ATWT Update Monday 10/2/06

As the World Turns Update Monday 10/2/06


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

At Frasier Towers, Carly and Simon are kissing, but she pulls away. They should wait; they are not done with the apartment. They had a deal that they wouldn’t consummate anything until the apartments are sold. Simon is confident thanks to the storm, which will wreak havoc on people’s homes causing roofs to leak and basements to flood there will be an onslaught of potential buyers. Simon wants to know what is truly stopping her now? Candidly, she reminds him he still holds a torch for Katie and she still loves Jack. Simon thinks they should drink to their exes because you can’t exercise the demons until you admit to them and face them head on. They toast and he playfully adds that great sex will also help banish their exes as well.

At the home in the woods, Katie is thrilled but worried to find Mike propped up in the corner; he seems calm as he talks to her, almost too much so. He is happy to see his ‘angel’; she found him. Is he alright a frantic Katie asks? He thinks so. Does he remember the accident? He remembers the multi car pile up. He has a headache though and needs some aspirin he admits, as he reaches for his head, blood flows down the side of it; Katie faints when she sees this and Mike catches her.

At the chapel, Holden is stunned to find Lily sitting quietly in a wheelchair. Is it really her? Lily doesn’t answer, but stares at him. Is she really there in front of his eyes awake? Still no answer, but when he picks up her and hand and kisses it, Lily’s fingers reach out for his cheek.

At the hospital, Dusty tells Lucy that Johnny’s fever has broke; he seems to be better. Lucy smiles and thinks that her racing Johnny to the hospital, snatching him away from Barbara and risking her ire was all for not. Dusty thinks she did well and he will handle Barbara. A nurse asking Lucy for some help with some additional victims interrupts their conversation; Dusty offers to help as well, and Lucy takes him up on it.

At the farm, Meg happily tells Emily and Paul it is a girl. Emily and Paul are thrilled as they embrace and Emily decides to name her ‘Jennifer’; Paul smiles warmly. Suddenly, Meg’s face becomes concerned. Emily nervously asks why the baby isn’t making a sound? Meg answers that she needs some towels to keep her warm. Paul now looks upset, as he comes over. Meg instructs him to get towels and help wrap her; Paul looks at his baby and becomes distressed, but works hard to cover. Emily is working herself up; why won’t anyone answer her? What is wrong? Paul slowly answers that she is a preemie, but is gorgeous, as he seems to stifle a scared catch in his voice. Emily desperately wants to hold her baby, but Paul explains she will in a moment. Meg frantically, but calmly explains the airwave is blocked and she isn’t breathing; he has to go keep Emily calm. An overwhelmed Paul musters all his strength to walk away and let Meg tend to her while he comforts Emily. Emily starts to get up and Paul stops her, trying to explain she has to take care of herself for her baby. He is scaring her; Emily notices Meg working on her baby and then performing CRP and she becomes frenzied demanding to know why she is doing this? What is wrong, as she sobs? Paul tries to calmly explain the baby is a preemie, and the lungs weren’t fully developed and she is trying to save her life. Emily is becoming inconsolable; why isn’t Jennifer screaming? Is she sleeping – go check she orders. Paul walks over as Meg turns around; her face says it all, as it registers with Paul what has happened.

Holden is so happy; he never thought this day was coming. He was so worried when he went to her room and she was gone. Who brought her here? Lily looks past Holden to a light that appears in the room, which becomes Rose, who tells her that Holden is there now and everything will be ok, and then she disappears. Lily starts to mumble not to go away; Holden thinks she is talking about him, so he promises he isn’t going anywhere, but Lily answers she was talking about Rose. He tentatively asks if she thought she saw Rose? Lily slowly answers that Rose was the one who brought her here. Holden’s face shows concern.

Mike rouses Katie and when she comes to, he tells her she scared him. She answers back that he scared her first. He was bleeding from the head and not making much sense. Mike laughs; is she going to faint when their kids get a cut? She hugs him tightly; why was he out driving in this mess? He explains he wanted to get home to her; after their fight, he didn’t want her to think… she interrupts because she was too late because she already thought it. He can’t believe she would think anything truly like that over a fight over a fertility test. Why didn’t he wait for the ambulance? He knew that there were other people that needed help before him. He apologizes; he wanted to get home to make things right with them. Katie apologizes for all the pressure she had been heaping on him recently. Right now all she wants from him is for him to hold her tight, as Mike gladly obliges.

Carly decides they should eat the food they prepared before everything spoils. Simon pouts while staring at her. What is he thinking about, she bites? He was remembering the day she first met him at the Lakeview and the dress she was wearing. He bets she designed it? She doesn’t think he even remember the color? Green-ish. She smiles; lucky guess. He bets that dress has been sitting in her closet for a long time waiting to be taken out and worn to a party. Carly smiles and remarks that he saved the dress and her, as they were destined to live a dull existence. She just needs to wait and she needs the money. He knows she is responding to superstition that if she falls into his arms then something will go wrong with the building. He is superstitious too; if she doesn’t kiss him right now then something horrible is going to happen, as he falls to the bed.

