ATWT Update Monday 9/25/06

As the World Turns Update Monday 9/25/06


Written By Elayna
Pictures by Boo

At his home, Casey and Gwen walk in rubbing their arms and hands commenting about the freezing weather. Gwen is wondering if Lisa will advance her some money so she can afford to live in the dorms? Casey wonders how she will afford simple other things as well if she is also trying to pay to live in the dorms? She has to get books and gloves – as he glances towards the outside. She feels the aggravation will be worth it if she has a place of her own. She thinks if she goes to see someone at financial aid maybe they can suggest some scholarships or grants. Isn’t there an easier way, he asks almost knowingly? Gwen, knowing what he means, answers that she is not going to take money from Will!

At Java, Will asks nervously if Jade wants them to move in together? Jade covers that she only meant for a few days. She lost her job and a place to live in the same day. She understands that it would be awkward for him and Gwen, but Will says abruptly that Gwen is not going to be coming back. Jade quickly puts her hand to her mouth and runs out of the place, with Will hot on her trail. She apologizes when they get outside. She is nauseous and the cold air makes her feel better. She starts to pout about needing her own bathroom and bed because she has been getting morning sickness at all times of the day and she is starting to feel exhausted. She apologizes for laying this all on him; she is very emotional. Will wants her to know that he worries about his baby too. She reminds him that she decided to keep it, so she will figure something out.

At the Lakeview, Lucy is adamant that Johnny is not sick, but Dusty snaps that she doesn’t get to tell him that since he knows his baby. Lucy snaps back that if his baby were really sick then he would want her around as a doctor. She thought he had more guts then this. What does that mean?! He is doing this because he doesn’t want to be with her - plain and simple. Dusty admits ok, he doesn’t want to be with her. Lucy’s face drops.

At Simon’s newest venture – the Frasier Towers - Simon is wondering if they bit off more then they can chew? Does she know any painters or carpenters who would work on a deferred payment program? Carly tells him to pick up a paintbrush with her and get to work. Maybe he can find another investor? He couldn’t do that and get people hired by tomorrow to finish this place so they can have that open house. Simon thinks maybe if he put his mind to it he could. Carly wants him to think logically – if they don’t get this place occupied then the bank will foreclose and they will lose everything; Simon hears what she is saying and decides he better get a paint brush. She wants him to take out the trash first, so he grabs the bag and leaves to do that. After he is gone, Carly takes off her jacket to put another shirt on to paint in. As she is in the middle of this standing there in a negligee type of shirt, Simon returns. Watching her captivates him. As she sees him eying her, she reminds him of their deal to keep it to business. After the apartments sells – Simon finishes it with what he wants – he can have his way with her. Carly playfully scolds him; he just wants her happy. She tells him having money in the bank will do that for her. They are moving the drop cloth when Simon yanks it so Carly is pulled into his arms; he kisses her passionately. She pulls back and he tries to plant another wet one on her, and instead she knees him where it counts.

Dusty apologizes, but a visibly shaken Lucy doesn’t want him to because she asked him for it and he gave it to her – right between the eyes. Dusty wants her to understand that there is more to it then what it seems- it is her karaoke. Lucy doesn’t understand; when he heard her singing all he could see was Jen singing to him in Florida. She is still his wife. She is still his friend; there is no conflict. They can be friends, have drinks, and go to the movies? He can’t do this halfway; he can’t be with her when he wants his wife back. He won’t do this to her; she deserves better.

Will walks back outside holding some decaffeinated tea and crackers and hands them to Jade. She thanks him; why is he watching her like that? He is worried about her and the baby. Does she want him to get her a room at the Lakeview? She balks because it is expensive and she is afraid to be alone. She has never been pregnant before. What if something happens to her? There is a Bed and Breakfast right down the road that is cheap and clean. Will makes a decision and he gently pulls her up – he has changed his mind – the best place for her is with him.

