ATWT Update Friday 9/29/06

As the World Turns Update Friday 9/29/06


Written By Amy
Pictures by Boo

Simon is working on the building.  Carly walks in and tells him to turn the music down.  Simon asks if the apartment is done, and Carly says yes.  Simon opens the window and notices that there is an ice storm Carly worries that the realtors wont be able to get there.  Simon remains hopeful, but Carly chooses to worry.  Carly turns on the TV.  The announcers say that no one is allowed on the roads.  Simon tries to cheer Carly up, but all Carly can think about is how they worked all night and aren’t going to get their open house.  Simon then leaves to get food.  He comes back with champagne. “Things could be a hell of a lot worse.”  The two put there glasses together, and at the moment, the power goes out.    Simon lights some candles. He suggests she take a shower, but Carly says that she doesn’t have any clothes to put on after.  Simon says that she should put on the robe.  “You’re really enjoying this aren’t you?”  Simon says that he’s relishing it and so is she.  Carly takes the shower and puts on the robe.  Carly looks out the window and begins to worry about her kids.  Simon remains calm, and Carly asks how he does it.  He says that he just surrenders when there’s something he can’t change.    Carly stares back out the window.  Simon tells her about his idea of romance.  “Oh Simon will u shut up and kiss me?”

At Memorial, it’s absolute chaos.  Margo and Jack walk up to Bob.  Jack goes to help the staff.  Margo asks about Katie and Mike.  Margo begins to worry about the two of them, but Jack tells her not too. 

Katie is looking around for Mike.  She calls his name, but there’s no answer.  Katie trips and notices Mike’s cell phone on the ground.  She continues to look but finds nothing.  She sees a house and looks inside.  She sees Mike lying by the fireplace and rushes to his side. 

Luke and Holden are in Lily’s room.  They look at her empty bed and wonder where Lily went.  Holden suggests that she was moved to another room since there were so many people there.  They quickly ask the nurse where Lily is.  The nurse says that no one moved her.  She goes to check Lily’s chart, but that’s gone too.  Holden and Luke leave in search of Lily. They go to the front desk but no one seems to know anything.   Lucinda walks up.  Luke tells her that Lily is gone.   They then see someone being wheeled up with a sheet over their head.  Holden asks about the person. The man explains that it was a woman who never woke up from her accident and passed away about an hour ago.  Holden begins to take off the sheet while Luke and Lucinda watch, convinced that it’s Lily.  He pulls of the sheet.  Everyone breathes a big sigh of relief when they see it’s not Lily.  The three divide the hospital between them and go to find Lily.   

Dusty sees Lucy and Johnny.  The two of them start to walk, but Lucy starts to fall.  Lucy says she’s fine.  Lucy tells him to go without her because she will just slow them down.  Dusty refuses to leave her and demands that she grab his arm and keep walking.  Lucy stops him again and says she’ll wait in the car and check on the man that helped her out.  Dusty asks who the man was, but before she can answer, a man drives up and asks if they need a lift anywhere.  Lucy asks if the man saw the other man that saved her.  The man offering the ride says that there was no one there.  Dusty, Lucy, and Johnny accept the ride and go on their way to the hospital.

Paul has just arrived at the barn.  He puts his coat and runs through the flames.  He puts the blanket over Meg and Emily.  The three of them run out of the barn.   They then run into Emma’s house.  Emily complains and swears to kill Meg if anything happens to the baby.  Meg takes control of the situation and tells Paul to boil water and get some things for Emily.  Emily then begins to blame Meg for her water breaking.  Meg tells Paul that they are going to have to deliver the baby.  Emily refuses; she says that she will walk to memorial before she lets Meg touch her.   Paul lifts Emily onto Emma’s table.  Meg examines Emily and says that Emily is close to having the baby.    Emily makes Paul promise that he’s not going to take the baby and leave.  Paul agrees.  Emily admits to being scared for her baby.  While in labor, Emily tells Paul that she wants the baby to be named Jennifer if it’s a girl.  Emily finally has a baby and it’s a girl.  Meg starts looking and worried and Emily notices that the baby isn’t crying. 

Dusty, Johnny, and Lucy arrive at the hospital.  Dusty gives Johnny to the nurse and asks Bob to look at Lucy’s leg.  Lucy says not to because she’s there to work.  Jack walks up and asks Lucy to look at a little boys arm. 

Luke finds doctor Bob in the hospital and explains that Lily is missing.  Bob tells him that he will do what he can to find out what happened.  Lucinda and Holden walk up.  Luke goes with Lucinda to check on the girls, while Holden walks into the chapel.    He kneels down and thinks back to Lily telling him to not let go of her.  He looks around the chapel and sees Lily sitting there in the corner starring back at him. 

Lucy sees Jack and asks if anyone has found the guy that saved her.  Jack says no but promises to tell her if he does.  Lucy leaves and talks to Dusty.  Bob walks up and tells Dusty that Johnny will be fine.  Bob says it was good that Lucy didn’t wait for assistance because it could’ve been worse, he could’ve had a seizure.  Dusty kisses Lucy on the head for Johnny, and kisses her on the cheek from him. 

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