ATWT Update Tuesday 9/26/06

As the World Turns Update Tuesday 9/26/06


Written By Amy
Pictures by Boo

Will is sleeping on his couch.  He wakes up to Gwen gently touching his face.   He says her name, but realizes that it’s really Jade.  Jade tells him that she’s going to get out of his way as soon as she can.   She thanks him and gives him a cup of coffee.  She leaves to take a shower.  Will sits down and buries his face in his hands.    Gwen comes out of the bathroom in her bra and underwear.  She sits next to Will and asks if  he can tell that she’s pregnant. She then goes online to find a job, but Will tells her she should go out and look for one. He offers her money, but Jade catches on and says he doesn’t need to bribe her to get rid of her.  Jade packs her bag and says the baby isn’t his problem. Will tells her to take the money and Jade accepts.  She then gets his car keys and heads out into the storm. 

Gwen is getting situated in her new dorm.  She goes through her bag and stares at the picture of her and Will.    Casey knocks on the door and she puts the picture away.  Casey complains about his nerdy roommate and Gwen says that her roommate hasn’t even arrived yet.  Casey asks if Gwen is okay.  Gwen says yes, but obviously isn’t.  Casey finds the picture.  “Face it, maybe living in the dorms isn’t the right life for you right now.”  Gwen tells Casey her fantasy of going to college as a little girl.  “Leaving home has always been my dream. Until I found a new one with Will.”  Casey tells her that she can make it work if this is what she wants.  The two hug and a guy walks in.  Gwen is shocked because the boy looks just like Alex, who was killed at Raven Lake.  The boy, Ellwood, explains that Alex was his cousin.  Casey explains that he and Gwen are not dating and Ellwood starts getting excited.  He tells Gwen all about the radio he made to contact other planets, in an effort to impress her.  Casey says he has to go and leaves her alone with him.  Gwen tries to leave but Ellwood pulls her back in.  Gwen tries to explain that she’s married but Ellwood continues completely undaunted.  Gwen desperately calls for Casey, but he doesn’t come.  Ellwood starts dancing, leaving Gwen speechless. Casey finally comes in.  He tells Ellwood that one of his ants are hurt, so Ellwood quickly rushes to its aid.  Gwen is angry with Casey for leaving her alone. She then asks to use his car.  Casey isn’t sure that it’s a good idea because of the storm.  Ellwood walks in and announces that his ant has died and they are all invited to the funeral.  Casey then lets Gwen have the keys. 

Lucinda arrives at Dusty house.  Lucinda brings up Lucy but Dusty tries to go off the subject.  Lucinda tells off Dusty about how he ran out on Lucy.  Lucinda tells him not to blame Lucy for being Craig’s daughter.  Dusty demands that she give him the contract and says, “This is the last time we talk about my private life.”  Lucinda gives him the contract and leaves.  The babysitter comes in and Dusty tells her everything she needs to know about Johnny.  Dusty kisses Johnny and leaves. 

Emily walks into Java, closely followed by Meg.  Emily sees her and tells her if she doesn’t stop she will call the cops.  Meg tries to deny it but Emily doesn’t believe it.  Emily tries to turn Meg on Paul, but it doesn’t work.  Emily tells her that she’s sorry.  Meg asks if she means it.  Emily quickly changes her tune.  “No, Meg that is me lying to you. Just like you and Paul lied to me.  So tell me Meg, how does that feel?”  Emily walks off and Meg quickly calls Paul. 

Lucy walks into memorial. Bob is surprised to see her since she wasn’t supposed to be working.  A little later Meg comes in to work.  The two talk about how busy it’s going to be because of the storm.   Meg gets a call from Paul.    Paul asks many questions about Emily and asks Meg to trail Emily once she is finished with work.  Meg is reluctant, but eventually gives in. 

Mike is in the hospital.  He tells the doctor that he will go through with the fertility test since it means so much to Katie.  The doctor tells him to schedule an appointment.  Bob tells Mike that Katie is with Nancy, so Mike sets out to find her. 

Katie meets Nancy at Java.  Katie confides that her marriage is in trouble.  Katie explains about the fertility appointment.  Nancy suggests that she was pushing to hard and she should concentrate on how much she loves Mike.  She tells Katie to go home and apologize to Mike.  Katie rushes out the door and leaves Nancy to finish her coffee. 

Henry goes over to Tom and Margo’s to drop off Maddie’s things.    Henry still feels guilty about what happened to Maddie, but Margo tells him not to worry.  Henry starts to leave.  Margo tells him to stay, but Henry says no.  He sees Emily at the door and quickly decides to stay.  Margo gets a call and leaves to roam the streets.  Once she leaves, Henry lets Emily in.  Henry goes to get her a towel.  Once he leaves, Emily goes in search of Daniel’s passport.  Henry catches her and tells her that she’s a fool.  Emily replies with, “I’m a mom.  And this is the last chance I’ve got to be a mother to my children.” Henry tries to talk her out of it, but Emily doesn’t want to hear it.  Emily finds the passport, hugs Henry, and leaves without telling him where she’s going.   

Katie returns to the cottage.  She calls for Mike.  When she notices he’s not there she begins to prepare the house.   The doorbell rings.  She is disappointed to see Margo.  Katie explains that she’s worried that something happened to Mike.  Margo tells Katie not to worry and assures her that he will be fine. 

Mike walks into Java.  He asks Nancy where Katie is.  Nancy says she’s at home.  As she says this, the power goes out.  Mike offers to take Nancy home.  She agrees but makes him promise to go straight home afterward. 

Dusty is on a plane to New York.  He asks to use his cell phone, but the stewardess tells him no. 

The babysitter is watching Johnny.  She calls Memorial because Johnny spiked a fever.  Lucy gets the call and rushes over.  Lucy arrives at Dusty’s house.  She says that they can’t wait; they have to get Johnny some help. 

Mike drops Nancy off at the hospital and leaves to go see Katie. 

Gwen is on the road.  She turns on the radio and listens as the announcer explains that the weather advisory is on high.    She listens to some music and imagines how things used to be with Will.  She snaps back to reality and almost hits an oncoming truck.  She swerves off the road.  She tries to start the car, but it doesn’t budge.  She hears a knock on the window.  She rolls it down and sees Will starring back at her. 

The hospital staff at Memorial is all standing around listening to the radio broadcast.  The announcer tells everyone to bring in their animals.  Meg remembers that Emma is out of town at a livestock convention and no one is there to take care of the animals.  Bob tells her she can leave, but advises her to stay where it’s safe.  Meg starts to leave but Henry intercepts her.  He asks questions about pregnant ladies flying and slowly and slyly tells Meg what Emily is doing.  Meg calls Emily and tells her to meet her at the farm.  “Be there, or the police will be at your front door before you can pack you bag.  Let alone board a plane.”  Emily is at Java.  After the phone call with Meg, she looks at Daniel’s passport and quickly runs out into the rain. 

Jade is driving Wills car in the storm.  She goes through her shopping bag and pulls out a skimpy dress.  “What the best dressed pregnant woman will be wearing.  Thank you Will, this will do perfect.” 


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