Casey tells Gwen then she will find another way – maybe a rich long lost relative or a grant she doesn’t know about. Gwen smiles and then tells Casey that she thinks she will change her name back to Norbeck, so it will feel as if her marriage never happened. Casey reminds her that it doesn’t work that easy when you love the person. It changes you whether you are with that person or not, kind of like how it was with he and Maddie over the summer. Gwen tells him she is going to get going, but the next time they will see each other will be in Intro to Music. He is always there for her, he reminds her. After she leaves, Casey goes upstairs to get his bags and as he is heading out, he runs into Tom, Margo and Maddie coming in. Margo is surprised to see him still there. They figured he would want to get over to campus to get the better bed etc. He stops in his tracks thrilled to see Maddie. He is in no rush now; he can stay there and help her get situated. Maddie looks unsure. How come she didn’t tell him she was moving in today? Maddie explains that Henry was getting back late and she didn’t want to stay alone so they moved up the time she would move in. Maddie seconds Margo’s thoughts about him getting over to his dorm to get the best bed, better closet etc. She will come visit soon. Casey wonders if she wants to come help him tonight? Maddie again looks unsure so Margo steps in and says that she and Tom are excited too for him and would like to tag along also. Casey rolls his eyes as Maddie smiles at her attempt to ease her feelings.

Will makes a fire to keep a shivering Jade warm who is wrapped up in a blanket. He is amazing, she marvels. He doesn’t see what the big deal is, but she appreciates how he is taking care of them. What if the same thing happens to her that happened to Gwen? Will explains that Gwen was living alone and had no money for proper care. Jade sees that as the same as her life. Will reminds her that he is there and it won’t be like that. She will get prenatal vitamins and go to her appointments at Memorial. She would rather go to the free clinic. Why? She wants to get used to taking care of things on her own. Will wants to know why because he is going to be there. There is a knock at the door and Jade wants to hide especially if it his mom, but Will tells her that she is out of town. Kim announces herself. Jade still thinks she should make herself scarce.

Lucy claims that she understands that he loves Jen and she is not trying to make him uncomfortable. Being around each other feels right and he even told Barbara that he wanted to be friends. He remembers what he told her. She likes being friends and she doesn’t want anything more. He can’t be that with any woman he realizes; it feels too much. Lucy wonders if it is any woman, or is it her because she is Craig’s daughter? He just can’t do it; he apologizes and leaves. Lucy is left standing there; she turns and starts to walk away head down sobbing until Lucinda walks in, and she rushes into her arms for a comforting hug.

Carly reminds him that they agreed to keep their hands off each other. Simon jokes that he doesn’t need to use his hands, as he uses his leg to create Carly to fall to the couch where he kisses her neck. Carly playfully threatens that she has more moves that can render parts of his anatomy useless for months. An exasperated Carly wonders how she can work with him when he won’t take her seriously? Why is she acting so uptight? She is single with three kids to feed and he doesn’t have anyone to worry about but himself. She has to make sure they have food to eat, but Simon reminds her that Jack also pays support so they would never go hungry and he thinks she may be acting a tad bit dramatic. She can’t believe he would want their dreams going up in smoke so they can have a roll in the hay. If he cares about her or the project at all then he… she stops and then tells him to forget it, as she heads for the door. Simon blocks the door, symbolically waving the white flag – he will paint, wallpaper, hammer and hang curtains in between taking cold showers. Carly still wants him to move out of her way. Simon begrudgingly moves but when she opens the door, Gwen is standing there. Simon sees this as a way to stop her when he happily invites Gwen in. Is everything ok, Carly wonders? She applied for college. Carly is happy for her. She reminds her that she can stay with her for as long as she wants. Gwen appreciates the offer, but she applied for room and board so she can live with kids her age. Carly wonders if she can afford it? Gwen admits she is in a pickle. Carly reminds her she does have a trust fund hubby, but Gwen reminds Carly that she doesn’t take money from Jack so she should understand how she wants to do it on her own. Carly apologizes for not having money to give her right now. Gwen doesn’t want her to give it a second thought. She will figure out a way at Crash or with a scholarship or something. Simon interrupts claiming he kind of overheard the jam she is in. He has a scholarship that would be perfect for her. Carly and Gwen both look at him skeptically.

