ATWT Update Thursday 9/21/06

As the World Turns Update Thursday 9/21/06


Written By Eva
Pictures by Boo

At the doctor’s clinic, Katie thanks Mike for the wonderful room service at the Lakeview this morning. Mike acts hurt because after their romantic night together all she can think about is the room service. Mike tells Katie she better get ready because if they have children they will have less time together. Katie laughs and playfully hits Mike on the shoulder and says he should never say if but he should say when they have children. The nurse comes out and is surprised to see a couple laughing because the couples that usually come to the clinic are very serious. The nurse tells Mike and Katie the doctor is ready to see them now so the doctor tells Mike he should give them a sperm sample to be taken to the lab. Mike is mad that Katie never mentioned he would have to take fertility tests and he also feels that Katie tricked him into going to the clinic. Mike refuses to take the tests and the doctor thinks its best that she leaves Mike and Katie alone to talk.

At Tom and Margo’s place, Emily arrives to talk to Tom and gets desperate when Margo informs her Tom isn’t home. Margo tells Emily she doesn’t know who called Tom and gives Emily some time with Daniel in order for her to relax until Tom comes home.

At the Lakeview, Meg tells Tom that she and Paul are afraid Emily might do something crazy so Paul wondered if there was a legal way to stall Emily until Paul returns from his trip. Tom asks Meg what she and Paul did that has them afraid Emily will do something crazy. Meg explains that Paul told Emily he was going on a business trip in order to have a break from her and then they also told Emily they were getting engaged. Meg asks Tom to consider stalling Emily legally for the sake of Daniel and her unborn child. Tom thinks Paul is manipulating Emily and insists that Emily with all her faults always puts her children first something that can’t be said of Paul. Tom doesn’t think that Emily would ever put her children in danger because she loves her children more then anything in the world.

At the farm, Jack chops would while Carly’s words ring in his head you got what you wanted Jack here are the divorce papers. Jack chops more wood to get his anger and frustration out.

At Carly’s house, Gwen talks to Carly about her problems with Will and she admits she knows they both love each other but sometimes love isn’t enough to keep a marriage together. Gwen notices the divorce papers and knows that Carly understands her point. Carly tells Gwen that in the course of her relationship with Jack she is the one to blame for all their problems not Jack. Carly also thinks that Gwen is also innocent of her problems with Will and she advises Gwen to take some time and concentrate on school and her life and just wait and see what happens with Will. Gwen doesn’t think she is strong enough to handle this situation but Carly tells her that she is a very strong lady. The doorbell rings and Will arrives and Gwen assumes he is there to talk to her but Will says he needs to talk to Carly so Gwen decides to go meet Casey. Will pleads for Carly’s help to get Gwen back but although Carly wishes she could persuade Gwen to get back together with Will she is unable to do that because Gwen has to be the one to know in her heart she wants to be with him despite everything.

At the clinic, Mike doesn’t think he needs tests because he has proved he can have children but Katie points out that when he got Carly pregnant he was younger. Mike is hurt by Katie’s comments and tells her she didn’t feel that way this morning. Katie apologizes to Mike and tells him her words came out wrong Katie tells him she isn’t questioning his manhood but she thinks they should both get tested so they can treat the problem. Mike walks out of the office and waits for Katie in the waiting room. Katie is surprised that Mike is waiting for her after her doctors visit she takes that as a good sign and tells Mike she wants to keep seeing the doctor. Mike says that is her decision and Katie pleads with Mike once more to get tested but he will not get tested.

At Tom and Margo’s place, Emily has fun playing a game with Daniel and Tom is happy they are both having fun when he comes home. Emily yells Tom that she is worried that Paul will take her child away. Tom says that Meg already talked to him and Meg wasn’t happy when he took her side instead of Paul’s Emily thanks Tom for his support of her trip to keep her child away from Paul. Emily tells Tom that when she gets settled he can come see Daniel whenever he wishes to see him. Tom tells Emily as gently as possible that Daniel can’t go with her because its best that Daniel stay in a safe environment away from Paul. Emily’s hurt at first because she assumes Tom thinks she is a bad mother. Tom assures her she is a good mother but Paul is a dangerous man and he must protect his child. Emily dries her tears and tells Tom she trusts him to take care of Daniel.

At Carly’s house, Simon calls Carly to come to the Lakeview for a business metting so she heads right over.

At the farm, Meg arrives and advises Jack to get Carly back after he admits his divorce was a mistake. Jack says that the problems that existed between he and Carly are still there but she is his best friend and he misses and loves her very much. Meg tells Jack that maybe their divorce could signify both of them letting go of the past and getting a new beginning. Meg also tells jack he should grab his only shot at happiness. Jack decides to try reconciling with Carly so Meg pours water on him so that he needs to take a shower before he sees Carly.

Emily calls Henry from outside Tom’s house and asks him where he is so she can go meet him because she needs his help. Henry tells Emily he is at the Lakeview even though he isn’t happy about the tone in Emily’s voice.

At the Lakeview, Simon says hello to Henry and offers his sympathies on everything that happened and goes to meet Carly. Simon notices that Carly isn’t in a good mood but tells her that even in a bad mood she looks beautiful. Carly starts going over the cost projections and notices she forgot the paint swatches and wants to go home and get them but Simon wants to do it because he will get back to the hotel faster Carly and Simon argue over this for a few minutes.

Outside Crash, Will arrives to talk to Gwen but she refuses to talk to him and tells Casey that Jade is pregnant with Will’s child. Will leaves and tells Gwen he has given up trying to talk to her. Gwen tells Casey that he must be tired of taking care of her but Casey says that is what friends are supposed to do. Gwen says that now that Casey knows everything he must understand why she can’t ever see Will again but Casey doesn’t understand Gwen’s reason for not wanting to see Will again.

At the Lakeview, Emily tells Henry Tom stood up for her with Meg but he won’t let her take Daniel on the trip with her so she needs his help to kidnap Daniel.

At Carly’s house, Jack arrives with flowers for Carly and rings the doorbell.

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