ATWT Update Thursday 9/28/06

As the World Turns Update Thursday 9/28/06


Written By Eva
Pictures by Boo

At Tom and Margo’s home, Maddie hears a noise as the lights go out. She freaks out.

At the hospital, Holden, Lucinda, Luke and the girls are in Lily’s room; Faith is reading to her. They are saying good night to her. As they are leaving, Luke asks his dad if he is ok? He just needs a moment. He remembers Lily coming to him in the chapel. He talks outloud to Lily about how people are waiting for her; he knows she will keep her word, as Luke overhears.

At home, Gwen stops Will as he is heading for the door; she changed her mind; Jade is at the hospital where doctors are looking after her. Will is happy to hear her say this. Is that the only reason for him to stay here? Gwen claims she is worried about his driving in this storm. Will wonders if it is all about safety? Gwen admits it is more then that.

At the hospital, Dallas is wondering why Jade didn’t tell him she was pregnant? She claims she just didn’t think. Dallas thinks it was strange for it not to be the first thing on her mind. When he called Will, it was the first thing out of his mouth. Jade explains she was in a car accident and was dazed, confused and having trouble breathing. Dallas sarcastically wonders if she is trying to imply she was getting enough oxygen to her brain? Maybe, Jade answers back snidely. He thinks she was quite lucid; it is also even stranger that she would turn down help. Jade snaps that she doesn’t like how he is talking to her. He wonders what she isn’t saying?

In the car, Lucy continues to struggle to try to get out as she is trying to stay comforting to Johnny. She promises him that she will get them out of this and they will be ok.

Outside the airport, Dusty wonders what Paul is doing there? He is trying to get into town. To Dusty, it appears like he is trying to steal his cab. The cab driver tells them to settle down because none of them are going anywhere. Paul reiterates that he will give him $1,000. Dusty raises his voice as he tells Paul he is dealing with a crisis. Paul snaps back that Emily is the definition of crisis and it is going to take a lot more then him to stop him from getting in the cab.

At the farm in the barn, Meg nervously asks Emily if she is sure she is having the baby? Emily answers snidely that she has had a baby before and knows what it feels like. Meg wants her to try to get up, but Emily snarls for Meg to keep her hands off of her.

Maddie is sitting on the floor up against the side of the bed in the dark; Casey calls out her name, but she seems frozen with fear. He is about to step back out of the room when Maddie responds to him. She tells him that the lights went out and she heard a noise. Casey apologizes for scaring her. Maddie worries she is going to be scared for the rest of her life.

Luke wonders what is going on? Holden thinks he should tell him. He explains when he was at the chapel trying to sort things out… he stops, takes a breath and continues… Lily talked to him. He realizes it sounds crazy but she wanted them to not give up and that she would be coming back to them and he believes it. Luke seems speechless so Bob wants to give him a moment to talk to Lucinda so he will be outside and Luke should go check on the girls. After they leave, he wonders if she thinks he is crazy? Lucinda answers with a chuckle, if people knew the stuff that ran through her brain she would have been locked up a long time ago. Does she believe it though? Lucinda grasps his arms and tells him that she wants to believe it. She will step outside as well now. Holden stands over Lily and tells her with a smile, that she got him into hot water again, as he kisses her. He goes outside to talk to Bob, but he is sure he knows what he is going to say; he realizes he is doing his job. Bob answers that he has been around a long time and he has seen how people’s faces have worked wonders. Hope and faith are not denial; Holden feels there is a but coming; he still needs to prepare himself for what might be coming. Lucinda sighs loudly. Bob wants him to take a few days; they should stay there anyway because the roads are in terrible condition. Noone can get in or out; Bob hopes noone needs desperately to get in to them.

