ATWT Update Friday 9/22/06

As the World Turns Update Friday 9/22/06


Written By Amy
Pictures by Boo

Luke meets Jade at Java.  He walks in complaining about the unexpected cold weather.  Jade tells Luke that Gwen isn’t going back to Will, but Luke isn’t too sure.  Luke says that in a few days she’ll go back with him.  Luke explains that both his parents went with other people but always went back together.  Jade tells Luke that they then had kids together; Will and Gwen can’t do that.  She says she feels bad but she didn’t want to get pregnant.  Luke tells her that even if they did get divorced Will isn’t going to marry her.  Jade says she doesn’t care what he thinks, everybody hates her and she’ll survive.  Jade says she has to go give something to Casey from Bob.   Luke sees his friends walk in and ignore him.  Luke admits to not wanting to go back to school.  Jade says that everyone’s calling her the whore.  “That’s to bad, because I’m not going anywhere and neither is my kid.”

Gwen is with Casey at his house. Casey tells her to think about how Will was with her when she had Billy.  He says that he understands that it’s going to be hard to take him back, but once Jade messes up with the baby she can take care of it and her, Will, and the baby can be one big happy family.  Casey also tells her that down the road she can have kids of her own with Will.  Gwen informs him that she cant. Gwen starts to cry as she thinks of the adoption plans that she and Will made.  “It’s not that I don’t love Will.  Or that I don’t remember all of the incredible things that he’s done for me.  It’s not even him.  It’s me.  I can’t get passed it. The fact that Will and I can’t have kids when we want one so much, and here’s Jade and she doesn’t even care.  I’d give anything—I would give absolutely anything.”  Gwen cries and Casey hugs her.  Casey promises to support what ever decision she makes.  Gwen says she wants to register for classes.  Casey goes inside.  Jade walks up.   Gwen asks if Will sent her.  Jade rubs her stomach and says that he knows how she feels about her and her baby.  Jade says she’s making a huge mistake leaving Will and she never would’ve left him.  Jade tells Gwen not to blame her because they got together because she turned her back on him again and again and again.    Gwen leaves without saying a word.  Casey walks out and is surprised to see Jade.  Jade gives him the paper.  Casey fires Jade from Crash.  Jade tries to save her job and tells him that it’s against the law to fire a pregnant woman.  Casey says she’s only part time he can do what he wants.  Casey tells her that when she’s around it’s not a happy work environment. Jade offers to work another shift but Casey still says no.  Jade tries to make him feel guilty and says, “Think about this, Casey.  This is the second time you’ve thrown another pregnant woman out into the cold.”  Casey holds his ground and is convinced she’ll find someplace warm to curl up just like she always does. 

Simon and Carly are at the Lakeview.  They are debating who is going to go to Carly’s house to pick up the paint charts.  In the end, Simon goes to the house and Carly goes to meet the movers.

Jack arrives at Carly’s house with roses, a pizza, and beer.  As he waits for Carly to come home he sets up candles everywhere.  Simon walks through the door.   Simon tells Jack that Carly wouldn’t be too happy to find him there in her house.    He also tells him that Carly’s moved on.  “If you really care about her, leave her alone.”  Jack walks out and slams the door.   Simon stays in the house and looks for the color chart.   He sees the beer and pizza that Jack left and heads for the door.  Gwen comes in.    Gwen asks where Carly is; Simon says she’s working on the apartment.  Simon leaves.  Gwen looks at the picture of Jack and Carly. “Carly what are we doing? How did our lives go so wrong, so fast?”

Lucy walks in the Lakeview.  She checks her makeup and waits for Dusty.  Lucy sees him waiting at the bar.  She walks over and asks if he made a reservation for a table for two.  Dusty holds up Johnny and says that it’s a table for three.   Dusty explains that the sitter is late.  Lucy suggests that they go see a movie with Johnny.  Dusty gets a text message but he doesn’t know how to work it.  Lucy takes it from him and shows him the message. The message says “On my way.”  Dusty takes Johnny and says he’ll be right back.  A man walks up and asks Lucy to sing for Karaoke night.  Lucy resists but finally gives in.  She starts to sing nervously.  Dusty walks in and watches her.  He remembers when Jen sang to him and starts to look sad.  He starts to walk out but Lucy stops him.  “Hey handsome, where are you going?”  Lucy walks off stage.  Dusty says that he has to leave.  Lucy asks to go with him but Dusty says that Johnny’s acting fussy.    Lucy offers to take a look at him but Dusty flatly tells her no.  Lucy asks if it’s because he doesn’t trust her.  Dusty says it’s not that, but they should call it a day.  Lucy finally starts to understand and realizes Dusty wanting to leave so suddenly has nothing to do with Johnny. 

Carly is in the new building telling the movers where to put the furniture.  She goes through her purse and sees the card that she got in Santo Domingo. She thinks back to when the fortuneteller tells her that the future will bring much joy if she lets it.  The movers then tell Carly that they need to go.  She pays them and they leave.  Carly wonders where Simon is.  Carly then daydreams about Jack coming and asking her to marry him again.  Jack then turns into Simon.  Carly snaps out of the daydream when Simon walks in with pizza and beer.  He tells her that he couldn’t have done it without her and the apartments are going to sell like hot cakes.  Carly then suggests that they get back to work. 

Luke leaves Java and sees Will sitting by himself outside.  Luke says that he feels that Gwen can get over it.  Will says that she’s not; their marriage is over.   Luke doesn’t believe it and is convinced that if he gives Gwen time, they’ll get back together.  Luke gets a phone call and has to go to the hospital.  Will says he’s sorry for dumping his problems on him, but Luke says that he doesn’t know how much it means to him that he’s still his friend.  Will asks why, and Luke says that there are a lot of reasons for him not to want to be his friend.  Luke asks him to do a favor.  Will says that he’s not going to get drunk and do anything stupid.  Luke says that's good, but that’s not what he was going to say.  “Try not to take it out on Jade.  She’s having a really tough time, too.”

Will goes into Java and sees Jade.  She explains that Casey fired her, she was thrown out of the hotel, and now she’s trying to get a job at Java but the manager just left. 

Casey and Gwen walk to Java.  Casey tells Gwen that he fired Jade.  Gwen asks if she could stay at Crash.  Casey says no because she is going to stay at the dorms.    Gwen says she cant afford it, but Casey says that she shouldn’t have to settle for a view of the dumpster at Crash.  The two see Will inside.  Casey suggests that they go to get coffee on campus but Gwen says that there’s something she needs to tell Will anyway.  She walks in and interrupts Will and Jade.  Will asks if she wants to get coffee.  Gwen says no and lets him know that she will be moving into the dorms with Casey, so he can send all of her stuff to Oakdale U.   Will says that they should talk about this, but Gwen says that she’s moving on with her life and she needs a place to stay.  “Since I’m going to school, the dorms make perfect sense.”  Will disagrees and starts getting angry with Casey and insists that this was his idea.  Casey defends himself and says he thought the dorms was a better idea then crashing at the club.  Will says, “Better for you, maybe.  So you can move in on her.”  Casey tells him to grow up because they’re just friends.  Will says that he’s her husband.  Casey shoots back with, “Yeah and you know what? You did a really good job of that.”  Casey and Gwen leave.  Will is shocked and upset.  Jade tells him not to worry because at least Gwen has a place to stay.  Will tells her that she’ll find something.  When Will doesn’t take the hint, Jade comes out and asks, “But since Gwen isn’t coming back to the cottage—could I come home with you?”

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