ATWT Update Wednesday 10/4/06

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 10/4/06


Written By Suzanne
Pictures by Boo

Here is a short's from memory as best as I can recall.

Will and Gwen are still alone at the house during the storm. They make love and share a few snacks they find. They say a lot of lovely things to each other.

Lily and Holden have some alone time in her hospital room while her mom has taken the kids. She keeps seeing visions of Rose, telling her that she forgot her promise to take care of her girl. Holden tries to reassure Lily that she'll be fine. Holden goes to see if he can speed up the paperwork on her tests so she can go home. Lily is anxious--in general, and to go home, to get her life back, and to see Rose again.

Lucy assures Dusty that Johnny is fine, even though Craig had been holding on to him. Dusty wants her to say that she won't have anything to do with Craig any more, but she can't make that promise.

Craig, still in a wheelchair, finds Paul in the chapel. Craig tells him that he's truly sorry for the loss of his child. Paul is not friendly to him and wonders why he's not still rotting in jail. Craig tells him that he was released because they felt he had paid his debt to society. Paul blames Craig for Jennifer's death, saying that Craig made her weak when he took Johnny away from her, which ultimately led to her death. Craig doesn't admit his guilt, saying that Paul likes to blame him for everything. Craig accuses Paul of not taking his own blame for what happened to Jennifer. He claims that he came back to town to make amends for what he did, but Paul does not believe him. Paul rages on about how Rosanna is gone, thanks to Craig. As she talks about how great Rosanna was in a passionate tone, Meg comes up behind him and listens. They notice Meg when she walks in. Craig's words are friendly, especially to Meg, but also laced with veiled threats. Paul basically warns Craig that he will get his revenge on him one day when he is least expecting it.

Margo sees Dusty at the hospital and tells him that she's glad that Johnny is doing well. He thinks she is just trying to take Craig's side, but she doesn't know what he's even talking about. Margo is shocked to hear that Craig is back in town. Dusty claims that he escaped from jail, but Margo guesses that he wouldn't be there in the hospital if that was the case. Margo phones Tom to get the scoop. She then explains how Craig got out of jail on appeal due to lack of evidence. Dusty is outraged. Margo loses her patience and tells him to deal with it and find someone else to rant to.

Luke is surprised to find that Jade is still at the hospital, since the roads are clear. She is still trying to get in touch with Will to let him know that the baby is fine. She is excited for him when she finds out that Lily is awake, but he is worried because Lily is not quite herself yet. Holden comes by and asks Jade not to visit Lily yet because of her condition. Jade is disappointed but agrees. She goes over to Lily's door and looks in the window. Lily sees her and waves her in. Jade is reluctant but goes. She suggests that she go get Holden, but Lily asks her to stay. She tells her that she's so sorry that she didn't take of her like Rose asked. Lily is still a little confused and it worries Jade. Lily still thinks that Jade is Rose's daughter. Jade looks more worried when Lily talks about how Rose is mad at her. She goes to get a nurse but runs into Luke instead. He is annoyed that she ignored what Holden said and went in to see Lily. Jade tells him dramatically that Lily sees dead people. Luke goes in to see Lily, bringing Jade, hoping that she can help calm her down. Lily suddenly remembers who Jade is and that she lied. She gets very upset. Then she remembers seeing Luke in bed with her, and then she remembers that she and Luke had a big fight, but not why. Later, Lily declares that she's remembered everything.

Lucy has some coffee with Lucinda. Lucinda offers her a real drink, but Lucy tells her that she has to get back to the hospital. Lucy is a little down because of her confrontation with Dusty, but Lucinda is in a great mood because of Lily's being back. Eventually Lucinda figures out that Lucy is upset and asks her what's wrong. Lucy confides that Craig is back. Lucinda is stunned to hear it. Lucy describes how Craig helped her save Johnny and tells her about her fight with Dusty. She doesn't want to turn her back on her dad. Lucinda is sympathetic but informs her that Dusty is right, that she should not get involved with Craig again. Lucy gets upset and talks about how Craig helped rescue Johnny. Lucinda reminds her that Craig can do great things but he can also be a snake. This just makes Lucy more upset. Lucinda reminds her that she and Dusty just want to protect her. Lucy does some ranting about Dusty, since she's mad at him. Lucinda apologizes and says they are both tired. Lucy confides that she's scared about what might happen. She's worried that she can't fight Craig's love or his need to control her.

Margo confronts Craig and warns him not to break the law again or go near Johnny. She is not too happy to have him back in town. He blasts her for not sticking up for him in his time of need and tells her that he's there to make amends. She doesn't believe him. He reveals that he's there because of family, but he does not clarify what that means. Margo urges Paul to let go of any thoughts of revenge against Craig, despite his pain about Emily's losing their baby.

Dusty prepares to take Johnny home.

Jade finds Will and, thinking he's alone, assures him that the baby is safe. Gwen appears, so Will tells Jade that he had asked Gwen to stay. Jade doesn't look happy to hear that.

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