Emily demands for Meg to stay away, but Meg doesn’t want her to push away the best chance and help she has got. She is a nurse and she can help her. Emily yells, help her? Is she kidding? She is the reason this is happening because she locked her in there. Meg grumbles for her to shut up. She needs to think of the baby because when she does, she is calmer. She has helped deliver many babies. Have the contractions stopped? Emily answers that she hasn’t had another one so maybe that is a good sign; suddenly she is racked with another contraction. She sobs for Meg to get her to the hospital so they can give her something to stop them. Meg reminds her that they can’t go anywhere because the roads are too dangerous. Emily is concerned that since her water broke that there could be a chance for an infection; she is in a barn, which is quite far from being sterile. Meg orders her to stay put, time her contractions and she will be right back.

Dusty snarls that it wouldn’t take much to wipe that look off his face; the cab driver again explains they aren’t going anywhere in this weather. Paul offers him $1,500, Dusty $2,000 and Paul points to his watch and tells him it is worth at least $2,500. Dusty ups the offer to $3,000. Finally, the cab driver tells them he will take them both together for $5,000, but the one rule is they have to keep their mouths shut. As they are getting in, Paul snips that the cab driver needs to drop him off first.

Lucy continues to talk soothingly to Johnny; he is being such a good boy. She starts to struggle with the door again when a bundled up face appears at the door scaring her.

Will approaches Gwen, who is looking out the window. What is there to say? For starters, she told him his leaving wasn’t just because of the weather. Gwen admits if he had left she would have been very worried. She didn’t stop caring overnight. Will thinks it is more – she still loves him, which Gwen readily admits to. None of this would hurt as badly if she wasn’t still deeply in love. She wishes she could flip a switch; Will smiles thankful that she can’t. If it will make her happy, he will leave, but Gwen doesn’t want him to. They can stay there and talk about the weather, Gwen teases. Will offers that the ice makes the trees look pretty and it is quiet, as if they are all alone in the world. Would it be nice to pretend that Jade and the baby don’t exist? Gwen wishes it were that easy to wish away the rest of the world. Will is just thankful he is stuck inside with the one person he wanted to be stuck in the house where they talked about being together and starting a family. Gwen recalls how happy they were there. Will thinks they can still be, as he plants a passionate kiss on her.

There are other people around who may need a cop, Jade snarls. Dallas glares at her and then decides she is right. As he is leaving, he tells her that whatever she tells her doctor is confidential, so noone has to find out about her pregnancy. He walks away as the nurse who treated Jade earlier overhears and has a very troubled look on her face. Jade walks away and bumps into Luke, Holden, Lucinda and the kids. What is she doing there? She, like the rest of Oakdale it seems, was involved in a multi car pile up. Both Holden and Luke ask if she is ok? She is, but how is Lily? The same. Faith thinks it will be fun since they have to have a sleep over in the cafeteria. Jade tickles her and agrees, but Lucinda is quick to nip the idea in the bud. So, Jade sadly tells her another time and heads off, and she bumps right into the nurse who demands to know why she didn’t her she was pregnant?

Maddie thinks Casey must be sick of her by now; Casey teases her saying he is sick of the book she made him read in the hospital; Maddie cracks a smile. Gil and Aida were right; she is more problems then he needs. Casey grins; those two are never right and she will learn that soon enough. She is a basket case; when he was calling out to her and she knew it was he, she still stayed hidden. He reminds her that she did end up calling out to him. Maddie smiles appreciatively. When she said that she wondered if she would ever stop being afraid… he knows what she means.

Lucy asks the stranger if he can help them because the door is stuck. The man struggles to open the door and finally does. She thanks him and then tells him that her brother is sick and they need to get to the hospital, can he help? The man nods still not speaking.

Emily has gotten up and is pacing slowly around. Meg comes back and tells her to sit down because moving can cause contractions. She tells her also that the phones are down. She has something in her bag that can help slow the contractions down, but Emily is still leery of her since she still feels she is out to get her. Meg reminds her again that she is her best shot; she went to nursing school and has helped in the delivery room many times. She needs to trust her for the baby’s sake; Emily relents and Meg injects her with the medicine. Meg wants them to promise to calm down and work together for the sake of the baby. She wants her to sit there and practice her breathing, as Emily can’t help but still snap that she knows how to relax. Just then, the barn door is blown open and Meg instinctively protects Emily and her unborn baby. Meanwhile outside, without their knowledge, a wire has fallen and is sparking. It falls onto a pile of hay and ignites a small fire.