Will stops Jade from leaving. He opens the door and Kim rushes in cold from the outside air. She then notices Jade and is a bit surprised; Will introduces them. Jade tells them she is going to lie down. After she leaves, Kim asks Will where Gwen is? Will sadly but directly explains that she moved out because he got Jade pregnant. Is he sure it is his? Yes. How can she help him? He doesn’t know. She is surprised to see her living with him, but Will explains that she is simply staying for a few days. She counsels that he needs to figure things out for himself; he needs to know what he wants to do here so he should take some time for himself. He wants to do right by Jade and his baby. He isn’t going to act like Jade did this all on her own because she didn’t. Jade, who is listening behind the bedroom door, smiles broadly upon hearing this. Kim acknowledges how proud she is of him. He is accepting responsibility for Jade, the baby and Gwen. He shouldn’t forget that he has a lot of people that love him and want to help. She is heading out but she wants him to know that she loves him dearly. After she leaves, Jade rushes out from the bedroom and races into Will’s arms. She wants to thank him for what he said. She was listening? She was, but she wants him to understand how much what he said meant to her. Will pulls back and explains it wasn’t as if he had a choice, as he walks away.

Lucy accepts that he is grieving, but that is not the reason he pushed her away. Lucinda wonders why she thinks he did? She is Craig’s daughter. Lucinda reminds her he is happily raising Craig’s son, but Lucy thinks it is different because he doesn’t see Johnny as Craig’s, but rather his. Lucinda can think of a reason he pulled away. Lucy thinks he still blames her for Jen’s death. Lucinda is sure that is not the reason; he told her that he didn’t and Dusty doesn’t mince words. He said he needed time, so she should give him that because after not too long he will come around. Dusty loved her very much and perhaps he may be feeling some of that again and maybe he feels as if he is betraying Jen by having any kind of feeling for someone else besides her. They are interrupted when Dusty calls Lucinda.

Tom, Margo, Maddie and Casey walk into his dorm room with some boxes. Casey is surprised to see his roommate already set up since the official move in date is tomorrow. He is ‘surprised’ by some of the things he sees – a pillow with a letter on it. Margo wants to help him unpack and settle in, but Tom wants her to let go and allow Casey to do that for his own. They will be downstairs while he and Maddie talk. Margo reluctantly leaves after giving Casey a big hug. Casey reminds her he only is 5 minutes away, so Margo feels better. Maddie teases him about his roommates décor and “e’ on his pillow. Casey thought his roommate was supposed to be a guy named Bob from Manhattan. Maddie jokes he will want to be moving home soon. Casey smiles as he relays how it will be an 8 o’clock curfew and driving around in the soccer mom car as long as he doesn’t have to room with a dork. His roommate wouldn’t be the person that makes him run home, as he rubs her arm and moves closer to her. Maddie remains frozen and he recognizes it may be too soon? Maddie nods. Is he mad? He is not mad that they aren’t kissing. They will when she is ready. She worries that he is ready now though. He explains that the most fun he had was when he was falling for her, trying to convince himself he wasn’t and then he did – she won. She reminds him how he thought she was a dork when he first met her; Casey jokes back that now they know his roommate holds that title. He loves her and waiting for her will be ok by him; he is there for whatever she needs. She smiles warmly; she needs a hug, and he obliges and hugs her tightly. She has to go but she will be back. Soon? Yes, soon!

Dusty tells Lucinda that he wants to meet with Yamamoto; he needs to sign off on their proposal. Lucinda explains he is in New York. Dusty offers to fly out tomorrow. Lucinda wonders if he is pushing it? He doesn’t think so and she is the one who said he needs to see the concept in person. It isn’t done yet though? Dusty corrects her; he was just emailed the final details; it looks great. He needs to do this. Lucinda agrees, but wants to talk to him in the morning. Lucinda hangs up; she tells Lucy he is going to New York on business tomorrow morning. Lucy doesn’t think it really is for business; he is running away from her.

Will doesn’t want Jade making him into a hero because he told his aunt that she was pregnant; she was going to find out anyway. Jade explains that he could have made her look bad though. He explains she should thank Gwen because she never lied and when Kim asked about his marriage it wouldn’t have felt right lying about what was going on. Jade reminds Will it will be ok; all they have to do is stick together, as she grabs and holds onto his hand. Will looks down at that and then quickly pulls his hand away.

