ATWT Update Wednesday 9/27/06

As the World Turns Update Wednesday 9/27/06


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

On the plane, Dusty is looking at a photo of Johnny smiling. The flight attendant makes another announcement that the plane will hopefully be taking off as soon as the storm passes through. Just seconds after the lights flicker and the plane is rocked as the nervous passengers, Dusty included, wonder what is going on? The flight attendant comes back on to inform the passengers that had been a wind gust and to please have some patience.

At the Lakeview, Lucy is calling the hospital for an ambulance for Johnny, however she is told that all the ambulances are out on calls and then her phone cuts out. Lucy is becoming anxious and decides that she is going to drive Johnny to the hospital herself. She tells the babysitter to call Dusty and Barbara to let them know what is going on. As she is heading out the door with Johnny, Barbara is walking in. Lucy hurriedly tells her that they are on their way to Memorial, as Barbara tells her over her dead body.

At the farm, Meg is tending to the animals as Emily walks in surprising her. Is she alone? Meg answers nervously that the caretaker will be here momentarily. Emily asks her if he drives a pick up? Meg answers slowly yes. Emily tells her that his car went off the road and there is noone in it, so it looks like they are all alone. Emily then asks Meg if she has called the cops yet? Meg answers cautiously that she hasn’t, but she will. This response is met with an ice-cold response from Emily when she informs her that she will see about that.

Stranded on the side of the road, Gwen snaps asking if Will is following her? Will explains he didn’t even know it was she; he thought it was Casey. She doesn’t even realize she is right by their place. Gwen figures she got turned around in the storm. Trying to maintain her anger, she informs him that he can leave, but he answers he is not going to leave her stranded in a storm. He will at least help her start the car.

Driving on another road, Jade is trying to reach Will, but can’t. She tosses her phone down on the seat next to her, looks up and has to swerve, as her car runs off the road.

At the cottage, Margo is trying to reassure Katie that Mike is fine; she made it through the storm and she is sure someone with Mike’s car driving experience can as well. Katie is concerned because they had fought. What did they fight about? Sperm. Margo’s eyebrows raise; Katie explains. She wants to get tested to make sure there are no problems as they try to conceive but Mike refused as she insisted. Margo offers that he might have been embarrassed; Katie can empathize because it is not exactly pleasant for her either, but they really want to get pregnant. Margo is sure he will come around. They are interrupted by a phone call; Katie answers frantically hoping it is Mike, and instead it is Nancy. She is calling to see if Mike made it home from the hospital. He had said he was going straight home to her. Katie is relieved to hear that but at the same time curious as to why Mike was there? Nancy is interrupted by Bob asking if she can man the phone lines since they are getting swamped and Nancy has to hang up quickly leaving Katie’s question unanswered.

On the road, Mike is driving home, but is having a lot of problems obviously due to the driving conditions. At one point, he is forced to swerve as lights are coming towards him, but he is able to recover. No sooner then that happens, is there a loud crashing noise and Mike swerves violently and ends up crashing his car. We see his car was involved in a serious multi car pile up. Jade is caught in the middle of it; she pounds on the window pleading for someone to help her.

Will tries to start the car, but it won’t turn over. He sees Gwen shivering so he takes off his coat; she snaps that she doesn’t need it, but Will puts it on her anyway; she is acting ridiculous. He knows she hates him, but she can hate him after they are out of this. Gwen tells him that she doesn’t hate him. Will finally gets the car started but he tells her that they can’t take their foot off the gas because of a problem with Casey’s car. Gwen doesn’t understand so they start to bicker again. He just wants her to come over and put her foot on his so he can let up on the gas to get out and push the car. As she climbs over to his seat, their faces end up inches from one another, as they seem to be fighting the urge to kiss. Finally, Will gets out and tells her to press down on the gas as he pushes; it isn’t working so they try it again. This time Will seems to fall when the car lurches and Gwen races out. He has fallen but is ok; the car now has stopped. She shouldn’t have jumped out; she snips about her leaving him run over outside the car. He is fine. They should go over to the house and call for a tow truck. Gwen tells him to go and she will stay with the car. He laughs as he tells her that there is no way he is leaving her out there alone; it isn’t a big deal to go to the house to call for help. She can stay mad at him inside their warm home.