The lights flicker at the hospital and then go out while everyone is huddled in the waiting room. Elsewhere in Lily’s room, the monitors go silent and we see the shadow of someone standing over her bed.

Dusty and Paul are riding in the cab, as they are all over the road. They suddenly swerve and they are thrown all around the back seat and Dusty’s head smacks up against the window, but he is fine.

Lucy is introducing herself to the man and asking him what his name is when they hear a cracking noise. A big limb starts to fall and the man pushes Lucy and Johnny out of the way, as the limb comes down on him pinning him on the ground. He cries out in pain. Lucy quickly puts Johnny in the backseat and rushes to help him; he is in a lot of pain. She asks if he can move his extremities? He can, but she isn’t strong enough to get the limb off of him. He grunts out a muffled, “baby”; Lucy understands and promises she will not forget about him and will come back. She scoops up Johnny, tells him thank you and heads off.

Will continues to kiss Gwen, but she pulls away gently. Doesn’t she want this as much as he does? Of course she does. They need to think about tomorrow though because going to bed isn’t going to solve what is wrong. Will thinks the worst has to be behind them; there is nothing left for him to do that would be as bad… he could commit armed robbery though, he says with a smile. Gwen smiles back; he is horrible. He wants them happy and he knows they deserve at least one night for that. If it doesn’t work, he will leave tomorrow. She wants more then a night; he agrees, but he thinks it is a place to start.

Casey and Maddie are sitting on the floor playing a board game; she thought he wanted to talk? He does, but he is a guy, so whenever there is something serious and not so easy to talk about, he learned to focus on something else as it is happening. He tells her that he and his dad waterproofed the basement when they had to talk about sex. They didn’t have to look at each other so it was more comfortable and less intense. When they came upstairs it was all forgotten but the basement was done. Maddie worries even though it is funny. He does know what it feels like to feel you will be scared forever. He knows it isn’t the same but when Gwen was pregnant and he acted terribly he felt awful, but that is in the past. His life is good now and good things will happen again in life. It feels as if at the time things will never get better, but they do and he is living proof. He just wanted her to know someone understands. Maddie smiles; they can pretend this conversation never took place, but she will never forget it.

Paul asks Dusty if his head is ok? Dusty answers shortly that his head is hard and it didn’t do anything to him. Paul wants the cab driver to take a left, but Dusty wants him to continue to go straight. Paul is agitated; Emily is threatening to leave the country with his baby and he has to get to her with this court order to stop her. Frustrated, Dusty explains Johnny is sick. Why didn’t he tell him before? He didn’t feel like getting into it. Is he really sick? Dusty doesn’t know but it isn’t good. Paul tells the cab driver to go to the hospital first. Just then, the car skids and comes to a screeching halt, as the cab driver declares that none of them are going anywhere afterall.

Meg tells Emily she has gone 20 minutes without a contraction. Emily hopes that means she is ok, but Meg’s face causes her to ask what is wrong? Meg reminds her that her water broke already – she is going to have the baby, as Emily holds back a stifled sob. Meg wants her to concentrate; she saw how she fought for her baby during her pregnancy, so she cannot give up now. Emily declares she will not give up. Emily is shaking so Meg takes off her coat and gives it to her, as Emily protests thinking she will freeze to death. Meg jokes that if she gets that cold she can always do jumping jacks unlike her. The cows mooing interrupt them; Emily laughs bitterly; she feels as if she is in the middle of a Christmas pageant. Meg becomes concerned and starts to stand up; something is wrong. Emily and Meg smell smoke at the same time as Meg heads for the door to check things out. She opens the door and is facing a wall of flames.

Gwen and Will are kissing; they start to undress and fall gently to the floor in front of the fire and begin to make love.