Gwen is disbelieving that Simon really has a scholarship, as is Carly. He did it before he came to town. Why would he do that, Carly skeptically wonders? He answers with a smile, that he is a generous man. Gwen asks how she applies for the scholarship? Simon wants her to understand that it is only for a couple thousand dollars though. Gwen is thrilled because that is all she needs. Can she get it quickly? Simon nods. Does she need to write an essay? Simon shakes his head no. Who does she need to interview with? Simon flashes that smile again –with him. He only has one question and he wants her to answer it honestly. Why does she want to go to college? Gwen thinks for a moment before she answers; she has always wanted to go to learn. Noone she knew had gone to college including her mother, who was uneducated and she quickly realized she didn’t want to be anything like her. Knowledge when used with humanity can be the most powerful thing. Plus, she loves to learn and the thought of doing that for four years… well she can’t think of anything better. Simon grins and tells her she is good. He takes out his checkbook; Gwen looks on thrilled. He writes her a check for room, board and other incidentals. Carly wonders snidely if the check is good? Simon assures her it is. Carly suggests Gwen cash it right away. Gwen thanks him profusely and heads off. After she leaves, Carly wonders if he thinks by giving her sister a check then he will get a free pass to sleep with her? Simon cuts her thought off by making an observation that she and her sister are a lot alike. Carly doesn’t agree. Simon explains; they are both looking for something to count on; she is looking towards college for this and Carly to this project for it. He knows this is an important place for her and thing for her to do, and he is not going to mess it up for her. Carly explains why she said what she did about them not being the same; Gwen knows books, music, and she knows…she stops to regroup and then continue. She knows how to scam, manipulate and use men. Some of whom she even married. Simon adds and loved. She tells him quickly she only loved one - Jack. After a moment Carly says that they could sleep together and it would be good and after they would be fine, but she couldn’t take it if she blows it by not being able to focus because of him… Simon interrupts to explain it is because she is so attractive to him, but she doesn’t want that to be all he thinks about when he thinks of her. She should know by now that he thinks a lot more of her. Carly asks if he shouldn’t have used that money to pay his suppliers? The way he sees it he owes them so much that it wouldn’t have mattered, and he could see with Gwen that it mattered. Are they still…Carly interrupts now to tell him to shut up and paint.

Lucinda assures Lucy that Dusty will come around, and since she says she loves him then she can give him a few weeks or months for him to realize that he loves her still too. She was hurt, but she isn’t anymore; she is angry now – at her. Lucinda doesn’t understand. She was happy being Dusty’s friend and not dealing with anything else she was feeling, but she pushed her into admitting her real feelings. Why did she have to do that to her? Lucinda doesn’t see how it matters because she only said it to her and not Dusty. Lucy feels as soon as she allowed the words to be said then it was probably written all over her face and Dusty saw it. She just wanted her happy. Lucy snaps that she isn’t happy and she wants her to stop making her want something she can’t have!

Dusty is sitting up in his suite holding Johnny remembering Jen with him and Johnny, kissing him and Johnny and taking pictures together. He tells him that he has to go away for business but he will be back like he promised his mother he would. It will always be the two of them - forever.

Casey is arranging his room when there is a knock and a funny voice says to him that she lives across the hall and wanted to come over and introduce herself. Casey looks up to find Gwen. He is happy as she explains she got the money and just moved in across the hall. They are thrilled to be neighbors and Gwen is satisfied finally with her new life.

Jade apologizes for pushing; she is not trying to upset him. Will demands to know what she is doing hugging him and trying to hold his hand? She needs to know he is helping her because of Gwen. He is not going to abandon her or the baby because that is what Casey did to her, and he saw how much that hurt her so he would never do that to her. Gwen was great to him, and loved him very much and he is not going to pay her back by lying or letting anyone think that it was Gwen’s or her fault. Jade understands. Will tells her she can have the bedroom and he will take the couch. He heads off to get some sheets for the couch. Jade stops him by asking him what they are? He answers shortly that they are someone’s parents and nothing else. He doesn’t love her and he never will. Jade looks depressed as Will leaves the room.

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