorial for Emily’s baby, Jennifer.  Paul thanks her for talking to the chaplain.  Meg is quiet for a moment and then finally works up enough courage to ask if it was all right if she went to the memorial too.  Paul says that he loves her and that they will figure a way to get through this memorial together.  “I couldn’t get through any of this without you.” He kisses her head and walks away. 

Emily is in the hospital sitting alone; Henry walks in and gives her a bouquet of yellow roses.  Henry tries to cheer her up by inviting her to play scrabble, but Emily tells him that she never wants to see him again after how he told Meg she was leaving town.  Henry said that he’d rather her hate him then her be out in the storm giving birth with Daniel holding her hand.  He explains that his only other option was to do nothing and, after what had happened with Maddie, he wasn’t going to do that again.  Henry tells her that if she’s going to blame anyone, blame him instead of herself.  Emily asks why she would blame herself, and Henry explains that going out in the storm was reckless but she paid for it more than she should have.  Henry explains that he was more of a friend to her by tipping Meg off then he ever was during their schemes together.  Emily starts to cry as she explains about her baby.  Paul walks in and tells her that the hospital is having a memorial for baby Jennifer.  Emily gets angry that Meg planned the memorial and asks why it has to be today.  Paul says that a memorial would be good for everyone.  Paul brings up the topic of Meg going to the memorial an Emily refuses to let Meg attend.  Paul looks at her and says that he will talk to Meg and leaves.  Emily continues to push Henry away, but Henry still tries to reach out to her and renew their friendship.  He finally leaves the room and Emily starts to cry. 

Dusty and Johnny are at the Lakeview.  Lucy tries to sit down with them, but Dusty’s new body guard, Chas, wont let her pass.  Dusty tells him it’s okay and lets her come.  Lucy is shocked to hear how he could hire a hit man.  Lucy explains that she doesn’t know how she feels about her father but doesn’t like being told what to do.  “If my father being here means that we cant be friends, have the guts to tell it to my face.  I don’t want to hear it from Chas.”  Lucy introduces herself to Chas and asks if he will give her permission to see Johnny or not. Dusty tells Chas that he thinks she’s okay.  Mr. Yamamoto walks in.  He thanks Lucy for the medical advice that she gave his wife at their last meeting.  Mr. Yamamoto leaves and Dusty says that he will be right there. Lucy tells him to go and that she will watch Johnny as Chas watches her.  Dusty hands Johnny to Lucy and leaves for his meeting with Yamamoto.  Lucy sits with Johnny and prepares to read him a story.  She looks up and see’s Craig.  Chas refuses to let Craig pass.  Craig doesn’t listen so Chas puts him in a headlock.  Lucy just watches and covers Johnny’s eyes.  Lucy finally stops Chas.  Craig says that he didn’t come to cause trouble and didn’t know that she and Johnny would be there.  Lucy begs him to go back to the hospital, but Craig says that he will go to his room and rest.  Much to Lucy’s dismay, Craig explains that he will be staying at the Lakeview.  Lucy tells him that she can understand why he’d want to stay at the Lakeview while he’s in Oakdale, but if he really cared for Johnny he’d want to make his life easier and happier.  Lucy tells him to find a place to live as long as it’s anywhere but there.  Craig asks if she’s telling him this because she’s worried about Johnny or herself.  Dusty then walks in and takes Johnny from Lucy.  Dusty demands that Craig leave, but Craig tells Dusty that he’s not leaving because he lives there.  Dusty looks at Lucy and asks if she knew about it.  Lucy says no.  “You know, Dusty, You can have your goon here, attack me, keep me from my son, make my life as miserable as you pay him to make it, but he cant make me invisible.”  Dusty replies with “Don’t be so sure about that.” Craig leaves and Dusty plows right into Lucy.  He accuses her of setting Johnny up just like she did at the hospital.  “I trusted you.  You bring him here?  Did u mean any of that stuff you said about me being Johnny’s father?  Just tell me what you and your father have planned next because I am in no mood for any surprises.”

Paul walks up to Meg in the hospital.  Paul explains that Emily doesn’t want her at the service.  Meg says that she understands.  Paul says that he can go and talk to her, but Meg tells him not too.  The two hug and Meg looks sadly over his shoulder. 

Gwen stops Maddie and tells her not to call any more places.  Will walks up and says that the clinic called Jade the second that she hung up.  Maddie admits to not thinking that Jade is pregnant after she got into an accident and didn’t tell any of the doctors that she was pregnant.  Will says that she wished she wasn’t, but Jade asked him to go to her next appointment.  Maddie suggest that she’s bluffing, but Will says that Jade is pregnant with his kid, like it or not.  Maddie asks if they’re just going to take Jade’s word for it.  She hands Will the address of the clinic and suggests that he go in there and do a little sleuthing.   Gwen says just to let it go. Maddie then says that if they need her, she will be at the library.  Will tells Gwen that he wishes Maddie was right.  Will then mentions that he found Jade a place and that she’s moving out. Gwen says she’s going to go to the library too.  Will asks her how her classes are; Gwen says that they’re great especially her music class where they have to write songs. Will asks, “Are any of the songs you write going to be about us?” Gwen replies with, “Only all of them.”  She then leaves Java.   Will takes out the paper that Maddie gave him with the address on it and looks at it. 

Paul is in the chapel at the church.  Emily walks in and takes a seat next to him.  The minister asks if he should wait for Meg, but Paul says that Meg wont be coming.  The minister begins and Meg peeks into the room unnoticed.   Paul and Emily stand and Meg quickly leaves.  Paul and Emily light the candles that represent family.  The minister leaves and Emily breaks down. 

Jade goes into Will’s house.  “You two little witches want proof that I’m pregnant, you’ll get your proof.” She takes out a pregnancy test and looks at it. 

Meg is back to work at Memorial.  Another nurse walks up and gives her a gift.  She thinks it’s from Paul and opens it.  Inside is a glass vase.  She opens the card.  It reads:  “Congratulations on your engagement.  With warmest regards, Craig Montgomery.”

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