Casey smirks as he asks Maddie if she knows what she is? A winner, Maddie triumphantly answers. No, she is a sneak, who pretends to be a cute, innocent girl, while she is really mean. They both laugh. What are they going to do now since she won again against him? Well, they are not going to play that board game anymore. Suddenly, she asks him what made him come home since she is sure he loves the dorms so much? He knew there was a blackout and he had a civic duty to protect the ice cream here by eating it. He is going to get them some, and if she hears a noise it is just he falling down the stairs; this elicits another laugh from Maddie. After he leaves, the lights come back on. When he comes back with a quart of Rum Raisin and two spoons, Maddie grins widely. Out of the blue she remarks how she sleeps with the lights on… but he knew that because he used to walk by her room. She knows he came by because he knew she would be freaked out. People would be scared of this under normal circumstances, he assures her. When the lights went out she just wanted him there with her, Maddie admits. Then he was there with his smile, his jokes, board game and ice cream. Casey admits he is perfect. She makes her feel as if she is not a victim, but she doesn’t want him to always feel as if he needs to take care of her. They will get there, Casey promises. Maddie decides she wants to turn the lights off and blow out the candles; it is nice to feel safe in the dark, as they both sit back down happy to indulge in their late night snack.

As the lights flicker and come back on, Bob tells everyone the generator has kicked in. He suggests that unless you are being treated then you should move to the cafeteria where they are setting up for people to stay the night. Holden approaches Bob worried about Lily since she is hooked up to all the machines. Bob tells him not to worry because if there were a problem alarms would go off. Bob’s pager calls him away. Holden tells Lucinda to take everyone to the cafeteria, but Luke wants to stay with him. Lucinda happily takes the girls and baby and Luke stays with his dad. Holden comments about how you would never know by looking at Lucinda that she is scared to death about Lily.

The nurse doesn’t understand how Jade doesn’t realize how serious this is? They took x-rays; they asked her to sign a release; didn’t she read it? It asks about being pregnant. It can cause harm to a fetus. Suddenly, Jade claims to be worried now about her baby. The nurse is going to call the OB on call and explain what happened. Jade offers to come back tomorrow to get checked out. The nurse won’t let her leave; they will handle this now.

The cab driver tells Dusty and Paul there is a live wire across the road and they won’t be able to get by. Dusty starts to get out as Paul tells him to go and he will handle this. Dusty hands the man his card and tells him to call him and he will get him his money. As he is leaving, he takes a parting shot at Paul when he tells the cab driver to not forget to take Paul’s watch from him. Paul listens to his messages, hears Meg’s frantic call and is jumping out of the cab next, as the driver wants to know about his money? Paul tosses his watch at him and takes off.

Meg tells Emily they need to leave, but Emily reminds her she isn’t supposed to be moving so her contractions don’t start up again. Meg looks for something to move Emily in, but can’t find anything so she simply offers to help her walk. They approach the flames that are blocking their exit; they can’t get by because the flames and heat are too intense.

As Will and Gwen sit in front of the fire wrapped in blankets, he is worried about how quiet she is. Does she want him to go? No. Does she want him to shut up? She just thinks it is weird because this used to be the place they sat to makes plans for their future. She thought they had forever. Will thinks they still could. He thinks they should make plans for the short term instead; they can make goals that are more attainable. They can make plans what they will do tomorrow; they will get up, have coffee, go for a walk and take pictures of the trees. He wants her to see what happened just now between them is real, but Gwen worries if they are real then they could end. Will won’t let that happen, as he kisses her deeply again.

The nurse is on the phone with the OB talking about Jade’s case, as she stands nervously off to the side. The nurse is answering general questions, many of which she doesn’t have the answers to because the patient is not forthcoming, she explains. She mumbles about her not being up for the award of Mother of the Year. Jade slowly takes the opportunity to sneak away.

Holden and Luke walk up to Lily’s room, only to be stunned when they find her bed empty.

Lucy is walking through the ice storm trying to hold Johnny close to protect him from the terrible weather; she is really worried about the predicament they are in; she prays to God for help, just before Dusty shows up out of nowhere.

Meg and Emily are terrified as they realize they are trapped thanks to the fire blocking the way out. Suddenly, Paul shows up on the other side and both women yell to him to help them.

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