Preempted for a few mins due to PA school shooting

The room Carly and Simon was in is demolished from where the electrical tower came crashing through the window. Simon is lying on the ground, covered in some debris. He slowly comes to and then frantically calls for Carly. Can she hear him? Is she ok?

There is no way Rose could have brought her there. Rose is… he stops himself. Does she remember when Rose got sick? Lily remarks that she never gets sick. They brought her to the hospital and she was holding her hand when she… died, he reminds her softly. Lily repeats the words. How could she have forgotten that? Holden doesn’t want her to worry too much. Luke opens the door telling his dad that Lucinda wants him, but he stops in his tracks when he sees Lily. Lily stares back at him. Luke doesn’t seem to know what to do, so he offers to leave and go get Lucinda; he turns to go, but Lily stops him by declaring, no. She loves him! Luke looks so relieved as he rushes over to her, hugging her tightly telling her how much he loves her too.

Dusty walks over to Lucy with a half full tray of coffees. She is real tough with her tasks. He had no idea how medical personnel were when it came to their coffees. One of the nurses made him go back across the street because it was wrong. Lucy smiles and thankfully takes her coffee and then kisses him on the cheek. What was that for? She smiles again; he just looked so befuddled. Dusty wants to sit so they can talk for a moment, as they are about to talk a nurse interrupts telling Lucy she needs her help with something. Dusty asks the nurse how she liked her specialty coffee? The woman smiles coyly and then walks away. Lucy teases him about how he thought she was just interested in her coffee. Can they talk a little later? Dusty tells her to come find him when she has a moment.

Meg quietly tells Paul how sorry she is. Paul blinks back the tears, as Meg tells him he has to tell Emily. Emily is starting to get up and Paul rushes over to her and tells her to lie down. Paul can’t hold back anymore as he starts to cry. Emily warmly smiles telling him she knew it would get to him. She knew he would be touched by his firstborn’s birth. Paul stutters as he tries to explain there is something he needs to tell her. Emily interrupts rattling on about how much more to come there will be. He will have to feed, change, rock and play with her. She tearfully tells him how long she has waited for them to be a family. She then corrects herself when she adds she knows they are no longer married, but they are still mommy and daddy to this baby girl. Paul stops her; he tearfully tells her that their baby didn’t make it. Emily immediately gets upset; why would he say that? What is he trying to do? Why is he talking like she is gone? She is gone, Paul reiterates. Emily starts to sob; no, she screams, he is lying! Paul tries to explain he would not do that to her, but Emily angrily cuts him off, saying he would do that because he did it to his sister. He assures her he is telling the truth and he wishes to God it turned out differently. Emily is becoming frenzied; why is her baby not making a sound? He must have switched the baby when they were working on her over there. He and Craig did that to Jen. Paul screams back about it not being possible for him to come into the farm in the middle of the storm with a dead baby and make a switch. Emily won’t listen; he did this because Meg called him to tell him she was going to run away. Paul tells her that he couldn’t do that to her after all that happened with Jen. She needs to accept this, but a furious Emily will not accept this. He decided to take her baby to raise with Meg because he thinks that is the best, but he only thinks about himself. He is a cruel and vindictive man. Paul tries to pull her towards where the baby is lying, but Emily hollers that she won’t see that baby, as she runs outside screaming Jennifer’s name. Where are you, she screeches? Paul and Meg sadly look at one another and Paul rushes after her. Meg walks over to the baby and picks her up; she tells her that she is not alone; she knows she is not her mommy but she wanted to meet and get to know her so much, as she holds the swaddled baby close, wiping away tears. Meanwhile, Paul has caught up with Emily. She pleads with him that their baby shouldn’t be outside because it is so cold. Where did he put her? Paul promises he didn’t do anything with her. Please tell me where she is, a heartbroken Emily begs. He scoops her up in his arms and brings her back inside.

Dusty and Lucy meet up again; he wanted to thank her for saving his son’s life. It would have been easy for her to walk away after everything that happened with Jen. Lucy appreciates his words. She didn’t do it on her own though – there was that stranger who pulled them out of the car. She hopes he is alright since they had to leave him. Dusty is appreciative to him as well. A police officer interrupts them to tell Lucy the person that helped her was brought into the hospital and is asking to see her. Lucy is pleased and wants to know if Dusty wants to go with her? He tells her that he will catch up with her in a little while because he wants to check on Johnny again first.

Holden is outside the chapel talking to Bob. Does she now know that Rose is dead? She does, but she was upset at first, but she is able to piece some things together. Isn’t that a positive thing? Bob thinks it is; the fact she is dealing with some memory loss, hallucinations and confusion after everything and how long she was unconscious, is not that unusual. He is pleased. He thinks that he should warn people to be careful what they say to her right now. This should be approached slowly and cautiously. Holden and Bob decide she needs to get back to her room so they can evaluate her further. He will see him up there. Holden goes back in the chapel. They need to get he back to bed; is she up for the ride? Lily is bothered because she is trying to remember something. Holden and Luke reassure her there will be plenty of time for that, so she should try to relax. Lily thinks for a moment and then smiles; she is ready to get back to her room then.