Emily is facing Meg head on when she puts her hands inside her pocket. Meg nervously asks if she has a pistol? Emily takes out a glove, snickers and tells her she is just cold. Does she really think she would have shot her? Meg isn’t sure since it wouldn’t be the first time she used a gun to solve a problem. Emily flatly tells her she will never let Paul push her over the edge again like that, but she will always protect herself and her baby. Meg wonders if that is why she was willing to take Daniel and leave town; Emily feigns not knowing what she is talking about. Meg explains Henry told her about her plan. Emily pretends that Henry got it wrong. She isn’t leaving town with Daniel and couldn’t even if she wanted to considering the weather. The last thing she would want to do is antagonize the DA, but he does empathize with her and her plight. She will send for him later when she has a safe place to stay, but Meg hardly believes Tom would let her take Daniel after she kidnaps Paul’s baby. She knows that she has suffered through this, but she finally has her life back; she got out of jail and the psych ward; she doesn’t want her to blow it. She just feels that she creates so much drama that doesn’t have to be. Emily is becoming worked up; she won’t stand by while Paul takes her child away from her so she is forced to take off so he will never see his child again; it is her fault. Some day he will grow to resent her. Meg is getting desperate begging her to think of Daniel and how she can’t leave him alone again. Emily answers that it is all thanks to them. Meg demands to know how she can live with herself by using her child to hurt Paul because he is marrying her or that she could deprive her child from his father? Emily icily responds that she had a good teacher. Meg is determined to keep her there, as much as Emily is to leave. Meg begs her not to leave right this minute in the middle of this storm; she is risking her and her baby’s life.

Barbara is adamant that Lucy is taking Johnny nowhere. Here she is running to the rescue for no reason, but Lucy is frantic about her feeling his forehead; he is warm, but Barbara thinks it is because he is bundled up. Soon though she realizes he is quite warm; Lucy wants to get him to the hospital because if he has had a relapse then he will need a transfusion. Barbara is agitated explaining there is no way he is going out with her in this storm; she lost her daughter to her carelessness and she won’t lose her grandson now as well.

The flight attendant makes another announcement about the Captain feeling as if they are going to be here for a long while so under the circumstances they will be allowed to use their cell phones. Dusty quickly gets on his phone to check his messages and hears about Johnny. He stands up and tells the flight attendant it is imperative he gets off this plane because his son is sick.

Barbara understands that her daughter would want her to forgive, but she cannot bring herself to do that. Lucy doesn’t mind about that right now they just need to focus on getting Johnny help. Barbara tells her that they will call for an ambulance, but Lucy quickly explains they are all out on calls. Lucy tells her that they are wasting time, as she grabs the baby carrier; Barbara grabs her hand and tells her she isn’t going anywhere. She will put in an emergency call to Bob; she picks up the phone and calls the hospital demanding to talk to Bob. She is told that he isn’t available so Barbara commands the person to page him because there is a crisis. Barbara has kept a close eye on Lucy while she is in this heated discussion, but when she is told that they can’t bother Bob then Barbara becomes incensed and starts threatening to report this person. She turns her back while she is on this tirade and Lucy takes this opportunity to take off with Johnny. Barbara realizes this when she hears the door close behind her.

