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Written By Suzanne
Pictures by Boo

In her hospital room, Lily tries to remember why she and Luke were fighting as he frantically worries about her and whether he should get the doctor. She has a flashback to falling down the stairs. She asks him why he pushed her away. Luke tells her that he never wanted that to happen, but otherwise he doesn't say much. Lily starts remembering the rest, until finally he confesses that he's gay and what Ross was going to do. She remembers the rest. He tells her glumly that he didn't know that Damian was behind it all. She knows that he didn't trust her because of the way she reacted when she learned that he was gay. She blames herself for what happened. She says that they still have to deal with the fact that he's gay. Luke sits on the bed and tells her that he didn't want her to remember that he is gay because he wanted things to be like before. She tells him that things can never go back to before, but she insists that she loves him and accepts him. Rose's vision appears again to tell her, "So far so good, Lily, but you're not finished yet".

Dusty has Johnny, and Barbara is there, too. She accuses Lucy of kidnapping Johnny, but he lets her know that Lucy did not kidnap his son--in fact, she saved him. She is shocked to learn that Craig is back in town and what he did. Dusty lets her know that Craig is not getting anywhere near Johnny and that he's hired a bodyguard. Barbara thinks the only way to protect Johnny is to get rid of Lucy from his life. They argue about it a little. Dusty says that he's canceled his business trip to New York because of this threat from Craig. She kisses Johnny and leaves, saying she has something important to do. Dusty is surprised that she's not staying for lunch.

In the sun room at the hospital, Margo laughs that Craig is up to his old tricks. He wants to get to know Johnny. They argue about Dusty and Johnny. She reminds him that there is an injunction against him to stay away from Johnny. He asks her if she could do that with Casey. They argue about his crimes. Craig pledges that he doesn't want to lose her, Katie, or Lucy.

Maddie thanks Casey for walking her to therapy at the hospital. She is nervous but thanks him. He offers to wait for her. She says that he doesn't have to, but he wants to. She tells him that she's probably going to want to be alone after her first session, so he wishes her luck. She kisses him and then goes. Lucy comes up. Casey is about to tell her why he's there when an orderly asks about Craig's lunch. Casey is not too happy to hear that Craig is back, either. He goes in to where Craig and Margo are and tells him that he will never be forgiven. Casey starts screaming and yelling about what he did as Margo tries to calm him down. Lucy listens outside as Casey talks about what Craig did to Gwen and their baby. Craig tries to explain, but Casey doesn't want to hear it. He tells Craig that he means nothing to him now. Margo then chews Craig out for what he does to people. He asks if she's writing him off, but she says she won't, even though she wants to. He thanks her, but she tells him that if he wants to be in her life, he'd better stay away from Johnny. Craig gets upset after Margo leaves. Lucy comes in and sees that Craig is trying to get up and leave. He declares that he doesn't want everyone in town to take potshots at him. She informs him that is what he's going to do. She insists that he needs to prove that he's changed. He asks her from her support, but she won't give it. He tries to get up anyway, but he can't. She won't let him leave until he's ready physically (we can tell she is thinking about her blunder with Jennifer). He feels trapped, like he's in prison again, he tells her dramatically. He tries to get up again but falls to the floor. She is upset. They share a moment where she admits that she cares about him because he's her father. She goes to help him back in the wheelchair.

At their place, Gwen explains to Jade what happened to her car the previous night. Will tells her that it gave them a chance to talk and make some good decisions. Gwen changes the subject and asks Jade how the roads are. She goes to get ready to leave so she can get Casey's car back to him. Will looks at her as if he's wondering why she's acting weird. Jade tells Will about her stay at the hospital and asks him to get her prenatal vitamins for her in the other room. She starts talking to Gwen about her pregnancy. It obviously bothers Gwen. Gwen accuses Jade of going after Will from day one. Will brings out Gwen's purse, which he says was under the bed. Gwen leaves abruptly. Jade prattles on to Will about the baby. He goes after Gwen, who is still standing outside. He knows that Jade got to her. He asks her not to leave and to move back in, but she says that she can't. She tells him that last night was a dream and that she just woke up, thanks to Jade. He kisses her to remind her about last night. She says that making love is not enough. Will promises to keep Jade away from her and lets her know that he told Jade already in no uncertain terms that he loves Gwen, not her. She is not so sure, but he reminds her that he was there for her when she found out that Billy was not hers and had to give him up. He declares that they made it through that, so they can make it through this. Will figures out from Gwen's glance that Jade was watching them through the window. Gwen still wants to leave and won't commit to staying there with him. He gets her to admit that she still loves him, but she's still not sure it's enough. They kiss and then she leaves.

Will goes back in and tells Jade that she can't stay there--she has to move out.

Maddie runs into Dallas later at the coffee shop; she asks him to sit down with her.

[There was a news break here for about 20 minutes]

Maddie talks to Dallas about her sister, asking hypothetically, "What if she never came here and destroyed so many people's lives?" Jade comes in and overhears, thinking Maddie is talking about her. She accuses Maddie of always bad-mouthing her. Maddie, caught up in her own problems, doesn't know what Jade is talking about. She tells Jade that she wasn't talking about her, and Dallas confirms it. Jade can't say anything to that, so she flounces away. Dallas observes that Maddie and Jade don't get along. Maddie tells him that she has known what Jade was about from the beginning. He is surprised that Maddie knows about Jade's having Will's baby because Jade made it sound like a big secret when she was at the hospital. They are both suspicious. Dallas leaves and Jade follows. Maddie wonders what she's up to now.

Holden finds out that Lily's been talking to Rose, but she does know that Rose is dead. She doesn't think this is strange, but he is still worried about her. she assures him that she's not crazy like she was after Rose died. She reminds him that he saw Lily and talked to her in the chapel while she was in a coma. He is surprised that she knows about that, but she confides that she overheard him telling Lucinda about it. She thinks that Rose would do everything she could to make sure her daughter was taken care of, even if it means coming back. Lily is determined to find her and tell her about Rose. Holden agrees to help her. They hug.

Will phones the same agency he had previously used to try to find an apartment to try to get one for Jade. He tells them that it should be as far away as possible. He is happy to learn that they have something already.

Gwen chats with Casey at the hospital about Maddie. He plans to give Maddie a lot of room and time after her ordeal. Gwen is impressed with how adult he sounds; they share a laugh about that. She invites him for coffee, but he knows Maddie is probably there after her session, so he doesn't want to crowd her. He leaves. Maddie phones Gwen, and Gwen mentions that she was just talking to Casey about her. Maddie asks Gwen to come to Java because she found something out about Jade. Gwen doesn't want to hear about her, but Maddie tells her that something is up with Jade that is making her freak out, so they need to find out what it is.

Barbara is confronting Craig at the hospital. He reminds Barbara that he knows what it's like to lose a child, too--Bryant. They argue. She tells him about all of the bad things he's done to her. She tells him not to take Johnny away from her. He asks why he would take Johnny away from the only family he's ever known and tells her that she's getting all worked up over nothing. Barbara leaves. An orderly comes in to take Craig back to his room. Craig still intends to leave the hospital.

Lucy goes over to chat with Dusty, who's with Johnny, but his bodyguard stops her and tells her to back off. He asks Dusty whether he should toss her out or not.

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