Mike promises they will have the baby no matter what, but Katie is now calmed down about this topic. She thinks he is right and they should relax about having the baby. He is ok about the test; he even went to see the fertility doctor and agreed to set up an appointment. He is willing to do whatever it takes, but they may get pregnant tonight so they will not even have to worry. Katie realizes she was making way too big of a deal about it, obsessing over temperatures, books and facts. She is sick of herself. She doesn’t want any more baby talk right now, as she plants a big kiss on him.

Simon is desperately looking for Carly, tossing debris aside and calling out to her. He sees her lying under a heavy object; all he can see is her face, so he tries to gently tap on her cheek to wake her. Don’t die on me, he demands! He tries to remove the object that is lying on her but he can’t. Carly finally comes to and panics. He needs to get this off of her and if he doesn’t move quickly that electrical tower that is sparking across the room is going to turn them into burnt toast. Simon gets up to go find something to help move the object, but Carly doesn’t want him to leave her. He isn’t going to abandon her; he is trying to find something to get her out with. She will be forever indebted to him so she will sleep with her, because if she dies then he is left with nothing. She becomes even more nervous when she tells him she can’t feel her legs. Simon tells her he can see her toes wiggling so she is fine. He finds a metal pole and tells her when he lifts the object for her to roll towards him. He is able to lift the heavy object pinning her and she rolls out to safety. First thing she says is he lied to her. What about? He never saw her toes. He smiles. Carly stands up and shrieks when she sees the state of the apartment. It is gone! How did this happen? This building was supposed to withstand a storm like this. The storm is not the issue; the problem is the electrical tower that crashed through it. Carly wheels around on Simon and tells him that he was the one who caused it.

Mike and Katie are lying wrapped up in a blanket when he asks why suddenly she doesn’t want to talk about having a baby? It has been her prime focus for a long while now. What has changed? She realized when she was looking for him in the storm that she is destined for only one good thing at a time and he is hers right now. Mike doesn’t follow. She explains she had a great mom, but her dad died when she was 3; then she had a great supportive sister, but was saddled with a terrible, selfish evil brother. She has him and that is what she would rather have if that is how it is going to go. She doesn’t need a baby at the expense of him; she needs him.

Dusty walks out into the hallway and asks a passing nurse where his son is? The nurse gets this confused look on her face; that is impossible because he is with his father right now. Dusty demands to know what she is talking about since he is Johnny’s dad? She slowly explains how the other man took him claiming he was his father. Dusty commands her to tell him where they went? The nurse answers that they went to the sunroom. Dusty rushes off.

Emily is asking Paul to stop hiding her. Paul hopes Meg can give her something to calm her down, but she can’t. Emily is sobbing so Meg brings the baby over to her. Emily is immediately calmed as she stares at her swaddled up baby; she is her angel and so beautiful. She has his eyes, she comments, as she kisses her over and over. Paul and Meg look nervously at one another. Emily continues; she is so quiet, but she did work so hard. She can take the time she needs to rest and she will be there when she wakes up. Meg and Paul continue to shoot each other despairing looks, not knowing how to handle this.

Carly angrily reminds Simon about what Mike said about the building. If he hadn’t cut corners and he had done what Mike suggested then they wouldn’t be dealing with this. Simon reminds her that an electrical tower falling through their window and building is an act of God and have nothing to do with how the building is constructed. Carly realizes that is true. She wonders how they are going to get out of there? Simon smiles and tells her that they are stuck there until someone digs them out. He grabs the unbroken champagne bottle on the floor; this not breaking is an act of God as well. They should take this chance to get royally drunk. Carly grabs the bottle and gulps some of it down.

Mike jokingly asks Katie if they get pregnant tonight then will she send it back? If they have two children, will they have to give up one? Katie admits to being scared. Whether they are meant to have a family or not, she will never risk him in order to get it, as she kisses him again.

Back in her room, Lily asks when she can go home? Holden explains noone is going home right now; there is an ice storm outside and everyone was asked to stay off the roads so Lucinda and the kids are all there. Lily is happy to hear about them. Holden tells her that she should see the baby and how big he has grown. Lily’s face goes blank; what baby?

Emily doesn’t understand why the baby is sleeping so deeply? She should wake her up, as she gently rocks her. Paul walks up closely to her trying to hold back tears as he softly tells her that the baby is not going to wake up because she came too soon and it was too little; she couldn’t breathe. Emily starts to cry and tells him that is not right. She is gone, Paul repeats. Emily starts to cry out, as she hugs her baby tightly, as a devastated Paul and Meg watch.

Dusty walks up to the sunroom and sees Lucy and Craig of all people in a wheelchair holding Johnny. He mumbles the unbelievable words - Craig Montgomery!

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