Will and Gwen are back at their home; Will gets them towels to dry off as she calls the tow company. She is told that due to all the weather related problems they won’t be able to get to her car until tomorrow. Will is happy that she will have to stay with him. The power goes out and they start to look for candles when they both look in the same drawer and once again their faces are inches from one another. Gwen picks up a flashlight as he lights some candles and notices the sheets set up on the couch. Jade stayed there last night? Will answers directly that she did, and he hopes wherever she is now that she is safe. Gwen seems to swallow down her frustration and moves on. They should build a fire to stay warm; Will heads outside to get some logs. He watches her through the door flooded with a memory of the time they were at his mother’s cabin trying to build a fire and kissing by the fire. Meanwhile, Gwen is having the same memory. Will heads inside and tells her about his memory as Gwen recalls the same one. He can’t help but remember that they swore that night that noone would stop them.

Jade is banging on the window pleading for someone to get her out, as she gasps for air. Rescuers show up and pull her out; it is Dallas. She is having shortness of breath because of the airbag. Dallas reminds her that airbag saved her life. She thanks him for getting her out, as he helps her to the ambulance. Meanwhile, a bloody Mike is unconscious leaning up against the steering wheel and deflated airbag. A man outside tells an officer about him, mentioning he is bleeding and seems quite hurt.

Katie paces around the cottage, often looking out the door. Margo thinks he is simply driving slowly on the Interstate. Katie can’t shake this bad feeling as if something is wrong. Margo gets a call and tells her she has to head out because there is a multi car accident on the Interstate; Katie is petrified Mike was involved so she tells Margo she is going with her.

Emily growls as she asks Meg if she is expected to stay and work all day as her baby is in day care while she and Paul plan their lavish wedding? Does she even know why she is leaving this time? Meg is trying to reason with her; first she was leaving to keep Paul away from the baby, then it is because of their wedding and now it is because her life didn’t turn out as she planned. She understands she is jealous; she has been there too, but she needs to move on and forward emotionally. Emily starts to cry as she explains she can’t do it here as they are humiliating her. Doesn’t she understand that maybe she needs to get away for a fresh start so she is constantly reminded of what is happening, so she doesn’t bump into them all the time or so she doesn’t have to hold her breath every time Paul leaves with the baby. Meg empathizes and seems to be feeling for Emily. She can’t leave Daniel right now, but Emily feels she has no choice. Meg doesn’t want her to leave in the middle of this dangerous storm, but Emily doesn’t want to hear her. Meg pleads with her to call her mom then so she can have someone with her who knows about babies and health and she can look after her. Emily is still convinced that this is a trick so she can keep her there so Paul can gain full custody. Meg doesn’t know what to do so she pretends she sees Paul behind Emily and calls to him. Emily wheels around and looks for him; Meg closes the barn door behind her, locking Emily in.

Gwen is wondering if Will feels she broke their marriage vows as well? All he meant is they both made mistakes; the trick to coming out of this is how they handle it. Gwen thinks he is simplifying their problems when they are far from it. Will thinks that stuff happens in life and you can’t control or predict things. They need to hang onto what is good and what works. She wonders what if the things are just too hard to get through? Noone can stop them from getting through it but themselves; life is not perfect and he will make many more mistakes, but he loves her and he thinks she still loves him. She wishes they could go back to the way things were. It was the two of them against the world. They were both alone before they met each other; they understood each other instantly and were able to create their own universe. Will understands where she is going with this; now their universe is filled up with people and problems.

Jade is at the hospital with the other people brought in from the multi car pile up. She needs to call Will, but Dallas wants her to relax because he will get word to him. She needs to get checked out to make sure there is no concussion or worse. He will get Dr. Hughes to check her out. Jade seems to panic not wanting to be checked out, which confuses him by her adverse reaction.

Margo and Katie arrive at the chaotic car crash scene; what is Mike’s make and model car? Katie turns and then sees it; she rushes over frantically pointing out his car. She opens the door and it is empty, but when she pulls her hand out and looks down at it, there is blood on her hand.

Emily is pounding on the door demanding Meg let her out; she will have her arrested for kidnapping. Paul and she won’t be able to marry when she is in jail, she screeches. Paul doesn’t want either one of them; he just wants his baby, she yells through the door. Meg is standing outside in the sleet and hail listening to Emily’s outburst not knowing what to do, so an overwrought Meg gets on her cell phone and calls Paul; she had to lock Emily in the barn because she was threatening to run away and all hell has broken loose there with the weather; she doesn’t know what else to do. Just then the phone cuts out. Emily is inside running around trying to find a way out; she picks up a pitchfork and tries to wedge it in the door to get it open, but it doesn’t work. Angrily, she hurls the pitchfork away and then is racked in pain, as she doubles over.

The flight attendant is suggesting Dusty return to his seat, but Dusty isn’t interested in what she wants; he wants off the plane. They are away from the gate and due to airport regulations she can’t allow it. Dusty remains belligerent so the attendant wonders if she is going to have to involve the Captain? Dusty thinks that is a good idea because he can help him get off the plane.

Lucy is driving with Johnny seated in the back. She talks to him trying to soothe him; she is nervous especially when she hears there is a 10-car pile up on the Interstate. She tells Johnny they will take a short cut. The car hits black ice and she swerves but regains control talking calmly to Johnny all the while. However, the car lurches and suddenly Lucy has lost control.

Jade tries to leave again but Dallas stops her. He tells the nurse that Jade doesn’t have clearance to leave until she is checked out. Once he suggests an alternate doctor from Dr. Hughes suddenly Jade is ok with getting checked out and she leaves with the nurse.

Will knows she is disappointed in what happened, but he thought they were getting passed it. He understands it is hard because she can’t get pregnant but they were still planning on having a family and they still can adopt. Just because Jade is pregnant doesn’t mean anything has changed for him; he still wants his life to begin and end with her. So they have to deal with Jade; that is what grown ups do. They are forced to deal with things that may not always be pleasant. He knows there was a reason she ended up in a ditch right by their house. They are close to kissing again when the phone rings. It is Dallas telling him that Jade was involved in an accident. Will asks how the baby is, which throws Dallas who didn’t know. He explains she is essentially fine just a little bumped and bruised, but they probably won’t release her tonight because of the weather. Will is better once he hears things appear fine, but Gwen’s face has changed and hardened again once reality hits and Jade is once again front and center. Once Will hangs up and tells her, Gwen flatly suggests he go see her, but Will wants to stay right there with her because Jade is fine. Gwen reminds him that he is the father of her baby and sometimes we have to do things we don’t want to.

Emily is doubled over in pain, as it appears she is going into labor. She calls out to Meg through the door that she needs help, but Meg yells back she isn’t going to fall for that because she isn’t due for… she is interrupted when she hears Emily cry out in pain; Meg seems concerned.

Margo tells Katie that Mike isn’t on the list that went to the hospital and noone has seen him. The police officer wonders if he was unconscious so maybe his name wasn’t on a list, but Katie is sure she would know. Another officer comes over frantic that there is a gas leak a little way off and they have to get people away, so Margo rushes after him. Katie walks back over to Mike’s car and sees a pool of blood near by the car; he must have gotten out. She heads away from the car looking for Mike.

Jade comes back out into the waiting room where Dallas is sitting with his head in his hands. She tells him she was checked out and is fine. Dallas asks her why she didn’t tell him she was pregnant? Jade looks nervous.

Will puts on his coat and tells Gwen to stay there so she is safe; he starts to head for the door when all of the sudden Gwen calls to him asking him to please not go.

Lucy’s head is on the steering wheel, but soon she comes to and looks back at Johnny who is still strapped in and unharmed. The only way for them to get to the hospital is for them to walk through the woods. She reaches for the door handle but then realizes she can’t get out.

Dusty is outside the airport when he approaches a cab driver asking him to get him to Memorial? The cab driver tells him he isn’t going anywhere in this weather. Dusty offers him $500. Paul is suddenly beside him and he offers the cab driver $1,000; Dusty glares at him.

Meg rushes in and finds a frantic Emily sitting breathing heavily. Her water has broke. Meg looks very concerned as Emily continues to try to calm herself by doing her Lamaze breathing.

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